Dorm Diddling

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Unforgettable memories of a lusty time in college.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   Sharing   Group Sex   Polygamy/Polyamory   Pregnancy   .

Whenever my old college days come up I flash back to Diane. It was part way into the spring semester of my sophomore year and I was living in a two-person dorm room when my roommate, whose name I have forgotten, began bringing a cute classic coed brunette to our room. Sometimes it was day and sometimes evening but there were curfews back then so no overnights.

At first they were discreet and she’d undress in the bathroom and go to his bed in a robe then get under the covers. They’d get it on as if I wasn’t there at least three times a week when I was present and who knows how many times when I was in class or somewhere.

I knew she was in two of my classes and found out her name by approaching her to go to the student union between classes. I never did learn her last name but we visited about school things mostly, never mentioning her dorm room visits. She seemed to enjoy my company and sought me out too.

Then one night I was in bed when they came in from a Valentine’s Day date. My roommate liked to drink even though he was underage and was more than tipsy. She got him in bed and he was snoring immediately. By now there was little modesty and I peeked through slightly opened eyelids as she undressed between the two beds. Why would she want to join him? Their fucks were quite uninhibited and with the reduced modesty and the short distance I’d really observed them going at it as if I wasn’t there quite a few times by now.

She lifted my covers to see if I was naked, which I was, and got in beside me. No kisses or romantic things, just “I’m horny and he is useless.” I got my hands and mouth on her tits for just a bit before she told me to stick it in. That was the first vagina my cock ever visited and it was great. I did her twice before she had to make curfew.

No change in how we interacted in class though. Was I just used as a skin dildo? She would now sometimes look at me before, during, or after their screw and give me a smile. I was a bit perplexed and horny. I’d stroke my own meat as she was taking my roommate’s and cum in some tissue when he came in her.

A change occurred when he was not too drunk to start fucking her but she didn’t finish before he was done and gone. She extricated herself from under his passed-out body and came right over to me, wordlessly getting into my bed. I reached for her perky tits but she said, “Finish me off. He didn’t.” She was wet in a different kind of slippery way so I figured he’d dumped his stuff before he passed out. It was hot and I screwed the hell out of her. She fucked right back and even lip-locked me when we really got going. She came three times to my two. I got a little kiss as she left too.

The next day she was warmer to me than usual but no talk of our sex. The day after though she said, “Let’s go to your room instead of the Union.” I knew my roommate was in class until quite a bit later.

As she stripped she said, “Last night was the best fuck I’ve ever had and not just because I got two in a row. I knew you were better than him the first time but didn’t want to stir up any trouble. Now I’ve just got to have more of you.”

Another glorious fuck with anticipation for more. I should have expected it, based on what she said but it wasn’t long before she came to the room with my roommate after I’d had her earlier that afternoon. She tried to act with the usual aloofness but I saw her glance at me frequently as he pounded her. When he went to the bathroom she dressed to leave and gave me a tongue kiss.

After class she steered me to the Union. “What did you think of last night,” she asked with some anxiety on her face.

“I wished it was me instead, or was at least given seconds. I know you have a history with my roommate but I am envious like I have been all along.”

She reached out for my hand, “I think I know how you feel. If you weren’t roommates it would be easier to break up with him but you have to live together for a few more months. What should I do?” I didn’t know but reassured her that I still wanted to be her lover as much as I could. We fucked afternoons and once in a while took a chance on seconds after he fell asleep. She was real hot those times.

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