Working Overtime at the Office

by DDMarshall

Copyright© 2019 by DDMarshall

Erotica Sex Story: How far would Jane go to get that big raise and stock options? Her boss and lover Olivia Burns was going to find out.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Coercion   Consensual   Workplace   Incest   Mother   Son   Group Sex   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   .

My company “Burns Consulting” occupies the entire tenth floor of the Warren building. My office is basically a suite. It has a bar with four bar stools, a private bathroom, leather couch, a closet for extra clothes, comfortable overstuffed chairs for business associates I liked and two hard, straight-backed uncomfortable chairs for the ones I do not like. I even had a pull-down double bed installed for those nights when I was too tired or it was too late to go home. My desk is mahogany and the only things that sit on it is a picture of my cat Fluffy, my laptop and a phone. There are two windows behind my desk that overlook the harbor.

I was sitting behind my desk at a little after six o’clock when my CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Jane Miller came in with her fourteen-year-old son Josh in tow.

Jane introduced her son, “Olivia, this is my son Josh. Josh, this is my boss Miss. Olivia Burns.

As usual, I was sitting with my high heels kicked off for comfort. I shut down my computer and walked barefoot and enjoyed the feel of the plush carpet on the bottom of my feet as I greeted my CFO’s son. I stuck out my hand. “It’s very nice to finally meet you, Josh. Your mother has told me nice things about you.” Josh is as handsome in person as he is in the picture Jane keeps on her desk. That youthful thin adolescent build that I adore, Brown wavy hair that had that unkempt look that boys his age seemed to like, bright brown eyes, a few freckles on his nose and a very cute smile.

Josh took my hand and shook it rather vigorously as he responded, “Mom says you’re nice too.”

I decided to get right to the heart of our meeting, “Do you know why you are here, Josh?”

“Yes, Mom says you like to play games with women and young boys.”

“That’s right. Did your mother tell you she is up for a salary review?”

“Yes. She said it is a very important time in her career.”

“That’s right and I am sure you want your mother to get a good review and a big fat raise don’t you? Think of all the nice things your mom can buy you if she gets a big raise.”

Josh didn’t beat around the bush, “My mom said you’re going to do sex stuff with us?”

“That’s right.” Good, Jane had prepped him as I told her to. Having him come completely unprepared would take an hour of explaining and cajoling and I did not have time for that. I needed him to have a basic understanding of what was going to happen tonight. I took Josh’s hand and led him over to the couch. We sat as I continued to hold his hand. “I would like to do some very sexy things with you and your mom. But if you feel I am unattractive, too old or just don’t want to do those things with me just say so and you and your mother can go home and there will be no hard feeling. Your mother is a very good CFO and a valuable employee. I will give her a good review and a raise. But she will not get the big raise and bonuses that she would really like if you decide not to stay or go home before I am ready to let you go.”

“How old are you, Miss. Burns?” Josh asked out of the blue.

I thought the question a bit impertinent but answered anyway, “Forty-five.”

“Wow, that’s older than my mother but you’re just as pretty.”

I was actually flattered. I may have even blushed a bit, “Why, thank you, Josh, that was a very nice thing to say.” I put my hand on Josh’s thigh. “Now that you have met me and know what I expect are you going to stay?”

Josh looked at his mother “I know mom wants me to stay?”

Jane quickly assured her son, “Yes, I would like you to stay. It will be fun. Miss. Burns won’t do anything to hurt you. Will you Olivia?”

I put my hand to my chest and tried to look shocked that I would even think of hurting him, “Of course not. I just want to have a little fun with you Josh, and your mother of course. I am sure you will like it. Unless you don’t like girls?”

“Oh I like girls, I like girls a lot.” Josh quickly assured me.

I pressed for the acceptance I needed to hear from him. “You still have not answered my question.”

Josh seemed a little wary when he said, “I will stay.”

“That’s good. We are going to have so much fun.” I could understand that this was all new to him and I expected him to be a bit apprehensive. Shyness and uncertainty is expected in young boys when presented with an offer of sex. Especially when the offer comes from an older woman like myself. Their shyness actually turns me on.

