Opportunity Knocks

by Ann Douglas

Copyright© 2014 by Ann Douglas. All rights reserved.

Erotica Sex Story: Jayne Morgan was delighted to learn that when opportunity knocks, it sometimes did so in the most delightful way

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Fiction   First   Oral Sex   .

A glass of wine in hand, Jayne Morgan stood out on the small hotel balcony, admiring the view of downtown Chicago. Despite the coolness of the evening, the thirty-four year old felt quite comfortable in just the skirt and blouse she wore, warmed within by her drink and the thought of a job well done. The latter of which, the short-haired redhead was certain, was going to reap significant dividends come Tuesday morning when she returned to New York and the offices of Sherman, Brown and Grant. Consideration for a partnership suddenly seemed a very real possibility.

And yet, less than forty-eight hours before, the associate had imagined a much different outcome to the case she had come to Chicago for. In fact, she had truly believed she was looking at a disaster in the making, with an equally detrimental effect on her career.

Three days ago, Nathaniel Brown, the senior partner whom she had accompanied on a major product liability case, had been stricken with appendicitis, warranting hospitalization and immediate surgery. That in itself had been enough to cause her concern but not overwhelmingly so. The real catastrophe, at least in her mind, occurred when the trial judge decided he saw no reason why, as second chair, she couldn’t complete the case on her own. Despite her urgent request, he refused to grant a continuance and would only agree to a one day delay to allow her to prepare her own final summation.

Jayne was a competent attorney, but this case needed much more than simple competence. What it needed was someone of Nathaniel Brown’s experience. That was the reason why their client had flown them out to Chicago in the first place. Based on just the facts, this case could easily go either way. It was Brown’s brilliance in final summation that they were counting on to turn the tide.

Yet somehow, despite her trepidation, Jayne had managed what had initially seemed improbable if not impossible and won the case on her own. Now she felt like celebrating.

“If I was back in New York, I know how I’d want to celebrate tonight,” Jayne thought as she took another sip of wine, a warm rush filling her breasts as it went down.

Normally, with the case completed, Jayne would’ve taken care of any paperwork right afterward, then caught an evening flight home. But Nathaniel preferred not to fly at night and had told their client that any paperwork would be delivered the day after the trial concluded. So, despite the change in counselor, that was what the client still expected.

Of course, even if she were already winging her way back home, Jayne reminded herself, there was the small fact that she had broken up with her boyfriend, Brian Cassidy, early last month. Even so, it wouldn’t be all that hard to find an acceptable substitute, at least for a few hours. One night stands really weren’t her norm, but that didn’t mean she didn’t occasionally indulge.

In fact, the euphoria of her surprise win, coupled with the wine in her system, was making her consider heading down to the hotel bar to see what entertainments might be found there. She’d had a few drinks there last night while attempting to marshal her courage, and noted a few not unworthy prospects. It was unlikely that any would be able to do the things that Brian used to do for her in bed; but then again, whatever their talents, it had to be better than those satisfactions available through her own hand.

“I would have to have forgotten Bob on this trip,” Jayne laughed softly as she drained the last of her wine and opened the sliding glass door that led back into her room.

A new smile filled her face and a familiar tingle formed between her legs as she recalled the pleasures her ‘battery operated boyfriend’ usually brought. Then the smile faded a bit with the thought that in the last few weeks she hadn’t even had time for that.

“Well, that ends tonight,” Jayne said to herself, making up her mind as she stepped into the spacious room.

Finding the already half empty bottle of wine that she’d left on the room’s small table, Jayne decided that it might not be a bad idea to have something to eat before she stepped out in search of companionship. There would undoubtedly be a few more drinks before the night was over and the last thing she needed was to have them on an empty stomach.

Quickly locating the menu for room service, Jayne sat herself down in the comfortable love seat and looked to see what seemed appetizing. She had only gotten half way down her choices when a knock at the door interrupted her. Not expecting anyone, she laid the menu aside and got up to see who it might be.

Opening the door, she found a young, attractive brunette standing on the threshold. An inch shorter than her own five foot six, the twenty-something girl had her hair tied back in a tight bun and wore a dark business suit and skirt not dissimilar to the ones Jayne normally wore herself. She had to admit, however, that the woman in front of her looked a lot better in it than she ever did. The outfit appeared to be custom tailored, designed to accentuate the generous curves of the body beneath it while still presenting a professional appearance. Thin black metal- framed glasses completed her ensemble.

Only a few heartbeats had passed since Jayne had opened the door, but in that short span the young woman’s expression underwent a dramatic change. What had originally been a warm, inviting smile transformed into a look of confusion.

