S01.E02 - Elizabeth (19) Attending Yale

by Lord Naughtius

Copyright© 2019 by Lord Naughtius

Fiction Sex Story: Next stop on the Ivy path is Yale University. Our guest this week swims like a dolphin but has developed a kinship for another animal entirely.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Fiction   Zoophilia   Bestiality   Masturbation   Petting   .

Continuing our journey through the Ivy Leagues, we are at Yale University this week. It is perhaps one of the few universities to have as storied a history as Harvard.

Cut to the pool.

A young woman is swimming laps in the Olympic sized pool. This is Elizabeth Johansson, a sophomore; or, a second year student for our viewers back home. She is the only one in the fast lane and cuts through the water like a dolphin. After five more turns she pulls herself out of the water. She slides her goggles up onto her forehead and checks her time on the pace clock on the wall. At the same time she discreetly looks towards us sitting in the stands. She has just the slightest of smiles on her face as she pulls her arms behind her back to stretch. The camera captures every inch of her svelte physique. Her breasts stretch her one piece bathing suit as she pushes her chest out. She finishes her stretch and adjusts the suit around her buttocks while tensing her legs, giving us a great view of her toned figure. Then she takes off her swimming cap, tousles her long brown hair, and walks off to the showers.

Cut to change room.

We are in one of the less used change rooms, as per Elizabeth’s instructions. We can see why that is. While it looks like it is still maintained, it is definitely last on the custodian’s to-do list. The floor is mostly clean but ends in a line of grime where it meets the wall. The benches are wood and are so worn in some places they look polished. There is a single bag on one of the benches along with a woman’s leather jacket folded neatly next to it.

The shower shuts off and Elizabeth walks into the change room. “Hello.” she says. She quickly towels herself off but keeps her bathing suit on.

She has classically beautiful features, something you’d find in old film stars like Audrey Hepburn.

Hello. Thank you for inviting us.

“The pleasure’s all mine.” she says with a big smile. “Well, it’s going to be.”

I take it you’re familiar with the show?

Elizabeth nods. “I’ve seen all the episodes.”

How did you get to be such a big fan?

“I’ve always been good with animals. Dogs especially. When I was a teenager I noticed a sort of attraction to dogs. I never thought about it much. Never did anything about it. Then I found an old photo album. It had pictures of my mom when she was in her twenties. She was posing naked for someone. It looked like it was in our old home in Sweden, before I was born, and before we moved here. As I flipped through the rest of the album the pictures showed her posing with a dog, and eventually, having sex with it.

I put it back where I found it and didn’t tell anyone. But I guess my attraction to dogs is genetic.”

And now you’re just doing what’s natural?

Elizabeth shrugs. “Like mother like daughter.”

Cut to signature shot.

“I’m Elizabeth Johansson. I’m 19 years old, I’m a Environmental Sciences major and I want to fuck a dog.”

Cut to outside in the hallway.

Everett is waiting patiently with a large Husky in tow. “This is Loki. He’s a Husky cross. With what, I don’t know, but he’s taller than you’re average Husky. He mostly has sex with my wife, but ever since her joints started acting up my daughter’s wife takes care of him. Those girls you guys came with were the newest poon he’s had in a while. I think that awoke something in him. He’s itching to wander the world again, so to speak.”

He leads the dog inside where Elizabeth is waiting with barely concealed excitement. When she sees Loki she can’t help but smile. Everett takes the leash off and the dog goes right up to Elizabeth and sniffs her all over. Elizabeth pets the dog all over and wraps her arms around him in a warm embrace. Then she gets up and slips the straps of her bathing suit off her shoulders. She peels the wet suit off her body and puts it next to her bag. We’re surprised it was able to contain her 36B breasts. Some water is trapped in her trimmed Brazilian landing strip and makes it look dewy. Elizabeth lays her towel on the ground and gets on all fours.

“Come on.” she says, looking expectantly at Loki, who just stands there.

“Just a minute there, young lady, don’t you think you’re being just a bit presumptuous?” Everett says. “Just ‘cause he’s a male doesn’t mean he’s always ready to fuck. You gotta get him started.”

Elizabeth tries not to look embarrassed, but it’s clear the idea never crossed her mind. She feels around his hindquarters until she finds his sheathe. Her hands work quick and soon his pink cock is hard and ready for action. Elizabeth gets back down on all fours and spreads her legs slightly. Loki looks more enthused now. He licks Elizabeth’s hairless pussy with quick, light licks. Elizabeth giggles at his touch.

The camera goes in for a closeup of her face. Elizabeth looks right into the lens and says “It feels nice but I want his cock.”

Then she looks right at Loki. “Come on boy, fuck me!”

Those are the magic words because Loki jumps right up and wraps his forepaws firmly around her waist. Elizabeth squeals and laughs when she feels his furry body against her butt and on her back. The camera closes in on her back side and captures Loki’s triangular tip splitting her pussy lips apart. The rest of his seven inch cock slides in easily until his knot pushes against her fleshy petals.

Elizabeth has a look of pleasant surprise on her face as she takes a dog cock for the first time. Loki fucks her with quick, powerful thrusts.

“Oh! Ohhhhhhhh!” Elizabeth moans.

She slaps the floor with her right hand. “Oh, fuck, I’m cumming already!”

She closes her eyes tight and practically screams as she cums. “Ah! Ah! Ahhhhhhhh!”

She braces both hands against the floor and both her legs bend upward. Her body shakes as her orgasm courses through her, making her arms quiver to the point we’re afraid they’ll break.

Her head drops as her body relaxes from her orgasm. Elizabeth pants softly while Loki continues to fuck her. The camera gets a side view of the rutting couple. Loki’s mouth is open in a wolfish ‘smile’ as he pounds away at his Swedish bitch.

Under him Elizabeth is rocked back and forth almost gently. She cranes her neck to look back at Loki as he fucks her and smiles. The camera changes to front view so we can see what she sees – a handsome dog holding her tight and making her his.

Elizabeth’s pants get louder until she is moaning again. “Ohhhhhh, fuck yes! Ohhhhhh, good doggy! Fuck me like that! Like that! Like thaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Elizabeth thrashes and shakes again as her orgasm takes hold. She slaps the floor with her right hand and then balls it up in a fist. As her orgasm subsides she reaches between her legs with her left hand and rubs her clit until she cums again. When she comes down again she rests her head on her forearms.

Loki sets his hind legs and thrusts hard against Elizabeth. Elizabeth raises her head and she has a look of alarm on her face. “Oh no! Nononononono!”

She looks behind her at Loki. The camera goes around back and captures what we are all seeing – Loki is trying to get his knot into his bitch. The round section of his male anatomy is the size of a small orange, but a detail like that isn’t going to stop him. Elizabeth’s pussy looks like it’s already split to it’s widest. Amazingly her pussy opens a bit wider, as if wanting to accept the rest of Loki’s cock into her. Elizabeth’s wet pussy lips begin to wrap around Loki’s red knot, and in the next second it slips right into her wet cunt.

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