A Matron Calls

by Zipper

Copyright© 2019 by Zipper

Erotica Sex Story: A rather distirbing true story of an unexpected call by the Matron to check on the progres of kids puberty? Parents should avoid this. Ive never trusted hospitals since!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Coercion   CrossDressing   Voyeurism   Public Sex   .

It was an early autumn evening while Mum, my sister Sherry and I were listening to the radio, as we often did in the parlour, when the knock came at our front-door.

Sherry and me looked at Mum wondering who it could be on such a cold and windy night?

Mum went to the door and we then heard her talking to someone in the hallway. Then after a short while Mum came into the room with a tall attractive woman in an important-looking nurse’s uniform who introduced herself as the District Matron.

While Mum went into the kitchen to put the kettle on, the Matron placed her doctors-bag on the table before taking off her scarlet and blue cloak and sat close to me. She was good-looking and her uniform enhanced her sexy figure, yet I still felt her presence threatening. I glanced at my twelve-year-old sister who was equally perturbed by the Matron’s unexpected arrival in our cosy home. What business had she here? At fifteen I didn’t feel bold enough to ask her any such pertinent question.

It was another of those moments I wished my father had not been overseas with his regiment; but here in command, as the man of the house; who would soon put this female in her place.

Mother returned from the kitchen, saying hesitantly, “There now ... perhaps the Matron will explain to you both what she has called for.”

Matron gave a cold smile and spoke in a cultured voice, “Thank you Mrs Anderson; now Sherry and James, you are both entering a phase of your development known a puberty; did you realise that?”

The Matron smiled at each of us with a raised eyebrow.

As both of us remained dumbstruck she continued, “Well that means that your regular physical growth is supplemented with the start of a sexual growth.

In a girl this will entail the formation of her breasts and the beginning of her periods which is all part of becoming a young woman who can produce a baby. Did you know that Sherry?”

My sister’s face had blushed-up with embarrassment as she mumbled a feeble acknowledgement.

“And you James; as a developing male, your body is getting ready to be capable of producing spermatozoa, to fertilise the female egg;l triggering the egg into becoming a baby! Where you aware of that?”

I noddled meekly, “Yes Ma’am.”

The Matron stood up,

“Well Mrs Anderson, your children have a healthy understanding of their bodies so now I’ll proceed with their physical development checks. First I will take a look at the girl. Would you be so kind as to clear the table for me Mrs Anderson; to use as an examination-bench?”

Mother snapped from her stupor, “Oh; er yes; of course Matron. You want it cleared do you?”

“That’s right Mrs Anderson and if your daughter would now stand up and take her knickers off for me we can proceed the inspection.”

Sherry looked in despair, “Er, Mum, is it okay?”

“Yes, take them off for the Matron, there’s a good girl.”

Agog, I watched as my sister lifted her school skirt and drew down her white cotton knickers and stood there holding on to them.

“That’s the way; now come over and we’ll get you up on the table; it wont take a moment and it’ll all be done with.” said Matron breezily.

Sherry had first to sit on the table and then lay back with her knees bent apart ... to give Matron a clear view of things. I was totally agog at the luscious fleshiness of them; and nestling between them, her cunt!

My cock began expanding!

“Now dear, Have you begun having periods yet?”

“No Matron; not yet.” Sherry mumbled.

“And have you begun masturbating in bed yet?”

After some moments Sherry found an answer, “I don’t think so Matron.”

“Very well. So lets take a look at things; shall we?”

Deftly the woman’s fingers slipped between her pussy-lips and opened up Sherry’s vagina, revealing its internal glistening pinkness.

As the inspection took place, my heart was beating hard with fear and fascination. Catching my sister’s eye I could see both fear and humiliation etched there. I felt a strong scenes of guilt just looking.

“Aah! Yes; she’s a lovely little virgin Mrs Anderson; and there’s the clitoris; developing very nicely. She’s probably been masturbating without realising it Mrs Anderson. Would you like to see the clitoris boy? Improve your knowledge?”

I already had a thumping erection on but even so I had to look at the clitoris; a thing I’d never heard of let alone seen; yet apparently my sister had one inside her cunt?

As Matron held Sherry’s pussy-lips apart she indicated the little spur that stood proudly inside my sisters cunt. I looked on sheepishly while the pre-cum was oozing into my pants.

“Now boy”, said the Matron, “You can give it a little flick with your finger ... Go on! Don’t be nervous!”

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