“May I help you?” Jayne asked.

The girl, whose name Jayne would later learn was Jocelyn, didn’t immediately respond. Instead, she shifted just a bit to the right so that she could look past the older woman at the number on the open door. It was only when she had satisfied herself that she was indeed in the right place that she turned her attention back to Jayne.

“I’m supposed to be delivering some papers to a Mr. Brown,” she said, glancing down for a moment at the small leather case under her arm as if to emphasize her task. “This is his room, isn’t it?”

“Yes it is,” Jayne replied, “I mean it was,” she quickly corrected herself.

After Nathaniel had been hospitalized, it made no sense to keep two rooms, so Jayne had closed out the reservation on her own and had moved into Nathaniel’s. It was the better of the two and since she was now, however reluctantly, first chair, it seemed only fair.

The girl in the doorway seemed even more confused by the answer to her inquiry, so Jayne suggested she come in and she would explain further. She had no idea what papers Nathaniel might have been expecting, but with him unavailable she had an obligation to see what they pertained to.

Once she had closed the door behind them, it took Jayne only a bit over a minute to explain what had happened to Nathaniel Brown. She also identified herself as Mr. Brown’s associate and assured Jocelyn that whatever papers she was supposed to deliver to Nathaniel could instead be delivered to her.

The look that now filled Jocelyn’s face was one that Jayne instantly recognized as indecision. Having once been her age and just starting out, Jayne understood her situation.

“Why don’t you give your office a call?” Jayne suggested. “I’m sure they’ll tell you it’s okay to leave the papers with me.”

Jocelyn seemed to think about it a few moments, then reached into her jacket and took out a cell phone. She started to scroll down for what Jayne assumed was the number of her immediate superior but then stopped and put the phone back in her inner pocket.

“I lied; I don’t really have any papers to deliver,” she unexpectedly said.

“I don’t understand,” Jayne said.

“I’m not here to deliver any papers,” Jocelyn repeated. “I have ... I had an appointment with Mr. Brown.”

“What kind of appointment?” Jayne asked, thinking that this was becoming stranger still, her tone reflecting her confusion. “Was he going to represent you on some legal matter? Perhaps I can help in his place.”

“It was more personal than legal,” Jocelyn said after a bit of hesitation, the smile returning to her face.

That confused Jayne even more. From the way she’d referred to the senior partner, she was certain Jocelyn had never actually met the fifty-two year old before, so what was going on?

Jayne took another long look at the young woman, her eyes focusing on what she’d failed to notice earlier, a flaw in her impeccable attire. Jocelyn had the top three buttons of her white blouse open, giving a clear view of the not unimpressive breasts beneath it. That might be fine in a bar after work, but not while on the clock, so to speak. Unless of course it was a much different clock that Jocelyn was on.

Realization hit Jayne like the proverbial ton of bricks, the reason Nathaniel Brown had planned to stay in Chicago over the weekend now abundantly clear.

“I’m going to go out on a bit of a limb here,” Jayne said, sure she really wasn’t going out that far, “and suggest that Mr. Brown was actually hiring your services and not the other way around.”

“That would be a fair assumption,” Jocelyn replied with a knowing grin.

“Well,” Jayne said after a brief pause, “I’m glad we got that cleared up.”

As soon as the words left her mouth, Jayne hoped they didn’t sound too judgmental. She firmly believed that a woman’s body was her own, to do with what she willed. If that included renting it out for the evening, well that was her prerogative.

That a senior partner of the firm was availing himself of her services was also none of her concern, but rather a matter between himself and his wife. Then again, having met Mrs. Brown at various company functions, Jayne really couldn’t blame him. The woman was the original ice queen.

In her view, Nathaniel’s plans for the evening weren’t all that different from her own. Of course society was okay with a woman giving away her charms, just not with her getting paid for them, unless that payment came in the form of an expensive dinner or some other non-direct compensation.

“I’m sorry I misled you,” Jayne heard Jocelyn say, snapping her out of her musings.

“It’s okay, I understand,” Jayne said, adding after a pause “In fact, I almost feel as if I’m the one that should be apologizing, seeing as you came all the way down here for nothing.”

Jayne actually meant that. Nathaniel Brown might have been in the hospital, but once his appendix had been removed, he really wasn’t in any danger. Some time in the past two days, he should’ve found a few minutes to cancel his appointment.

“Don’t feel bad,” Jocelyn replied with a grin. “The appointment was prepaid and non- refundable unless canceled a day in advance.”

That made Jayne laugh. It was a sound business practice, but she’d never quite imagined it applying to this particular business.