I also liked Josh’s mother a lot more than I let on. Not only is Jane an excellent CFO, but she is also the best lover I have ever been with. Jane is a strawberry blond with pink areola and nipples. She keeps her pubic hair well-trimmed as I do. Her tits are larger than my B-cup. Easily a C-cup. Where she is light skinned I am more toward the olive undertones of the southern Mediterranean’s. My hair is black with a touch of grey that I tint. My areola and nipples are dark brown. I love the way our bodies contrast when we are entwined and pawing at each other.

Jane met other major criteria of mine. She liked licking my pussy and she loved when I used her body for my own gratification. She was not faking it just so she could stay in my good graces. We have tasted each other’s cum many times. Seducing Jane was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Six months ago I called her to a one-on-one meeting in my office in which I just happened to have forgotten to wear my panties. I opened my legs like Sharon Stone in ‘Basic Instinct’ as we sat across from each other. Jane smiled and opened her legs. I smiled at her and let her know I was looking. Then she very casually reached under her skirt and pulled her panties aside and showed me her pussy. I locked the office door and told my admin. assistant to hold all calls. We kissed and our clothes came off. We licked and sucked each other’s breasts as our fingers played with each other’s pussy. When we were in the middle of licking each other’s pussy Jane stuck her tongue in my ass and licked. I knew then I had found my girl. We kissed and finger fucked each other in the shower and she got me off for the third time. Our meeting went for an hour and a half longer than my calendar allowed. Fucked up my whole afternoon but it was worth it.

It was two weeks ago in one of our after-hours meeting that I broached the subject of Josh. I asked Jane if she liked sex with men and she said it had been a while but she did enjoy it. I confessed that I occasionally liked a cock but I liked them young. I could see Jane’s curiosity was piqued,

“So Olivia, you like your guys in their twenties.”


“Eighteen and nineteen?”


“Oh my, just how young do you mean?”

“I like boys about the age of your son Josh.”

“But he is only fourteen. Have you had sex with boys that young?”

“Yes. A few times. But I usually have to go out of the country and it is very expensive.”

“How expensive?” Jane asked.

That’s when I told Jane what I was willing to pay for a discreet night of sex with a young boy like Josh. I could see the wheels turning and her greed taking hold. Two days later she offered to speak to Josh if I was willing to pay her for a night with her son. Being a good CFO she negotiated a better price but knew when to quit. I happily threw in the stock options she wanted.

The night had finally arrived and I was anxious to get started. “Now Josh, I want you to just relax. I want to do something that I have been thinking about ever since your mother said she would bring you here tonight. I am going to open your pants and I am going to touch you. Do you think you can let me do that?”

Josh looked at his mother and she nodded. He turned back towards me, “Okay.”

Josh was dressed in tan slacks, blue button down shirt, brown loafers with white socks. I reached over and undid his belt and then the button and the zipper. I reached in and ran my hand over the front of his briefs. I could feel his flaccid cock nestled in his crotch. “Lift up, Honey.” Josh lifted his fanny off the couch. I put my fingers in the waistband of his pants and briefs and pulled them halfway down his thighs.

Jane sat on the couch next to her son and put her hands on his shoulders. “That’s right Josh, let Olivia see what a big boy you are.”

I licked my lips as I admired the boy’s adolescent cock, “Get him hard for me, Jane.”

Jane looked surprised I asked her to do that to her own son. But she only hesitated for a second before reaching around and taking her son’s cock in her hand and masturbated him.

Josh was also surprised at this turn of events. “Mom, you said you would be here and do stuff but you didn’t say you would do stuff with me.”

Jane reassured her son and reminded him of the consequences if they refused to cooperate. “It’s okay, Josh. This is what we need to do to get that big raise. You do want me to get that raise don’t you?” Jane said with pleading eyes.

“Yes, Mom I do.”

