Since Last Year

by It's a Kilt, not a Skirt

Copyright© 2018 by It's a Kilt, not a Skirt

Erotica Sex Story: Jade's boyfriend stayed overnight for New Year's Eve--in the guest bedroom. All she intended to do was wake him up. But Harry has other ideas, and soon has her unprotesting and thoroughly impaled. What they don't realize is her younger brother and his band of friends are watching them.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Slow   .

It was half-past seven in the morning in December. (Well, January, technically.) the world was still generally dark when Jade padded quietly downstairs in her bare feet. Usually, she was the first one up, and always got the coffee started and began working for at least an hour or so before anyone else rose. Today was New’s Year’s Day, so it was even more likely she’d be the first one awake.

Her younger brother, who was fourteen to her seventeen, had had a sleepover with two of his closest friends the night before, and they were camped out on the floor in the rec room in a row of sleeping bags, looking all the world like flattened caterpillars. As she came down the stairs, her brother, Anthony, stirred.

‘What’re you doing?’ He asked sleepily. His friends were also sort of awake, but not quite--you know how sleepovers roll. They don’t afford much quality snoozing time.

Jade grinned. She pointed to the closed guest bedroom door. ‘I’m just going to wake him up,’ she stage-whispered, before turning away from the puppy-pile of teenage boys and reaching for the doorknob.

She was, of course, talking about her boyfriend. He’d stayed overnight the night before--New Year’s Eve--because he was about a year older than her and legal, and wanted to both drink on New Year’s, and spend time with her. The solution was that he would stay over, and so he did.

Quiet as a nymph, she slipped into the room, pulling the door to behind her. The younger boys stirred. The older of Anthony’s close friends, Zach, nudged him.

‘What?’ Anthony asked.

‘Hey,’ Zach said. ‘We should watch.’

‘Watch? Watch what?’

‘Them.’ Zach stressed the word, gesturing towards the guest room. ‘You don’t seriously believe she’s just going in there to wake him up?’

Anthony had not suspected anything else. His sister was a good girl, the good child of the family--she didn’t tell lies, worked when she was asked to work, made good grades, was polite, didn’t complain.

‘How long has she been with Harry?’ Anthony’s other friend Ritch, interjected. ‘A few years, right?’ When Anthony nodded, Ritch said, ‘There’s no way he hasn’t got her to do it yet. There’s no way she’s still a virgin. They’re probably going to do it right now!’

‘You’re sister’s a babe,’ Zach added, with a grin. Ritch nodded his agreement seriously.

‘Yeah, dude. She’s hot.’

Anthony was stuck in deliberation. He was speechless, firstly, as the possibilities came to him. He’d never seen his sister as hot, but it was true, he realized now. And he’d never thought she’d do something ‘bad’--have sex with Harry. But watch them? Wasn’t that ... weird? Wasn’t it...

‘Yes,’ he said to Zach and Ritch, before he could change his mind. ‘Let’s go watch them.’

Now, when Jade had slipped into that room, innocently waking Harry was all she had intended. She was, of course, aware that he might have other ideas about the whole thing, but they couldn’t do THAT here--they were in her family’s house, for goodness’ sake, and not back at his apartment! Surely it could wait.

Pulling the door to behind her, she knelt by the bed and nuzzled her face into Harry’s neck. He made a sleepy noise of waking up. She kissed his neck, then, trailing up to his mouth. Before she got there, however, his hazel eyes snapped open with a mischievous gleam and his strong arms encircled her body. In one instant, he pulled her up onto the bed on the other side of him as Jade gave a little squeak of surprise.

‘Good morning,’ he said, and kissed her.

‘Harry,’ she hissed as he grinned, ‘you scared me half to death!’ Then, she struggled to sit up. ‘I can’t get in bed with you. Not here!’

This is the point at which Anthony and his friends began spying.

Harry eyed her dishevelled state, the smile never slipping off his face.

‘Why not? We can be quiet.’

‘It doesn’t matter--we could be discovered!’

Harry pretended to pout, teasing her. ‘But look!’ He pushed the duvet down past his hips. Jade looked. His blue sweat pants perfectly showed the shape of his erection, large and pulsing. ‘Now what am I going to do with that, hm?’ Harry breathed. ‘I need you.’

Jade persisted, although she was greatly tempted. ‘Not here. It can wait ... a while, right? We can’t do it here.’

Harry let out a disappointed sigh. ‘I don’t even get a little attention?’

Jade hesitated. ‘Maybe just a little attention,’ she allowed. She DID want to see his cock, wanted to touch him, and she very much wished he could shove it up inside her again, hard, again and again until she was crying out and grabbing at his body, convulsing beneath him, her pussy clasping him, as he shot hot jets of white semen deep inside her...

