You've Got to Be Kidding: More Action From Everett Mountain

by Jack Spratt

Copyright© 2018 by Jack Spratt

Action/Adventure Sex Story: Can you believe it, another Ex-Marine, Ron Wreckler travels 'Timber Road' in Abbotsville every morning to get to his construction site at the base of Everett Mountain. Don's massive lift gate tweaked Don's curiosity. Hell, as a result of him being nosey, he actually met Don P. Johnson. Just think about it, Don a former Sniper, and Ron an explosive specialist, who just happened to be a 'Marksman' classified as an 'expert'. What could go wrong with this match??

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Interracial   Anal Sex   .

✧ ✧ ✧

Special thanks to Jim7 for his expertise in editing and proofing.

No Bunnies were harmed during this edit!!

✧ ✧ ✧

It had been a long hellish week. Thankfully, today was Friday. Even so, I was three hours late leaving the job site. A stupid boring machine decided to seize, thus making it a very shitty ending for a totally fucked up week. Murphy’s Law had found a seat on my shoulder all week, as breakdown after breakdown challenged my ability and sanity.

✧ ✧ ✧

My name is Ron Wreckler, 49, a confirmed bachelor. I’m an Ex-Marine of twenty-three years, and honorably discharged. I am carrying 208 pounds, towering six foot two, currently a construction engineer, and my specialty was explosives, a carryover from my Marine years. I also had qualified as USMC marksman: ‘Expert.’ I had the badge to prove it. I had been employed by Adduss Construction since my discharge, six years ago. They were currently developing a tunnel through the mountain for a pipeline at the base of the Everett Mountain range just outside of the city of Abbotsville. The challenge to the men and especially the equipment was the very dense hard granite mixed with quartz that ran all though the Everett Mountain range. The extreme hardness of the rock, plus the layered slabs was murder on all current drilling equipment. When management originally bid on the job they were aware of the many challenges and bid accordingly. What the company learned later, was they were the only firm that actually bid, all others didn’t believe there was any money to be made, considering all the challenges of the mountain’s dense granite entailed. One of the foremost requirements of the bid was the winning bidder would be required to tunnel rather than blast a trench through the mountains. Tunneling would not change the pristine majestic view of the mountain itself, other than the entry and exit points.

✧ ✧ ✧

Knowing the project could take at least seven years, and likely more, to complete, I would need a permanent abode in the Abbotsville’s area. Since I lived alone, my needs were very Spartan. A small apartment; clean, air-conditioned, and away from the madding crowds, three rooms would be ideal, with a three piece bath, plus parking for my monster pickup truck: a 2015 fully loaded Avalanche. What I settled for was a four room basement apartment with all the amenities, plus a garage in which to park my truck. The owner had a very large fenced-in pool at the rear of his property but I assumed its use wasn’t part of my rental agreement.

✧✧ ✧

Fortunately, my abode was close to a very large public park that had a number of nature trails but most importantly a quiet area close to a mobile eatery that had the best coffee in the state. The little time I had for relaxation was spent in the park, reading.

✧ ✧ ✧

I had been living there for nearly two years, when the landlord called upon me. He was very distraught.

✧ ✧ ✧

“Mr. Wreckler I have a very delicate problem, hopefully you can help me with.”

Since moving to 48 Parsley Road, I had four conversations with Mr. Rex. Usually when I dropped off the rent check and all he said was ‘thanks.’ I really had no idea what he had in mind that would require my assistance!

“How can I help?”

“My daughter Kianna Stickle’s husband was one of the fatalities in that plane crash you may have read or possibly heard about on Television. She is a nervous wreck. And now she wants to move back home to be close to her mom and now my wife is on my case to make it happen.”

✧ ✧ ✧

He still hadn’t come to the point. What did he need me to do?

✧ ✧ ✧

“What can I do to help?”

“I really didn’t want to ask you Mr. Wreckler, you are an excellent tenant, but would you move?”

Shit! That I was not expecting. Moving was the last thing I wanted to do. I was very comfortable here. But, it was his daughter.

“How much time do I have?”

“Time to what?”

Now this conversation seemed to be going nowhere.

“To move!”

“Kianna won’t be ready to move for at least a month. But I think you are under the wrong assumption. I would like you to move above the garage. There’s a four room ‘grannie apartment’ there that hasn’t been used for years. Come. I’ll show you.”

✧ ✧ ✧

I followed him to the garage. At the back was a stairway. I had been using the garage to park my truck, since I had moved here. I was aware there was a second floor, but had never thought anything about it.

