Sam's Hopping
Chapter 5

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When I glanced at Beth, she was shrugging her shoulders Yes, so I hopped the three of us to the first stop on Simm’s route to Telemann.

When we arrived, I guided Lesley and Beth into the shelter. It was dark and cold, so I turned on the lights and the heater. When I turned back to Lesley and Beth, I could see they were very upset. Stepping up to them, I put an arm around each of them and gently pulled them toward me.

“Don’t worry. We are safe here. They can’t get to us, and in an hour, I will hop us back to Everett.”

Beth said, “Where are we, Sam?”

“This planet is the first stop on Simm’s route to Telemann. This is the layover shelter we use until we are rested enough to make the next hop. There is nothing to worry about. The planet is uninhabited, and it doesn’t have any large, dangerous animals.”

Lesley laughed and said, “That’s not true, Sam. You’re here. If I recall correctly, you aren’t the biggest man I’ve met, but, you are large and very powerful compared to a dainty thing like me. I think you brought Beth and me here to have your wicked way with us. You D-Hoppers are all the same. Isn’t that right, Beth?”

Beth gave Lesley a puzzled look. Then her expression changed to one of understanding. “That’s right, Lesley. I’m thinking that he won’t take us back unless we cooperate in him ravishing us.”

I wasn’t as fast as Beth was, so I said, “Wait a minute, Lesley. It isn’t like that. I took you with me to avoid trouble with those men. I don’t force women to have sex with me, and I’m not going to ravish you.”

Lesley said, “Oh, my, Beth. This is horrible. This man is going to rip our clothes off and have his way with both of us. He isn’t going to take us home, until we satisfy all of his deviant desires. There is only one thing to do, if we want something to wear when we get home.”

Beth and Lesley were smiling at each other and me as they started getting undressed. I finally caught up with Lesley and Beth’s remarks, and realized Lesley must have some type of fantasy in mind about being forced to have sex with a man. The fantasy must have appealed to Beth, too. It was now up to me to play my part.

With a big smile and a chuckle, I said, “It’s good that the two of you realize what will happen if you don’t please me. It would be a shame, if I had to leave the two of you here on this dangerous world all by yourselves. There is no telling who or what might come by, and what might happen to you. Now me, all I am going to do is get undressed and spread you out on one of those beds. Then, I am going to get between your legs and have my way with both of you. The only problem I have is which of you I should fuck first.”

Beth and Lesley had finished undressing as I talked. I had my shirt halfway unbuttoned, when the two of them pushed my hands away and finished unbuttoning first my shirt, and then my pants. Pulling me toward a bed, they removed my shirt and then pushed my pants and underwear down around my ankles. Before I could step out of them, they pushed me down onto the edge of the bed.

“Oh, God, Beth. He is going to force us to do everything for him. He may even force us to bend over, so he can take us in the ass.”

While smiling at Lesley, Beth said, “Please, don’t do that to us, mister. We will do anything you tell us to do, but please don’t force us to do that.”

They were removing my shoes and socks as they pleaded for me to not take them in the ass. Two beautiful, full breasted, sexy women pushed me backwards, until I was lying flat on the bed. Then one of them moved to each side of the bed and knelt beside it.

It is only understandable that when they had me where they wanted me, my cock was standing straight up and waving in the air. To stop the waving of my cock, Beth leaned forward and guided my cockhead into her mouth.

Lesley said, “Oh! You poor thing. Having that forced down your throat must be horrible.”

Beth had my cock wet and slick, so hearing Lesley, she slid her lips down the shaft of my cock, until my cockhead was almost in her throat. Bobbing a few times had my cock wet, so she pressed down even further, and I felt my cock enter her throat.

Oh no! He’s going to strangle you like that. You beast. Pull out and let Beth breath.”

Sucking hard, Beth slowly pulled up, until my cock was free of her mouth. Straightening up, I heard her take a deep breath and let it out. Before she spoke, I felt Lesley’s mouth descending down my cock’s shaft. Her lips were slowly heading for my pubic hair, but she wasn’t quite there.

