Wicked Wife

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Man's spouse can't resist defying convention.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Cuckold   Slut Wife   Orgy   Pregnancy   .

Wendy got a thrill out of calling herself “Wicked Wendy”. She’d been married seven years. It was that mythical time when folks strayed. It hadn’t taken nearly that long for her.

She’d married after a wild post-prom night when her date and his two buddies took her virginity with repeated copulations and she’d loved it. In spite of birth control, she’d gotten pregnant and her date, Warren, stepped up to that responsibility. Months after they married she miscarried but they decided to stay together anyway. They were young and having a sex partner available all the time was an important thing to them.

He worked a lot and she hadn’t told him that the prom night guys were stopping over now and then for some fun and games. She’d gotten better birth control so she now enjoyed feeling everything they could deliver. Eventually they moved away or got married and she replaced them with some new acquaintances. It was not her looks, but her availability, that lured men to her. She needed those eager males to reaffirm her female identity.

She role-played and fantasized with her husband, keeping him interested in her. That helped when her lack of monogamy got found out. He’d been tipped off by a guy that she had bonked once but didn’t find very satisfying and wouldn’t do him again.

Her husband came storming in, all upset. She calmly greeted him with, “I can’t understand you when you’re yelling. Go get a beer and calm down and then I’ll be able to listen.” That slowed him down and he complied.

When he told her what he had heard, she replied quite directly, “I don’t know what you’re upset about. You brought two buddies to fuck me on our prom night so I figured it was okay with you if I screwed other guys and so I kept doing them. When they were no longer available I found some replacements. You never asked or I would have been honest. I may be a slut but not a liar. Have you had any complaints about the pussy you got from me?”

Her husband hung his head down and shook it. Then he said quietly, “I guess I just assumed that when we were married you wouldn’t spread for anybody else. I have to admit you’re right, our loving is always been damn good.”

She stood up and peeled off her clothes, “Come on husband, give me what I like best from you.”

As he was stroking in her wicked pussy, he asked, “How long since you fucked somebody else?”

She glanced at the clock, “Since you asked, about an hour and a half. I told you I would be honest. You’ve always seem to like me when I was extra slippery, even though you didn’t know exactly why.

She came violently as he pounded his semen into her. As they lay together she whispered, “I feel so deliciously wicked having you fuck me after another man. I love you and I need it and I hope you will keep doing this for your wicked wife.” His partly deflated cock began swelling inside her.

The physical sensations and the mental thrills of experiencing different men naked and aroused with her was an addiction, she realized. In turn, it transferred to her husband who she really loved and with whom sex was satisfying in a way none of the other men could provide. She justified her promiscuity by making sure her marital copulations were frequent and great.

One month she skipped a period and was concerned that it had happened again. She didn’t tell her husband and breathed a sigh of relief when the red curse finally started.

She kept bonking several fuck buddies in secret. That was only because her husband didn’t ask, preferring to ignore it. She got her jollies from taunting them about how recently her husband had preceded them and how soon he’d be slipping and sliding in their stuff. Those kinds of thoughts got her the hottest.

Her husband commented how aroused and eager she was some days. She made no comment, letting him think whatever turned him on. As an example, for the anniversary of the first time they fucked, he got the idea to repeat their prom night. When he mentioned the idea, he said that he’d lost touch with the two buddies that had banged her on that memorable occasion. She grinned and said she knew two men that would be glad to be part of the party.

It could easily be said that it was a “rousing success” just from a count of the ejaculations in her pussy and mouth. The couplings had lasted late into the evening until no more erections were available. Her husband got some pictures that they would use in their later years.

He got more open about her extramarital activity, asking for the first name of whoever had deposited the slippery stuff when he felt it. Then one day he surprised her. “I’d like to find out why you get such a thrill about bedding other guys. I only had a few pieces from one girl before I met you but I’ve met someone that I think wants to fuck me.”

The shoe was on the other foot now so Wendy asked some questions. “Tell me about her. Why are you interested in her?”

“Her name is Patty and she’s real different than you. I met her at work and we have lunch together sometimes. She’s married too but her husband is away working a lot and she gets horny. She asked me if I thought she was attractive.”

“Is she?”

“Not as much as you but not ugly. A redhead and a bit overweight but that makes a girl comfortable, doesn’t it?” He smiled at the faint humor.

“So she’s not looking to snare a husband. I’m very careful that my guys know they are only ‘borrowing’ me.”

“Not at all. She made that real clear. Just wants some fun and horn-clipping.”

Wendy concluded the conversation with, “I am in no position to interfere. Just keep me posted on what you do and how you feel about it. As you said, this could be a learning experience for you.”

Two days later Wendy’s husband texted to not hold dinner for him and he’d be home late. She went out with one of her fuck-buddies and got home just before her husband did. They showered together and got in bed. His pecker was limp, not the usual condition after bathing with her.

