The Lake of the Full Moon

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Sailing to a very special place, two young people discover new friends and adventures including life changing ones.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   BiSexual   Sharing   Group Sex   Orgy   Swinging   Water Sports   .

Benny and Rita, a mid-twenties couple, were classic friends-with-benefits. They’d met in a college science lab and found a number of common interests. They hadn’t even dated when Rita simply asked, “Are you busy tonight?” When Benny said he had no plans, he was a bit surprised with the question “Would you come over and fuck me then?” There was no thought process needed for his answer, having been in no intimate relationship for quite a while.

He arrived at her dorm room on time and Rita greeted him in a robe, led him to her bed, and they fucked for a while. When he was limp he suggested they get some food and return. Rita thought that was good plan and that’s exactly what happened. Benny left before her roommate returned, delighted to have his dick appreciated twice. Between copulations she had mentioned that it had been more than two weeks since she was laid so this was very welcome since she needed regular doses of dick.

During the week few occasions to screw were found so weekends were the time to catch up. With more time together, they explored each other’s sex history. Since there was no romantic image to keep up, they could be very direct and open with each other which Benny found quite exciting. He’d had a quickie as his first piece and a short-term liaison who was fucking a friend of his and wanted more, and a year-long relationship. The last one was very sensitive about him mentioning other women and very secretive about her own experience.

Rita made no bones about the fact that she liked boners and had enjoyed them frequently for a number of years. Like the connection they had, there was little romance involved. She looked more for adventure and satisfying her womanly itch than anything else. She’d been mostly serially monogamous although there had been a few times when two guys team fucked her when she could remain anonymous.

Benny could understand how easy it was for her to pick up sex partners. She was about five-foot and curvy with nicely proportioned tits and buns. Her short dark hair with her pale blue eyes and sensuous lips would be hard for any normal male to resist. She was definitely the best looking of the women he had dipped his dick in.

When the weather warmed up, Benny mentioned that he had a sailboat he’d inherited from his grandfather and would she be interested in sailing. She squealed and said, “I’ve never tried that so it would be a new adventure for me.”

He didn’t know if she expected a yacht or something but his boat was only 15 feet long and quite trailerable so he would take it to a lake that he wanted to sail on. Seeing for the first time, Rita did not show any signs of dismay but asked, “Is there room to fuck on that little thing?” Somehow, Benny wasn’t surprised by that.

“The cabin is cozy so some positions aren’t feasible but my last girlfriend and I had a lot of fun there.” It was still in the driveway so Rita asked if she could see for herself. As Benny helped her up the stern ladder her short skirt revealed her bare ass and pussy.

She was determined to find out all the positions that would work and they went through a number of them before she squeaked in her orgasm and Benny’s pleasure pole throbbed to his climax. After she came down a bit, she announced, “I bet this is fun when you’re on the water. When can we go?”

They took off on a Friday after class and Rita learned how to rig the boat. They had a cooler with food and beverage that state out in the cockpit. When she asked, “Where’s the toilet?” Benny laughed.

“When we are out on the lake if nobody is around we just pee over the side. See that covered bucket over there? That’s to use for number two or to pee in if we’re visible to others.” Rita made no comment and they got the boat ready to launch.

Benny had sailed this like before and he knew a nice little cove about an hour sail away which they would get to before dark. He put out an anchor off the bow and a line to a tree on the shore which would keep them safely in place throughout the night. Supper was a hearty tuna-macaroni salad from the cooler and they washed it down with some wine. As the sun went down the stars came out and Rita was in awe.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many stars. This is beautiful! I’m so glad that you brought me here.” It was getting a little chilly so Benny fetched a blanket from below and wrapped it around them as they sat together in the cockpit. He was thinking about how nice it was going to be to spend the whole night with her when she discovered his erection. Standing up, she pulled down her jeans and was, as usual commando. Sitting in his lap facing away from him, she engulfed it where she loved cock the best. He reached around under her blouse and titillated her tits as she moved slowly and gently on his skewer. Skillfully, she kept him at the edge without blasting off but his fingers tweaked her twat to a nice release.

It was time to go below where they consummated the evening in a spoon position, very much like what they had done above but lying on their sides instead. They fell asleep with his wilted willy still buried in her.

Rita woke him up in the morning saying, “I’ve got to pee. I looked and there’s nobody around and I’m afraid to balance myself on the railing. Will you come up and stabilize me?” He did and had trouble getting his cock to relax, especially when she reached for it and wanted to do the aiming. He was surprised when she kissed the end after he finished because usually a drop or two of pee remained.

She noticed his expression and said, “My mother always said, ‘if it’s natural it ain’t nasty’ so my brother and I used to play pee games before we figured out what else those parts were used for. I’ve had a couple of boyfriends that were not squeamish but I just hadn’t brought it up to you yet.” Benny said he think about it and she just smiled.

They had a simple breakfast and Benny put the swim ladder down so they could take a quick dip in the still chilly water. It was a sunny day so they warmed up quickly after drying each other off and there was enough room on the cabin top for Rita to lie down and sun herself. Benny tried to read a book he had brought but was constantly distracted by the view between her legs as she laid on her stomach facing away from him. Damn she was hot!

Many fucks later they sailed back to the launch ramp and she learned how to get the boat back on the trailer. When they reached her place, Rita thanked him profusely and expressed hope that they could do that again soon. She knew he might be expecting an offer to overnight but she said that might not sit well with her roommate so they’d find a time to get together during the week at least.