“You have to push him away, Lesley, or he will force that thing into your throat. It’s terrible when he does that and he keeps it there, so you can’t breathe.”

Looking at Lesley, I could see her breasts dangling below her chest with her swollen nipples extending from the aureole. Moving my hand to below her nearest breast, I raised my hand until the nipple was resting in my palm. Raising my hand further, I close my fingers around her breast. As I lowered my hand, her smooth breast flesh slid beneath my fingers, until I was grasping just her nipple.

With a firm grip on the nipple, I pulled it downward, stretching her nipple and breast. As I did so, Lesley pushed further down, until her lips were buried in my pubic hair. I gave her nipple a firm twist, and then released it. Lesley flinched and I swear I heard her scream. Then, she let her lips slide back up my cock’s shaft. As her lips were almost to my cockhead, I grasped her nipple again, and pulled it down. Her lips stopped their upward journey and began to descend. I could sense her panting breath on the shaft of my cock as she made several trips up and down my shaft, in response to my pulling her nipple and breast down, then twisting and releasing the nipple.

Stop hurting Lesley like that you beast. We will do anything you want us to do, except that thing you really want to do to us. You don’t have to force yourself on us like this.”

With another twist, I released Lesley’s nipple and she straightened up.

“He’s terrible, Beth. Did you see what he made me do?”

Beth rose from the floor she was kneeling on and moved her knee across my hips.

“Yes, Lesley, I thought he was going to kill you like that. How could you breathe with his cock buried in your throat?”

Beth shifted her position until her vaginal opening was centered over my hips. Lesley grasped my cock and aligned it with Beth’s opening. As Beth lowered her hips, Lesley guided my cockhead into Beth’s hot wet cunt. With my cockhead wrapped in Beth’s cunt, Lesley released my cock, so Beth could sink all the way down onto me.

“It was hard, Beth, but, I managed to breathe. Look out, he’s ramming that thing up into you.”

“I know it’s hard, Lesley. He has it almost all the way up in me.”

As Beth raised and lowered herself on my cock, I reached up to caress her breasts. As I stroked her warm silky flesh, she started to moan. She was working her clit up and down my shaft, and she was almost to her first orgasm. I had bedded both of these women in the past, so I knew Beth was multi-orgasmic. The more orgasms she had, the stronger her responses became.

Look out, Beth. I think he is going to come in you. Make him pull out, so you don’t get pregnant.”

The fantasy of a man forcibly impregnating her, and Lesley’s words, were all it took. We all knew that the three of us all had anti-fertility implants, and no one was going to get pregnant; but Beth stayed with the fantasy as her orgasm started to build.

No! No! Don’t do this to me. You just took my virginity. Don’t make me pregnant, too. Please pull out! I don’t want to be a mommy. Don’t do this to me!”

As Beth continued her pleading, she ground her mons against my public bone at the end of each slide of her cunt down my cock. Beth started screaming her pleasure, and lowered her breasts to my chest, so she could rub her swollen nipples back and forth through my chest hair.

As she finished cumming, she said, “Oh, god, Lesley, that was good!

“I mean, you bastard. You ravished me taking my virginity, and now you probably impregnated me. What else do you intend to do to me?”

Wiggling my eyebrows, I said, “Your ass is next, my dear. I have no Pleasure Gel, so I will have to ram it up into your dry asshole. Don’t worry, you will survive the pain. Who knows, I might discover that you are a pain slut, who knows she likes it and won’t admit to how much pleasure you get from rough sex.”

As she had spoken, she had moved off of me to make room for Lesley. As Lesley centered herself over me, she said, “You poor dear. First your virginity and now you’re pregnant. Oh no! He is getting ready to do it to me now!”

Beth had my cock in her hand aiding Lesley as she started lowering herself onto me. As I began to penetrate her cunt, I remembered how tight she was when I had last penetrated her. I knew she would loosen a bit, and it would be more comfortable for her in a few minutes.

“Oh, God, that hurts! Don’t make me do this. It’s hurting! Please stop!”

By this time, Lesley was fully settled on me, and she was grinding herself against my pubic bone. The way her cunt pulsed around my cock was getting to me. I needed to focus, so I would last long enough for her to have her pleasure.

