The Fucc Club

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Like-minded folks arrange for regular meetings to share bodies.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Sharing   Slut Wife   Incest   Group Sex   Orgy   Pregnancy   .

As the young woman bent over in front of him squeezed her pussy muscles every time he pushed back in, Todd was thinking she’d be a perfect candidate for membership in a club he’d recently been invited to join. His friend Darren wasn’t home from school yet but Darren’s girlfriend Marie was happy to have her pussy occupied while she waited.

He hadn’t had to ask. She just figured he might like some pussy so she bent over the table and flipped her skirt up, revealing her bare ass with the inviting fur-trimmed hole below. He could have either hole. She liked it both places. He chose pussy, figuring it was probably lubricated from some earlier activity. Felt like it was.

He reached down to tweak her clit and they got off just before Darren walked in. He quipped, “Getting her ready for me, I see”, and dropped his pants. Her twat wasn’t vacant for more than 15 seconds and she started moaning again. Todd went to the fridge for a cold beer. It wasn’t long before Darren and Marie were in the living room with cold ones themselves.

Marie was sixteen and he’d been fucking her almost every day for the past month. His buddy Darren had offered her pussy on one double date after his own girl had wanted to go home early. He was pleased since he’d lusted for the cute brunette since he met her. Her hair was short, her tits were firm and rounded, her pussy hair neatly trimmed. The threesome they had that night set the stage for her involvement with both boys from then on.

Marie sure could fuck and was proud of the several dozen partners she’d already had. It hadn’t taken much to get her to tell about her twat’s activities either. She took up with Darren six months ago when she’d been passed down from his oldest brother to the middle one and then him.

Darren had been fascinated by this wonderful creature. She was his first piece of ass and he didn’t care one bit about her history or proclivities. She wouldn’t promise exclusivity to anybody because she was honest and knew herself. Every now and then a good opportunity with a previous partner might appear and she hated to miss out on anything good in between her legs.

After finishing their beer, they adjourned to Darren’s room and stripped. It had been a few days since they had a MFM and that was always fun. Marie especially liked it when she could get the boys to play with each other a bit, or have one eating her pussy while the other’s pecker was stroking in it. She was working on having them suck each other too. It had been hot when she made other guys do that before they could fuck her.

After everyone had come at least once, Todd told them about this club. It was mostly single men and women from 18 to 30. One couple, the founders, were 30 and married and it met at their house twice a month. It was an informal and secret club, for reasons you will understand.

The name of the club was “Frequently United Cocks and Cunts”. The members were horny people who liked fucking a variety of partners with little social overhead. Membership was by invitation and the costs just covered the parties/meetings expenses. There was a legal agreement to enforce secrecy and reduce liability.

Todd had already attended one meeting after being invited by his 22-year-old step-sister and being approved by the screening committee. He was the youngest member at 17. There were two more openings to be filled. It had been decided that 12 men and 6-8 women was a good mix. Two bi men had gotten married and one of the women had joined them when they moved away. After describing his experience at the meeting, Darren and Marie were quite interested. At the opening of the meeting each member told how often and with how many partners they had sex with since the last meeting. The numbers varied widely. Interestingly, the best-looking people didn’t always have the biggest numbers.

There were private and public rooms for different combinations. If you wanted a private fuck you connected at the bar. The public rooms had the rule that couplings were dynamic and decided on the spot. No still meant No. Todd watched his step-sister take on a couple of guys in a private room. He could bang her at home later so he kept looking.

The hostess saw him watch her screw a guy and beckoned him over after they finished. “You’re new so I’d like to get acquainted. Ever fuck someone my age?” He shook his head. “Get ready for a treat!” She tasted his already hard pecker briefly then put him on the mat and climbed on. She had childbirth stretchmarks and scars on her slightly protruding belly but her cunt felt delightful. Then she put her big mommy-hangers in his face and played nibble-the-nipple as she stimulated his rod with just her cunt muscles. Damn this was delightfully different! He’d never had tits like that either.

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