I Need Some Money

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Wife offers voluptuous body to pay interest on a loan. She finds a different kind of interest than she expected.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant   Sharing   Slut Wife   Size   Prostitution   .

Gary and Laura had found their next house. It was perfect but their existing one wasn’t selling. How to make the down payment? Their credit was tapped out. Banks wouldn’t front them the $20K they needed. Shit!

Then Laura had a brainstorm. At a recent high school reunion she’d visited with Toby, a boy who had wanted to date her but he was kind of a nerd and she had plenty of offers from jocks and cool guys. He’d gotten a lot better looking and developed an interesting personality and owned a prosperous tech startup. Major upgrades!

In desperation, but attempting to hide it, she went to his office and asked if he could help. “Sure,” he replied with a smile, “always glad to help a classmate.” Clearly relieved, Laura smiled back and asked what the terms would be. They would repay as soon as their house sold. It had plenty of equity.

Toby leaned forward, “I trust you so a simple note will suffice. As far as fees and interest, I don’t need money. What I want is something only you can provide. We didn’t date in high school so I didn’t have an opportunity to get in your pants like so many others did. Now it’s my turn.”

Laura gasped, “But I’m married now!”

“Those are the terms. I have no intention of taking you away from your husband. Your body is being loaned to me like my money is being loaned to you. Do you need time to think about it?”

She closed her eyes for a bit and then opened them, “I accept your terms. When does this begin?”

Toby pulled out a checkbook and wrote. He locked his office door and pulled out the bed couch and began undressing. Laura got the message and they were naked at the same time. He approached and walked around her. She was blond top and bottom, slim with full c-cups. A delightful package.

When he attempted to kiss her she turned her head so he dropped to kiss and suck her nipples. One hand went to her buns and the other moved up her thigh. He felt moisture at her snatch. She smelled delicious.

With his prize on her hands and knees, attempting to just make it a basic sex act, he surprised her by taking a taste of her moist pussy. Even though she attempted to be blasé, her body betrayed her, responding to his skilled stimulation. She came.

As he filled her now quite lubricated vagina, it was definitely thicker but about as long as her husband’s. It felt good, much better than expected, his ample shaft rubbing her g-spot quite nicely. She came twice more from the shaft’s stroking and the idea of it all. His spurting was strong and she felt flooded with sperm.

As they lay quietly joined, she asked, “Are you married?”

Toby replied, “No, but I date a bit. My business is kind of my spouse. You are great and just what I need. Let’s set up a weekly schedule. Oh, I have a shower in my private bathroom if you want to use it. I’d like to join you if that’s ok.” She figured, “Why not?” Her husband rarely did that.

So once a week she paid the interest. All the other positions they tried were very pleasurable and she soon began looking forward to the meetings. Careful douching and controlling herself as she fucked her husband hopefully hid the evidence of her infidelity. That was not easy when she’d had Toby the same day as copulating with her spouse. She felt wicked the first couple of times it happened but soon it seemed much like similar situations when she was dating. For fun, she once enticed her husband to lay her just before visiting Toby. That was delightful and he noticed her enhanced eagerness which she did not explain.

It was several months later when their house sold and the note was paid off. Reviewing the paperwork, Gary was puzzled. “I’m looking at the loan you got us. There is no interest or other fees. That’s pretty unusual so what’s going on?”

Laura wasn’t prepared for that. She stuttered and stammered, mind racing to come up with a plausible explanation. Gary continued his questioning, “Toby is a businessman so he wouldn’t just hand out money for nothing. If he didn’t ask for money in return, did he want pussy? I know he wanted to date you back in high school.” Laura’s reddening face gave him the answer.

Standing up, his emotions and cock were rising. Pulling it out of his boxers he barked, “I knew you were a slut when we dated but thought that was in the past. Now you are a whore and I have never had one of those. Get your mouth busy, cunt!”

She got on her knees in front of her spouse, “I never sucked or kissed him!” was her plaintive utterance.

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