S01.E01 - Isabella, Ingrid, and Stephanie (21) at Harvard

by Lord Naughtius

Copyright© 2019 by Lord Naughtius

Fiction Sex Story: 21 year old students from Harvard start off their summer holiday with a bang.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Fiction   Zoophilia   Rough   Orgy   Oriental Female   Bestiality   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   Sex Toys   Public Sex   .

This week we are in the United States of America for a special episode of the United Kingdom of Zoo. Here we are at the iconic Harvard University. It’s a wonderfully warm summer’s day in

Boston, Massachusetts and it’s one week into the summer holiday. Its campus, normally full of students, is now a ghost town. Its usual inhabitants have gone home or have found other accommodation for the summer. However, our guests this week – Isabella, Ingrid, and Stephanie

- are Master’s students from out of state and have been allowed to remain on campus while they perform their research.

Cut to the camera, filming as we walk. The camera pans around us, taking in the college buildings, many of which have historical significance, and the empty campus.

This is Harvard Yard. And just through here is one of the smaller quads.

Cut to the camera panning around the quad. The neatly manicured grass is surrounded on all sides by the residential buildings. A short distance away are three young women sunbathing on the grass. They are all wearing shorts and t-shirts with their t-shirts knotted up in a bikini top to maximize sun exposure. Being seasoned students these three have learned a thing or two from their undergrad years. No Freshman 15 on these young ladies. They look like they’ve been hitting the gym all year. Their slim athletic figures boast toned legs and trim bellies. And they are, perhaps, the only three souls in the entire university.

Cut to one of the dorm rooms.

Like many students she has posters of bands on the walls.

“Hello. I’m Isabella Atwell. I’m 21, and I’m studying Philosophy.”

Nice to meet you, Isabella. I must say it was a pleasure to get your application. We don’t get many Americans on the show, much less three at once.

“The pleasure’s all mine.” Isabella says with a smile.

I understand you have some connection to the Isles?

Isabella speaks in voiceover while the camera does closeups of her face. “Oh, yes, my father is British. He met my mom in Japan. We moved here shortly after I was born.”

They say people of mixed heritage are often more beautiful than either of their individual ancestries. We think Isabella certainly proves that right.

Cut back to interview angle.

So how did this all come about?

Isabella smiles as she recalls the memory. “We were all rushing the same sorority. Ingrid,

Stephanie, and I.”

Cut to the quad, showing the girls sunbathing. Isabella continues speaking in voiceover.

“We had to do a scavenger hunt. You know, collect things from a list, whoever gets the most wins.”

Cut to Isabella’s room.

“The last thing on the list was a sperm sample from our house mascot – a huge Great Dane. I only had a few items and time was running out. I thought getting that sample would get me the win. I mean, who would have the balls to actually do it, right? Well, when I got there, someone was already there.”

Cut to Ingrid’s room

“Hello. I”m Ingrid Lee, I’m 21 and I’m studying Molecular Biology.”

Of the two Chinese girls she has long hair down past her shoulders, almost to mid-back. Her silken black locks are tinted a dark shade of red, a popular style among the modern youth.

Her roots show her natural colour, but they blend nicely with the tinting.

“My first time? It was at the scavenger hunt for [redacted]. I’m a driven individual and it was the last thing on my list. But when I got there I realized I didn’t know what to do. This situation wasn’t exactly covered in Sex Ed.”

So then what happened?

“While I was just standing there this girl comes in. And that’s how I met Isabella.”

Cut to Stephanie’s room

Stephanie speaks in voiceover. “I’m Stephanie Ming. I’m 21, and I’m studying Bio Chem.”

The camera pans over her room. There are posters of various anime shows on the walls. In the corner are equipment for several sports such as archery, snowboarding, and rock climbing.

Cut to interview angle of Stephanie.

“Well, I had nothing on my list and I was getting pretty desperate.”

She sweeps her hair out of her eyes. Her shoulder length hair is parted unevenly on one side and cut in a choppy style, leaving the ends of her hair looking wipsy. Her sleek black hair has been lightened to a hazel brown. It makes her look sort of like a pixie and adds some femininity to her tomboyish looks.

“I didn’t think anyone would go for it.”

But you did.

