Family Pool Party

by Bondi Beach

Copyright© 2019 by Bondi Beach

Erotica Sex Story: My sister Sam and I and our spouses each have a kid. We all get together every Saturday for a swim, sun, and food. And wine. We've been doing it ever since the kids were just out of diapers. Things are different now. The kids are in high school and they've noticed what their parents, all four of them, are up to. Check my author blog for more info.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   .

Be sure to read Bob Lubrican’s “Family Pool Party.” It’s excellent, and at last count Bob had about 4,387 stories posted, so if you haven’t read his stuff yet you’d better get started pronto.

Funny how things work out sometimes. My sister, Samantha, married my best friend, Michael. Susan, their daughter, was a rising high school senior. Lee and I had David, a rising junior in the same school. Sam and Michael lived over in the next block and we almost always ate dinner all together, kids included, on Saturday nights. Sometimes Sam and Michael and Susan stayed over with Lee and me and David.

These days Susan and David usually took off with their friends after dinner and we didn’t see them until very late or even the next morning. As far as we knew the two of them weren’t an item, at least not a formal one, but as almost every parent knows there’s usually something going on that you don’t know about, not to mention things you probably avoid trying to think about.

Actually, that last part is not entirely true. Dads may not think about their daughters that way, at least not often and not in detail, but about their daughters’ friends or even nieces and nephews? Different story.

It was a Saturday on one of a long series of lazy, hot weekends. Late afternoon. Chunks of nicely charred meat, salad, fresh bread, and a nice red wine. Kids were staying in tonight so they had wine, too. The second bottle left us all pretty relaxed. We had a third bottle open and waiting.

I know some people say it’s gross to eat in the nude, but what do they know? It’s not like it was a formal dinner. We’d swum and sunned all afternoon and it was too much trouble to get dressed just to have a picnic dinner outdoors on the grass. So we stayed the way we were. We were going back in the water later, anyway.

“Did you get a look at David, earlier?”

Lee spoke an inch from my ear.

“What about him?”

“Did you notice how he looked at Sam? And what his reaction was?”

I had missed that.

“Well, I’m biased, but I think my sister is just as gorgeous now as she was when she was thirteen or fourteen years old, even more so, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he had the reaction I think you’re talking about.”

“I know that, but this time he was really attentive. Even following her around.”

I had missed that, too.

“In fact, if he wasn’t pretty hard most of the afternoon, I’d be surprised.”

I looked at my spouse.

Clear, blue eyes. Warm smile. I liked looking at her even more than I liked looking at Sam, and that’s saying a lot. Nipples erect. That was interesting, but I didn’t have time to think about it. We were interrupted.

“Back rub?”

I looked up to see Susan standing there. I made a point of looking her in the eyes even though I’d seen plenty of her all afternoon and I knew she didn’t mind. She’s told Lee and me so more than once. Niece, daughter, interesting question. Not all that much difference between them in a close family.

“Sure, sweetie.”

Lee wandered over to talk with Sam and Michael. Then David joined the group to sit next to Sam. Hmmm.

Susan sat firmly on my butt, her hands on my back, and worked her way down on either side of my spine. Rubbing and pressing, up and back, up and back. This kid was an expert. I dozed.

Two nipples and two firm breasts pressed into my back.


“You know, David and I know what Mom and Dad and you and Auntie Lee do when you’re together.”

“You do? What’s that?”

“Come on, we’re not stupid. More than once you thought we’d taken off when we were actually upstairs watching you through the window. You and Mom really like each other, don’t you?”

OK, slowly here, I thought. Just what does she know?

“Susan, your mom is my sister. We’ve been buddies since we were little.”

“Is that why I saw you riding her like there was no tomorrow a couple of weeks ago?”

Uh oh.

I shoved Susan off and sat up. We faced each other, cross-legged.

The whole scene would have had a little more dignity if my cock hadn’t been harder than it’s been in a long time. Tough to look dignified with a hard-on.

“Well, I see you liked that.”

“Susan, has your mom or dad ever talked with you about this?”

“I asked Mom once last year. She kissed me and said we’d talk about it later when I was a little older. She also said not to spy on her and Dad, or you and Auntie Lee.”

“I see you really followed that advice, didn’t you?”

“Well, we didn’t do it deliberately. It just happened by accident that first time.”

“And later?”

“We didn’t sneak around, but we made ourselves available, sort of, when it looked like something might happen.”

“Are you and David doing stuff?”

She looked directly at my erection.

“You’re kind of excited by this, aren’t you?”

“You’re gorgeous, Susan, you know that. You’re a miniature edition of your mom, and your mom has excited me for a long, long time.”

“What about Auntie Lee?”

“She loves your mom, too, and she loves me. She likes your dad a lot, also.”

“Yeah, I could see that when I saw his head between her thighs last week.”

My cock twitched. Last week had been an exceptionally arousing evening. We had played and toyed with glances, food, fingers and whatever else was handy. By the end of the evening we’d fallen on each other, Sam and me, Lee and Michael.

Susan leaned forward and pushed me onto my back. I didn’t fight her. With a quick movement she straddled me and sank onto my cock. Then she leaned forward and kissed me, carefully and thoroughly.

“Close your mouth, silly.”

“I can’t believe I’m inside you. I can’t believe what I’m seeing, either. I can’t believe what a good kisser you are.”

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