by Tony Tiger

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Erotica Sex Story: Fuck-friends go beyond copulation and work their way to love.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   Sharing   Group Sex   .

He’d met Cynthia a year ago at the same business conference and expected her to be there again from the occasional correspondence they had. It was Friday night, the opening mixer when people caught up with one another over drinks and heavy hors d’oeuvres. He got himself a bourbon and water and started circulating in the big room.

There she was, that short curly dark hair recognizable from any angle. He came up behind her, wanting to put his arms around to give her a big hug, but knowing that displaying so much intimacy in the public setting wasn’t a good idea. She was engrossed in a conversation with a man and a woman so he just moved around to get in her field of vision. When she saw him, she smiled and started wrapping up that conversation.

As soon as she could get away she moved over by him and put her arm through his. “My drink’s almost gone. Let’s get me a refresher.” She liked the same kind of bourbon he did so that was easy. They worked their way to a quieter corner of the room, both eager to catch up since they hadn’t seen each other face-to-face for about four months.

Rob asked, “Have you had dinner yet?” She shook her head so he suggested the hotel restaurant, which was decent and certainly convenient. After ordering their meals, Rob asked, “Do you have a roommate?” When Cynthia said she didn’t he asked, “Would you like one?” and looked at her expectantly.

She reached for his hand and said, “Of course, you big lug, but it was polite of you to ask. I guess we could’ve coordinated since one room or the other is going to be empty tonight. Would you like to share for the rest of the conference?” Rob nodded his head.

After the meal they headed to Rob’s room because he had asked for a Jacuzzi suite, hoping that things would turn out this way. Getting wet was the first thing that happened after they entered the room, but it wasn’t their whole bodies, just their genitals.

After a delightful time rekindling the passion for each other, they filled the Jacuzzi and lounged, looking out of the big windows at the city lights. Now more intimate questions could be asked. Business and less personal questions had been covered at dinner.

Rob went first, “Are you still seeing Joe?” ‘Seeing’ being a polite euphemism for ‘fucking’.

Cynthia smiled, “Yes, once or twice a week. He’s got some girlfriend and it seems to be getting more serious so it’s not as easy to schedule with him anymore. How about you?”

“I’ve met up with an older widow woman since we were last together. She’s not looking for a relationship, just somebody to make her feel better so that works well for me and about as often as you just mentioned.”

As mentioned at the beginning, Rob had really hit it off with Cynthia last year. Something had just “clicked” between the two of them and they found themselves in bed that first night after dinner. He checked out of his room early since he wasn’t going to use it. They connected just as well in bed as they had out of it and he’d made arrangements a few weeks later to come visit her half a continent from where he lived. That weekend had gone very well also but neither one of them was in a position to make the move necessary to be together long term. Travel cost also made the relationship difficult so they had to settle for various forms of communication.

They both worked for the same company and Rob was able to get a week’s assignment at the office that Cynthia worked for. He put his housing allowance in the bank because she gladly put him up and he “put it up” as often as they could manage.

That’s when he learned about Joe, a longtime an older fuck buddy who kept her horns clipped and served as a male escort when she needed one. They both knew it would never go beyond that, but it worked for them. There was one evening while Rob was visiting that Cynthia said she was going someplace with Joe. When she returned late in the evening, she asked, “do you want me to shower or do you want me the way I am?”

Rob knew fucking was going to happen during her outing and decided to make some points, “I like you the way you are so there’s no sense pretending otherwise. Get your sweet ass over here let me feel what a just fucked-by-another-guy Cynthia feels like!” She squealed in delight and spread them just in time for him to slam into her extra wet pussy. She let loose with all sorts of verbalizations about how wicked and naughty and dirty she was as she racked up a couple orgasms before Rob shot her the second kind of sperm for the evening.

She grinned at the request Rob made for the last night he was visiting. “You wonderful man,” she gushed, “how did you know I wanted to have a threesome with you and Joe?”

It was a memorable and first experience for all of them and Rob snoozed on the plane most of the way home. He was 28 and Cynthia was three years younger so they both had the considerable energy of young adulthood. Joe was in his early 30s and outdid both of them. Rob was glad he went first because he would have gotten even hornier are watching his sweetie get banged and banged and banged. It was so erotic to see his own semen being turned to a white froth by the rapid and vigorous plunges of Joe’s seemingly never-softening Cock. Even when it was clear that he was ejaculating, it never wilted and he just kept going, being apparently very physically fit as well.

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