Jade shook the thought off. Later: their passion must wait until later.

‘Well, you’ll have to help me out a little,’ she said, and Harry obligingly lifted his hips up off the mattress so she could slide his sweatpants off. He already wasn’t wearing a shirt, so with the removal of his sweats he was completely naked. She looked, for a moment, appreciating his body: the curls in his hair, the slight lines of stubble over his chin, his strong arms and shoulders, toned belly and slender waist, strong legs ... and magnificent cock. It really was just that--magnificent. Surrounded by a nest of curly hair like a prize, it jutted up erect, rooted between his legs. Her hands, when they wrapped around it, barely met, and it took more than two hands to fully cover his length. She loved his cock, with an adoring sort of love, and it made her feel so good to have him inside her. Now, his cock was at full potential, pulsing with each heartbeat. Inhaling slowly, Jade reached a hand out and gently smoothed it down his stomach, placing a kiss just above Harry’s navel. Her hand smoothed further down to cup his balls, which were appreciably full and warm, full of his seed ... just for her. Jade’s hand tickled further up, grasping his cock lightly and sliding her hand up it, and yet barely touching it.

Harry was watching with slitted eyes, his head propped up, breath already coming faster. Suddenly mischievous, she grinned up at him before sliding his foreskin back and opening her mouth over his exposed cock.

He tasted musky, in the wonderful male way he always did. Jade steadied herself with a hand on Harry’s hip, swirling her tongue teasingly around the tip of his cock. He reached down and gathered her long curls into a bunch, pulling the locks away from her face gently. When she slid farther down his cock, taking him deeper, his eyes closed and his hand pushed a little--just a little--on the back of her head. More, the unconscious gesture said, I need more.

Meanwhile, at the door, Anthony and his small gang of burgeoning voyeurs were struck simultaneously dumb and stiff at the scene unfolding before them.

All three of them wished they were watching alone, so they could jerk off to Jade and Harry together, and Zachary’s hand drifted to the front of his pajamas bottoms, tugging the fabric restlessly. It did nothing, however, to hide his stiffy, but he didn’t care enough to take his eyes away from Jade’s mouth on Harry’s cock to make sure his erection wasn’t obvious.

‘Whoa,’ Ritch breathed. ‘SO hot.’

She’s blowing him, Anthony thought, watching just as closely as his companions through the crack in the door. Holy fuck, SHE IS BLOWING HIM. His knees felt weak. His head swam. His cock threatened to bust his pajamas.

Anthony had never thought of his sister as a sexual being--not in the least. Yet here she was, giving a man what some might say was the most intimate of intimate acts: pleasuring him with her tongue.

Fleetingly, he wondered what a tongue would feel like on his genitals, but even the merest thought threatened dizziness and spontaneous orgasm. It was hard enough not busting a nut himself just observing, for cripes’ sake. If it actually was him there, with a girl, instead of Harry ... he’d probably embarrass himself and cum all over her before anything serious happened.

Jade remembered everything Harry liked. They had been together a long time--although, time is relative and teenagers tend to exaggerate, but three years IS rather serious for young people--and she had had time to practise and learn what made him the hardest. Despite her brother’s conception of her as the good child, Jade had gone ‘all the way,’ with Harry a year and a half ago. She loved him. He loved her. They wanted each other. What else, really, was there to consider in the situation?

By now, they knew each other’s bodies well. There was one side of the head of his cock that was really, really sensitive, she remembered, and flicked her tongue over it now, her hand stroking away as her tongue did all the detailed work.

He was watching her again, his eyes dark, hand in her hair. The other hand came over now, to gently cup one soft breast through her nightgown.

Jade sucked down his length, as far as she could go--not all the way down; let’s be real, here--and suctioned her mouth strongly while pulling back up. Harry always loved that, and she was gratified now with a sharp intake of air.

She loved making him cum, giving him this pleasure, but she was so, so, achingly turned on that it was impossible to put one hundred percent of her concentration on his pleasure.

She pulled her mouth from him.

‘You know,’ she said, ‘maybe ... we can ... do it here. If we’re really quiet. After all, we haven’t made love since last year.’

Harry grinned at her little joke. His fingers sought out the hem of her nightie and traced up her thigh, pushing Jade’s cotton panties aside.

As he probed her needy pussy, his eyebrows raised knowingly.

‘Is someone horny?’ He teased, not letting up, fingers moving over her clit.

Jade laughed breathlessly. ‘Yes,’ she admitted freely, ‘desperately. You KNOW how wet it gets me when I suck your cock.’ Her head fell back as he suddenly shoved a finger up inside her, and a small sound escaped her throat.

Harry leaned in to capture her mouth, his fingers still busy. ‘You like Daddy’s cock?’ He taunted, his eyes glimmering with playfulness.

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