Y Camp

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Two teen long-time best friends get initiated into sex in an imaginative way by their single moms when the moms get drunk and horny.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Teenagers   Sharing   Incest   Orgy   .

Tommy and Zack were born only three days apart and their parents lived next door to each other. That was the butt of many jokes for a while. They were teenagers now and their sixteenth had just happened. Declining a fancy party, the boys decided take the camping gear they’d gotten and spend a couple of nights in the woods behind their houses trying it out.

With the houses empty on a Friday night their single moms collaborated on supper and opened a new bottle of bourbon. As they got tipsier there was bemoaning that they didn’t have dates and hadn’t been laid for “too long”. Neither spent much time in social situations so there were few opportunities to meet eligible males. In their later thirties, both were a bit overweight but otherwise were reasonably attractive in their everyday mode. The topic of the sons growing into men was brought up and each concurred the other’s was attractive.

They were pretty much “under the influence” when Molly, Eddie’s mom, said to Trish, Zack’s parent, that she had an idea. “Let’s give the boys an experience.” She quickly outlined her idea and they went to get ready, weaving a little.

Dressed only in robes and wearing eye masks from a long-ago costume party the duo headed out to the campers. Even with flashlights, it was not always easy going on the rough ground wearing only slippers. Some unladylike words were heard from time to time.

Quietly approaching the tent they positioned themselves in front of the door flap. They could hear their sons talking. Molly started with a fake voice, “We are the spirits of the woods who have come to welcome you to our world.”

The tent door was unzipped and the boys stared at these unexpected entities visible in the tent lantern. Trish spoke, attempting to disguise her voice too, “Are you not going to bid us welcome?”

Quickly assessing the “game”, Eddie did and the “spirits” sat on one of the sleeping bags with their legs tucked underneath them. Being still very drunk, they didn’t notice that the robes gaped open up top, giving some good but brief tit-shots while the fairly short robes showed a lot of leg and hints of pubes. The boys were fascinated by both women and adjusted to hide their erections.

Zack asked, “Why have you come to visit us?”

There was a pause as the spirits looked at each other, not having thought the script very far. Molly felt responsible so winged it, “We are here to assist you in your maturing process. Are you virgins?” Both heads nodded. “Then that is a part of nature and life that we can help you with.” Four teen eyes went wide as the possible implications sunk in.

She continued, “First you must become familiar with the female essence. I assume you’ve seen images of nude women but have you seen one in real life?” Zack shook his head but Eddie replied, “I have seen my mother a number of times when she didn’t put a robe on when using the bathroom.” The spirits nodded.

Trish stepped up to the plate and dropped her robe to around her waist, baring her conical b-cup tits. Molly copied her, putting her rounded c-cuppers on display. Moving to the boy that wasn’t their issue, the women prompted and encouraged exploration of them.

That finished, the spirits lay on the cots and opened the portal to their “wonderlands” and guided investigation of those parts. The sound of heavy breathing could be heard over those of the woods and the odor of stimulated female parts was evident.

At their own pace the spirits reached out for the crotches of the explorers and undid their pants, revealing hard teen meat pointing towards the ceiling. Fingers and them mouths gave new thrills to the owners of said equipment and loud groans were heard as the first seminal shots caught by another person, and especially in a hot mouth, punctuated the atmosphere in the tent.

Without words, the still-boys were directed to lay next to the spirit they’d just given their creamy gift to. Fingers kept them hard and they were mounted by that spirit, becoming men. Glances at the other pair were common from both sides of the tent. In a while, when groans of ejaculation were audible, Molly announced, “We, the spirits of the woods, proclaim you as men!”

As the women found their way back home they said little, the alcohol wearing off. As they parted Trish said in a soft voice, “That was something ... and something I’d like to repeat. There is one issue though. I’m not on birth control so I’d better get a morning-after pill and go see my PCP for a longer-term solution if it continues.” Molly said she still had her implant, good for another six months.

The tent had another spirit visit the next night with the only difference being both ejaculations from the boys were planted deep in the “caves of love”. A big question was if and how it would continue.

That was answered the very next night when Trish, sans mask, slipped into Eddie’s bed, a similar action occurring next door. Both moms didn’t return home until the next morning to fix breakfast for their son. No one knew how, or even if, to start a conversation about this development.

The mom’s agreed on a schedule for sex. For them, but probably not for the young men, that was enough.

“Was there an aura?” Trish wondered when a single parent from her son’s class asked her out for dinner. They’d known each other for years and had spoken often but just about school topics. Her curiosity quickly popped a “Sure” out of her mouth. It was a good basic first date and she gave him a hug as he dropped her off at home.

Zack was awake. It wasn’t a “sex night”. He was curious about how it had gone. His “Did you fuck him?” question surprised her since, as noted, they weren’t even mentioning sex.

“No, silly! It was just a date.”

“Will you fuck him?” was next.

She reassured her son, who was concerned more about Eddie than anything, that she didn’t know and wouldn’t for a while. It was far too early to predict if the situation would even develop to where she had a choice.

Returning from her next date, still platonic, she discovered Eddie waiting in her bed. Although she proceeded with what he was expecting, she felt a little funny with the hard young cock inside her as she thought of being with Carl just a little earlier.

Back in her bed that thought just wouldn’t go away. Her fingers rubbed Zack’s oozing semen on her pussy and she got more pleasure from it. What would it be like to fuck Carl and then Zack, or the other way around. She liked Carl as a person but, until this “spirit” episode, always felt she had to have stronger feelings than that to copulate. It had been that way with her first love and later her husband. Could she handle a fuck-buddy like she’d read about? But then she realized that, even though she’d known him all his life, Zack was exactly that and sex with him was pretty good, especially as he acquired some better skills.

So it came to pass that Carl asked her out for an overnight trip to a concert in another town. She knew that agreeing meant she was likely agreeing to even more. When they checked in the room with only one bed, she knew the die had been cast and thoughts distracted her from what they were attending. She did reach out to take his hand.

In the hotel room she smiled inside that Carl seemed as awkward with this situation as she might have been had it not been for the “spirit incident”. Her self-confidence was high so she took the initiative. “Let’s take a shower together” was a great tension breaker and things progressed well from there. Carl had been married and knew his stuff once that initial hesitancy was passed.

She lay next to this lightly snoring new lover, her fingers savoring his semen like she had Zack’s. Now her thoughts were flipped. Should she tell her other man? Or share with Carl that his cock wouldn’t be the lone vaginal visitor that many men expected? She fell asleep with no answers.

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