Damn Kids

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Teens fucking in my outbuilding turns into a lot of fun for me.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Pregnancy   .

I thought I heard noises in the old animal barn behind my house. I just use it for storage now but it has a couple of stalls for horses. It was a garage for carriages in the old days, I guess.

Anyway, I moved quietly to investigate. The back door was open and the sounds were coming from one of the stalls. I eased up behind one and peeked over the top. I saw just what I thought I was hearing.

A young girl was on her back on a blanket with a guy, pants down to his ankles, pumping away between her legs. It was like a porn video with four other guys standing around, watching with their dicks out, wanking.

“What’s going on here?” I bellowed. A rather rhetorical question.

The boys ran, even the one who had been fucking. The girl was paralyzed, using her hands to unsuccessfully cover her body. I quickly moved to the stall entrance and sternly ordered, “Stay put!”

It was Rosa, a neighbor girl I’d had a few interactions with. “Relax, I’m not going to hurt you but I have a few questions.” She did settle a little. My cock got a little tenser seeing the nubile display in front of me.

“How long has this been going on?” I asked sternly.

“Two days,” was the timid answer I got.

“How long have you been having sex?”

“Five days.”

Holy shit. Virgin to gang-bang in FIVE days. This was getting interesting. It was cool outside and she was starting to shiver.

“Get dressed,” I ordered and she quickly complied. “You are not leaving yet.” She sat back down on the cum-stained blanket they’d brought. I could see she was near tears so I softened my voice.

“Tell me how this happened”

The tears started as she said her new and several-years-older boyfriend had skillfully gotten her aroused and taken her cherry. Her naivety made it easy. After a few days of the very pleasurable copulating with him, he brought her to the barn and they were “discovered” by his brother. Her parents would be told if she didn’t fuck all of them. There were three boys yesterday and more today. They hadn’t all had her when I interrupted.

I put my arm around her and asked what kind of birth control she was on.


“When is your period?”

“Not for a few days.”

I took her hand and helped her stand up. “I’m going to take you in the house to take a shower while I go get a pill to make sure you don’t get pregnant.” She nodded and followed me.

She was looking happier when I returned and we read and followed the pill’s directions. She’d been scared of that possibility too but didn’t know what to do.

I got texts every day about her progress and it seemed to be going OK. I found out when her period started. When I was informed that it ended I texted her to stop by after school. I gave her a soda and we sat on a couch.

“Rosa, I’m glad things are going better. There is something I want to bring up. From my own experience I know that when a person starts sex they have a stronger urge to keep on with it. Are you feeling that?”

She nodded sheepishly so I continued, “That’s normal but I don’t want you to get into trouble either. It might be difficult for you to get birth control so I have another suggestion.” She looked at me, clearly interested.

“I’ve had a vasectomy. That means I can’t make a girl pregnant but everything else is the same.” I stopped right there.

She wasn’t dumb and figured it out right away. “You’d want to do it with me?”

I smiled and took her hand. She squeezed it as I replied, “Why not? You have all the required parts and pretty good-looking ones at that.”

“But I’m used.”

“So am I. I’ve had about twenty lovers. It would be good for me too. I don’t have a girlfriend right now.”

She smiled back, “I didn’t know guys your age still wanted sex!”

I was forty-two! “I’d be glad to demonstrate my abilities.”

She took my hand and led me to my bedroom. I stripped her, kissing the interesting parts as they were uncovered. I could hear her breathing harder and smelled her arousal by the time I kissed her belly just above her pussy.

I was SO glad I’d resisted jacking off for two whole days! She was dark skinned for a Latino gal. About five-four and one hundred-ten pounds. B-cup tits already and a small dark bush. Typical long dark straight hair and an attractive but not overly-pretty face.

My clothes dropped quickly and she reached for my fully hard cock, studying it with her fingers as she knelt down, then taking it in her mouth. I later learned that her so-called boyfriend said it was required before sex.

Not wanting my semen to be put there this time, I told her thanks and let’s get on the bed. She automatically assumed “the position” and looked at me expectantly.

She squealed and locked my head in between her thighs when my tongue probed her cleft. “WHAT are you doing?” she demanded.

I raised up my head and asked, “Is this new to you?”

“Oh yes, and it feels SOOOO good!”

After a little more of that I moved up over her until the tip of my helmet rested against her vaginal entrance, “Are you ready to fuck me, my dear?”

She answered by pulling me in with her hands on my buns. Damn, she was velvety tight. My last woman was older than me and married with five kids. Kind of loose with floppy tits but still a good fuck.

Rosa had her eyes closed as I thrust deeper and deeper until our pubes met. I moved against her clit without withdrawing and her eyes popped open. “That feels good!”

I whispered, “New for you?” She smiled and nodded. “Push back with your hips,” I suggested. It took her a little bit of practice to synchronize with my pushes but her arousal went up too.

After she eased off her climax I let myself build to letting go. As my cock throbbed and I groaned my load into her she kissed me hard.

I rolled us on our sides, unwilling to leave her wet embrace. She whispered, “Wow, that was GOOD sex! Thank you!”

We set up a routine where she would come to my house after school on Mondays and Thursdays when I worked from home. I tutored her in math and sex. She got more of the second if she worked hard on the first. Some Saturdays she would be there all afternoon and the focus was NOT on schoolwork. I got to know her parents and spent time at their house which helped my Spanish.

Her grades and attitude improved a lot and her parents were very grateful for my intervention. So much so that when she won a civic club’s oratorical contest and went to the state competition, I was asked to take her. They couldn’t do it.

I booked two rooms. Hers had the bed messed up and towels used but she never slept in that bed the two nights we were there. She won again and I told her it was because she was the least tense girl contestant there. She agreed with me.

For the national competition we had to fly. I sprang for the airline tickets. She had never been out-of-state so I planned an extra day after the contest to sightsee.

Rosa was wide-eyed and wide-thighed. Her second place finish was good for a ten-thousand-dollar scholarship. She couldn’t thank me enough and her family was so proud. I paid the hotel bill so no one noticed that it was one room. Two beds, just in case.

By now her body was blossoming and her skills were the match of any woman I had ever bedded. Her enthusiasm beat them all! At my age I’m not sure I could handle her every day long-term. On our overnighters I sometimes had to employ my tongue and fingers to get her off as often as she wanted it.

After Rosa’s fifteenth birthday, her protective parents said she could date to school or other functions. I encouraged it so she could have a more normal social life like other girls her age. I was told about these social experiences as we were fucking, not the usual way girls her age would relate their activities.

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