It was a massive space, loaded with junk, but there were large windows on all four sides. My mind was getting all kinds of ideas. It would need some serious elbow grease to get it cleaned up. There was also a four piece bath. The light from the cleaned windows would be great for reading. I would also have a great view of the pool in the rear of the house. I really couldn’t see a down side.

“It will be at the same rent, if you’re interested, Ron.”

“Oh, I am interested. It has more room than the basement apartment, and all that natural light! I love the windows.”

“I thought of Kianna living here but I know her mother will want her to be closer.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Rex! All I have to do is clean, and have someone do the window dressings. Then I’ll be in business.”

✧ ✧ ✧

Over the next three weeks, the apartment was converted from a mess to a very comfortable living space. I couldn’t believe the light from the windows once they were cleaned! A local store provided ideas for window dressings and some new furniture.

Me and my furniture moved to the garage apartment, four days before Mr. Rex’s daughter Kianna was expected to arrive.

✧ ✧ ✧

It took a very short time to be comfortable in my new digs. So much room! I still couldn’t believe the natural sunlight streaming through the clean windows. Then, one morning, as I left the apartment to head for the construction site; a large extended cube van pulled into the driveway. It had to be Mr. Rex’s daughter’s items.

✧ ✧ ✧

The job was taking up all my energy. Usually when I got home after work, I had a hot shower to sooth my aching bones; next I ate and then crashed. The next morning, I got up and went at it again. It wasn’t till the weekend when I saw Mr. Rex’s daughter Mrs. Kianna Stickle. She was a majestic redhead; tall, long legs that didn’t seem to quit, beautiful boobs, and Kianna was pregnant! She was sporting a beautiful baby bump. I learned later she was in her third month. Mr. Rex introduced his daughter to me, and went on to explain to his daughter how I freed up the basement living area for her by moving to the apartment above the garage.

Mrs. Stickle thanked me. She had a wicked smile, full lips coated with just the right shade of lip-gloss. John Thomas reacted positively. Then another surprise, a second red headed female appeared. After introduction, I learned it was Kianna’s fourteen year old daughter: Paige. She had the same attributes as her mother, just a bit smaller. When our eyes met, she appeared to challenge me, why I had no idea. She and her mom wore the same scent, maddening for me, and hell on poor John Thomas. Fortunately, both John Thomas and I didn’t do anything to embarrass the assembled group.

✧ ✧ ✧

Over the next two weeks, I had very little contact with the Rex’s or the Stickle’s. But the thoughts of the two beautiful red headed women gave John Thomas a little jolt, just dreaming of the impossible possibilities.

✧ ✧ ✧

During my trips to the job site, I passed a trail leading upwards on the granite face of Everett Mountain. That, in itself, wasn’t odd; but the massive stainless steel lift gate blocking the trail, was. In my estimation the devise cost someone a small fortune to have installed, and my mental question was: why? The trail seemed to go straight up. On one occasion, out of curiosity, I stopped at the bottom of the trail. Once out of the truck, I was able to determine there was a cottage about seven hundred feet up the face of the mountain, I was surprised at the number of bunnies running back and forth. Still not able to mind my own business, again my curiosity got the better of me. I walked to the gate and was greeted by a voice from a speaker imbedded in the post controlling the lift gate.

✧ ✧ ✧

“You are on ‘Private Property’. Please return to your vehicle, turn around, and leave this area. There are a number of features on this property to deter admittance to trespassers. Thank you.”

✧ ✧ ✧

Now that had me even more inquisitive! Who and why the hell would someone need to spend some very serious money to install such a device? Was there a wild market for granite and bunnies, not to mention the blueberries, which I wasn’t aware of? Maybe someone on the job site would know.

✧ ✧ ✧

Finally, the weekend arrived. I dragged my tired ass to the Food Market, bought some basic food stuffs and headed home. I planned on vegetating for the weekend. I had a book new to me, a W. E. B. Griffin novel to take up my time. Saturday morning I had bacon and eggs and now was relaxing with a fresh coffee. With my new spiffy coffee machine, I got a fresh cup with each pod. You couldn’t ask for anything more! My mind must have drifted off to no man’s land. The noise of a loud splash woke me. I had been sleeping in my recliner for nearly four hours. I was more exhausted than I thought.

Curiosity got the better of me, again. Being nosey, I had to determine who/what had caused the splash. Now at the window overlooking the Rex’s pool, I noted it was surrounded by eight foot a privacy fence, but from this window, all was revealed. I witnessed a vision. Kianna Stickle was climbing out of the pool. She was wearing the briefest of bikinis. Her top was struggling to hold her oversized swollen breasts, her bottoms were stretched to the maximum, attempting to cover what they could, and her baby bump glistened with moisture of the pool. Then I heard a door close. It was her daughter Paige, she was also wearing the skimpiest of bikinis, and her body did it credit.