Stephanie shrugs. “When I got there, there were already two girls there. So I wasn’t the first to have that idea!” she smiles and chuckles.

Cut to Isabella’s room

“Stephanie saved us. Ingrid and I had no clue. Then she comes in and ... takes care of it.”

Cut to Stephanie’s room

“I saw a video. On the internet.”

She speaks carefully and in measured tones.

I think I’ve put plenty of those up there myself.

She laughs along and visibly relaxes.

“It was an anime porn about a shrine maiden who had to fuck the dog spirits in her temple.”

Ah, so you knew what to do from that. Do you watch that sort of thing regularly?

She grins and blushes. She doesn’t answer, but she pulls a box out from her closet. Inside is an assortment of dildos of different sizes. They are all shaped like dog penises, except for two. One is shaped like a human penis, and one is shaped like a horse cock.

So how did you get the sample?

“I rubbed his sheathe until his dick came out. Then I got him hard, put a condom on him and jacked him off.”

A condom?

“Yeah. They gave them out for free. How else was I supposed get the sample out of the room?”

My reaction must have shown I hadn’t thought that through, because she laughs in my face - along with the crew.

Cut to Isabella’s room

“And then she left.”

She left? I thought you said she saved you?

“In a manner of speaking. The dog was still hard, so we got ours the same way. She won, though, since she was first. Even though it was the only thing she got from the list”

How did you feel doing it?

“It was kinda hot.”

What did you find hot about it?

“Everything. Having it in my hand, stroking it until the dog came. The size of his load!”

Isabella’s grins when she says the last part.

“He had already cum once! He still almost filled my condom!”

Cut to Ingrid’s room

Ingrid shrugs “It was like jacking off a guy. Only the dog was bigger than any guy I’ve ever seen.”

She has a gleam in her eye when she talks about the size of the dog’s penis.

And then what happened?

“We bonded really well from that scavenger hunt. We did practically everything together. Then we started having weekend sleepovers in each other’s dorms. One night Stephanie puts on your show.”

Oh, so I’m to blame for all this?

Ingrid laughs.

“Well, that dog planted the seed.”

Ingrid lightly facepalms herself and blushes when she realizes what she’s said.

“Stephanie had season 1 downloaded and we binged it in a weekend. After that it was like we became even closer. When season 2 began Stephanie got Isabella and I dildos shaped like dog dicks! I’m pretty sure we all used them that night. I did.

Every weekend we’d meet up, watch your show, and just talk and have fun. We’ve shared things with each other that we wouldn’t tell anyone else.”

Such as?

“Our sexual fantasies.”

I think we can guess what that is. Unless you have another?

“I’m a bit of an exhibitionist.”

Cut to Stephanie’s room

“I’ve been known to walk around the house naked back home. And my backyard. I love going to nude beaches.”

She says the last part with a big smile.

Cut to Isabella’s room

“I fucked my ex in the woods plenty of times. I think I’ve gotten a taste for it.”

I’m sensing a theme here. Why don’t we have Ingrid and Stephanie join us?

The other girls’ rooms are right next to Isabella’s for the summer, so they don’t take long.

Are we actually fulfilling two fantasies for you girls today?

All three of them break out into smiles. Isabella glances discreetly out the window but the camera still catches it.

Say no more. We are happy to do it.

Cut to closeup of the girls for the signature shot.

“I’m Isabella Atwell. I’m 21, I’m from Oregon and I’m studying Philosophy.”

“I’m Ingrid Lee. I’m 21, I’m from California and I’m studying Molecular Biology.”

“I’m Stephanie Ming. I’m 21, I’m also from California and I’m studying Bio-Chem. And-”

“We want to have sex with a dog.” the girls say in unison.

Soon we are all back outside in the quad. The crew hurriedly sets up extra cameras while the girls get ready.

Ingrid and Stephanie are eagerly disrobing while Isabella looks unsure for a few seconds before pulling her t-shirt above her head. She takes her clothes off rather quickly, as if wanting the task to be done and over with; and she finishes before the other girls. Her 34B breasts don’t sag when she removes her bra but they do hang a bit low. They are topped with light brown nipples that are stiff despite the heat. Her shorts come off next, and then last, is her sleek sporty dark blue thong. She slides it off over her toned butt and it drops to the ground, revealing a fingers-width landing strip.

