Mary's New Experience

by mysteria27

Copyright© 2018 by mysteria27

Incest Sex Story: Mary goes to a friends house for a sleepover.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Lesbian   Uncle   Niece   Anal Sex   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Safe Sex   Sex Toys   .

On New Year’s Eve, Mary begged her mother to let her stay at her friend Linda’s house. Linda’s parents were going to a party and Linda invited Mary over for the night. Mary convinced her mother to let her stay at Linda’s house.

Mary was so excited that her mother agreed. Mary took a bath and shaved her legs and picked out a fun outfit for the night. She packed her nightgown, panties and clothes for the next day. She was really happy that her mother was letting her go.

Linda mentioned on the phone, that her mother left her credit card, so they could order food. Her father’s bar was stocked and they could defintely drink and have a good time. Both girls were excited to see each other.

Mary’s mother drove her daughter to Linda’s house. She kissed her daughter on the forehead and told her to have a good time. Mary got her stuff out of the trunk and ran to Linda’s door.

Mary rang the doorbell and Linda answered the door.

“Hey! Get your beautiful ass in here.”

“You’re so funny, Linda.”

Linda looked amazing and Mary smiled at her friend.

“What do you want to do? We have the house to ourselves?”

“How about we have a drink? It’s New Year’s Eve.”

“Sure thing! What do you want? My dad has a full bar.”

“Something fruity with one of those cutesy umbrellas.”

“How about vodka and cranberry? My mother drinks those.”


Linda grabbed her friend’s hand and took her downstairs to where the bar was. Mary sat on the bar stool while Linda mixed her friend a drink. She grabbed a bottle of vodka poured in a shot glass with vodka. She opened the small fridge that was behind the bar and grabbed a bottle of cranberry juice. She poured the juice to the rim of the glass and stirred it. She made herself one too.

She saw the cute umbrella’s that Mary had mentioned and put them in their drinks.

“Cheers to us! Happy New Year,” Linda shouted.

They clinked glasses and drank the drink fast. Linda made the girls several more drinks and they danced around the room. Linda had put on some music while the girls danced to their favorite tunes.

Both girls were a bit tipsy, but Linda continued making them drinks. They were both feeling festive since it was New Year’s Eve.

“We should bake cookies!”

“Really cookies? I’m not very hungry, Mary said.”

“I’m not really hungry either. But it could be fun. I’d really like to kiss you. I’ve been thinking about our last kiss the other day. Remember when we were hanging out Mary?”

“I’ve been thinking about that too. Do you think that means we’re lesbians?”

“I don’t think so. Maybe we should kiss again and see what happens next. I really want to kiss you Mary.”

Mary walked over by her friend and Linda held her firmly. She put her lips down on hers and they shared a kiss. Linda’s hands were all over Mary’s body. Mary stood very still while her friend was taking charge. They were now French-kissing and their tongues were deep down one another’s throat.

“Let’s go upstairs and fool around. I really want you Mary.”

Mary was tense and very nervous. In one way she wanted to experiment with her friend and in another way she didn’t. She was horny and kind of interested in fooling around but on the other hand she didn’t want to be a lesbian. She was pretty sure she liked guys but never had the opportunity to be with one. This encounter would be her first and she was scared to death.

Linda held her friend’s hand and they went upstairs to her bedroom. Linda held her friend in an embrace and helped her take off her clothes. She unbuttoned her shirt and unclasped her bra. Mary had big breasts and Linda licked her lips looking at her voluptuous body.

She unzipped her jeans and took her over to her bed. She pulled her pants off and helped her onto the bed. Linda kissed her deeply and passionately on her mouth while her hands caressed her breasts. She played with her nipples and squeezed them while kissing her lips passionately.

“If you don’t want me like I want you, it’s fine. I want to taste you Mary. I want to make love to you with my tongue.”

“I’m just not sure. I want to experiment, but I don’t think I want to do it back to you. I’m not really sure I like girls.”

“It’s fine. I want you so much. I want to pleasure you.”

Linda climbed on top of her friend and kissed her passionately. She moved slowly down to her thighs. She licked her panties and made them wet with her tongue. She could taste her pussy juices on her panties.

Linda pulled her panties down her legs and dove between her thighs. She kissed and licked her thighs and moved her tongue gently all over her pussy. Mary was making soft moans while her friend expertly licked her pussy. Mary wondered if she had done this with other girls. She seemed to know what she was doing.

Linda used her fingers on Mary’s clitoris while her tongue moved in and out of her vagina. Her juices were dripping which made Linda go deeper and deeper inside of her vagina. Mary arched her back and wrapped her legs around Linda’s neck.

Linda was still fully dressed while pleasing her friend with her tongue. She licked every corner of her pussy. Mary had several orgasms while her friend ate her pussy furiously. Linda got up and went into a drawer in her desk. She pulled out a long vibrator and went back over to the bed.

“Ready to cum hard?” This will drive you insane.”

“Where did you get that?”

“On-line! I masturbate a lot. Don’t you?”

“I don’t have one of those. I usually just use my fingers.”

“My mom has lots of toys. I saw that she had a few of these. One day, I ordered one with her credit card. You’ll fucking love it. Now just lie back and let me show you what this baby can do.”


Linda put the toy in her mouth and pushed it into her friend’s vagina. She turned it on and fucked her friend’s pussy. She would take it all the way out and then jam it back inside of her. Mary was a fucking river while she fucked her hard and fast with the sleek toy.

“Fucking hell! You’re so wet Mary! You’re really turned on.”

Mary slithered on her friend’s bed while Linda fucked her hard with the toy. She orgasmed several more times. Linda fucked her with the toy and pleasured her over and over with her tongue. Linda’s bed was soaking wet from all her orgasms.

“Would you mind if I took off my clothes,” Linda asked.

“I don’t know. I just don’t think I want to lick your pussy. I think I like boys. I hope you don’t mind.”

“It’s fine. I just want to hold you.”

“I feel kind of uncomfortable now. I should probably go home.”

“Why? You don’t have to lick my pussy. I told you that.”

“I’m sorry Linda. I’m very uncomfortable now.”

“Please don’t leave. You’re being ridiculous. I said you don’t have to do anything to me. Just stay and we can drink more.”

“No. I’m calling my folks. I just want to go home now.”

Mary got dressed and called her mother on the phone.

“Mom, it’s Mary. Can you come and get me?”

“What happened? I thought you wanted to stay at Linda’s.”

“I want to go home. Please can you come and get me?”

“No. We’re both drunk and can’t drive. We’re at a party and we can’t leave. I’ll call Uncle Jack to pick you up. He’ll take you home.”

“Okay. Just tell him to hurry. I’m very uncomfortable here.”

“My Uncle Jack is going to pick me up. I’m going to wait outside.”

“You’re acting ridiculous. We were just fucking around. This doesn’t mean you’re gay. I told you, you don’t have to lick my cunt. I just wanted you.”

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