✧ ✧ ✧

Well now! There are the two types of females that really got me interested, sexually: pregnant woman, and teenage girls. I was witnessing both, side by side. Kianna was now on her back on a lounge chair which faced my window. Her baby bump was like a magnet to my eyes, many men shy away from pregnant women. To me, they are a vision of beauty, and gorgeously sexy! Her bikini bottom was stretched to the max, attempting to cover her pubes, and it was losing. Kianna’s large camel toe was a vision unto itself. John Thomas was now like a metal pipe, making a tent in my shorts. All I could do was imagine eating Kianna’s offering.

Then her daughter Paige moved a lounge chair beside her mom. She took my mind off her mom’s pussy, and I concentrated on her pubic bulge. Paige had everything I could ever dream of in a female form. Her legs were long and well-toned, and her butt was to die for! It was perfectly rounded with a very distinctive crease between the two cheeks, where her bikini bottom was currently deeply embedded. In my simple mind, I was enjoying every orifice she had. Paige’s breasts were the right size for her body. I wondered if she was letting some stud enjoy her. If there wasn’t, John Thomas was volunteering.

The two were having a conversation. Paige rubbed her mom’s tummy and kissed her on the cheek. She lay on her back in the lounge chair, continuing to talk to her mom. She was now displaying the same view as her mom. Her pubs would have every man viewing them salivating at the mouth. She and her Mom’s camel toes were perfect.

There was nothing negative about the two; plus, throw in their red hair. Shit I was hurting, and I really don’t even know them. I certainly would love to get to know them better, but until they initiated something, I was ‘dead in the water,’ while just enjoying the view.

✧ ✧ ✧

The challenges continued at the job site. Some days we would make excellent progress, and then other days proved to be a total disaster. Equipment failures were constant. The powers that be were constantly searching for better machines and drill bits that could handle the demands of the granite. To make matters worse, the summer heat and humidly were murder. Everyone, including me, was sweating profusely! Fresh cool drinking water was in constant demand. Each day I dragged my sorry ass home. If the money wasn’t so good, I would quit! Bullshit. I loved my work.

✧ ✧ ✧

Tonight as I rolled into the driveway Mr. Rex was waiting for me.

“Hello, Ron, you look a mess.”

“All part of the job ... but this heat that I didn’t expect. I need a shower.”

“Maybe I can assist you, after showering please join the family at our pool. I should have mentioned it before, but you are welcome to use it any time. My daughter and my niece seem to live there.”

“Well, thank you, I will take you up on that offer. Shit, after all this time I don’t even know your first name.”

“It’s ‘George.’”

“Thank you, George, I will see you shortly.”

✧ ✧ ✧

Now in my apartment, I looked out to the pool, both Kianna and her daughter Paige were sunning themselves which was a joy to view. With Kianna’s baby bump, she was always on her back giving me a wonderful view of her camel toe. I continued to fascinate about how she would taste. Soft moist tasty pussy was my one ‘Achilles Heel.’

Now showered, I grabbed a beach towel, a large tube of sun block and headed to pool. When I opened the gate, the sound of the latch had both girls looking up. Kianna’s make up was perfect. I assumed it was water proof. Both girls bathing costumes were wet.

“George invited me to use the pool.”

Paige looked up and spoke.

“Actually, me and Mom asked Grandad to make a point of inviting you. I know how uncomfortable it must be working in this heat.”

“You have no idea! Thank you for thinking of me.”

✧ ✧ ✧

The first thing I did was enjoy the pool. Paige followed me in, and when I wasn’t looking, she tried to dunk me. Her actions gave me the green light to do the same, with some ‘touchy feely.’ Shit her body felt so soft and inviting, three times she made a point of bumping into poor John Thomas, and it wasn’t by accident! Each time I looked at her and she had a very knowing smile. It would be embarrassing if I attempted to get out of the pool at this point. I swam, keeping out of Paige’s clutches, and willing my John Thomas to relax.

Now out of the pool, I took a lounge chair and sat across from their two camel toes. I had a helluva job keeping John Thomas from embarrassing me. Kianna seemed to be dozing. Her baby bump had me mesmerized. I couldn’t help but think she could be getting sun burnt. Being pregnant and sun burnt would be a bitch. Paige was watching me watching her mom.

“Paige, does your mom have sunblock on? I can feel the heat on my body.”

