Gramma Gets It Good

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: An older single woman suddenly feels sexy again and goes with it to the delight of several men who have to share her pussy.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   Sharing   Interracial   Pregnancy   .

“Ohhhh! This will be fun,” she thought as she was bent over the clothes dryer by a person who approached her from behind. The brown hand that reached around to squeeze one of the hanging mammaries gave her a real clue. He’d fucked her every day for the past week since she saw him stroking his big shaft lying on his bed. That sight had been a wakeup call and she’d dropped her robe and climbed on.

His smile as she’d revealed her body had been enough of a “Yes”. He spoke little English but words weren’t necessary as she rode a hard one, the first to fill her pussy is a long time. It was very erotic watching the first-ever dark shaft disappearing in her pube-framed place. She had to go slow and carefully but that only prolonged the delightful act and when he spurted his seed she had her first cock-induced orgasm in years. She came to his bed every night thereafter.

The “mystery man’s” phallus probed for the opening and she instinctively reached down to guide it, as she had often done in the thousands of times her pussy had welcomed a male genital. She had just turned sixty-five and lived alone since her second husband died. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been fucked in a laundry room. Maybe it was in her first marriage when, at a party, a guy who had been coming on to her got them away from the rest and she had a semi-reluctant quickie. Her husband had never been that adventurous. Using that dryer was never the same again.

It was apparent this one wouldn’t last long either. Just as she thought it, the familiar pulses surged inside her and he withdrew, probably in a hurry to get to work. She lay on the dryer, savoring the moment and thinking about getting herself off when there was a push from behind and she was filled with hard male flesh again, its entry eased by the freshly deposited cream. It felt too good to complain about as the thrusts built her arousal quite nicely. It must be her other room-renter, a Canadian man who spoke mostly French when she could get him to speak at all. He spoke “fucking” quite well enough!

Through the pleasure she noticed that his cock curved the other way from Manuel’s and the head seemed larger too so its progress in and out was quite noticeable. She timed her pussy squeezes to the greatest insertion. He was taking his time and had a hand cupping what it could on each of her hanging mammaries. She reached down between her legs and felt his hairy scrotum brush against her hand. He paused at full depth and she gently cupped and fondled the large testicles. She heard a soft “tres bon” and he resumed his plundering. When he felt his new partner reach her peak he pushed hard and shook as his climax flowed into her. He departed as she slowly came down from her high.

Back in her bed Gramma’s fingers wandered to her seeping slot. She’d never had two men that close together and rarely two even on the same day. There was that party fuck time where she’d seduced her husband when they returned home, plus a few one-off infidelities, spontaneous like the party one where she’d “made it up” to her husband the same day. This fuck was very different and she was surprised how much she’d enjoyed being sort-of wicked.

Still rubbing the semen of two men on her genitals, her mind was busy. “Would they both want to fuck her every day now?” was one thought. Her sex life had gone from “Park” to “Overdrive” in nothing flat! Could she keep up with two men whose combined ages were probably less than hers? Did she want to? It was damn ego-building.

She’d gone by “Gramma” for many years since her hair turned silver and a niece started using that name. She’d never had children but not by choice. Her body was a bit flabby here and there, not counting her pendulous and sagging breasts, but wrinkles were small and scarce. Her pussy seemed to be in good working order, having recovered from a bit of soreness when Manuel first took it. This morning’s workout had no uncomfortable aftereffects.

It was Saturday and Manuel worked six days a week but Pierre didn’t. She didn’t see him until mid-afternoon when he approached her cautiously, “Madam Gramma, I must apologize for my behavior earlier. When I saw you with Manuel and were then exposed my lust took control of me. I have not had a woman for some time but should have been more polite.”

She took his hand, “Thank you for your concern. I did not object, did I? It was even more than pleasant since you were quite competent. Would you have time now for a more traditional coupling?” His expression changed from concern to joy in an instant so she led him to his bedroom and removed the light summer dress and her panties. “Do you have a favorite position?” she asked. Hearing none she laid him on his back and began teasing him with her hanging breasts. He was struggling to remove his pants with the major distractions. When he succeeded she saw that he was uncircumcised. Perhaps that is why he’d felt different.

She mounted him 69 fashion, wanting to examine his tool and give him access to ger own erotic parts. His tongue was delightful as she played with his foreskin and tried it in her mouth. He warned that he was close to eruption so she moved around to face him. “Magnifique!” was his comment as his hands were filled with mammaries.

She eased herself unto his love shaft, reveling in how it stretched and filled her and stimulated so many pleasure points as it moved deeper and deeper. “You feel so good!” she said and he beamed.

As he got going she heard a few French phrases but it didn’t matter that she couldn’t understand them. They were communicating just fine at a more basic level. When he felt her orgasm he speeded up and painted her depths again.

When she went to Manuel’s bed that night it was a real contrast. She realized he had much less finesse although just as much energy. She would have to figure out how to develop him as a lover.

During the week the two men’s work schedules made accommodating them fairly easy. Manuel worked early and got home early so a late afternoon or early evening screw was best. Pierre was a late one so he got laid after lunch before he went to work. Gramma decided that Sunday would be reserved for just herself, a sabbath.

That worked for a while and she was feeling sexier than ever before in her life, having two younger men pleasuring her nearly every day. Those pesky monthlies were long past so there was little interruption of the fun. That’s just what is was too ... fun. No hint of romance.

