College Coed Cunt

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: College freshman goes wild when her parents can't control her. Wannabe boyfriend loves her pussy but hates sharing it.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Sharing   Gang Bang   Interracial   Voyeurism   .

Becky looked so virginal, a classic midwestern blond cutie in her first semester at college. First time away from home and living in a coed dorm. First time able to date without watchful parents screening and hovering. A trip to the health clinic set the stage for a life transformation.

She went from virgin to slut in a very short time. I know; I am part of it all. My name is Sam and I asked her out for her first date after the clinic visit. It was just to a campus concert and coffee, or so I thought. Then she invited me, “Sam, let’s go back to my room.”

“Hell yes,” I thought, wanting to get some making out and maybe a little squeezing of the nice rack she had under her plain and modest blouse. Was I surprised!

We’d just shut the door when she announced, “I want to get naked with you. OK?”

I was so stunned I couldn’t speak. I’d only done that with one girl back home who just used me for a couple of weeks and then moved on. But I did know what to do! Reaching out I pulled her to me and gave her a kiss that added tongue quickly. She pressed an ample bosom up against my chest and her hand began squeezing the swelling crotch of my jeans.

“I’ve been so damn curious about a guy’s stuff. Show me yours.” I got pushed down on her bed and she attacked my belt and zipper. Raising my hips let her slide my pants down. “Oooooh! How interesting” as her hand grasped my swollen shaft. She squeezed and rubbed it a little too firmly so I advised her and watched as she explored my average hunk of meat, clearly captivated.

When she bent over and kissed the head, then popped her mouth over it I had to warn her, “It feels great but I’m awfully horny and you might get a mouthful of cream.”

Pulling her mouth free, “Really! That easily?” and went back to sucking. I gave her what she obviously wanted and she grinned as she swallowed. She stripped and laid on her back, spreading her legs to reveal a blond-trimmed and reddened pussy, drooling a girl juice. “My turn,” she ordered.

Two oral orgasms later she asked, “That nice tool ready again?” I nodded with a mouth still full of sweet-tasting snatch. “Put it in me then!” She opened wide and my steel-hard rod slid into the softest, wettest, hottest place I could imagine. The older broad I’d fucked had a sloppy cunt after three kids and innumerable male visitors. This was incredibly different.

Only a few strokes later Becky clamped her arms and legs around me and shook as she moaned out her first cock-induced orgasm, giving me a preview of how multi-orgasmic she was. Two more before I splashed my sperm against her cervix, eliciting “Damn I love that!” from her. I got little sleep but lots of pussy that night.

Every night, and a couple of afternoons were spent between her legs. She couldn’t get too much. Then came the following Friday when I brought a pizza and beer to her room. I was greeted by her roommate Nancy in a bathrobe.

“Brenda had a date and asked me to take care of you. She says you’re a great fuck and I’m always ready for that. Here’s what I have to offer.” She opened her robe to display a bigger and meatier body than Brenda’s, with smaller tits and a bushier box. “What the hell,” I thought, “Variety is the spice!”

We ate pizza and drank beer and fucked. Nancy explained she had a boyfriend back home that might marry her so she would fuck only him face-to-face. Doggy, spooning from behind, and reverse cowgirl could be very satisfying as I learned.

I was soft and soaking when Brenda returned. She awoke me and took me to her bed. As I sank into her snatch I recognized fresh semen and she knew it. Her whispered words were, “He fucked me three times but I still need you.” I hadn’t been given a choice so just plowed on and she soon shook with another climax before I added my seed to the stew.

Over breakfast I stated that apparently I wasn’t enough. She reached out her hand and said, “You are great but this is the time of my life when I can explore things and I intend to. It’s no reflection on you any more than you fucking Nancy was the other way around. You are forever my first and I want to be special to you too. I hope you can understand. Being able to come and be with you last night was great and I hope we can do that often when I bed other guys.”

I was quiet for a bit. I hadn’t expected to share her, after all. “I’m not thrilled with the idea of other dicks in your pussy, I want you to know.”

“I thought you might feel that way. It made me feel sexier as a woman to enjoy two men and have both sperms in me at the same time. What if I said it made me want and need you even more?”

I reflected, “Well, that’s good for you but I feel cheated.”

“What about Nancy? Didn’t you enjoy her. I know damn well you did cause she told me how you plowed her pussy as good as anybody. Besides, when you were stroking in my date’s cum did you dick have any less pleasure? Or maybe more thinking how sexy I was. I’ve read that some guys even share their wives and girlfriends for that very reason. Be honest.”

I had to admit that thinking what my pecker was lubricated with had given me a strange thrill. Her pussy hadn’t been hurt a bit. Hmmm. Gotta do something about the hardon this talk has given me.