She ties her hair back in a short ponytail, and in the sun, we can see more signs of her mixed ancestry. Her hair looks almost black at the top of her head while the few loose strands framing her face take on a lighter hue of reddish-brown with some natural auburn.

Ingrid reaches back to unclasp her bra and reveals her nicely shaped breasts. They look about the same size as Isabella’s, except they point straight out. Her dark brown nipples and puffy areola give her breasts a soft conical shape. Her shorts barely reach her mid-thigh and already hug the curves of her body. When she takes them off we see they weren’t hiding that much. Her pert ass is flawless and is so tight you could bounce a coin off it. Her lacy

‘cheeky’ style panties come off last, revealing her completely shaven pussy. Her last step is to tie her long hair back in a ponytail.

Stephanie is the only one wearing ‘practical’ clothes. Other than her knotted t-shirt, her loose shorts don’t show off any curves at all. Her t-shirt and shorts come off quickly, revealing a white sports bra and practical white panties. These are also removed quickly.

Given her nudist tendencies she is probably more comfortable naked than clothed. Her breasts are the smallest of the three at about a 32A or 34A. They don’t sag in any way or stick out, but she is definitely not flatchested. The rest of her is toned and fit, giving her an air of an Olympic gymnast. She keeps herself trimmed with a small neat triangle on her pubic mound, and bald lips.

How do you girls feel?

“I’m looking forward to it.” Stephanie says with a wide Cheshire Cat grin.

The other girls chuckle.

“I am too.” Ingrid says. “How big is a normal dog’s cock?”

Don’t worry. We find the biggest we can for the show.

Isabella doesn’t say anything but she looks just as eager as the other girls.

Cut to just outside the quad where our regulars are patiently waiting. We’ve flown them in all the way from the UK. A couple of them have been to the US before, but today’s trip to

Harvard is a first for all of them.

Cut to close up of an Alaskan Malamute. The camera pans over the dog as his owner Steve speaks in voiceover.

“This is Max. He’s a purebred Alaskan Malamute and he’s been fucking women all his life. I think he’s been on the show four or five times now. He’s looking forward to adding an Asian girl to his harem.”

Cut to close up of a black German Shepherd. The camera pans over the dog as his owner Henry speaks in voiceover.

“This is Rebel. He’s a German Shepherd. He usually fucks my wife, but ever since inducting

Shannon we see Rebel as the ambassador to the United Kingdom of Zoo. We’re happy his services are needed.”

Cut to close up of a Great Dane. The camera pans over the dog as his owner Bernard speaks in voiceover.

“This is Dino. He’s an 8 year old Great Dane. He loves the ladies and the ladies love him.

This is the first fan he’ll meet outside of the UK.”

We have the men lead their dogs into the quad as one. For effect.

That effect does not go unnoticed. The second the dogs enter the quad all three girls have their eyes on them. So fixated are they, that not one of them notices or makes a move to conceal themselves from the eyes of the dogs’ leering owners.

Max pulls tight against his leash, jerking Steve forward. The men share a chuckle at his lustful eagerness. They each let their dogs off their leashes, letting them run to sow their wild oats. The dogs are almost beside themselves with happiness. They jump all around the girls, sniffing at each one before going on to the next.

The girls can’t contain their excitement either. They pet and stroke the dogs as if they were normal pets - patting their heads and stroking their sides. By the end of the meet and greet everyone has made their choice and paired off.

Stephanie takes an immediate liking to Rebel. She gets down on her back, and slides and shimmies her way underneath him so all of his legs are to either side of her body. She stops when her face is under his dangling cock. No one’s ever seen a girl do this before. The men and the crew look on. Stephanie rubs Rebel’s sheathe expertly and soon she is sliding her hand over his large, deep red cock. She strokes him faster now that he is at his full length.

Her hand is almost a blur under his belly. Rebel just stands there and pants happily until, suddenly, he cums.

Squirts of watery dog cum shoot out of his dick and spray over Stephanie’s face. It seems she has a bukkake fetish she forgot to mention. The girl has her eyes closed while Rebel coats her with his cum from her chin to her forehead. When Rebel is done Stephanie wipes her eyes clear, and then rubs her pussy with the same hand until she cums.

