The Phase of the Moon

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: A young husband discovers his wife's mysterious secret.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Slut Wife   Pregnancy   .

My new wife was still somewhat of a mystery to me, even after dating a year and being married for six months. But women always had been anyway. This was different though. Every month, at the time of the full moon, she would go away at dusk and not return until daybreak, exhausted. She insisted on doing this and never with an explanation. She just said, “Trust me and love me.” I did and she seemed to really appreciate that.

Finally, I couldn’t stand not knowing any more. I followed her as she drove away and she went to the next town and pulled into the parking lot of a hotel that had a bar. I slipped in and hid away in the darkest corner I could find. I shared a booth with a guy who was nursing his beer. We struck up a conversation and I mentioned “that girl” who was out dancing a lot. He told me she came here once a month and just watch what she does.

I saw her dance with a guy, getting pretty personal. When the song ended they walked away together. About fifteen minutes later she’d be back and another guy would ask her to dance. Again, she would disappear with him. After the fourth time I asked by new friend what was going on he said, “I’ve danced with her too and she took me to a room that the bar provided since she brought in so much business. She fucked me like crazy and then came back for more. She does that all night until closing.”

“Why are you back here?” I asked, puzzled and stunned.

“I like her when she is really wet. I guess maybe I’m weird that way. She will fuck me before the night is through,” was his answer.

He did have his turn at about number ten. At last call she took three guys with her. I waited outside until an hour before dawn when the three stumbled out of the room. I walked in before the door closed and saw her there in the messy bed, eyes closed and legs spread as if still ready for another hard one.

When she opened her eyes and saw me there, she curled up in a ball and began sobbing.

All I said was, “Get cleaned up and let’s go home.” I knew she loved me. There had to be an explanation for this and I wanted to know it. There was no conversation until we both had slept.

I waited for her to speak. She kept her eyes downcast as she began, “I’ve had this strange condition ever since my periods started. Each night of the full moon I get unbearably horny. Before I started sex I would masturbate myself raw seeking orgasms. Once I had boyfriends I quickly discovered that one could not possible satisfy me at those times. I’ve been doing what you saw for much more than a year now. Yes, all the time we were dating and engaged. This is why I was so reluctant to accept your offer of marriage even though I really loved you. What husband could be expected to accept such a strange way for a wife to act?”

I was stunned. She reached for my hand and I didn’t pull it away so she continued, “I really do love you and the rest of the month I have normal desires which you do a very good job of fulfilling. It’s just that one night! I can’t ask for forgiveness because it will happen again next month. I can only beg for acceptance.” She began sobbing again. I knew she had always been truthful with me and her not telling this dark secret was only because I’d not thought to ask the right question.

We went to talk with her mother. What could we do. We needed some mature advice. Mom was expecting our questions. It was an inherited condition that she’d experienced early in her life too. She’d hoped her daughter hadn’t gotten it but it had been well enough hidden that she’d not known.

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