Linda's Movie

by Stevew

Copyright© 2019 by Stevew

Drama Sex Story: Linda is tricked into making a pornographic movie after her father loses his job.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Father   Daughter   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Oral Sex   .

Linda was a quiet young girl of fourteen. In February of her eighth grade year her single parent father, James, had lost his job. He had been working at a warehouse for a major manufacturing company. Her mother had died two years before, so that when she had started developing at twelve and a half, she had no women to ask questions and get answers from. Her dad knew little more than she did other than the obvious about her monthly period. One of her friends mom told taught her how to use pads and tampons but really didn’t explain the birds and bees to her. By the middle of April there financial situation was getting desperate. He had been denied unemployment and his savings was nearly depleted, nor had he been able to find steady work. Fortunately for him the house was paid for. All he had to worry about was his car, utilities, and food. His daughter desperately needed new shoes however. He had helped a man two blocks down the street move some boxes and clean out his garage. Knowing that James was out of work, the man gave him $200 for his help. That evening he took his Linda to the local mall to get her some shoes. Knowing that money was tight she got the cheapest pair that would fit her which cost just under a $100. Her dad decided that they would splurge and get dinner at the food court. On the way to the food court they spotted a out of the way alcove where auditions were being held for some movie that would be shot a few weeks from now.

She told her father that she would catch up to him in a minute or two. She went over to the alcove and asked about the movie they were auditioning for. She was told that it was about a young girl and the hardships she was going through. She asked if she could audition and after talking for a few minutes they agreed. The man at the counter thought she would be perfect for the part, though he didn’t tell her that. She read a few lines and was told that if she got the part she would be contacted. She left her phone number with them and hopped she got the part.

When she got to the food court, she told her dad about the audition and included the fact that depending on if she got a part and what part she got, she could make anywhere from $200 to $2000. Of course the higher amount would only be if she got the leading role. She also told him that if she got a part at all they would want to talk to him about signing any contracts regarding the movie. If she got a role the movie people would also provide all travel expenses including hotels and food.

A week later she got s call from the movie company. They asked to come over and talk to her dad which she agreed to. Twenty minutes later they arrived. Her and her dad were surprised when they found out that she would be given the leading role, and instead of getting $2000 she would be getting $5000 plus a royalties from the sale of the movie. The royalty was only 10% but it would be for life. As long as the movie on the market and selling she would have an income. She would also, if the movie did well, be able to start making other movies under a similar contract. All in all it sounded like a good deal to her. What she didn’t know, and they didn’t tell her, was that she would have to be nude in most of the scenes. That little deal was in fine print along with a clause allowing full sexual contact. When she and her father signed the contract they would be signing away her virginity as well. The only way to get out of the contract would be to pay the company $1500, which they didn’t have, plus what ever the company had spent on travel and her pay.

Two weeks later she had taken the end of year test early and the company flew them to a privately owned island, she had passed her end of year test by the way and would start high school the following year. The island was amazing on one end was housing for the actors and family that would be in the movie. On the other end it was mostly wild with a few easy to put together huts, where most of the filming would take place.

On the first day of filming Linda and the other cast members boarded a small boat. They even cast James in the real life role as her father. According to the script he would be killed on the boat when it exploded and sank, they didn’t actually explode the boat just made it look as if it had. The only survivors of the explosion would be her and six men ranging from twenty-five to fifty years old. The last scene before the camera was stopped would be the seven survivors holding onto a large piece of debris and waiting for rescue or someplace safe to wait for rescue.

When filming was stopped, both her and the men’s clothes were replaced with articles of clothing that appeared to have been through an explosion and blackened smears were on their faces, arms, and legs. The costume she was now in consisted of most of the back of her shirt with obvious burn holes in it. Her a-cup bra had most of it burned away with half of her breast and all of her nipples showing. The shorts and panties also had obvious holes in them which left a significant portion of her butt crack showing and nearly all of her labia and slit. The men had similar outfits on with penis and genitalia exposed.

Filming resumed with all of them in the water and the camera at her back. Slowly the camera panned around showing her mostly bare breast just above the water line. After only a few minutes land is spotted and they paddle the debris towards it. Her father hadn’t seen the new outfit she was wearing until they came ashore. He was shocked at how she was dressed, though he wouldn’t admit to it even to himself, he was also a little turned on seeing his daughter dressed that way. During a lull in the filming he asked the director why she had to be dressed so scantily. He simply said that it made the filming more believable. He couldn’t disagree, it did looked as if they had been through a shipwreck. All seven of them dropped down to the sand face down breathing hard. That was the end of filming for the day.

They returned to the cast and crew housing. Since the only scene that he was in had been filmed the day before, James was told that he didn’t need to go to the shoot. They did however have a job he could do for them and he would get paid for it. He was a master electrician, though he had been the head of maintenance for the warehouse. The job they had for him was re-wiring the main studio, which had suffered some damage during a recent storm. The job would take a couple of weeks. Some of the supplies he would need wouldn’t be there for a day or two. There was plenty of preparation work to be done however and he started doing that.