She fondled the soft organ and said, “Good thing I took care of my needs while you were busy. Tell me how it went and maybe you will recover enough to enjoy my well-creamed pussy.”

He stared at ceiling, trying to figure out how to start. “Her titties are lots bigger than yours but real soft and they flop around a lot. Your firm ones stand out jiggle. Her pussy is real hairy so I guess she doesn’t trim it like you do. Her fur is red like her head hair. She was real horny cause her husband has been gone for two weeks and won’t be back for another two. BTW, he knows she fucks around while he is gone and is OK with it like I am.”

Wendy interrupted, “So did you fuck her?”

“Of course, silly. Three times too. Her pussy feels different inside, not as smooth and velvety as yours. It made me cum faster but she could squeeze it like you do too. She wanted me to eat her after I’d put three loads in but I said I’d rather do it before. Cleaning off a dick that just came out of her is something she likes too.”

Wendy had been fondling his recovering member. “It’s not as hard as usual but I’d like it in me anyway. I don’t know if you ever noticed but I like to fuck you last in the day to reconnect us as a couple. For some reason that has always been important to me.”

He managed a small contribution of his sperm to mix with all the others before they slept.

The next morning Wendy had only one question, “You already know that fucking multiple guys doesn’t wear me out so much I can’t do you, but guys are different. Just look at last night. How often is she going to drain you?”

Her husband replied, “I think if she gets it more often it won’t be so intense. Just how often I don’t know yet. I was also wondering what will happen when her husband returns.”

Wendy nodded and added, “If you let me know when she will be using you then I can visit one of my studs.”

Nothing more was directly discussed for about a week. Wendy got some strange two of the three nights her husband was getting his. The other time she enjoyed the quiet time at home to get some other things done. Her husband did bring home more energy for her than the first time.

He told her that Patty said she could still fuck him when her husband was back, just not as often because he’d be banging her. A few times in the past she’d done married guys whose wives knew about it but the other spouses had never met. Would they be interested in coming over for dinner?

Wendy was intrigued to meet another woman in a similar situation to hers, so she agreed and a date was set. They would bring adult beverages.

It was a Saturday night and Wendy was impressed by the house in a nice neighborhood. Her eyes opened in surprise when the door was opened by a redheaded older woman. She’d just assumed that Patty was their age, not nearly twice it. “You must be Wendy! Come on in.” She took their beverages and led them to the great room looking out on a private back yard with an in-ground pool. “This is my husband Terry, short for Terrance. Terry, this is Warren that you’ve heard about and his wife Wendy. Let me get y’all some drinks. Orders?”

Wendy went with her into a kitchen she’d only dreamed about and served the men drinks while Patty brought horsdeuvres. They all sat looking at each other for a moment, then Patty got some conversation rolling. “Let’s each tell a little bit about ourselves to get acquainted. I’ll start. I’m 46 and married 25 years. We have two grown children. I’ve been working as a marketing analyst where Warren and I met for the last 15. Terry?”

He took a sip of his whiskey, “I’m 44. Patty likes younger men. <grin> I do computer systems work overseas mostly. Big corporate or government projects. I am gone a lot but get big chunks of time off when I get back to compensate. Wendy?”

She wasn’t used to reciting her background like this and wasn’t sure what to say. “I’m 24 and married seven years, no kids by choice. I work part-time when I can find something I can do.” She didn’t know what else to say.

Warren was last, “I’ve been working with Patty for the past two years as a systems analyst. Wendy and I were in high school together and married shortly after the prom.”

After refilling the drinks, Wendy helped Patty serve a simple but delicious pasta dinner. Telling everyone to take their dishes to the kitchen, the few perishables were put away and drinks refilled again. Patty announced a house tour and everyone trouped after her. It was a three story with five bedrooms with baths spread out over all levels. Then to the yard, nearly an acre with a storage shed, flower and vegetable gardens, and the pool with a diving board and slide. A pool house had changing rooms too.

“Let’s go swimming on this moonlit night!” exclaimed Patty, “Suits are not permitted unless small children are present.” She began stripping. Terry turned off the yard lights and turned on the ones in the pool.

No one there was shy and soon all were eyeing their newest acquaintances. Patty’s tits were the most obvious physical feature but Terry’s hose was pretty large even uninflated. Both of the younger couple felt a little intimidated but just jumped into the inviting water. They’d had enough to drink that they could get playful.

After getting used to the water, Terry got out a plastic ball and said he wanted to play water polo in the shallow end where it was waist deep. He and Wendy would team up. The rules were very simple. You could only push the ball with your body parts. No hands. A point was scored if the ball touched any side of the pool. Body checking was allowed but it had to be low impact or your team lost a point.

