S01.E04 - Georgia(18) Attending Harvard

by Lord Naughtius

Copyright© 2019 by Lord Naughtius

Fiction Sex Story: An up and coming track star seeks unconventional training to improve her performance.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Fiction   Zoophilia   Bestiality   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   .

This week we are back at Harvard University sitting in the stands at the McCurdy outdoor track. Our guest this week is Georgia Blakewood.

Cut to camera pan, zooming in on a platinum blonde girl running past.

Cut to interview

Hello Georgia, how do you do?

“I’m very well, thank you.”

Georgia Blakewood looks carved from wood. Her black spandex training wear consist of a sports bra and a pair of shorts, which do nothing to hide her impressive physique. Even just standing, her body ripples with lean muscles.

Her platinum blond hair is actually dyed, and her brown roots show she is several weeks from a touchup.

She has a cute face, whose most prominent feature is her bold dark eyebrows. She is, without a doubt, a natural beauty in anyone’s book.

Tell us, Georgia, why do you want to be on the show?

Georgia brushes some hair out of her face and looks a little embarrassed. “My coach says I have a lot of potential to be a competitor in multiple track events. But I’m having a lot of trouble with my flexibility. I’ve been doing track too long and the muscles and tendons on the inside of my thighs are too tight. I can’t do hurdles or long jump as well as I should. I’ve tried everything. Then I heard about sex training.”

Sex training?

“Yeah. You know, all the positions in the Kama Sutra? They’re great for that particular region.”

So you’ve already done the ... training?

“Some of it, yeah. But there’s parts of the Kama Sutra that were illegal to print.”

Georgia pulls out her phone and shows us pictures of an old manuscript. The pages are a little faded but it is still clear they are depicting women having sex with dogs and other undecipherable beasts.

“I found these in an old book in the archives.”

She smiles widely, showing her pearly whites.

I can see you’re eager to ... start training. Let’s be off.

Cut to signature shot.

“I’m Georgia Blakewood. I’m 18, a Physics major, and I want to fuck a dog.”

Cut to storage room.

We are in one of the storage rooms, which seem to be used for winter sports. Seeing it’s not the season, we should be quite safe. Georgia strides confidently to the centre of the room, kicking off her shoes as she goes. She pulls off her sports bra and her back muscles ripple as she pulls the garment over her head. She looks over her shoulder and smiles at us before turning to give us a view of her 34A breasts. They are plump enough to have a nice rounded curve at the bottom without sagging. Her brown nipples have a smooth aureole that seems almost flat and makes her nipple area jut out like a dark brown gum drop.

She peels off her shorts and then her thong. She has a light fuzz of pubic hair on her mons that continues onto her pussy lips. Like the hair on her head, she looks a week or two out from her usual maintenance.

She is slipping her socks off when the door opens half way; enough to let a man and dog into the room.

Cut to closeup of the dog. His owner speaks in voice over.

“I’m Everett and this is Patches. He’s a thoroughbred Greyhound. Gets his colouring from his parents. One was white, the other was brown. So he’s Patches. He mainly fucks my daughter’s wife and today is his first time with a new lady.”

The lean white and brown dog is full of energy. He’s sniffing everything within reach. Everett lets him off his leash and the dog continues exploring. Everett has to take him by the leash and point him at Georgia before he notices the girl.

Georgia is all smiles as she pets the dog. She lets him smell her hand first before she pets his head, and slides her hand down his neck to his back and side. While she pets him she looks underneath him and gets a confused look on her face.

“Where’s his penis?”

Everyone stifles a laugh. All the pictures on Georgia’s phone showed the dogs already having sex with the women. She’s never seen descriptions of how to get a dog in the mood.

“It’s in his sheathe.” Everett says in a completely business-like tone. “You see that furry little protrusion close to his hind legs? Rub that a bit. Once he gets excited it’ll come out and get hard.”

Georgia does as he says and rubs the dog’s belly near his hind legs. A little red tip pokes out soon. Emboldened by her progress Georgia rubs faster until his entire shaft is free of his sheath.