“Well, I think I’ve taken up enough of your time, so let me get going,” Jocelyn said, acknowledging Jayne’s laugh with a smile of her own. “I hope Mr. Brown feels better soon. I’ve never met him, but when I asked one of the other girls about him she said he was a pretty nice guy.”

With that she turned to leave, but paused when Jayne asked a question most unexpected.

“Have you had dinner?” she asked.

“Excuse me?” Jocelyn asked in turn as she turned back around.

“I was about to order a bite to eat when you knocked at the door,” Jayne explained. “If you haven’t eaten yet, I could just as easily order for two.”

Jocelyn was about to politely decline, saying that she really had to run, but then remembered that she really didn’t have any place she had to go. Her appointment with Nathanial Brown had been for the entire evening. Furthermore, she had skipped lunch with the intention of grabbing something before coming here, but then got wrapped up with something else and missed that as well.

“You know, I think I could do with a light snack,” she replied instead, her smile growing broader.

“Excellent,” Jayne said, with her own smile just as visible.

After going over the menu, they decided on the seafood sampler, along with a second bottle of wine to go with the one Jayne had already half emptied. While they waited for it to be delivered, Jocelyn made herself a bit more comfortable. Draping her jacket across an empty chair, she took off her glasses, which had only been part of the costume, then reached back and removed a few strategically pins from her tightly bundled hair, allowing it to fall free. Jayne watched with interest as the younger woman quickly ran a hand through her locks, smoothing them out as they settled just below her collar.

“That looks much nicer,” Jayne commented as Jocelyn finished.

“Thanks,” Jocelyn smiled, “I actually hate having it pulled back like that, but ... well, you have to give the client what they want.”

Room service proved to be surprisingly prompt and in a short time the two women were sharing the large platter. As good as the food was, Jayne found the conversation even more enticing. Especially since, excluding any details that, as the saying went, could be used against her in a court of law, Jocelyn proved more than willing to satisfy some of Jayne’s curiosity about what she did.

Jocelyn was, it turned out, a student at a local college that was also to remain nameless. After she had spent two years trying to juggle classes with two part time jobs, a friend had introduced her to the owner of the escort agency. Never inhibited about her sexuality, it seemed an idea worth trying.

Even with being highly selective about her clients, seeing only three or four a month, Jocelyn quickly discovered that she was making more than both of her previous jobs combined. Plus she had more than enough time to devote to her classes. Remembering the crappy jobs she had worked during her own undergraduate days, and how hard it was to juggle them and classes, Jayne wondered if, had the opportunity presented itself, she would have had the nerve to take a similar path.

Jayne also learned that her initial assumption had been more on the money than she thought. The agency Jocelyn worked for specialized in erotic fantasy, which explained the costume and the fiction about being there to deliver papers. She wondered, but didn’t ask, what other roles the pretty young woman had been called on to play.

“Well, I hope I’ve satisfied at least some of your curiosity,” Jocelyn said as she put down a now empty wine glass.

“Much more than I expected,” Jayne laughed.

“Would you mind if I ask a few questions?” Jocelyn asked.

“That would seem only fair,” Jayne replied, thinking that, even though Jocelyn had already asked a few, it was she who had been monopolizing the conversation.

“I don’t see a ring, so I was wondering if you have a boyfriend?” Jocelyn asked.

“I do ... no, I don’t,” Jayne replied, contradicting herself. “I mean I did, but we broke up last month.”

“That’s too bad,” Jocelyn noted with sympathy.

“Yeah,” Jayne replied, in a voice almost too low to be heard, thinking that it really was.

“Was he good in bed?” Jocelyn further asked.

“Actually, he was pretty fuckin’ awesome,” Jayne smiled, not bothered in the least by the intimacy of the question.

“So what happened?”

“There were other issues,” Jayne said after a pause, not really wanting to elaborate.

“Fair enough,” Jocelyn said, catching the hint. “So I’m guessing it’s been a while for you,” she added, making it more of a statement than a question.

“You could say that,” Jayne said, the look on her face saying far more than her words.

“You know, I saw some nice-looking guys down in the lobby bar on my way up here,” Jocelyn replied, a suggestive grin on her face. “Maybe you could give one of them a whirl?”

Jayne laughed.

“You’re not going to believe this,” she said once she stopped, “but when you knocked on the door I was actually making plans to head down to the bar, to possibly do just that.”

“Oh no, and I’ve kept you from it,” Jocelyn said in mock horror. “I feel so bad,” she added with more sincerity.

