Home Schooling

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: A woman teaches her stepsons some important life skills.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Sharing   Slut Wife   Incest   Prostitution   .

“Billy, it’s bedtime!” the late 20s blond hollered.

“On my way,” came the reply. The stepmom chuckled at how quickly her teenage stepsons responded to the order dreaded by most of their peers. But most of them wouldn’t have a sexy woman joining them in their bed for a lot more than a good night kiss.

She’d hated her given name of “Hattie” so when kids started calling her “Hottie” as her D-cup tits developed, she’d laughed and used the nickname herself. And she was hot, too, with blond hair, pretty features, and a fuck-me shape. She was more street-smart than intellectual so paid real good attention in sex-ed and learned about birth control and VD. She celebrated the end of that class with a “virgin party” where she and her boyfriend and his two brothers all gave theirs up at the same time in an all-night foursome orgy. She rarely had just one boyfriend during the rest of high school ... she preferred to have two or three eager and familiar dicks available. Sometimes for quantity and sometimes for variety.

After graduation, her 25-year-old lover/boss at the 7-11 proposed and she decided to see if being a married woman was any good. Her husband liked to party and it didn’t take much weed for her to start banging his buddies while he watched. She divorced him when she found out he was collecting “donations” for letting the guys donate semen into her cunt. She was mostly mad because she figured she was worth more than he was getting, and he didn’t spend it on her.

She got an office job and met a better class of men to screw. She and a girlfriend did an occasional escort job but she preferred getting to know a guy better before hitting the sack with him. She never forgot there was a person attached to a pecker, and she insisted that they give her the same respect.

She met her next husband on a paid date but something special clicked with the 40-year-old man. He treated her like a lady, and his big penis was one of the best she ever had, so they started unpaid dating. He was good to her in and out of bed. She made it obvious she was banging other boyfriends and occasional customers but it didn’t seem to bother him. She liked his two teenage sons too. She married him.

After a delightful honeymoon, her first real one, and the first week she could remember when she’d fucked the same guy the whole time, she settled into her first real house with her first real family. Even though she found a part-time job nearby, Hottie got restless after a few months when the honeymoon bliss wore off. As much as she loved and enjoyed her husband, she missed the variety of cocks poking her cunnie.

“Hubby”, as she affectionately called him, was an aware guy and suspected what was bothering her. He arranged an overnight at a nearby hotel. In the hot tub, sipping champagne after a leisurely screw, he opened the subject with, “I know that something is bothering you. You’ve told me enough about your past that I suspect it’s because you only have one man to fuck. You had other lovers when we were dating and even engaged. It was OK then but it’s probably not a good idea now. Perhaps there is another solution.”

Hottie was paying full attention and asked for more champagne after getting out of the hot tub. She stroked her husband’s returning erection as he continued, “When I was a teenager I was the kind of behavior problem my boys are to me now. A single neighbor lady who was about your age asked me to help her with chores. One of those ‘helps’ was to fill her horny crotch. I did so frequently throughout high school and she taught me much of what you enjoy now. I didn’t have hornies to get in the way of schoolwork focus and I did well there too. We are still friends and get together a few times a year even though we have both married again.”

He was now fully hard and she had been kissing, fondling, and sucking her favorite toy as he talked. Hottie told him that she appreciated his lady friend and would like to meet and thank her in person someday. Then she said to her husband, “OK, I’m the age of your sex teacher and your boys are the age you were ... is there a question here?”

He looked kind of sheepish and asked, “Would you consider it?”

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