Corrupting Cousins

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Staying with cousins and their liberal mom for three months has long-term consequences for two teenage siblings raised by conservative parents.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Teenagers   Sharing   Incest   Cousins   Aunt   .

Aunt Rita was the only one who could take care of Sammy and Sally, age 17 and 16 respectively, when their parents went on a three-month church mission to Africa. Initially it seemed like a good thing to the youngsters because there were two boy cousins just about their same ages that they would be living with.

Rita had been a single mom for a number of years and they had always enjoyed previous visits to her place for holidays or birthdays and such. However their aunt had put on her “best face” during those limited exposures, as they soon discovered.

On the first Saturday night, Auntie Rita left the four of them alone, which was not a terrible thing considering their ages, but with no information about where she was going or when she would be back. They stayed up and played video games and watched TV until they finally fell asleep. The apartment was small and had a king size bed in each bedroom so the four of them had to share one. Sammy slept between his sister and the cousins.

They heard Auntie come home late that night and there was a voice of a man with her. In a little while the siblings could hear strange sounds and a rhythmic thumping from her bedroom. When they asked the cousin who was still awake, he said, “Oh, she does that every few days. They’re fucking.”

The two visitors were puzzled until Robbie explained in more genteel terms something that they had a little bit of sex education about. Sally was horrified, “But Auntie isn’t married. That’s a sin!” Robbie shrugged his shoulders and said, “She’s been like that ever since our dad left so we’re pretty used to it.”

In the morning at breakfast, Aunt Rita didn’t seem any different than before, as if nonmarital intercourse was just an ordinary thing. Sammy and Sally glanced at each other and talked about it later that day when they had some privacy. They didn’t understand how she could do such a bad thing and not even apologize for it. Surely she knew they could hear her.

Just as Robbie had said, every few nights she would bring home somebody and they would hear those noises for a while before the man left. Robbie had also told them it was very often a different man although he’d recognized some repeat visitors when he’d peeked out to see who it was.

One Friday night after work she stayed home instead of heading for the bar. She had a bottle of whiskey that a previous man visitor had left and she got into it after dinner. After an evening of watching TV, the kids got ready for bed and she went to put on a robe then came back to check on them. It was obvious that the booze had gotten to her by the way she weaved and also slurred her speech.

When she went to tuck them in she commented, “I didn’t realize how crowded it was in here. Sammy, come with me. There is plenty of room in my bed for you.” Sammy didn’t dare disobey this woman who was in a condition he had never dealt with before so he followed her. After she left, Robbie put Sally in between himself and Ricky, the younger brother. She was used to doing what she was told so did not raise any objection either.

Sammy was stunned as he followed his aunt into her bedroom and she closed the door. She threw her robe over a chair and was standing there buck naked, something he had only imagined thus far in his life. While she wasn’t fat, she had plenty of curves in the right places and his eyes bugged out as he inventoried them. He was wearing pajamas but they quickly began sticking out in front as his male reaction asserted itself. He turned to hide it the best he could as he scooted under the covers with his back to her.

His heart was throbbing as she got under the covers and when she scooted over to press her breasts against his back he almost panicked. If he thought that was stimulating, when her hand reached over him and slipped into his pajama bottoms to grasp his young erection, he started feeling lightheaded.

“Hmmm, I see you liked looking at your Auntie. You have a nice one. Have you ever used it with a girl before?”

“Oh no, Auntie. That would be a sin!”

She laughed, “I believe it is a sin to let a nice hard thing like this go to waste. I am being nice to you having you stay here so I want you to be nice to me and make me feel good with what’s in my hand.”

“But ... But ... But I don’t know how to do that!”

Auntie moved her hand on his shaft which only made it harder as she said, “Then it’s time you learned. Take off those pajamas and turn over to face me. I am happy to teach you some things you will need to know the rest of your life.” Sammy complied, getting a lot more interested in this and less concerned about sinfulness.

