Krystal the Exchange Student

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: A foreign influence can often open your eyes and expand your horizons.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Teenagers   Romantic   Sharing   .

When we met Krystal at the airport there were raised eyebrows on our side. God, she was lovely! Much prettier and sexier than her pictures had suggested. Dad and I had that instinctual male attention reaction and I suspect Mom had a bit of jealousy flare.

Her English was good but accented of course. For me, that added to her already substantial allure. I struggled to avoid fawning over this vision. I was only fifteen so she wouldn’t be interested in me anyway.

She stared out the car window as we drove, taking in her first sights of the US. I carried her bag to the bedroom she would use as Mom fixed lunch. Jet lag hit her after that and she had to nap. I beat off in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet seat her ass had recently graced.

When she awoke, I took her around our property which was quite private. We had forty acres, mostly wooded with a beaver pond. Our house was on the highest point and had a view in most directions. Our new “family member” was enthralled, living in a very densely urbanized city with its bustle and noise. As we stood silently by the pond, watching the birds flitting about and listening to leaves fluttering in the breeze, Krystal took my hand and said, softly, “This is wonderful. Maybe like the Garden of Eden was.”

An electric shock travelled from that hand, through my chest and down to my crotch. I twitched and she turned to me, “Are you OK?” I nodded and we began walking back, still holding hands. I later learned that it was not intended to be romantic, just a way of connecting which was common in her country.

The next day was work for Mom and Dad. Krystal and I, not in school yet and being teenagers, plus her still shedding jet lag, slept until long after they were gone. I was in the shared bathroom in my boxers shaving off a few whiskers. I’d left the door open as I was used to. All of a sudden, entering quietly on bare feet, there was Krystal, bare all over! She went to the toilet, put down the seat and took her morning pee as if I wasn’t even there. I sneaked glances as discreetly as I could and my boxers tented so I pushed against the sink to hide it.

She wiped and flushed and then went to the other sink and washed her face. After drying it she smiled and said, “Looks like something thinks I’m sexy.” I turned beet red and she caught herself, “Oh, I forgot that you Americans make such big deals out of natural functions. I was behaving like at home. I’m so sorry!” She left and came back in a robe, asking, “Can I help fix breakfast?” like a regular visitor.

Her robe was not well secured and I got lots of clear glimpses of her gorgeous breasts as she moved around and bent over to take bites of food. She asked me if we ever swam in the beaver pond and I told her that it was quite warm enough by now. She said she would like to do that with me if it was okay. After cleaning up the kitchen we grabbed some towels and set out for the pond I grabbed a swimsuit but didn’t notice that she hadn’t.

When we got there she simply stripped and waded into the water. I thought, “What the hell!” and left my suit off too. I guess that was the European way. When we finally had enough swimming she asked me to dry her off. My pecker couldn’t help but get hard when I saw her firm tits and fur trimmed pussy close-up. I was amazed at how unselfconscious she was.

When she dried me off my erection didn’t seem to faze her at all. We lay down on the grass and enjoyed the sunshine and began talking. She told me about her academic goals for the year and wondered where I was in school. She was two years older but treated me like an equal which just didn’t seem to happen at my school. My willy wilted as we just conversed as two people. Again, she seemed to take little notice.

We had a nice evening and she helped my mom with dinner which was greatly appreciated. We watched some TV and then everybody got ready for bed. Krystal would occupy what we’d considered the guest bedroom which was right next door to mine. There was a bathroom that we would share which I’ve mentioned earlier. Apparently the Europeans are pretty casual about that because she walked in on me as I was peeing with my dick hanging out of my boxer shorts. She was naked again, apparently her preferred state of dress. When I finished she sat down and let her piss drain, seemingly oblivious to my presence.

The next day was similar and we got on our 4-wheeler and I drove her through the woods and to some of the neighboring areas. We live close to a state forest so we rode and walked to the top of a big hill with a great view. She’d made a picnic lunch and I put out a blanket. The day was warm and sunny, just about perfect.

“Do you mind if I get some sun?” she asked politely. When I said no she took off her top and laid down on the blanket face down. That gave me a momentary thrill but I went back to carving a stick I’d found. When she turned over I almost cut myself. Her breasts were beautiful and there were no tan lines, I noticed. She must usually get sun naked, I figured.

After a bit she opened her eyes and saw me staring. “You like them, I think!” I nodded. “Do you get to touch many?” I shook my head, tongue-tied. “You can touch mine and I’ll show you how to make them feel good.”

I must have levitated closer to her since I don’t remember moving. She took my hand, then showed and told me what to do. Her nipples stood up hard and proud. Then she hit me between the eyes, “They like to be sucked and nibbled on too.”

I came in my pants as I worked on one with my mouth and the other with my fingers. She was making noises that were clearly expressing pleasure. Finally my back was killing me from bending over and, as I sat up, she saw the wet spot in my crotch.

She reached out for it and cooed, “I’m so sorry I made you do that.”

I croaked, “I’m not! This was wonderful.”

Krystal sat up and gave me a gentle but long kiss, “I didn’t think you would be so horny. I should have known. Let’s get you out of these and we’ll wash your underpants out.” Damn, how could I say no even though I was turning red with embarrassment? After peeling my pants off, she dropped hers too. I ogled her buns and other parts as she got the big water jug and rinsed my jockeys out and draped them on the 4-wheeler to dry.

Before I even had time to wonder what this amazing woman would do next, she did it. “Let’s take care of your hornies a better way. I have them too you know and my boyfriend is very far away.” With her hands I was quickly buried in the first pussy of my life. She had to take my hips in her hands and remind me what to do since I was still in a daze.

I got over that quick and she pulled my mouth to her tits again as we humped. I blew off in less time than I hoped but she just said softly, “Keep moving slowly and you will stay hard.” Damn, this girl knows everything! I did and got it once more and she got off with me this time. My thought as I laid on top of her, “I’m NEVER going to get rid of this blanket!”

We cleaned up and rode back. She bustled around helping Mom just like before and would smile at me once in a while. “Would it happen again?”, I wondered.

Being naked around her wasn’t an issue for me anymore but we both knew that it shouldn’t be flaunted in front of my parents. Likewise, late in the night when my parents were asleep, my bedroom door opened and a beauty slipped silently in. I pulled the covers back and she slid her naked body up against mine. I was erect instantly, well before her questing fingers found it. She guided me to a scissors position and we moved together quietly. No appetizer; just straight to the entree.

We each had a fine finale and she slipped away as quietly as she had arrived. At breakfast, she acted just like she was expected to. That was the pattern every night but in the daytime, when we had the house to ourselves, the coupling was more elaborate and lengthy. She said I was a good student and becoming a good lover. High praise indeed from this lovely older girl.

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