Drunk Teen Is an Easy Score

by Tim Slutmaker

Copyright© 2019 by Tim Slutmaker

Erotica Sex Story: 14 year old Kelly is insecure and desperate for popularity. A little booze and and she gives it up easy.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Coercion   Drunk/Drugged   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Anal Sex   First   Oral Sex   .

I watched her look around for her friends. She was out of place. Pretty typical for girls like her. She managed to get invited because of her older sister Maggie. But Kelly was a fucking baby compared to her older sister. Her sister had already gone upstairs to get high and probably Fuck her boyfriend. She was a junior and Kelly was only a freshman.

Not for the first time I wondered if the girls had the same dad. I mean they looked nothing alike. Maggie was tall and leggy, a cool blonde with a slim figure, small perfect high tits and lethal green narrow cat eyes. Naturally she was popular.

Kelly on the other hand, was a little on the short side. Not fat but naturally chubby with tits too big for her 14 year old frame. She had long straight brown hair and these huge innocent blue eyes. She didn’t have the skill with makeup and clothes Maggie had and was sort of a wallflower at parties. I watched as she nervously guzzled down another cup of punch. I wondered if she knew it was spiked. I should’ve made her go home. She had no place at this party. I was already taking a risk allowing anyone under 21, but I admit it. Drunk high school girls are fun.

Let me just be up front. I am a 40 year old business owner. I am in good shape and most consider me good looking. I own a local hang out that is marketed as a safe place for kids to hang out. Parents love it. The kids love it. They can come shoot pool, listen to awful music, dance, and gossip and eat junk food. Its become the place to go on weekends. The parents are happy because its alcohol free and supervised. However, sometimes I have parties on weekends at my home and only the special kids get invited. Booze flows and kids get hammered. What can I say? I like fucking drunk teens.

I had already fucked Maggie before. Still did on occasion when she wanted something. Maggie was a born predator. She knew how to use her body to get stuff and most were happy to oblige. She was decent in bed but you could only push so far. Chicks with self esteem set better boundaries.

Kelly downed some more punch and was beginning to relax. She really was desperate for attention. I waited till she had another cup before I made my move. She was sitting on the couch. Her skirt was riding up her plump thighs too far and from some angles I could see her cute little panties with the pink hearts. Her top was too tight and her bra a little too small. You could see the outline through the shirt and the line where her titties bulged over the top of the cups. That long straight brown hair hung over one shoulder and she looked at me in surprise as I approached.

“Hi Kelly. Enjoying yourself?”

“Oh. Yes. Thank you Mr. Williams.”

“Call me Tim.”

“Um. Ok ... Tim.”

I sat down next to her on the couch. I was too close and it made her a little uncomfortable. My leg was touching hers. I made small talk with her and she nervously sipped more of her drink. She began to relax and laugh a little. I made sure to pay her a lot of attention. The alcohol was kicking in and she was slurring a little and being careless with how she was sitting. Her legs were open and she leaned against me a little and I put my arm around her. She smiled at me.

“Btw Kelly. Your panties are so cute.” “OH! I didn’t realize. I am so embarrassed.”

“Why? I think they are hot.” I put a hand on her bare thigh.

“You think I am hot???”

“Oh yes. You are very sexy.”

“Wow. No one ever says that.”

“They are wrong.” My hand had slid so far up her thigh the back of it brushed her panties. She jumped a little. She gulped down more drink.

“Kelly? Will you come with me to my apartment?” Her eyes widened. The kids knew better than to go downstairs to my private apartment. It was off limits.

“Me? You want me to go there?”

“Yes. You are very special.”

I led her downstairs and brought her into my private apartment. I sat down with her on the couch and leaned in for a kiss. She was massively inexperienced but I liked that. I kissed her deeply and thrust me tongue into her mouth. I moved to her neck and ears and my hand slid over her tits on top of her shirt. She sighed in pleasure. She was pretty hammered and offered no resistance as I tugged her shirt up to reveal her pink lacy bra. Her fat tits bulged over the top and I kissed her cleavage as my hand squeezed a tit through the bra.

“That feels good. She slurred.” I felt her nipple harden and poke through the bra. I kissed the tops of her tits as I reached around and unclasped her bra. She momentarily made a small protest but my teeth scored her neck gently and she laid back as I gently pulled her bra away from her tits. They were fucking gorgeous. She had the soft belly and heavy tits that girls have when they have a little extra weight. She had a plump little stomach and her nipples were big and pink.

“We shouldn’t do ... OHHHH” her words trailed off as I sucked a nipple hard into my mouth. I worked her nipples with my mouth and tongue as I rubbed her pussy through her panties under her skirt. Her legs spread more by the minute. I pushed her panties to the side and felt her perfect smooth cunt.

“Ohhhh there is no hair.”

“Oh. I uh. No. I mean I like it bare. Is that bad?”

“No. Its perfect. I want to see it.”

“Hmmm no,” she slurred. I sucked her nipples and slid my hand down into her panties and rubbed that silky smooth pussy. My middle finger worked its way between her soft cunt lips and found her sweet clit. I rubbed it gently in a circle as I sucked and licked her big hard nipples. Alcohol and lust has loosened her up.

I pulled her to her feet and she was drunker than I thought. She staggered and I had to hold her up. I tugged her skirt down. Then pulled her panties down past her knees. I gently sat her back on the couch and knelt on the floor. She tried locking her knees together as I tugged the panties the rest of the way off but I kissed and licked at her thighs and pulled them open slowly.

My cock was hard as granite when I saw her perfect cunt. It was a little bit plump. The lips were puffy and waxed completely smooth. As I opened her legs wider it opened a little to show a pretty pink and already wet snatch with small inner labia and a bulging fat little clit. I opened her cunt lips with my hands and lowered my face. I slid my tongue up and pushed it in between her inner lips.

Fuck yes. She tasted so good. Young unused teen pussy is amazing. Her legs were wide now and I was able to hold her pudgy cunt lips open with one hand as I licked on her clit. I put my mouth over it and sucked her clit as her drunken protests faded. I reached down with my other hand to slide a single finger inside her pussy and she moaned. Goddamn she was tight and getting wetter by the minute. I finger fucked her gently as I ate her cunt for several minutes until I felt her tense and arch her back. I felt her start to cum and shoved my tongue up her cunt to feel her sweet contractions. Then I licked that sweet teen pussy some more. I kept licking until she was panting like a dog and her thighs were quivering like jelly.

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