“I’m not sure. Mom?”

Kianna looked up at her daughter.

“Ron asked me if you had sun block on, he was concerned that you could get sunburn.”

Kianna looked at me and smiled. I was her slave for life! I could feel my blush running up my body. Kianna looked in her bag, shook head negatively, no sunblock. Ron to the rescue.

“I have a full tube, Kianna. Please use mine. The last thing you need is sunburn.”

“Thank you, I appreciate that.”

Paige got up.

“Mom, I’m going find our sunblock.”

She left. Kianna was now attempting to apply sunblock. I loved her baby bump. Her hands gently glided over her tummy, under her massive breasts, then she attempted to do her sides and back, Kianna looked very uncomfortable attempting to stretch to cover some of her exposed skin.

✧ ✧ ✧

“Can I help?”

✧ ✧ ✧

Kianna actually stared at me for a few moments, her beautiful green eyes held me mesmerized. I had no idea what was going through her mind. Just the thought of applying the sunblock over her gorgeous body had John Tomas in a state of flux.

“Please, I would appreciate it, even at this stage in my pregnancy, I’m so awkward.”

“I don’t mean to be nosey, but where are you in your term?”

“Just staring my fourth month, my mind still hasn’t accepted the physical changes in my body and the fact that my balance has changed. Sometimes, I try some very stupid things, and find myself grabbing for something to keep from falling.”

✧ ✧ ✧

At three months plus, Kianna carried her beautiful baby bump well, moving closer to her lounge, she returned the tube of sunblock, and looked at me.

“Where would you like to start?”

I wanted to say ‘between your legs‘, but refrained.

“If you lay on one side, I will do the opposite side then we can switch.”

This was a work of love. Kianna skin was so soft, my hands glided over her. Her perfume had John Thomas excited, so much so, I hoped he didn’t embarrass me. I worked down her leg, to her feet. Turned out, Kianna was ticklish. As I worked up the back of her leg, a ripple runs through my body at the vision.

Kianna’s bikini bottom had worked its way deep into her bum crack, giving an exciting view of the reddish brown rim of her anal pucker. The rim was thick, augmented with extended skin wrinkles, a light brown in color, there were five reddish brown hairs also exposed, yes I counted them. My hands traveled very close to touching her pucker. Kianna never moved or commented. How I wanted to lift the thin ribbon of cloth and apply sun block to her pucker. My fingers glided over her cheeks without her flinching or making a comment. Kianna back was flawless, so soft and pliable. Her body did tremble a bit when I applied the cool block to the back of her neck.

“Done, other side.”

Kianna eyes met mine as she awkwardly shifted her body. I wanted to help, but didn’t want to push it. This time starting on her lower leg, again, I studied her anal pucker, when she switched sides; it actually pulled that thin stripe deeper into the crack of her pucker. Now, most of it was exposed. My finger got ever so close. It took tons of willpower not to touch. Again I coated her exposed cheek without a comment from Kianna. Doing her back, again she trembled when I completed the back of neck.

“All done that should do the trick.”

“Thank you, Ron. Could I impose on you to make sure I got my entire front?”

With that she rolled to her back. I was faced with her massive camel toe, then it hit me, Kianna’s pheromones were flooding my senses. I was sure some of Kianna’s red curly hairs were trying to escape the confines of her bikini bottom. There was no way to control John Thomas’s reaction. I continued my labor of love in spite of the adverse conditions.

My fingers ran over the top of her thighs getting ever so close to the source of my potential undoing. I was sure that her camel toe actually enlarged, as did her clitoris, now molded in the suits material. I was so close to my dream but so far from execution. My fingers were touching the edge of her bikini, millimeters from her soft delicious pussy. Yes my mind was already enjoying Kianna. I was tempted to lift the material to make sure that all areas of skin were protected. Wiser wisdom prevailed. I kept taking looks at Kianna, each time her eyes were closed, but she was now breathing erratically.

Her belly button wasn’t an innie at this point, and I was sure as Kianna advanced in her pregnancy it would protrude more from her tummy. I carefully coated all of her tummy, my fingers were at her bikini top, again the question was should I lift it and apply sunblock? Decisions, decisions, what a dilemma.

“Kianna, do you want me to do your neck?”

Better to get permission than to get my face slapped. Kianna eyes opened, she smiled.

“You might as well go for broke. You’re so gentle. Just feeling your fingers rubbing in the sun block have me feeling so good.”

