A Frisky Dog Is a Lot of Fun

by Donna The Dog Lover

Copyright© 2018 by Donna The Dog Lover

Erotica Sex Story: Fiona was still a virgin and not very happy about it. She had been trying to change that for the past two years without success and she was beginning to think there was something wrong with her attitude or her personality because she was a pretty young thing and there was no reason for her delayed entry into the wonderful world of womanhood. Now she has a dog to worry about because her sister was not the type to be responsible when it came to tending poor animals that need lots of TLC.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Teenagers   Coercion   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Humiliation   Analingus   Bestiality   Hairy   .

Fiona had never been much of a dog lover.

In fact, the freckle faced teenager of eighteen was a bit frightened of the larger dogs that most of the neighbors seemed prefer because they figured the beasts could double as security for the home.

Fiona knew from her experience selling Girl Scout cookies that the little dogs were the most dangerous and they were more vicious when they thought their prey was fearful of them as well.

She had taken to carrying a can of mace with her on her selling expeditions and that seemed to work well provided there was only one dog and not two or more in and around the home she was visiting.

The pretty teen girl knew that once you entered a closed gate, you were liable for anything that happened even if the nasty little pooch took a bite out of your ankle.

If it was a big dog biting, it would probably take a chunk out of your ass, but Fiona didn’t like to think about such things because the thought of a big dog biting her ass was enough to make her a little shaky in her knees.

The barking dogs didn’t bother Fiona as much as the real silent ones that snuck up on you and had you cornered before you even suspected they were in the neighborhood.

That sort of sneakiness was associated with the breeds like the Dobermanns or the Pit-Bulls with their high intelligence and ability to overcome bigger targets even in full daylight.

Her greatest fear was of the awesome Great Danes that could easily pin her to the ground and make her their bitch without much effort at all. She had seen her best friend Polly taken from behind by a pair Great Danes, both males, and they had made her their ass-play buddy in a big hurry stretching her tiny sphincter like it was a toy for their doggy play totally ignoring her screams of abject terror. It was kind of funny with Polly making all the noise and the two huge dogs as quiet as the grave just humping away like there was no tomorrow.

Fortunately, she was still on the other side of the fence because she had to go back to the station wagon and get the cartons of cookies that they toted around to show the potential customers.

It was beginning to look like the owners were not home anyway and poor Polly was just being uncoupled from the first Great Dane only to be a flexible bitch for the other huge dog just waiting his turn like an eager customer waiting his turn on the pretty young girl in uniform ass-hump game.

Fiona knew she had to do something to help her friend, so she threw a couple of boxes of the cookies into the yard to distract the dogs and when it worked with great success, she ran in and scooped up the distraught Polly and led her back to the station wagon for repairs to her torn panties and wipe the tears from her humiliated face that looked like she was not enjoying this sales trip at all.

She cleaned up the girl with the free baby wipes that they gave to all the volunteer Girl Scouts that did the field work of selling the cookies. They also gave them complimentary bottles of water and breath mints to freshen up their mouths when necessary. That kind of mystified her unless they thought that some of the girls might use their mouth for more than a sales pitch when they had a live male customer in their sights. She hadn’t done that as yet but it was in the back of her mind because of the free breath mints and she kept her eye out for a possible candidate for her first “on your knees” performance to boost cookie sales.

Back in that time when she was sweet sixteen, she felt like the world was her oyster and she was ready to join the ranks of the full-fledged grown-up women just as soon as she could locate a male that met her minimum standards for her initial coupling experience.

Now, two years later, she was still searching in vain for her ideal “cherry buster” because every time she told her prospective copulation partner that she was still a virgin, they dropped her like a hot potato and found another girlfriend with extensive experience in actually “doing it” and didn’t need a lover to be a guide as well.

Her sister’s silly friend Gloria told her the best way to take care of her problem was to go down to Mulligan’s bar and grill and take a ride on the “bucking bull”. She whispered that the thing would solve her problem as long as she held on tight with her knees locked around the wide torso and let the bull bounce and slam her crotch with just the trick to get her vagina wide open for business of the carnal kind.

She actually went down to the bar and stood in line with the other teenage boys and girls and chickened out at the last minute because she saw one girl fall off and sprain her wrist.

Fiona felt that there had to be a better way of getting her cherry busted than riding the dangerous bull and maybe winding up with a broken neck instead of a broken wrist.

Her last boyfriend was Tommy Donovan and he merely laughed when she told him that she was a virgin and he said it better if they did it in her ass anyway because then they didn’t have to use a condom to keep from having a baby. Up to that point, the whole having a baby thing was not really on her mind because she had some back-up “morning after” pills that her Aunt Flo had given her when she was three sheets to the wind on New Year’s Eve.

Her confused aunt kept mumbling something about,

“Stand under the mistletoe, dear, that will do the trick for sure.”

Since it was already a week after Christmas, she didn’t think there would be any mistletoe still around to use as an excuse for necking or something a whole lot more involved that would require movement to a more private location.

Her sister’s boyfriend Patrick gave her a box identical to the one he gave the nineteen year old Veronica and when she opened it she found seven pairs of risqué panties that had sex positions all over them featuring a different position for every day of the week. Apparently, he had given the same gift to her sister Veronica and her sister was truly pissed that he had given the exact same thing to her younger sister. She reminded Patrick that the shy Fiona was still a silly virgin and that she barely knew what a dick was for.

Fiona thought the panties were exciting and she carefully studied the positions on them like she was already picking out her favorites when she hadn’t even dropped her panties for the first time.

Patrick liked to stretch out on the sofa next to her and he would explain the different positions to her with much detail.

Fiona was glad her sister was still at work because she would really be upset to see her boyfriend with his hands all over her little sister’s ass and explaining which positions he had already done with her older sister and how much she liked this one or that one and the reason why she liked it.

Fiona looked up at Patrick unable to tell him that he had just given her a very first orgasm with his honey-coated words about sexual positions and how they might make her feel deep down in her female parts just like every other girl that liked to take a cock all the way up inside. She really liked when he pushed one of his adventurous fingers into her back door because it was a certain trigger point to make her clitoris shake and rattle like one of the bad girls behind Mulligan’s bar and grill. Of course, she couldn’t tell her sister’s boyfriend that because it would be far too inappropriate for a loving sister.

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