“Don’t; I’m really enjoying talking with you,” the redhead interjected. “Besides, if there’s one thing I’m sure of, there will always be guys down in the bar looking to get laid.”

That brought forth a laugh from Jocelyn.

“Now, I believe you were asking me some questions,” Jayne went on, signaling that she was in no hurry to end their chat.

“Okay,” the younger brunette replied, pausing afterwards as she considered what to ask next. A pause that seemed a lot longer to Jayne than it actually was.

“Ever been with another woman?” Jocelyn asked, an inquisitive smile on her face.

“Oh my goodness,” Jayne replied, caught off guard by the question. “I’m not even sure how to answer that.”

“Yes or no would probably work,” Jocelyn suggested.

“Well, I did have some curiosity about it back in college,” Jayne replied after seeming to think about it for a few moments. “but unless you want to count a few make out sessions, I’d say my answer would have to be no.”

“A friend of mine used to say, unless you’re eating pussy, you ain’t no dyke,” Jocelyn offered, “so, yeah, we’ll take that as a no.”

The standard that held sway in Jayne’s college years still pretty much held true today. As long as you never went past second base or graduation day, none of it counted.

“Have you?” Jayne inquired, unable to let the opening pass without asking.

“Many times,” the younger woman said with noticeable enthusiasm. “In fact, I actually prefer women over men - at least in my personal life.”

“Oh,” Jayne said, surprised not so much by the revelation as the clarification.

“Does that shock you?” Jocelyn inquired after seeing the subtle change of expression.

“No, it doesn’t,” Jayne answered.

“It does some people,” Jocelyn explained, than added after a pause, “but I didn’t think you would be one of them.”

Jocelyn’s admission had, however, produced a new question in Jayne’s mind. One she wasn’t exactly sure how to, or even if she should, ask. The unasked question didn’t go unnoticed.

“There’s something you want to ask; I can see it in your eyes,” Jayne heard Jocelyn say. “It’s a little late to be bashful, so ask away.”

And she did.

“What kind of woman attracts me?” Jocelyn said, repeating the question. “Now I’m the one who’s not sure she has an answer.”

She continued to think about it for a few moments, then gave the best one that she could.

“I’ve never really had a particular type per se,” Jocelyn replied. “If you were to line up my past lovers, I think you’d be hard pressed to find any particular commonalty. All I know is that, within a few minutes of meeting a woman, I know if I want to sleep with her.”

“What do you do, give them a grade?” Jayne laughed.

“Not so much a grade as simply a yes or no,” Jocelyn answered, causing Jayne to stop laughing once she realized that she was serious.

“But how do you know if she’s even interested?” Jayne ventured further.

“If she’s interested in me in particular, or just women in general?” Jocelyn asked in reply.

“Both, I guess,” Jayne said.

“Well, I’m sure you’ve heard of ‘gaydar’,” Jocelyn said, giving Jayne a chance to nod in acknowledgement, “but I’ve never much believed in it. Well, at least not as some kind of sixth sense that tells you if another woman is gay or not. What I do know is that, after a lot of hit and misses, it is possible to recognize signs of interest. But even then you still can be wrong.”

“What kind of signs?” Jayne asked, genuinely interested.

“Well, if you’re both in a lesbian bar that’s a pretty good indicator,” Jocelyn laughed. “But seriously, you just listen to what she says, how her eyes look at you, how she reacts to a casual touch. There are others, but I’m sure you get the idea.”

Jayne nodded her head, thinking as she did that it really didn’t sound all that different than the way a woman let a man know she was interested. Perhaps just a bit less obvious.

“You said that you know within a few minutes of meeting a woman if you want to sleep with her,” Jayne said, backtracking to a few minutes earlier.

“Sometimes even quicker than that,” Jocelyn grinned.

“Every woman you meet?” Jayne asked.

“Well, I don’t get to sleep with every woman I’m interested in,” Jocelyn chuckled, “although that might be nice. I just meant that I know which, if the interest in mutual, that I would say yes to.”

The look on Jayne’s face said that there was still something that she wasn’t asking. Considering what she had asked, Jocelyn couldn’t imagine what it might be. That was until she suddenly realized just what it was, and that realization made her smile.

“You’re not wondering what I thought of you, are you?” she said, sure that was exactly what Jayne was wondering.

Jayne actually blushed, confirming Jocelyn’s conclusion without words.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” Jocelyn said. “It’s a valid question. After all, every woman wants to feel desirable. In fact, even though I have little interest in sleeping with men, work aside, I’m still aware of their interest in me.”

Jayne still couldn’t bring herself to ask the question, but Jocelyn was still willing to answer it.