Then Charles at church, who she’d known for decades when both had living spouses, asked her to dinner after service. His wife had died a few months earlier so she figured he needed company and accepted. It was a good experience and she accepted for the next Sunday too but this time he would fix dinner at his place instead of a restaurant. It seemed important to him so she asked what she could bring.

He kept their wineglasses filled as they ate the pork loin he’d grilled. She was feeling pretty tipsy as he suggested they go for a walk. Gramma giggled, “I might have to hold on to you.”

“That would be nice to feel if you need to or not,” he quickly replied.

“Hmmm,” she thought. “I bet he’s horny.” His late wife was a hottie she knew from girl-talk.

She clung to him and when they reached a hilltop with a lovely view of the valley below she moved in front of him. Pulling his arms around her she made sure they rested right below and up against her bosom. His late wife was rather flat chested. She also had worn a scoop-top blouse and he was taller enough that as she pulled his arms upward her cleavage was exaggerated and much more visible. “Nice view huh?” was the best double-entendre she’d come up with in quite a while. She felt his whiskers on her shoulder as his head leaned forward to gaze at the close scenery. After a bit when she felt his groin against her back begin to swell, she murmured, “There could be a much better one back at your place.”

They held hands on the return trip and he took her in his arms as soon as the door closed, then dropped to one knee as she pulled her blouse down and unhooked her front-fastened bra. She watched and felt as he worshipped her sagging fun bags to the point that she had a small orgasm. She pulled him up and reached for his still clothes-covered groin. “I want to see what you brought to this party.” He dropped his drawers and she got a handful and then a mouthful. Nice and thick and just the right length. His beard tickled her thighs as he tasted her and did interesting things to her hard nipples when he messed with her tits

It was a wonderful rest of the afternoon. They ordered a pizza for supper and she met the guy at the door naked, something she’d always wanted to do. Charles was good for one more happy romp before she went home. She asked him to reserve Sunday afternoons for her.

Manuel was a project fuck and Pierre was a good way to start the days but Sundays got special. Charles was pretty imaginative and she got hers going too so they screwed somewhere besides his bedroom as often as there. As he got his horns clipped they made plans to do other activities too, like regular dates. They both liked similar art and music and being in the outdoors so Sundays really got interesting. Gramma got to appreciate the outdoors in a whole new way. She would wear a loose skirt commando and they would take advantage of private places along the trails or beaches or wherever to knock off a piece or at least a few dips.

One time, on their way home she asked, “How’d you get to be such a good lover?”

“Suzie [his late wife] taught me practically everything I’ve shown you. No one else knows this but she paid for her degree as a weekend escort. I didn’t learn that until we’d been married a few years, just enraptured by how much and well she loved me, until a former client recognized her and she had to explain the conversation. She’d hoped that was all behind her. And I said as far as I was concerned it was.”

Gramma said, “It is my secret too now. That maybe makes it easier to tell you something I haven’t known how to. I’ve got my secret which I hope you can be as understanding about as you were with Suzie.”

“Try me.”

“To be direct, I am having regular sex with my two tenants. It’s been going on for a few months. Do you want any more information?”

He looked thoughtful, “Maybe that’s why I suddenly had the urge to merge with you. Some kind of aura or something. So how often?”

“Most days with both of them except Sunday. That has been just for you.”

“I’m impressed, to say the least. Doesn’t bother me any more than when Suzie was bedding a young man who stayed with us for six months. Seemed to really kick up her hornies for me. I’m sure I got seconds more than firsts and she was always eager to screw.”

Gramma smiled, “I think that’s what really got me going too. I’ve never had a sex life like this at any age and I’m glad I have the energy to enjoy it.”

By then they were back at his house and clothes came off quickly. He seemed inspired as he gazed at his cock thrusting in her now even sexier mound. With the relief of not holding her secret back she came even more easily. He asked for more details about her screwing schedule and managed another go. When they were calming down, Charles asked, “I’ve been wanting to get together with you more often than once a week. Could I stop over on Wednesday later evening, say nine o’clock and spend the night?”

She gripped him tightly, “That would be wild and fun. You’ll get me well fucked by then.”

“That’s what I’m looking forward to. I loved banging Suzie when she was full of cum. She was hot for it too.”

“How about arriving at seven o’clock since we usually get it on about seven-thirty so he can get to sleep.”

Both of them could hardly wait for Wednesday and when Charles arrived she led him to her bedroom since she screwed these guys in their own beds. She had a shot of bourbon ready for each of them and they sipped as she put on a robe. Kissing his already erect organ she went down the hall. The sounds entering through the partially opened bedroom door were unmistakable and erotic, as if his imagination wasn’t enough.

He was supine on the bed when she returned. Without a word she dropped her robe and mounted him, fresh cum dripping on the head of his cock before it entered and coating it with a whitish sheen as she slowly rode. “He didn’t get me off. I know you will. Is this as sexy as Suzie?”

Charles slammed up and groaned loudly as his sperm met up with Manuel’s which had joined with Pierre’s from earlier. “Charles, you’d better stay hard because I’m not done yet.” He rolled her over and began pounding hard, using all of his skill to stimulate her twat. Biting her nipples helped too and she had to put her fingers in her mouth to stifle her outcry as she came, a real slut with the cream of three men soaking her genitals.

She was a bit of a wreck the next morning after all the times they woke up to play during that night and she gave Pierre his fuck a bit early saying she had a commitment later. That was after introducing the two men over breakfast. She noticed Pierre’s expression and she tried to fuck Charles quietly after her tenant took his turn. Charles was pretty drained but got to feel Pierre’s fresh cream even if he couldn’t add any more himself.

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