“Suck it, Jane.” I decided to push her a little more. I knew I could get away with it. She was greedy and I knew she was a clothes hound and a shopaholic. She would do almost anything to get that raise and stock options. Josh’s cooperation was still a question mark.

Jane’s head snapped up and she stopped masturbating Josh. She looked at me as if she did not believe what I just asked her to do. “Really? Did you just tell me to blow my own son?”

“Yes Jane, I did. Unless he does not want you too.” Josh kept silent and looked at his mother for answers. I’m sure he was caught in the dilemma of refusing and ruining his mother’s chance for a big raise or suffering her humiliation. I knew I would have them where I wanted them if Jane complied with my demand. I applied a little more leverage. “I find watching you with Josh quite entertaining. Now do it or you can both leave and I will get busy writing your review.”

I could tell Jane was reluctant but she got off the couch and got between her son’s knees and sucked her son’s rather nice cock into her mouth. Josh’s reaction was to push up his hips and try to push more of his cock into his mother’s mouth. “Oh yeah, Ma.”

I knew I had them to do with as I pleased. I unzipped my skirt, stood and stepped out of it and laid it on the arm of the couch. I took off my panties and sat back down next to Josh. I watched Jane as she licked and sucked Josh until he was thoroughly aroused. I spread my legs and fluffed my bush. “Now me, Jane.” I watched Josh’s disappointed face as his mother looked up from sucking his cock. Jane got up and knelt between my legs. This was nothing new for Jane and a part of tonight’s program that she expected to happen. We were not always working those nights she stayed late. I loved the control I had over her. A few dollars that meant nothing to me and she would even give me her son. I wondered if she would go so far as to let me watch her fuck her own boy. I’m sure I was going to find out tonight.

Josh looked fascinated by what his mother was doing between my legs. Jane’s tongue was making my thighs twitch with pleasure and Josh’s hard cock was teasing me. It was time for me to get a little of what I had Jane bring her son here for. “Take your shoes off Josh and stand on the couch” I patted the seat right next to me. Josh quickly complied. I turned my head and took his cock in my mouth to suckle on as I enjoyed his mother’s ministration to my cunt. I loved sucking his sweet cock and caressing his scrotum but I did not want him to cum yet. I stopped sucking Josh’s cock after a couple of minutes and asked him. “Did you ever see your mother naked, Josh?”

Josh shook his head. He was not very talkative now. He was a bit overwhelmed.

“Would you like to?” I asked as I ran my fingers through his mother’s hair.

He nodded and I pushed his mother away from my pussy. “Strip for us, Honey.” Jane did as she was told. She stood up and backed away until she was about five feet from us. She had a sultry look in her eyes as she started to undress. She even swayed her hips a bit to enhance the show. Jane could be a tease when she wanted to be. I played with her son’s cock as we watched. Josh was still standing on the couch next to me. His briefs were down around his thighs but his slacks had fallen around his ankles. “Take your pants off Josh, before you trip and fall.” Josh sat and took his pants and brief off. His eyes never left his mother as I played with his cock. Jane slowly removed each garment until she was only wearing her panties and bra. Still swaying her hips she turned her back to us and unhooked her bra. She tossed it aside and turned back around and locked her hands behind her head. I swear she smiled right at Josh as she showed us her tits. She stood still and still looking at Josh she hooked her thumbs in her panties and slide them her legs as she bent over from the waist and stepped out of them. Jane was naked and Josh could not take his eyes off of her.

Not for the first time I admired Jane’s five-foot-five frame. Those perky tits and that sweet pussy that I loved finger fucking and sucking her juice from my fingers. Her lips, and oh that tongue that she used to lick my pussy and my ass. Jane came to work for me three years ago. She has been my plaything for about a year now. She replaced my former playmate and former personnel manager that quit when I told her to bring her nephew around one night for us to play with. The woman had limits and I could understand that. I gave her a glowing reference. She got another job as head of personnel that paid half what I had been paying her.

“Turn around, Jane. Show Josh your ass.” Jane turned around. “Spread your legs and lean over. That’s a girl. Now spread your ass cheeks for us.” Jane reached around and spread her ass cheeks. Josh and I had a perfect view of her pussy and ass hole.