“Beth, please make him stop. He is going to kill me, if he continues. You know how small I am, I can’t take such a big cock. It’s hurting! Make him stop!”

The last time we had sex, Lesley made it clear that she liked for me to be very forceful, but she wasn’t into pain. The threat of pain made her horny, but actual pain was a turnoff. The way I was squeezing her breast and the pinching and twisting of her nipples was hard enough to be slightly uncomfortable, but not truly painful. It turned her on, so I grasped her breasts again. Firm squeezes of her full breasts, and firm tweaks of her nipples had her ready.

“You beast. Lesley can’t tolerate pain. You’re hurting her! Stop it now!”

“No! I just took her virginity, and I have no desire to stop until she is pregnant. Then, I’ll bend the both of you over the bed and take your assholes.”

I hadn’t hurt Lesley, but the scream she let loose hurt my ears. God that was loud! She didn’t stop with just one scream. The third scream ended up as one long wail.

Her pelvic thrusts sent me over the edge, and I spewed my load into Lesley. It totally drained me, and I doubted I would recover quickly.

“Oh, God, Beth. That was good. Sam is a great lover. Right now, I need a nap.”

“I know, Lesley. I feel that way to. What about you, Sam? Shall we continue or nap first?”

We moved the two mattresses onto the floor, turned out the lights, cuddled up with the blankets over us, and went to sleep with the two of them wrapped around me. When I woke up, I checked my comm unit. It was a little after one in the morning on Teal. We still had a lot of time, so I set my comm unit’s alarm for three and went back to sleep.

My alarm woke me, and I woke Lesley and Beth. After cleaning up as much as we could and getting dressed, I was ready to hop us back to Teal. I thought about teasing them by threatening to leave them behind, if they didn’t have anal sex with me before we left. However, I decided that might ruin the memory of our night together for I knew both of them were strongly opposed to anal sex. Our comments last night had just been part of last night’s fantasy. The fantasy was over, so this morning it would just come across wrong.

I hopped us to the club’s parking area and escorted my two lovers to their hover cars. After they left for home, I walked over to mine and headed home to sleep. It had been a long pleasant night.

I was up and met Tom at nine in the morning for a late breakfast. As I cruised along in my hover car, I thought back to last night. I needed to get with Tom and the others. Last night those guys were angry, and if that attitude continued and spread, we could be in a lot of trouble. As I stepped into the restaurant, I could see Tom and the others in a corner booth sipping on their coffee and hot chocolate. I preferred coffee in the morning and hot chocolate later in the day.

“Morning guys. Have you put in your order yet?”

Tom said, “Yep. I told our waitress to bring you your usual, when we saw you setting down in the hover car landing area.”

“Thanks, Tom.”

Our waitress brought my coffee, and I waited until she left us alone.

“Guys, I had a problem last night that you need to be aware of.

“I was in one of my hook-up clubs, and had a run-in with an angry trawler crew. They hadn’t been paid because Simm’s buyer refused to buy their catch. The buyer told them we walked out to force Herman to increase our pay. They are blaming us for this matter. I tried to explain what was actually going on, but when they got up and headed my way, I hopped myself out of there.

“I was also talking with Lesley and Beth last night. Herman is putting out his version of what happened to everyone in the company and he is blaming us for walking out on him.

“Has anyone been upset toward any of you?”

Everyone was shrugging their shoulders with their chins dropped to signify, No. Before I could figure out what else to say, Tom said, “Sam’s right guys. This is serious. Simm’s has always treated the fishermen right and most people don’t know Herman as we do. So they will tend to believe him, before they will us.

“Not buying fish means Herman will be closing the plant soon, if we don’t go back to work. The trawler Captains should be able to sell their catches in other ports for now. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to help Simm’s workers. They are going to be angry, and they won’t care who is responsible. Personally, I think it is time to leave Teal. We all have friends here, and some of us also have family and homes here. However, it is going to get very unpleasant here for any hopper who stays.

“We need to pay a visit to the Guild Office in Wister, and let the lawyer know what is going on in Teal. Did you all join Sam and me in our legal action?”