James was still working on the preparations at 10:30 in the morning when the cast and crew left to go the beach where filming would be resumed. Linda and the men who were acting as survivors laid down on the beach in roughly the same positions they had been in the previous day when when filming stopped. They were wearing the same almost nonexistent costumes. As the script called for, they all appeared to wake up at the same time. The seven of them crowd around each other and discussed what they need to do. The first thing they decide to do is build some kind of hut to live in until they get rescued. Three of the men begin building it, while Linda and the other two search for clean water and anything eatable. A camera crew shows the three men apparently putting together walls to be risen later. While another camera crew stays with Linda and the other three men. Along the way they noted several bushes with berries they could eat, and even if few banana trees if they could climb them. They come to a natural looking pool with a stream that leads back to the ocean. She asks the men to wait for her while she goes just out of sight along the stream to wash herself a bit. One of the men said “if we stay here, how can we protect you, if there is something dangerous out there?” She said “you have a point. But I am not used to having someone watch me bathe.” Another of the men said “nether are we, but we are just as dirty as you are. Why don’t we all go over there and wash ourselves?” She replied “but you would see me naked. No one has seen me that way. Not since I was little anyway.” The last man said “ I hate to break it to you, but what you are wearing doesn’t exactly cover anything important. Besides we all need to clean up and there are places none of us can reach easily. We can help each other with that.” The four of them stripped what little clothing they had on and washed the fake soot and grime off of each other’s body. Nothing overtly sexual happened though the men did spend a little extra time washing her small tits and nearly bald labia, she had only a sparse covering of hairs down there had they been blonde instead of brown they wouldn’t even be noticeable. She knew she had to let them, according to the script, but allowing them to touch her private places made her uncomfortable. When the man rubbed her breast, cleaning them, she felt her nipples stiffen and a tingling sensation ran through her body. She had the same sensation when another of the men rubbed her butt cheeks. But when the third man rubbed her labia the sensation was tripled.

They returned to the makeshift camp that was being set up. Three of the four walls were ready to be raised. With six men to help it didn’t take long. She, again following the script, fastened both of the corners. By setting on each other’s shoulders four of the men fastened long sticks across the top to make something resembling rafters. Linda and the other two men took turns handing us palm leaves to make a roof. When they were done they had a three sided structure that would protect them from the weather. All seven of them went back toward the pool, picking berries and eating them as they went. Then they went along the stream to where they had bathed before. This time instead of three men helping her she had six. Five of the men had felt her up and the sixth was doing so when two of the other men, standing on either side of her grabbed a hand each. They guided her hands to their swollen penises. This was not part of the script, as far as she knew, the arousal she felt as the sixth man rubbed her slit over her a little. She began to stroke the men on either side of her they were under water after all and the cameras can’t see it, or so she thought. In fact all of it was on film, including the three men rubbing her the first time. Unknown to her a man with a water proof camera and zoom lens was filming the whole thing. To her surprise the man rubbing her slit got his finger between the lips and found her engorged clit. Her eyes went wide with shock. She would have moved away, but the added stimulation kept her rooted where she was. Something was building inside of her, what she didn’t know but it felt good. Really good. She increased the speed at which she was pumping her hands unconsciously as the feeling inside of her built. She felt both of the cocks in her hands pulse as the sensation in her body peaked. Both of the men shot their loads as she screamed out her the first orgasm of her life. She passed out from its intensity and one of the men behind her caught her before her head could go under water. They lifted her up out of the water and carried her back to the hut. This was a little unusual for all of them. All the girls they had done this to in the past, and had passed out, came back around after only minute or two. She was out for almost ten minutes. They were beginning to really get worried, when her eyes finally opened. “You had us worried. Are you okay?” One of the men said. (Not having expected her to pass out and the cameras still rolling he had improvised that statement.) “That was ... that was incredible. What happened?” She said. Chuckling he said “I think you had your first orgasm.” Without thinking she said “Do it to me again, please do it again.” Still chuckling he said “How about we make it even better for you.” Without thinking she replied “please do.”

She hadn’t realized that they were all still naked from the stream, including her. One of the men kissed her while two others stroked her breast. A fourth man stroked her slit. Not wanting to be left out, the other two men stroke the globes of her ass. Her arousal began to grow again. The two men stroking her breast replaced their hands with their mouths and tongues, causing her to moan into the mouth of the man kissing her. He responded by kissing her more energetically deepening the kiss. The man stroking her slit moved his head down and began to lick her, quickly finding her clit. The sensation of a tongue on her sensitive volva caused her body to shake in preparation for another massive orgasm. Just before it could hit her, the two men stroking her ass removed their hands, allowing the man licking her more freedom of movement. Her hips began bucking in the beginnings of an orgasm. The two men who had been stroking her ass gently pulled her legs apart opening her up to the man still licking her. He replaced the tongue on her clit with his thumb and rose up to position his cock at her entrance. Her hips began bucking more fiercely as her orgasm started to peak. He had his cock at her slit and was using her body’s own bucking to moisten the head in her juices. When he felt that it was wet enough, he directed the head to her virgin opening. Her hips had been at the top of her bucking. He followed her hips down staying just outside of the opening so that when she bucked up again she would impel herself on his shaft. On her next thrust, the head of his cock entered her virgin pussy. It only went in an inch or so. The sudden stretching of her vaginal walls sent a shock wave throughout her body and she froze. All it would take was a millimeter or so and her virginity would be gone. He was still stimulating her clit and the two men were still sucking on her nipples. She hesitated for a few seconds that seemed an eternity. The arousal from the stimulation in her three most sensitive places overwhelmed her and she thrust her hips up onto her first ever cock.

She didn’t know what to do. She was so aroused. She knew her father would be disappointed if she did what she wanted to do. But three guys were stimulating her nipples and clit had her so excited. Finally she thrust her hips up. Impaling herself on the stiff rod. She screamed as her hymen was torn, but the pain quickly vanished and was replaced with a pleasure she had never known. The man now fucking her was careful and made sure she climaxed twice before he came in her. The man who had been kissing her took his place.

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