Clem Cherishes Cauli

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: An older traveling seed salesman in the Ozarks gets closer than usual to a hill family and special relationships develop.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Farming   Historical   Tear Jerker   Prostitution   .

Clem had been selling seed to rural farmers and families for more than two decades. It was a traveling job, moving through the countryside from the south to the north as the season for planting moved. When all of his territory was covered he’d find a place to rest until the next year. Because he was so itinerant, no special relationship with a woman had been able to develop. His sex life, however, was probably as active as many men his age who had a wife.

In the thirties there were few motels or other lodging in the places he traveled so hospitality from his customers was needed. Sometimes he slept in their barn and other times in the house or cabin. In many of those places, being an attractive man, especially one owning a Model A, aroused the interest of often lonely women. The traditional “farmer’s daughters” stories arose from these kinds of situations but it was as often the farm wife who sought variety as a daughter. Gifts of seed samples were often left with the farmer as a thank you for his gifts of male-seed left in a warm wet “garden”. It was hoped that the latter would not sprout, however.

One family in particular he always anticipated visiting, usually at a midpoint because it was in the Ozarks, halfway between the southern and northern US borders. He had been welcomed there for many years, having met Irma Jo when she was still at her father’s farm. It was during his first tour through the area as a new twenty-year-old salesperson in 1933 when he was offered a straw bed in an unused horse stall. The teenager who could hardly keep her eyes off of him at dinner appeared in the barn after the household blew out the lanterns.

He’d had some experience with older and skilled wives by then. When she laid down next to him he moved to kiss her and it escalated. As he pushed into her fur-framed place he felt a brief resistance and a little oral squeak. Then it got good and she kept him between her legs until she had to return to the house and feed the chickens.

The next year she wasn’t at her parents’ farm where he learned that she was married and with child a few farms over. Her husband was already a customer so he hurried through the ones in between. Irma Jo hugged him and took him into the small cabin, saying that her husband was in the far field until dusk. It was a one room place. She took his coat and offered some cornbread she had baked, then began disrobing. “I have missed you in spite of what it looks like. You will always be special as my first and I want you anytime we can be together.”

Her belly was quite swollen and her breasts larger than he remembered. He began their reconnection with something a very experienced married woman had taught him, telling him that this one thing alone would capture the hearts of most women, or at least their pussies. We know it as cunnilingus but Irma Jo didn’t need a label to howl with pleasure and then urge him to enter her.

They had a convivial supper and bedtime was early since farm life begins before dawn. The hostess whispered with her husband and then announced that the guest would sleep in the bed with her while her husband would have a pallet on the floor. She addressed the guest, “My husband knows you are my first man and shall have special privileges. First, however, you must demonstrate the pleasure giving I experienced earlier. My husband has to learn it.”

By lantern light the coupling of the afternoon was repeated for an attentive spectator who then was instructed to copy what he had seen. That done, Clem snuggled with her and slept.

She was up early to help her husband prepare for his day and was back in bed as soon as he left, reaching for her first and favorite cock.

He left their seed order heavily discounted and there were tears in Irma Jo’s eyes as he started his car to leave.

The next few months he covered many miles and slept in many places, often enough not alone. Now that the planting season was ended he headed south, unsure where he would spend the off months, hopefully finding short term work. As he came down through Missouri he thought about Irma Jo and wondered if she’d had her baby. It was a logical stop. He’d had a very good year so picked up some preserved meat in Kansas City as well as other boxed and canned things hard to find in the Ozarks.

Irma Jo was overjoyed to see him, hurrying to his car with an infant in a sling. She took him inside and showed him the little girl. “The doctor just said I could commence marital relations again. He also said since I’m nursing the possibility of starting another one is less likely. Let’s do it!”

They were still on the bed with the infant sleeping when her husband returned. It had been nursed as she sat on Clem’s cock and he sampled the milk from the other tit. Both recipients greatly appreciated the liquid gifts.

Clem was in no hurry and stayed a week, helping her husband with farm chores and her with carnal pleasures. He gave some thought to wintering there but he had to start from the south in the spring so kept going. There were some wives of sailors in Houston who kept him until they had to pass him on because the voyages were ending, so he didn’t lack for companionship. He was pleased, of course, that the city women were knowledgeable about preventing conception.

The next year his company transferred him to the eastern US route. He missed the many friends and acquaintances he’d made in the Midwest but it was his job and they weren’t plentiful right then.

It was many years later that the Midwest territory opened up and he requested it and his seniority prevailed. The travels brought back many memories and as he got closer to the Ozarks he was especially anxious. He couldn’t call because rural telephones still weren’t very common, usually party lines if they existed at all.

His nearly new 49 Ford pulled to a stop in front of Irma Jo’s cabin and a passel of kids preceded her. Her eyes and smile were wide as she saw who it was. Pushing the many daughters aside she hugged him fervently with tears streaming down her weathered face. “I’ve missed you and thought you might be dead!”

He told both adults what had happened as they enjoyed the country ham and sweet potatoes that he’d brought. The adults all sipped some prime shine on the porch as the daughters cleaned up the kitchen.

At bedtime he wondered what would happen with such a small cabin so stuffed with family. Irma Jo asked him to go for a walk in the moonlight. “Clem, I’d love to do what we once did but my doctor says if I get pregnant again it would likely kill me. You have a choice, that I do you with my mouth like I do my husband or you spend the night in the barn with one of my daughters. I’d recommend the last choice.”

Thus Clem found himself laying on a blanket on the straw in a horse stall with Cauli, the second oldest daughter. The older one was betrothed and wanted no one else even though many had plumbed her parts in the past. He’d noticed that this one was a redhead while all the others were black-haired. No matter, she was pleased she’d been chosen.

Preferring to have a bit of a personal connection before initiating a genital one, Clem asked, “Your name is unusual for these parts. How did you get it?”

She looked a little embarrassed by that question, more than getting naked with a stranger. “When mah mother was giving birth to me she was on some medication. She liked flowers and named mah older sister ‘Daisy’ so tried to come up with another one. She mumbled out ‘cauliflower’ and that is what was put down. Ah wish Ah could change it.”

Clem didn’t know what to say so just began unbuttoning his shirt. She knew why she was out here with him. It would be better with this older man, she knew from experience, so she pulled off her cotton dress, not having anything else to remove. The filling hose that popped out of Clem’s pants looked interesting and, indeed it was. She asked him to rest a bit and do it again as a matter of fact.

It was the end of the selling season when he stopped at Irma Jo’s again as he was heading south for the winter. When he asked his long-time friend about Cauli, he got the news that she’d gotten pregnant and the abortion was botched so she could never have children. This might greatly reduce her chances of getting a husband, her mother worried.

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