Everyone was again shrugging their shoulders, but with their chins raised to signify Yes, so Tom continued, “Good. We can discuss what we need to do over breakfast, and talk about it with the lawyer. What was her name, Sam?”

Pulling her card out of my right rear pants pocket, I said, “Andrea Baxter, Tom.”

“Thanks. I’m not sure what Andrea can do about Herman’s false claims, but perhaps she can help us set the record straight here in Teal. If she can’t do that, then it is definitely time for all of us to leave town.”

Vic said, “What if she can set the record straight?”

Tom looked at Vic and said, “In that case, staying may be an option for some of us. I personally am not going to trust angry people with my welfare. When the situation is resolved by someone buying out Herman, it will be safe for those of us who want to return to come back to Teal.

“Sam and I are thinking about going into business for ourselves. If we do, we won’t be back. John Thomson was a good man, and he took care of his employees. If the new owner is as good as John was, then coming back here would be a good move. If he’s like Herman, it would be a bad move.”

Jimbo said, “You got that right, Tom. So what do we do between now and then?”

Our conversation continued through breakfast and right up to the time we were ready to leave for Wister. I volunteered to hop us there. When we arrived, we let the reception desk know we needed to speak with Andrea Baxter. The nine of us packing ourselves into her office made it very crowded. She suggested a meeting room instead, so we moved down the hall, and made ourselves comfortable in the high-backed chairs.

“Now, what can I do for you gentlemen? I assume it has something to do with Simm’s breaking your contract.”

Tom told me to explain what had happened to me last night. I did and he then explained to Andrea what he thought was going to happen during the next few weeks. She thought on the matter for several moments before responding.

“Okay, if I understand this correctly, the business can’t deliver its fish without your services, so it will be closing its doors. This Herman is claiming the nine of you quit without cause and are forcing him to shut the plant. His claims are turning the locals against you, and you are concerned about the situation turning violent. Do I have that right?”

Tom said, “Yes, Ma’am, that’s right, and we are hoping you might have a solution.”

“Well, under the current circumstances, I don’t recommend your returning to work for him. Without you returning to work, there is no way to save his business. There is nothing I can do about that.”

Tom said, “We know that, Andrea. I was referring to the locals blaming us for this situation. If something isn’t done about that, we will all have to leave town to be safe. A few of us own homes in Teal and have very close ties with the community. We don’t want to be forced into leaving.”

“I understand, Tom. I was just clearing the air about that matter to make sure everyone knew where we stand on all aspects of this situation. Like I told you the other day, I remember a case similar to yours. The owner had a distorted understanding of what a D-Hopper could and could not do. He demanded his D-Hoppers meet his expectations. They claimed his expectations created a hazardous working environment. When they quit, he filed a breach of contract lawsuit against them.”

I asked, “How did the court rule, Andrea?”

“It never went to court, Sam. His lawyer and the D-Hopping Guild talked with him about the realities of the limitations a D-Hopper had, and why it was not safe to try to exceed those limitations. He decided to drop the lawsuit once he realized he was wrong, and he apologized. The D-Hoppers went back to work for him.

“But somehow, I don’t think this situation will end well. I sent a twixt to Mr. Thomson informing him of your intent to sue him for breach of contract. He replied by providing his lawyer’s name and contact information. He also stated his intent to countersue the nine of you and the Guild.

“I wouldn’t worry about this, if I were you. His new policy is a clear breach of your contract, so you were within your rights to quit. Since that is true, there is no way that he can win a lawsuit against you.”

Vic asked, “Alright, Andrea, but, how do we address our problem with the locals?”

“That is going to be difficult, Vic. Making the details of your lawsuit public knowledge at this time would be a bad idea. You would gain public understanding, but his lawyer would claim that you are pursuing the case in the public media, instead of in a court of law. He would claim that in doing so you are unfairly influencing the judges and citizens that might be selected for the trial. That could possibly undermine the strength of your case.”

Jimbo said, “That puts us in the position of having to leave town, and as Tom said, some of us don’t want to do that.”

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