Green Order

by Crunchy

Copyright© 2019 by Crunchy

Science Fiction Story: In a time not so distant and a place very near. Science Fiction can be prophecy or warning.

Tags: Violent  

With the new Carbon Balance laws, it was very hard to stay in the Green. Once the World Court declared Mother Gaia’s Superseding Person-hood, over-riding Corporate and Individual Person-hood, the Carbon Balance laws followed logically. First to get sent to the Reduction Camps (to reduce their carbon footprint) were the chronic medical cases, Dialysis, both the abdominal flush and the blood filtering kinds use a lot of plastic and create loads of medical waste.

Individuals don’t compare when balanced against the whole environment, so off to the reduction camps with them, to have their bio-mass reduced with a 600 calorie diet and as much manual work as they could perform to negate their negative carbon balance.

The World Court based it’s decision on rulings from Social Medicine decisions from England (where most effective use of resources decided life and death issues) and also from USA’s abortion laws. Mother Gaia had a right to choose what life She supported.

The law was retro-active, so soon enough motor enthusiasts, boaters aside from sailboats, Rv owners and most commuters found themselves on the wrong side of Carbon Debt and sent to a nearby Reduction Camp to ‘work it off’, reduced down to skin and bones which when they eventually died from starvation and overwork paying back their debt to Mother Gaia were used to augment the coral reefs which were sunken under three or four extra feet of water. Climate change was no longer something to fight, but in the balanced natural system warming climate meant increased growth and life, verdant jungles not clear cuts. It isn’t like you could fight against the changing of the seasons, either.

It wasn’t that there was a shortage of food or fuel, the USA was by now the largest oil producer in the world, and exported mega-tons of excess grains- but the large factory farms used herbicides and chemicals, poisoning the soil for non-crop plants, and fracking was violence against Mother Gaia- not to mention the genetic damage caused by modifying the natural organisms. It all needed to be done organically, thank you very much.

The intellectuals, for all their supporting of environmental causes and lip service toward population reduction didn’t fair much better, as computers are a burden on Mother Gaia, quite resource expensive and books eat trees. Smart meters tracked electricity and water usage, and surviving a cold winter could lead to a springtime in the Reduction Camp.

A suite of algorithms took all the information gathered from high-tech spy gear embedded in all areas of daily life and ‘decided’ who was more harmful than beneficial to Mother Gaia and those who were dragging her down, violating her right to exist, had to be impact reduced in defense of the planet- really in defense of all life.

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