Grannie's Birthday Present

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: An older woman finds something she never thought she'd have and does things she never thought she'd do.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Teenagers   Sharing   Slut Wife   Group Sex   .

Marjorie, who usually went by Marge but mostly by Grannie, burst in the door of their apartment and called out loudly, “Honey, where are you? I’ve got some exciting news!” Her older husband didn’t respond so she yelled louder because he was hard of hearing. He finally put his head around the corner and said, “What’s going on?” sounding a bit annoyed.

“I found my perfect 60th birthday present today.”

“So where do I have to go to buy this?” her husband asked promptly.

She happily said, “Oh you don’t have to buy anything. It wasn’t an item but a special opportunity and there was no cost.”

That last really got his attention so he said, “Maybe I better get you a glass of wine and you can tell me about it.” So that’s what he did.

She was a bit tense as she tried to sort out how to tell her husband what had happened that afternoon. “This started when I saw an ad for older female models. I don’t look too bad for my age, I think, even though you don’t seem to take much interest in my body anymore, so I thought I’d just check it out. There were three of us in the waiting room of the agency and I was chosen but I wasn’t yet sure what for. At that point a nice woman came in and explained that it was for some “Grannie porn”. I’d never even heard of that so she showed me some on the video monitor and it got me pretty excited. I still think about sex but you haven’t been able to do anything for me for several years.”

Her husband interrupted, incredulous, “They wanted you to make porn?”

She grinned, “Exactly, and did I ever feel complimented! I had to make a decision right then or they would take the runner-up because they were ready to shoot. I just said to myself that this was an opportunity of a lifetime and one of those things I would regret if I didn’t do.”

Getting up to refill their drinks and taking a very big slug of his, her husband said, “So you did it? You fucked somebody in front of a camera?”

Still grinning, she answered promptly, “No, not ‘somebody’, actually three young guys.” Her husband was in a state of shock so she just continued, “They had some stuff that loosened up my pussy which you haven’t stretched in years and those were rather big-dicked guys. There wasn’t any real script and these guys were professionals so I just went along with their suggestions. I have to admit it was amazing and although my pussy is sore right now, I’d do it again. I wouldn’t let them have my ass but they had everything else and shot their cum everywhere inside and out. The producer said I was a natural and would like to hire me again. Yes, I said hire.” She pulled five new $100 bills out of her pocket and put them on the table.

Her husband spluttered, “I don’t know where you got the money but I find it pretty hard to believe that a grandmother like you would do that kind of stuff.”

“Honey, ‘hard’ is an appropriate word so I wrote down some websites where you can see that lots of women do this but on this flash drive is the raw video they shot so you can see your sexy wife in action. Maybe that will get you hard enough to do what you have neglected for far too long.”

He grabbed the stick and strode to his computer. As he started it up she pulled off her top and bra and draped the big floppy tits that the director and the male stars had admired over his shoulder. There was no semblance of a plot because it had not been edited but that mattered not. He just stared in amazement seeing his wife of 30 years doing things like on the videos he would surreptitiously watch. Things they had never even done together. Of course, he only had one cock so that limited it a bit.

As they watched she reached down and slipped her hand inside the elastic band of the jockey shorts he was wearing. She was so tickled to find more life in his wiener than there had been for a really long time. As he continued to watch she got down between his legs and pulled it out of the opening and started in with some of the new oral skills that she’d learned today. When it became firm enough to possibly insert, she pulled him down to the floor and mounted him. Her pussy was still dilated from the well-equipped costars and much of their lubrication had not yet dripped out so she was able to work him in.

He stared up at her as she began to ride him and she pulled his hands to her big swaying funbags. He touched them in ways that hadn’t happened for a long time. She simply said, “This afternoon was a lot of fun and I might just do it again, but this is what I really need for me and for us.”

It was a month later and Grannie’s husband had been to see his physician who identified a couple of treatable conditions that were significantly interfering with his erectile abilities. He also got a supply of those famous pills which, when they tried them, were pretty damned amazing. What a birthday present after all!

Then the call came from the producer, asking if she would make another one because her first had been very well received. She consulted with her husband and he said okay if he could go along and watch.

This one had a bit more of a plot which she had received ahead of time, and she made a couple of suggestions that the director liked. She had her husband fuck her before they went to the studio, partly to calm him down and partly to make sure she would be quite ready for what would be happening down there.

This time there were two of the previous guys which her husband recognized from the video. He was given a chair out of the way so he could watch. He hadn’t realized how much work there was in making one of these things and he knew that she was glad they had been so active sexually to get her pussy in shape.

Near the end of the shoot, Grannie spoke with the director. She nodded and her husband was beckoned over. His wife said, “I think it would be a great finale for the video if you reclaimed your wife and the director agrees. I know you’ve had a hard-on for a while so let’s see what you can do with it in front of camera. She knew there would only be one take on this scene but they had been partners so long, and he was so excited from what he had watched, that he performed quite well. She exaggerated her responses like she’d been doing all day but the final zoom in as he pulled out after creaming in her and then a zoom out to show holding each other affectionately and kissing was not any acting at all. When the camera stopped the crew applauded. They both bowed and went to take showers.

They enjoyed watching the final release and her husband made it very clear that he was quite proud of her. That was the test when a deacon at their church asked if she had ever been a video actress. They looked at each other and she asked, “What do you mean?” He very gingerly explained that he thought he had seen her in a movie he rented and was curious. Whoever it was, was a very good actress and he’d watched it over and over.