They spent almost every weekend when the weather was decent on the boat and he learned new things from this vixen every time. They caught some rays naked whenever the situation allowed and Rita was getting pretty good at aiming her pee over the side. They’d been drinking beer this particular afternoon and she was getting notably giddy. Announcing that she had a big pee ready, she made as if she was going to step up on the cockpit seat to stick her butt over the side. Benny have her a hand as usual but she turned and he felt hot liquid bathing his belly, parts, and thighs. He let out a startled yell and looked up at her. She was grinning and giggling as she continued to bath him in hot piss.

Realizing it felt kinda good, he waited until she finished and stepped down to the cockpit floor. Without warning, she got a dose of her own medicine as his beer byproduct soaked her crotch and moved upwards to tickle her breasts. Laughing and dripping, they jumped overboard and then rinsed the cockpit with buckets of lake water. From then on, both were watchful for a yellow ambush but enjoyed when it happened.

Benny kept looking for new places to explore. Google Earth showed him a place farther down the lake than he had usually gone. It appeared to be a small lake connected by a channel to the larger one. He wasn’t sure but it looked like there might even be boats in there. Definitely a place to check out.

Getting the earliest start on Friday as they could, they reached the limits of the part of the lake he knew so they stopped and secured themselves for the night. Both were eager for each other’s body anyway. They were up early in the morning and thanks to GPS found the entrance to this hideaway. Proceeding carefully down the channel he found that it was wider and deeper than he expected and suddenly burst into the small lake which was completely surrounded by forest, being in a state conservation area.

There were two sailboats there, one about 25 feet long and the other in the low 30s. What was remarkable was that the six people visible were all naked and waved to them to come near. Benny looked at Rita and she was grinning. When they came alongside the larger boat, a middle-aged woman with pendulous tits hanging down as she leaned over the rail said, “Welcome to our little hideaway. You can see the dress code here so if you want to stay you need to adopt it. When you’re ready, come aboard for introductions.”

Moving their boat a safe distance away, they anchored and stripped. Putting down the stern ladder, they jumped in and swam over to the larger boat. On the stern, under the boarding ladder was the name “Naked Lady”. Boy did that seem appropriate!

Climbing aboard the woman who’d invited them said, “I’m Sally and the Captain is Rob.” Pointing to the other two, she continued, “this young man is Rob’s son Eddie, and she [gesturing] is Pat my daughter. Now tell us who you are and where you come from.”

The discussion continued until lunchtime and the newcomers were invited to stay aboard and dined with the crew. They were joined by the couple from the other boat who were in their 50s and introduced themselves as Tom and Gerry. Watching Benny’s expression, they laughed, “Yeah we get that a lot.”

The new arrivals learned that this place had been used for several years as a getaway for these six friends. It was always on the Saturday closest to the full moon

Rita was quite at ease baring her body in front of strangers, Benny noticed, but then she’d done that quite a bit with men and maybe in public places too. He was having some difficulty keeping his erection nonobvious when getting two eyes full of naked women’s parts moving around and being on full display. Besides Sally’s full bosom and furry crotch, there was Pat who had similar but firmer versions of her mother’s tits and a shaved genital area. Gerry was a redhead in decent shape, C-cup tits which sagged just nicely, and somewhat sparse red fur trimming the pussy lips that hung out noticeably.

They visited and sunned and swam and played cards and other things you can do on a boat until it was supper time. Again, they were invited to dine with the group so Benny offered to bring some wine and snacks. He took a life preserver with him to float the items back since swimming was the only way to go between their boats.

Rita got him aside after he returned and said, “I think Rob and Sally are married but I don’t think any of the others are. They all seem very friendly with each other though. I guess that happens when you are naked with people a lot.”

After dinner Sally took the young couple aside, “We celebrate the full moon here in ways that are a bit unconventional. I’m sure you noticed how we interact with one another. What some people might call an orgy, we call a celebration of love. Everyone here has been intimate with everyone else of the opposite sex and a few with the same sex. I’ve surveyed the others and you are welcome to join us when you are comfortable with it. You may leave if you wish to but we are not requiring that.”

Rita looked at me with her eyes wide and a big grin on her face. She leaned close to me and whispered in my ear, “Can we at least stay and watch?” I nodded and she reached for my genitals. “I’ll take care of this, you can bet.”

So on the light of the moon we watched the antics of the six people as they joyously celebrated the anatomical gifts that nature had given them. Benny sat in the cockpit and Rita settled on his dick facing away from him, thus both had pretty good spectator views without getting in the way. She moved enough to keep him erect as he cupped and tweaked her tits, keeping her arousal level high as well. They were fascinated as they saw twosomes of differing ages enjoying each other’s body orifices interspersed by the occasional threesomes. Benny was reassured when he observed that none of the men had tools notably bigger than his although Tom wasn’t circumcised.

When the group took a break and jumped in the lake to rinse off, then sipped their drinks as the men recovered, Sally asked them for their reactions. Rita was still sitting on a cock as she visited with Sally but that seemed to be the way to do things on this boat.

“I’ve had a couple of threesomes,” said Rita, “but was never in a situation like this. It’s exciting and tempting but Benny and I are going to have to think on it a bit. Will you be doing this tomorrow?”

Sally smiled a little bit and said, “No. It only happens in the light of the full moon. That keeps it special and from getting out of control. If you don’t join us tonight, then be here for the next full moon.” She hugged the young couple and they swam back to their own boat and copulated long into the night. They also had to leave early in the day to get back before dark but the wind was favorable and they made good time.

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