“Well, my first reaction when you opened the door, of course, was confusion,” Jocelyn said, adding, “after all, I wasn’t expecting to find a woman in place of my client.”

Jayne nodded her head in agreement, thinking that was as she saw it as well.

“But once that passed and I took a good look at you,” Jocelyn added, pausing for a breath mid-sentence, “my second thought was that it was a damn fuckin’ shame that I was here on business.”

“Really?” Jayne asked, feeling a warm flush wash across her body.

“Total truth,” Jocelyn smiled.

“And now that you’re not here for business?” Jayne heard herself say, amazed at the words coming out of her mouth.

Jocelyn didn’t answer, at least now with words. Instead a smile formed on her face, one different that those previously displayed. One that started as mischievous, but quickly advanced to wicked.

Soft, oh so soft. That simple thought echoed through Jayne’s mind. It described the touch of Jocelyn’s lips against her own, of her tongue as it slipped deep into her mouth, and finally that of the younger woman’s body as it pressed against hers, sharing a warmth too long absent.

The delightful feel of Jocelyn’s arms around her took Jayne back more than a decade, to those occasions she had shared the charms of a few close girlfriends. Few and far between, they had nevertheless left her with a small sense of regret that they’d never gone further than they had. But the rules had been clear, and if there was someone else who wanted to go beyond them and risk having herself labeled, Jayne hadn’t found her. As she felt Jocelyn’s hand slide up beneath her skirt, Jayne warmed at the thought that tonight worrying about labels wouldn’t be a concern.

Long minutes passed as the two women continued to share kisses and explore each other’s bodies. Jayne had forgotten how nice another woman’s body could feel, but remembrance came quickly as her hands cupped Jocelyn’s breasts, squeezing them gently and reveling in their resiliency.

The younger brunette again kissed the redhead on the mouth, then moved to her neck, unbuttoning the top buttons of her blouse to allow her to continue onto her shoulder. Then she returned back to Jayne’s mouth where lips and tongues met once more.

“It’s been a long time,” Jayne whispered as their lips parted. “I’m afraid I’m a bit out of practice.”

“It’s really no different than kissing a guy,” Jocelyn replied softly, “just more fun. It’ll come back to you soon enough. Meanwhile, just relax and let me take care of you.”

With that she guided Jayne back to the padded chair she had lifted her from a short time before. Stepping behind her, she brushed back Jayne’s hair from her neck and kissed that soft spot tenderly. At the same time, her other hand moved to the front of the redhead’s blouse and reached for the buttons yet undone. Once at the bottom, she gently leaned Jayne forward and slipped her blouse down along her arms, eventually tossing it aside once it was clear.

Now wearing only the plain white bra she had put on before court this morning, Jayne felt herself wishing she’d chosen something a bit more feminine. Jocelyn didn’t seem to mind, however, perhaps because it was obvious that the older woman wouldn’t be wearing it for much longer. With Jayne now firmly back against the pad of the chair, Jocelyn leaned over her and placed outstretched hands on the flat of her now exposed stomach.

She pressed then softly against the firm flesh, bringing both upward until each cupped the underside of Jocelyn’s breasts. Nimble fingers quickly found the thick tips beneath the simple cloth, rubbing against them until they grew hard. An action that brought forth a long, low moan from Jayne.

Jayne tilted her head back, again meeting Jocelyn’s lips with her own. Their tongues interlocked as Jocelyn’s right hand squeezed Jayne’s breast tightly, causing the older woman to moan even louder with pleasure. They kissed back and forth a few more times, then Jocelyn lifted Jayne back up into her arms.

Her hands moved down Jayne’s back, reaching the top of her skirt and the zipper there. The skirt grew slack around Jayne as Jocelyn pulled it down, then eased it past her hips and down her legs to the floor. Jayne stepped out of it and stood before the younger woman in just her undergarments, the bottom of which were as plain as the top.

Taking her hand in hers, Jocelyn led Jayne to the nearby bed and sat her down on the edge. She reached down and slid off Jayne’s flat bottomed shoes and the low cut socks she had worn inside them. A quick kiss on the lips followed, then Jocelyn lifted herself back up and took two very large steps back away from the bed.

First came her shoes, reversing the progression she had followed with Jayne. Lifting each leg backwards, Jocelyn slipped off both shoes and socks with ease. Next came her form- fitting skirt as she reached behind her waist and ever so slowly slid down the zipper, quickly following with an enticing shimmy that caused the now loose garment to drop to the floor, to be pushed then pushed aside with a motion of one of her legs.

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