“Oooo!” squealed Becky as I put her on her hands and knees and filled her slutty cunt once again. She bucked back and moaned.

After I added my sperm to her womb I spanked her and said, “But you’ve got to tell me ahead of time. I might just need to bang Nancy again while I’m waiting for my coed cunt to return.” She laughed and kissed me hard after getting her mouth all cummy from my dripping cock.

About once a week Becky would ask me to be in her room. Once when I got there early Nancy was screwing a guy and smiled at me as I watched. When he finished she dismissed him and sat on my rod for a go, then watched as Becky dropped her spermy snatch on my pecker when she returned.

Another time I arrived to find Becky in her bed with a date, screwing away. Nancy took me to hers and I spoon-fucked her from behind as we watched. My sweetie, as I thought of her, put on quite a show for her audience and made sure I had a good view as the stud pulsed his sperm deep in her cunt. Nancy got mine in synch and loved it.

When the guy pulled out I could see he was about my size so no penis-worry there. Nancy called out, “Switch?” and Becky grinned. We men high-fived as we switched beds and bodies. Becky was all over me with the deepest, hottest kisses ever. “I love yous” rang repeatedly in my ears for the first time ever. The noises from the other bed only stimulated us all the more during the night and it was Becky that called “Switch” in the pre-dawn hours.

Nancy surprised me when she opened herself from the front and kissed me as we coupled gently. “You are so good for her. I hope my man can be like you. By the way, he’s visiting next weekend. Would you share Becky with him? Only fair I figure.” She already knew my answer.

Ted was a big farm boy, soft-spoken and a gentleman. I showed him around and worked on some male-bonding, knowing far more than he what would be transpiring later. We had dinner out and then there was the moment of reckoning. Becky and I had left them alone shortly after he arrived to do some “bonding” and they were both grinning.

Going back the room I opened the whisky and the gals put on some sultry music. Emerging from the bathroom in semi-transparent robes and scarves they improvised a harem dance, teasing us both with their bodies. When they were topless, they knelt down in front of their partner and unzipped us. Fishing out our erections they would tease both with brief nipple and mouth contact. Finally dropping the last scarves from around their waists, Ted was surprised, although I wasn’t, when Becky sat on his cock, taking several inches inside as he watched Nancy do the same for mine. Each woman put a tit to our mouths and we alternated pleasuring their nipples.

“Ted,” Nancy announced, “Sam has done a great job keeping me satisfied this year and we have all decided that you need a treat as well. Becky wants to feel the pleasures you give me. Take her to bed while I do the same with Sam.”

As Becky pulled off and Ted stood up I could see that his rod was half again as long and thick as mine. Could Becky handle it? Would it ruin her for me? Too late to back out now. Nancy pulled me to her bed and sat on top, facing me, easily taking my stiffness inside. I was just thinking that she still felt the same even though Ted had ravished her just a little earlier when she whispered, “Becky will enjoy that big hunk of meat but yours will always satisfy her just like it does me.” We both glanced over at the other couple as they coupled.

We switched back after that and Nancy was having a glorious time with her beloved just as I was with mine. Nancy was right, cunts are so capable of adaptation that I never concerned myself with that issue again.

The only other ongoing issue was Becky’s continuing curiosity about other cocks. As she had said, her cunt never had too many. Now it was happening more often and sometimes on a weekend two or three times a day with different guys. I was glad I had Nancy who only rarely took on another partner since I was all too often horny and available.

Becky kept pushing her boundaries. I’ll never forget one night when I was waiting in her bed as expected. She was tired, and her body clearly well-used. “Sam, you’ll have to be gentle. I’ve had quite a workout.”

“Oh?” I inquired.

““There’s a guy I’ve been doing for a while, the one you saw me with as a matter of fact. He took me to his room and his two roommates were there. Long story short they took turns with me until they couldn’t. So I’m a bit tender.”

When she reached for my usual hard on it was soft. Nancy hadn’t been there so that wasn’t the reason.

“Oh. Do you want me to rinse their stuff out?” I nodded and she headed for the bathroom. It took some effort on her part but we did screw. The next morning she didn’t apologize, just reaffirming that it was her pussy and she made the decisions about it. I said nothing.

Spring break came and Becky didn’t want to leave campus with her retinue of cocks. I’d wanted to go camping, something I could afford. Nancy piped up, “I’d love to try it. Never had the chance. Will you take me?” That was ago and we headed to a state park a couple of hours away.

We had a great time swimming, fishing, canoeing, hiking, and searching a stream bed for invertebrates. We also liked fucking in the lake, on the trails, under the stars, and anywhere else that we could.

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