Mel Needs Love Too

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Teen girl's needs get her in trouble and out of it.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Romantic   Gang Bang   Pregnancy   .

One day I was at school and got a text from my older bro. I didn’t see it until I got out of class. It read, “Wanna get laid? Here after school.” and gave an address in our apartment complex. Curious and horny, which was a lot of both for a fifteen-year-old boy, I went over there and my bro answered the door.

“What’s going on?” I asked quietly, hearing noises from the bedroom.

“See for yourself,” as he led me towards the sounds. From the doorway there was a sight I’ll never forget; a “first time” one. I stared at some guy’s hairy ass moving between a girl’s legs, his balls hanging and swinging. On the outstrokes I could see his shaft pulling out of a pink pussy framed in dark hair and drooling whitish cream. Their parts glistened with the lubrication, more than she had produced I found out a little later.

He groaned and his balls clenched and I correctly surmised he was cumming in there. When he pulled out I could see the girl just staring at the ceiling. It was Mel! She was in three of my 10th grade classes!

The guy who had just fucked her turned to my brother and said, “Okay, your turn!”

He replied, “He’s my little brother and a virgin. I’m giving him my turn.” The other guy nodded, pulled up his pants, went to take a piss, and left.

My brother sat down in the corner and I approached this new experience nervously. I knew basically what I’m supposed to do but I’d always thought it would be a lot more romantic and I would have more time to learn as it went along. This was just raw though and it would technically make me not a virgin, so I took off my shoes and pants and crawled up on the bed between those legs that were still spread the way the last guy left them.

I also hadn’t expected my first pussy would already be full of guy stuff but my mind flashed that would make it a lot easier to get inside. It sure was, that opening gaped and I went right into the bottom the first stroke. As I did, her eyes opened and she exclaimed, “Jimmy! I didn’t know that you would be here! Oh well, you might as well go ahead now.”

As it turned out it was a good thing she was so slippery or I would have cum right away but this slowed me down a little bit. I was propped up on my hands so I could look down and see my cock really going inside a pussy. It came out coated with the last guys white stuff but it felt too damn good to let that be an issue. Her tits must’ve been kind of soft because they laid off a bit on each side but I reached down to suck on her nipples and she made a little noise that let me know she liked it.

I felt I had to say something since this was a person I was doing it too, not a blowup doll or something. “Does this feel good?” Was the only lame thing my preoccupied mind could come up. I added, also stupidly, “Can I come in you?”

I saw a hint of a smile as she replied, “You might as well. Everybody else does.” I close my eyes and savored my first blast off in a pussy. It was so intense that I’ll never forget it and wondered if it would be that every time.

We left for her lying on the bed, not even kissing her goodbye or anything remotely romantic. It really wasn’t that kind of scene, after all.

As we walked home, my brother explained that he had been fucking her for two weeks on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday after school. There was a group of four guys that had been banging her like that since school started three months ago. One of the guys got an after-school job so he was invited to replace him. Each of them did her twice so he had given me his second turn. Besides getting me laid for the first time, he wanted to find out for himself what pussy was like. His pretty serious girlfriend wasn’t giving him any. Now that he knew, if I’d like to take his spot on the “team” from now on, he was fine with that.

You need to know some things about Mel, some of which I didn’t learn for a while. She was from the “other side of the tracks” and not very attractive, definitely on the pudgy side. Add in a wallflower personality and she was not part of much at school besides classes.

Like any normal teen girl, she had romantic dreams and the desire for popularity. Some upperclassmen were good at picking up on that and seducing the naïve and needy ones like her. He and some other guys would use them for a while and then toss aside like an old car. My brother knew about that since these guys were at his grade level.

She’d fallen for the techniques of the lead guy and he used blackmail to bring in the others. She felt stuck, in more ways than one, but did get some pleasure out of it. Since I was the new guy on the list, I almost went last on both go rounds. That turned out to be a blessing because the other guys leave after they dumped their second load and I was left alone with her at the end. That was good because I was in no rush and we could visit after we took a shower together. She invited me to that. Neither one of us had ever done it before but it quickly became something we both liked.

Although we avoided contact at school, we would glance at each other in the classes we shared. That was also useful because one time I stayed talking with her until her parents were almost home so we quickly got out her schoolbooks and I began tutoring her in something she really was having difficulty in. I was an A student and she struggled to maintain a C. When I was introduced, her mother seemed quite pleased that I was being so helpful and brought us some treats as we did our schoolwork. If she only knew the treat we already had!

It soon became clear to Mel that I was being a friend, not just a pussy user. She invited me over on the other two days and wanted to have sex with me just one-on-one. We took our time and explored each other, kissing and doing the other usual stuff you read about. She had found some erotic stories online and knew there was more to it than the gangbangs she’d been started with. Of course, I was enjoying sex any way I got it, but romantic stuff was what I looked forward to.

On those more private days, we talked about how she could get out of the situation that she had been tricked into and didn’t feel very good about. Then the solution arrived, but it wasn’t one we had planned on or would have wished for either.

Mel told me she thought she was pregnant. She had her last period just after the guys started banging her three months ago. “You don’t have birth control?” was my immediate question.

She shook her head and said, “At my age and my mom not knowing what I am doing how would I get it? Those guys wouldn’t use condoms.” I stopped at the drugstore and sure enough it came out positive. She was already pregnant before my brother and I began inseminating her.

I immediately realized we now had some leverage against her bangers and when they showed up on Wednesday I told them the situation. They left without taking their pants off and avoided her from then on. DNA makes it harder to plead innocent.

When I shared this with my brother, he got busy doing some research to help this unfortunate soul. On Saturday he and I drove her to another state and soon there was no need for a DNA test. At her follow-up locally, she would get some effective pregnancy prevention.

Now that she was in a position to invite, rather than just allow cocks in her pussy, her whole demeanor changed. Our Tuesdays and Thursdays had been a lot different than the other ones and she began to blossom when she was naked with me. After a bit, she shyly asked if my brother was getting any from his girlfriend yet. When I said I didn’t think so, she offered herself, this time as a much better experience which I attested to.

Her grades were improving so her mother was delighted when I was there and, because I showed her my manners and respect, even encouraged us to go do some activities together. She’d been real protective of her little girl to this point but also saw that Mel was beginning to blossom.

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