Sorority Games

by mysteria27

Copyright© 2019 by mysteria27

Erotica Sex Story: Several girls join a sorority and are participating in hell week.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Lesbian   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   .

This is the story about hell week at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. My friend Anne and I were pledging one of the biggest sororities (Delta Sigma) at the College. We were a bit nervous and very excited, because this sorority dated the hottest guys on the campus. There fraternity was called Phi Gama Delta (Figi).

It was 1981, and we were in our first year of college. Anne and I were room-mates and living in the dorm. Dorm life was okay, but if you were a sister in a sorority you went to the best parties and dated the hottest guys. We both wanted to be a part of the sorority.

We both pledged the sorority and it was custom that you had to be a part of hell week, which the older sisters gave the pledging sisters silly things to do during the week. It wasn’t too bad, like we couldn’t brush our teeth for a day, had to wash the bathroom floor with our toothbrushes, things like that.

The seniors were to be matched up with the pledging sisters. They told you what to do and when to do it. It was a lot of fun for the most part. They would even hook up with the fraternity and make the pledging brothers do things with us.

One night, they woke us up at like two in the morning. They made us wear our lingerie. They drove us to this park, near the college and made us walk home. It was cold out and we were all a little scared, but the older girls said we had to do it, if we wanted to get into the sorority. They left about five of us out there. Anne and I were together, but were a bit scared.

We were walking around in our bra and panties and it was early morning. A few cars passed us and honked their horns yelling out crazy stuff to us.

“Hey girl’s, want to come with us for a hot time?”

We all just crossed our arms over our breasts and kept walking. Luckily, they didn’t bother us again. A few of the girls were crying and so upset they made us do this.

“If we hurry up and walk we’ll be back at the house soon. We’ll be okay.”

We were all walking fast and just singing and trying to past time. We were all terrified. Finally, we arrived back at the house. Donna the President was waiting for us.

“Okay girls now we have a little game we’re going to play. You must play or you’ll not be a part of this sorority. You all will need to try and make us come. You can either do it with the vibrators we have left out, or you’ll need to lick our pussies.”

All of the pledging sisters looked at each other and looked horrified. For the most part we were all straight. We were not sure if we wanted to do this. But, we all did want to get into the sorority. We all were not sure what to do.

“Okay girls, follow us into our basement. We have some beds down there and we have set up tables with toys so you all can pleasure us. You’ll choose the sister you’re going to make come. If we don’t come, you won’t be part of our sorority.”

There were five of us and the elders were in a line. They were in their bras and panties. We all were also in our lingerie and we stood in a line. The elder girls pulled their panties down and they spread their legs.

There were all kinds of toys on the table, or you could lick their pussies. It was really your own choice what you were going to do.

There were five elder sisters who had their legs spread and wanting to come. They were: Susan, Margaret, Kelly, Amanda, and Holly.

“Okay, Diane you’re up. What are you going to do?”

“I guess I’ll use a vibrator on your cunt.”

“Do it!”

Diane went to the table and she got a vibrator out. She spat on the vibrator and inserted it into Susan’s pussy. She fucked Susan fast with the six inch plastic vibrator. It wasn’t anything special.

“You’ll need something bigger Diane.”

Diane grabbed a larger vibrator and she turned it on and fucked Susan fast with it.

“Oh yes, fuck me harder Diane. Move it all around my pussy. Do it!”

Diane was fucking Susan really fast with the vibrator.

“Lick my cunt! Do it bitch!”

Diane removed the vibrator and stuck her tongue in Diane’s pussy and started to lick and love her pussy. Susan was grabbing her head and pushing her into her pussy. Diane was licking and slurping her cunt.

“Oh fuck, I’m coming. You did great Diane.”

“Okay Linda it’s time for you to pleasure Margaret. What will you do?”

“I’ll finger her and eat her pussy.”

“Great, go on.”

Linda went on her knees in front of Margaret and licked and loved her pussy. Margaret had a full bush. Linda was gagging a little, because she never did this before. Margaret grabbed her head and pushed her further into her cunt. She wrapped her legs around Linda and was grinding on her face.

“Oh fuck Linda, lick my cunt you dirty bitch!”

Margaret was grinding and pulling poor Linda into her pussy. Linda was licking and gagging and coughing and Margaret started to scream.

“Holy fuck, I’m coming.”

Margaret pulled Linda towards her and gave her a big kiss. She wanted to taste her pussy juices off of Linda’s tongue. Linda was not sure what the hell was happening. Linda is a bit of a prude. I don’t think she ever even had sex before. The poor girl was red as Santa’s suit.

“Denise it’s your turn to pleasure Kelly. What will you do?”

“I think I’ll finger her.”

“Great, get to it.”

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