“Now rub his penis like you’re giving a handjob.” Everett continues his instruction.

Georgia does as he says. She gently takes Patches’s thin red dick in her hand and lightly jacks him off. She starts off slow and handles his doghood like delicate glass. As it grows in her had, so too does her confidence. When the dog’s dick reaches its full size Georgia is wanking it like she would a man.

“Oh!” Georgia yelps when the dog starts cumming.

Shots of doggy jizz shoot out the tip of his penis and sprays onto the floor. Georgia catches one of the shots in the palm of her hand. She brings it to her nose and takes a sniff. Then she licks her hand and considers the taste.

“It’s not bad.”

Georgia looks at the dog’s dick with a forlorn look on her face.

“I wanted to taste more of his cum, but he’s gotten his rocks off already. How long do I have to wait?”

“He could go again right now.” Everett says. “My dogs are specially bred for this purpose. They can go several rounds with only a little decrease in volume.”

Georgia’s face lights up right away. She gets on all fours and angles her head so she can suck the Greyhound’s dick. She slides her head back and forth, each time getting a little bit more into her mouth until she is swallowing five inches of the dog’s eight inch dick.

The camera gets in for a closeup of the blonde working the dog’s red pole. Her luscious lips slide along the dog’s slick shaft. She makes such a good seal around his cock she barely makes a sound and her cheeks cave in with the suction.

Georgia’s breathing is getting heavier. She seems to be enjoying the blowjob even though she is the one doing all the work. She reaches a hand between her legs and lightly rubs her pussy. The camera moves around and gets a shot of Georgia running her finger along the length of her moist slit.


Georgia yelps in a surprised tone and the camera goes back to her face. The dog has cum again, and is shooting his load into the blonde track star’s mouth now. She holds her lips around his cock until he’s done and then slides her mouth off. She swirls her tongue around her mouth once and then swallows his cum.

“Mmmm. It tastes better this time.”

Georgia drops on all fours.

“Alright, boy. I’ve gotten you off twice now. Time to put your dick to its real use.”

Once the Greyhound sees Georgia in The Position his training takes over. He jumps up and mounts the girl. Although he is about half a foot taller when Georgia is in this position, he is quite lean. When he flops onto her back his weight doesn’t cause her much discomfort. The dog hunches forward and humps Georgia’s butt as he tries to find her pussy.

“His fur tickles!” Georgia says, laughing.


The Greyhound has found his mark and Georgia is no longer laughing. She looks a bit shocked and contemplative at the same time. The camera angles underneath the couple and we can see the dog has gotten his cock into her up to the knot. The dog adjusts himself once and then starts fucking Georgia at a blistering speed.

“Ahhhhhhooohhhhhhgaawwwddddd!” Georgia screams.

She is being rocked back and forth by Patches’s thrusts in quick short motions.

“Ohhhhfuck! Not so fast, doggy!” Georgia screams again.

Patches, of course, can’t understand her. He just keeps doing what is natural. Georgia’s face is scrunched up as she rides out the pounding Patches is giving her. Sweat beads on her brow and her face turns red.

And just like that her countenance changes. Her face relaxes but she is still sweaty and red. Her breathing becomes heavier and heavier.

“Ohhhhhhh, fuuuuuck.” she moans in a low throaty tone. “Oh yes, fuck me, doggy. Ahhhh, fuck my pussy with your doggy dick!”

Georgia starts pushing back against the dog as he fucks her. With every push she lets out an “Ah!” She squeals louder and louder, until suddenly she cums.


Patches howls a second later, signaling his own climax. With Georgia’s help, he fucks his knot into her slippery quim.

Georgia’s stiffens as her orgasm takes control. Her legs bend a the knee and her toes point up. Her thighs clamp together and quiver as her orgasm rushes through her. Her orgasm leaves her just as quickly, leaving Georgia limp and loose. Her arms collapse under her and nearly sends her head crashing onto the floor.

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