“What do you think Josh. Your mom is pretty hot isn’t she?” Josh just nodded but his hard cock was telling me a lot more of how much he was really enjoying where this was going.

“Okay, Jane that’s enough. Go pull the bed down.” Jane stood up straight and went across the room to do as I asked. She even pulled the covers down knowing they would not be needed. I turned to Josh. His underwear and pants were already off. “Take your shirt off and go lay on the bed.” Josh took his shirt off and got off the couch. I watched his cute ass as he went across the room and lay on the bed. His cock was sticking almost straight up as he ogled his mother. Jane stood by the bed waiting for my instructions.

I could tell Josh was more interested in his mother than me right now. After all, she was right next to the bed, naked and I was across the room with my legs crossed as I contemplated whether I should join them on the bed or indulge my voyeuristic nature. Mother and son shows were rare and I knew that Jane would be bringing Josh around again for my viewing pleasure whenever I demanded if she consented to fuck him. She was halfway there already, she already sucked his cock. I felt her greed would outweigh any moral qualms she might have. Especially the way she was watching Josh touch himself and her fingers played in her pubic hair.

I got off the couch and walked over and stood at the end of the bed. “Suck his cock, Jane. Get on the bed and let me see you suck off your son.” Jane got up on the bed and I heard her speak to Josh. She actually asked his permission. Josh was still a bit overwhelmed, he just nodded and let go of his cock. Jane knelt next to him and reached out and held his cock steady as she leaned in and wrapped her lips around the crown. I spread my legs and played with myself. I couldn’t help but rub my clit as I watched this lovely thirty-seven-year-old woman suck on her own fourteen-year-old son’s cock.

It wasn’t long before Josh was moaning and telling his mother he was going to cum soon. “Keep sucking Jane. Take his cum and swallow it.” I demanded as I rubbed my clit a little faster.

Dutiful Jane did as she was told. The more Josh moaned and pushed his hip up the faster her head bobbed. I kept rubbing my pussy as I savored the incestuous show of lust between a mother and her son. They were both enjoying what they were at first reluctant to do. Much too soon Josh announced he was cumming. Jane held just the head of his cock in her mouth as she licked furiously. She even cupped her pussy with her free hand and squeezed. When Josh lay back panting and drained Jane opened her mouth and showed me she had swallowed it all. I jilled my cunt and had a pleasant little orgasm.

Josh’s cock was fading fast. But I was not worried. I licked my finger and then took off my blouse and bra and tossed them onto one of the overstuffed chairs. I went over to the bar and asked, “Do you want a drink, Jane? How about a tonic, Josh?”

Jane gave an enthusiastic nod and came over and took the two fingers of bourbon that I poured for her. I walked over and gave Josh a ginger ale. He took a sip and asked, “Are we done yet?”

I shook my head, “No Honey, we are not. I haven’t even had a chance to kiss you yet. By the way, how was that blow job your mother gave you?” Josh smiled and leaned forward and in a very low voice, “Pretty good. Thanks, Miss. Burns.”

I sat next to Josh and put my arm around him. I took a sip of my bourbon and pulled him close and whispered in his ear. “How would you like to fuck your mom?” Josh looked at his mother and took a sip of his tonic. Then he looked at me. “I thought my mom brought me here to fuck you.”

“She did. And you will. But let’s have some fun with your mother first.”

“Will you give her the raise if I fuck her?”

“Yes I will but after that, you have to let me have some fun with you too.

His cock twitched as he replied, “Okay, I’ll do it if she lets me.”

“Don’t worry she will. Now, I want you to just rest here for a bit and get your strength back. I am going to get your mother ready for you.”

I got up and walked back over to the bar Jane was leaning against while she sipped her drink. She kept glancing at Josh as he relaxed on the bed watching two naked women. Both of which were going to take advantage of him before the night was over. His cock was already recovering as he got an eye full of our tits, pussy, and ass.

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