Amy and the Tentacle Monster

by mysteria27

Copyright© 2019 by mysteria27

Science Fiction Sex Story: A seventeen year old girl is alone in her house during a storm.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft   Science Fiction   Aliens   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   .

Amy Nielsen wasn’t like regular girls. She was shy and kept to herself. She liked to draw scary comics and dressed differently. The only color you’d see in her closet was black. Her mother and father thought she spent too much time by herself.

She was a good student and maintained high marks. Her parents let her experiment with her look and didn’t get too involved with what she’d come up with to wear. Her hair was often different colors and she liked black eyeliner. She was interested in makeup and spent time learning how to use it.

She also had a nose piercing and told her parents when she turned eighteen, she wanted a tattoo. She still had a year before they’d allow her to do any of that. Her parents didn’t have tattoos but told her she could get them when she was legal.

Her parents had left for a cruise to celebrate their anniversary. Amy’s grandfather would be checking in on her. He wasn’t staying with her because she was seventeen and not a child. He would visit every day to make sure she was good with money and food.

Amy went to sleep early but was awakened by a storm. It was raining hard and it sounded like hail. The electricity was off, and the house was cold. Amy was scared and pulled the sheets up to her chin. She noticed that her nightgown and panties were off. She was now lying naked. She couldn’t remember if she wore them or not.

She had a very weird nightmare that some spaceship fell from the sky and little men came into her house. They held a large planter that had a plant in it. They danced around the plant which they put in her room. They chanted and miraculously it grew into a five-foot plant. The plant had ivy and the branches were long and vine-like. She wasn’t sure where the men went but they left this plant inside of her room.

She kept the covers up to her chin and just closed her eyes tight. The rumbling of the thunder and the howling of the wind were too much for the poor girl. Lightning struck and her whole room lit up. There was a loud crashing sound. Amy was too terrified and too tired to look out of her window.

Amy was exhausted and her limbs felt very heavy. She wasn’t sure if she was sleeping or not sleeping. She felt like she was being watched. The electricity was now on and there was a planter with a tall plant that now was near her bed. The plant seemed to be moving and the vines were now looking like a squishy tentacle monster. Amy rubbed her eyes and the sheets now flew off her. And the tentacle monster’s tentacles reached over to where Amy was.

The tentacles were long and had these suction circle things all over the tentacles. It slithered over her breasts and tickled her nipples. Amy just watched as the monster had his way with her. She was convinced it was a nightmare. How in the world could this be real? There were several tentacles all over Amy’s body. Their tentacles were very strong and opened her thighs up. It was like a snake slithering all over her body. She was completely turned on by this being. Her nipples were hard and stiff like erasers and her pussy was throbbing with the tentacle rubbing along her lips.

Amy was squirming on the bed while the tentacle pushed its way into the girl’s vagina and thrust inside of her deeply. It was the most amazing feeling she had ever experienced. Her juices were pouring down her legs while the tentacle monster had his way with the girl.

“Oh God! Fuck me harder! Oh Yes! Yes!”

The tentacle was longer than any cock could ever be. It felt like it went all the way into her throat from her vagina. It rocked her world for hours. She screamed in ecstasy while the monster had his way with her.

“Oh my God! I’m coming!”

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