Removing her hand from his pecker lest it explode prematurely, she guided his hands and mouth to her breasts and then down to her crotch. His youthful male lust gave him plenty of energy to follow her directions and it was a mind-boggling experience.

Rolling on her back she spread her legs as she had done more than a thousand times before, but this would be a virgin penis, something she could never remember having. It took him three strokes to finally hit bottom and she felt his strong young spurts of cum as he shook in his unaccustomed pleasure. He had not even masturbated very often because it was ‘sinful’.

Finally she kissed him on the cheek like the relatives they were but encouraged him to stay inside because the slight softening of his tool would be rapidly reversed and he could do it again for longer. This was one surprise after another for the young man and when his second set of thrusts made her shake in what she explained was her orgasm, he was quite proud of himself.

She was awake and out of bed much earlier than the teenager could manage. She finally insisted he get up and take a shower and have some of the breakfast that she had made. The others were not up yet and she wanted to talk to him.

“I know that you enjoyed what we did last night. I guess the whiskey got the better of me and so I apologize if you think what we did was wrong. How do you feel about it?”

Sammy appreciated being asked and told her that he had been surprised but it had been quite interesting and very enjoyable. He’d heard about sex and now felt he knew something about it. It was much different than the little bit of book learning he’d had. He’d been taught that it was sinful if you weren’t married but he was now conflicted about how something so good and apparently natural could be evil.

Rita smiled, “I’m glad that I didn’t traumatize you. I enjoyed it very much and I have mixed feelings about us doing it again. Let’s both think about it for a while.”

Things were a lot calmer in the other bedroom. The boys had gotten stimulated sleeping next to a girl and had awakened in the night with their erections pressing against her body even though there were several layers of clothing between them. Sally had noticed and it had made her tingle down between her legs but she tried to not show any reaction so they wouldn’t be encouraged to do any more. Some feelings were definitely triggered and she rubbed herself when she was on the toilet after getting up.

Sammy was enjoying himself between Aunties legs every bedtime now but one evening she told Sammy that she had a date and he should sleep on the couch until it was over. He saw her bring a man in late at night and they went to her bedroom and closed the door. He now knew how the bed thumpings occurred but it wasn’t long before the man left. Rita came out naked and signaled to him to come in to her bedroom. Without a word she laid back and gave him the invitation to enter her. As he slid easily into her pussy, he immediately noticed she felt slippery like when he had already ejaculated inside her. This time he knew it was the white stuff from that other man. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and he thrust vigorously until she shook and whimpered with her pleasure.

After a while she spoke, “I’m sure glad you were here. He didn’t stay with me long enough for my pleasure and I knew you could do it.” He lay awake quite a while thinking about the situation and his erection returned. She didn’t even awaken as he entered her spoon fashion and shot another load after only a few strokes. Sammy was up before her to take a pee and noticed some cash on the dresser. When he mentioned it to Auntie she casually said, “My men friends usually leave me gifts. I don’t make much money at my job and it helps a lot.”

A few days later Rita took the boys to a school event and the siblings were home alone. They hadn’t had much opportunity to have a private conversation in the small place. Sally broached the subject, “I hear those same noises when you are with Auntie as when her men friends are. You must be fucking, as our cousins call it.”

Sammy acknowledged that they were but offered no more information. Instead he asked his sister how it was going in her bedroom. She explained how she liked snuggling with the boys and that it had gotten more interesting since he left. “Their pee-pee things get bigger and hard and stick out. I remember yours from our bath times together when we were younger and it was like a little soft hose. I like to snuggle up behind one of them and the other one snuggles up behind me. Just last night Robbie was behind me and he pulled up my nightie and whispered that I should raise my leg. A warm hard tube that must have been his pee-pee thing fit up against my place and there was only my panties between us. It felt really nice. My arm was over Ricky’s waist and he pulled it down to touch his thing outside his pajamas.”

Sammy replied, “Yes, that’s how boys get when they are ready to have sex so it can go inside the woman’s pee-pee thing.”

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