As you might imagine, there was lots of body contact. The women had an advantage because they could get the ball between their tits and walk forward easily while the guys had a much more difficult time keeping control of it.

Wendy noticed, to her delight, that the multiple body contacts, especially with tits, had gotten both men somewhat aroused and she was felt one cock or another touching various places on her body. She was sure it was Terry’s thick shaft that got poked between her thighs and rubbed on her labia from behind. Mmmm!

When everybody had enough and the score was tied 3-3, they all got out and teammates dried each other off. Back into the house for a surprise dessert.

Patty had made a strawberry mousse and whispered to Wendy before they brought it out. An area in front of the fireplace was tiled and the rug was removed. Wendy laid on the tile and Patty spooned the mousse on her tits, belly and pussy before announcing, “Let’s all watch Terry have his dessert. Probably having done this before, he was ready and made Wendy squeal and shiver as he nibbled and licked. She had to spread her legs for him to finish and she orgasmed from his tongue.

Patty tossed Wendy a towel as she laid down and then Wendy “dressed” her up. Warren had as much effect on her as his wife had gotten. Now it was the men on the floor. Both laid side by side and were decorated similarly to the women. The erections took a lot more covering though. Like the women, they couldn’t hold still as the opposite couple’s wife feasted. It seemed to take a lot of extra mouth work to get the cocks clean and dessert wasn’t finished until each had contributed some “cream” to their feaster’s mouth.

The master bedroom had a shower for four and everyone helped everyone else get ready for the next step. Patty took her husband’s hand and put it around Warren’s refilling shlong and the same for Warren. She said, “You’ve both put these inside me so they need to be better acquainted. That is my goal for the rest of the night. I think Wendy’s too.” She agreed.

When all were dry, Wendy led Terry to the big bed. “I’ve never fucked a guy your age. You must be damn good to keep up with what I’ve heard about your wife so show me. Warren has never seen me screwed so let’s put on a good show for him.”

With the dick-draining during dessert, they were able to show off in four positions before Terry let loose his juice. Warren and Patty fondled each other as they watched, eager for their turn on the bed. Patty mentioned it was rare that she could watch too and it was really erotic. Warren made a mental note to ask about her previous “adventures” sometime.

Wendy was fascinated by the way Patty’s huge mammaries swayed and swung as she was screwing. She reached around from behind to cup and squeeze them and, as she pinched and tweaked the big nipples, Patty said, “I like that!” She rubbed her own nipples on Patty’s back.

Terry came up behind her, pulled her hips back a bit and slid his thick tool into her sopping snatch. After her orgasm subsided, she turned her head and said, “I’m glad you didn’t wait! I could hardly stand it!”

Later that night, as Wendy was lying next to Terry, she realized that neither she and Warren had rarely spent the night with another sex partner, let alone a couple. When this one poked a big mushroom head against her thigh, she queried, “I didn’t know men your age could get it up as often as my husband does.”

Terry laughed, “With a wife like Patty, I have an annual prescription for an ED medicine which only keeps me from falling too far behind. Some women slow down at menopause; she went the other way. Warren isn’t the only young meat she keeps handy, even when I’m home.”

Ignoring that for now, Wendy was curious about something else, “Are you celibate on these trips?”

“Hell, no! I may be older but I’m not dead. Sometimes I pick up a local who wants some fun but often there are women on our project teams who get horny too. Our management would rather we keep it in house but we have to sign a non-harassment statement before we take out clothes off. That strictly applies to on the project site for married people. No fooling around back home.

She enjoyed his oversized sausage twice before breakfast and it was obvious that her husband had been busy too. They left after eating and it was a quiet ride home. There was shopping and some household things to do so they were both busy until bedtime.

As she put his arms around his wife, he kissed her and asked, “You have a good time?” She nodded and snuggled closer to him. Her hand snaked down and he wasn’t hard so she fondled until it began to fill.

Rolling him on his back she dropped on him and pulled his hands to her breasts, “They aren’t as impressive as Patty’s but they like your attention just as much.”

He laughed and responded, tweaking her hard nipples, “I don’t fill you as full as that horse-cock but I hope it feels good anyway.” She squeezed him a few times and grinned.

She looked thoughtful and said, “It was different being with him all night. It felt wicked. I missed having you inside me before I went to sleep and I realized just how important that is to me. I’d happily fuck him again but no overnights. OK?”

She slept well that night, not feeling quite so wicked anymore. She dreamed about a whole line of guys fucking her one after another with cocks of all sizes, shapes, and colors. But Warren was right there, holding her hand and watching the whole time and it didn’t feel a bit wicked.

The next evening as they got into bed, Wendy said, I found out that Terry screws other women while he’s away and that you aren’t the only cock Patty enjoys. You might ask her about that. I might want to try them out too.” That comment made her feel wicked again.

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