With no apparent negative judgment hanging over it, her husband confided that she had indeed done some acting “out of the mainstream”. The deacon swore that he would never tell anyone else and appreciated their candid response.

He was single and about two thirds of their age and seemed to be making it a point to become friendlier with them. Grannie commented that maybe he was actually interested in her body and wouldn’t that be something? Her husband looked serious and said, “You’re probably right and maybe he has fantasies about older women. I did when I was much younger.

The next time they watched the video she turned to her husband and said, “Would you like to see me fuck him? It wouldn’t be as commercial as the studio so maybe even more erotic.” Her husband agreed to think about it and surprised her at church the next Sunday by inviting the deacon over for supper later.

The meal was handled pretty routinely but afterwards Grannie poured some stiff drinks and took the deacon to their computer. Her husband had queued up Grannie’s latest and she played just the opening to the deacon asking, “Is this what you were referring too?” The deacon nodded and was asked by her husband, “Have you seen her first one?” His eyes went wide and he said he didn’t know about it. “It’s not as polished but it sure is hot.”

As he found it on the hard disk, Grannie had taken off her top and quietly come up behind the deacon. As the video started she put her big tits on his shoulders like she had done to her husband and squeezed them against his neck and face. He reached up to encounter her big hard nipples. “Just keep watching!” she commanded.

When the screen action got really hot she moved between his legs but his jeans made access a lot more difficult than her husband’s boxers. He helped when he realized what she was up to and, unlike her husband, he was already fully erect. It was a nice but unremarkable one and she soon got a taste of his prostate’s output.

That was as far as she went. When the video was finished, the deacon had a request, “There is a woman I am dating that loves your video too. She’s been around the block a few times and I think you’d like meeting her. I’d like to surprise her...” He outlined an idea that sounded like fun so a dinner date was set.

On Saturday evening the deacon introduced Rita, a tall slim brunette with small breasts and hips. Her stern expression got a lot more attractive when she smiled. The others all watched as she was introduced to the older couple and recognition dawned. “Are you ... you ... you... ?”

“Yes and welcome,” said Grannie with a hug. “What would you like to drink?” Out of Rita’s sight there were lots of grins. Mentioning the elephant in the room was avoided until Grannie finished preparing dinner and emerged from the kitchen nude. In a commanding voice, she declared, “As hostess I am declaring mine to be the required dress code for dinner. Guests, put your duds in the guest room.” She figured and hoped they might not be needed until morning.

The newcomers weren’t used to even this public nudity and their eyes darted from body to body during dinner. Grannie flounced around as much as she could. Rita had big nipples and abundant dark pubes which concealed her pussy.

After dinner Grannie proclaimed, “Last week the deacon saw my first video and I’d like to show it to our newest guest. Please be aware that the rules of the house (she was making this up on the fly) is that sexual behavior is not out of place during the showings. Dear husband, would you situate our new guest into a comfortable viewing position and I’ll do the same for deacon.”

Her husband sat on the floor with his back against a couch and had Rita sit between his legs and lean back against him. Grannie did likewise except the deacon was in front leaning back against her chest pillows. She pushed Play on the remote. As the screen action heated up Rita gulped more of her after-dinner drink and subconsciously rubbed against Grannie’s husband’s erection between them. He reached around and cupped her breasts and expertly teased the prominent nipples to the point she shook with an orgasm.

He whispered to her, “Look at your boyfriend.” She turned her head and saw Grannie stroking the deacon’s cock from behind. As they watched, Grannie got out from under him and moved to his front, settling her pussy on his cock and beginning that wonderful in-an-out.

Rita moaned and raised up to do the same to the man she was with. When the video finished both women did what was necessary to get their pussies inseminated and then they broke to use the bathroom and get fresh drinks. Rita was the first to speak, “That was probably one of the most erotic things I have ever done. You are an amazing couple. I had no clue that exciting sex even occurred in older folks. My eyes are opened and I’m game for anything you wonderful people propose.”

They ended swapping partners for the night and then arranging to get together again. At church the deacon commented that they were the most loving Christians he’d ever met and he was off for a hot afternoon with Rita who was now a “true believer”, as he grinningly put it.

Grannie was loving the younger cock as a treat and her husband couldn’t believe his cock’s good fortune. It was almost hard to believe that a younger woman could thank him for the opportunity to open her body to his attentions.

Rita had said how she envied Grannie for being brave enough to make those videos. She had a job that would be at risk if she were “outed”. Was there a solution? They all pondered the question between screwings.

“What is it that turns you on the most?” Grannie’s husband asked of Rita. She thought about it and answered, “I think it is being taken by several men at once like I saw you doing. That’s never happened for me but it has been a long-time fantasy.”

Grannie mulled this over, “Other than going professional, which won’t work for you, we have to find a couple of more guys you are OK with. Does that give you any ideas?”

“I have a few exes around who might be up for that kind of reunion. Otherwise we find some volunteers. I’ll start seeing who we can round up.”

A couple of weeks later she’d only found one ex who could do it so the guys got into the project. They finally came up with one. He was the deacon’s relative from a few hours away who wanted to visit. Darryl was eighteen with unknown sexual experience but male, young, and hopefully that would be enough. His uncle told him to just go with the flow and he’d have an unforgettable time. That helped a little.

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