I guess all those hours watching porn have paid off.

Isabella looked like she was drawn to the Malamute, Max, from the start. Now she is stroking his belly and only stops when she gets to his sheathe. She smiles and grips it lightly, feeling his cock inside his fleshy pocket. She strokes a little faster, focusing on making him grow big and large. His pink lipstick tip pokes out of his white fur, and soon she has his entire large, veiny, pink cock in her hand.

She strokes slower now, and closer to the base to expose his knot.

She stares at it, transfixed. “I want to suck it.”

“Go on, then.” Steve enthusiastically encourages her. “Max loves getting his dick sucked.”

Isabella gets down on her elbows and crawls underneath the dog. She tries to find an angle that will work, but can’t seem to get it.

“A little help?” she asks, after crawling back out.

A quick command from Steve, and Max rolls onto his back with his cock sticking out like a shiny, angled monument among a field of white cotton. Isabella smiles and leans over the dog’s hindquarters. She brings her face close to his shaft and licks it tentatively. She runs her tongue around her mouth, tasting the slime from his shaft. It seems to agree with her because she puts her lips around the tip of his dick and sucks him into her mouth, all the way to the knot.

The camera zooms in close to Isabella’s face as she blows the dog. Then it zooms out just in time to catch her reaching a hand between her legs to play with her pussy. A second camera joins and we get a split screen. On the left is Isabella’s face. She has a look of pleasure and moans a little every so often. On the right is Isabella’s pussy with her fingers rubbing her clit in small quick circles.

Ingrid looks especially happy to end up with Dino, the biggest dog. Dino is very excitable today. He keeps sniffing at Ingrid and dipping his head. Ingrid looks unsure of what to do.

She tries to get around to Dino’s side, and the second she takes a step, Dino dips his head quickly and slurps his tongue between her legs. Ingrid squeals at the unexpected contact. Now that she knows what he wants she stands still, and a little awkwardly, with her legs slightly spread while Dino goes back for more.

“Just lie down, luv.” Bernard suggests from off camera.

Ingrid does what he says. The minute she spreads her legs Dino is between them in a flash, eager to have more of her tasty snatch. Ingrid starts moaning now that she is in a position to enjoy her cunnilingus. She squeezes her breasts while Dino licks all over her bald pussy, coating it in a layer of slobber.

Isabella moans as she fingers herself to orgasm. She doesn’t miss a beat where Max is concerned, and keeps sliding her lips up and down his shaft. A few minutes later Isabella stops bobbing her head on Max’s cock. The camera goes in for a closeup of her head. She holds still for a moment, and then we see her swallow. Another moment passes and she slips her mouth off his dick. A few weak spurts land on her chin. She smiles for the camera and opens her mouth to reveal a mouthful of Max’s puppy juice. She swallows again and shows us her empty mouth as proof.

Stephanie catches Isabella’s eye from a short distance away. They share a look and smile.

Then they look between them at Ingrid, who is writhing around on the grass at the mercy of

Dino’s tongue and breathing heavily. The girls wait while their dogs recover, and enjoy the show.

Ingrid’s face is flush and her hair is a mess. Her hair tie broke earlier and now her hair is all over the place. Most of it is getting rubbed into the grass but some clings to her sweaty body. She has one hand on her breast now and the other is holding Dino’s head to her pussy.

Ingrid is moaning out loud, and grinding her hips against Dino’s snout. Her moans get louder and louder until, suddenly, her body arches and stiffens, and she cums. She moans her loudest, practically screaming, as she presses her pussy against Dino’s snout.

Seconds later her body relaxes and she is pushing Dino’s head away from her sensitive pussy.

Ingrid’s breathing quiets down as her orgasm fades. Bernard gently pulls the dog back while the camera zooms in on her pussy. It’s all slick and shiny from Dino’s slobber, and red from his rough tongue.

Bernard lets Dino go and the dog approaches the girl lying prone on the ground. He just stands there and lets out a small whine every so often.

When Ingrid recovers she sits up, propping herself up with her arms. She clears a few stray hairs from her face and smiles. “That was fucking incredible!”

We’re glad you enjoyed it, but Dino is aching for some release.

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