I started safe, at her shoulders, then moving ever so closer to her enticing breasts, I was envisioning them three months from now as Kianna progressed in her pregnancy. Her hard nipples were pressing against her bikini top. They were big, the thickness of my thumb, about half an inch in length. It would be a joy to be sucking them. I digressed; I would not likely be the one enjoying them.

Now the dilemma, should I move my fingers to the shadowy valley between her breasts? More decisions.

“Do you want me to go further?”

Kianna opened her eyes, she was enjoying this, her smile told me she was well aware of the challenges she had placed before me. Kianna made matters worse by licking her lips. John Thomas was going into shock.

“What do you think?”

Shit, I was cooked if I didn’t, and I would wonder for the rest of my days if Kianna actually meant it! My fingers were just entering no man’s land between her breasts when we heard.

“Mom, I found our sun block.”

Paige stopped talking. She noticed where my fingers were heading. She looked me in the eyes and smiled. Rather than be labelled a coward, I coated her exposed breast area. I really wanted to protect her nipples but I retreated. Paige had been watching my performance.

“Ron, Mom looks great, thank you for assisting her, want to do me?”

Do her, were you’re kidding! Where do I start?


Again it was much better to get permission and the limits.

“Just like Mom, everything!”

Paige looked at me, smiling. She lay on her tummy, legs slightly spread. Her bikini bottom was cut so low an inch of her butt crack was exposed. John Thomas certainly liked the view. Paige was ticklish like her mom. After completing the back of legs, my fingers danced over her exposed butt cheeks, soft and so inviting. This was hard on an old man, and the sight was making John Thomas harder. Now at Paige’s butt crack I inquired.

“Need sunblock under your waist band?”

I know dumb question, but if I don’t ask!

“Of course, just like you did for Mom.”

There it was; permission to enter the forbidden grounds. I quickly looked at Kianna confirming she was fast asleep. With my finger coated with sunblock, I ventured into a valley of unknown pleasure. The next feeling I experienced was my finger running over her pucker, twice. No reaction from Paige. So far so good, with another large gob of sunblock coating my finger, I went for broke. In seconds, my first knuckle disappeared into her tight pucker. I could feel her anal muscles grasping my finger.

“Do you really think I’ll have a chance of getting sun burnt there?”

“I would sooner err on the side of caution, than take that chance.”

I had to admit I did really enjoy playing with her pucker but all good things have to end. Paige had such soft skin. Her shoulders were now coated with sunblock.

“Please turn over, Paige.”

We were looking eye to eye. I did want to kiss her luscious lips. She smiled, licked her lips again, in a teasing fashion. I was now coating Paige’s toes working upwards, while coating her thighs Paige’s pheromones hit me like a hammer. Hers were even stronger the Kianna’s. John Thomas was twitching. Now at Paige’s leg bands, I again asked for permission.

“Under your leg bands?”

“Go for it.”

Paige had to be as excited as I was. In my mind, I ran my finger towards her pussy, and touched heaven. I could feel her mons. At this point I could have fucked a snake if someone would have held one for me. Paige had a deep inner belly button which required a thorough coating of sunblock. It was very sensitive as Paige’s twisting body would attest.

Now I was looking at her waist band, do I dare? Fingers coated, I slipped under the waist band, thus ensuring no sun damage would occur on my watch. With no negative reaction, I pushed my fingers further down though her trimmed clump of pussy hair right to her clitoris. I stopped and waited for a couple of seconds. No screaming, no slap, no complaints, just a sigh. With my finger on her hard clitoris, I rubbed in the sunblock up and down, up and down. Paige was now grunting, and lifting her hips to help my finger to coat her clitoris with sunblock. Then she gasped for air lifted her hips hard against my fingers then she collapsed with a large whoosh of breath. The crotch of her bikini started to take on water! There was a large damp spot. By the time Paige’s climax subsided, I was at her breasts and with the same due diligence. I was under the bottom band, up against her superb firm breasts. Paige was now sighing with each touch. Now entering from the top, I coated both hard nipples, and her full breasts. Finally, her neck and chin was coated. Paige was still breathing heavily.

“Paige, you might want to apply some sunblock on your cheeks and ears.”

She opened her eyes, looked at me then stretched her body, then spread her thighs to the limits, revealing a very swollen camel toe. I wanted more.

“Thanks, Ron, I really feel protected now. Maybe we can do this again.”

John Thomas said ‘yes,’ but in Ron’s bed where John Thomas would be a willing participant.

“Any time I am available, I will be honored to help.”

Then Paige surprised me, she lifted her body from the lounge and leaned over and kissed me, then shocking the hell out of me was the fact during the kiss, she had grasped poor John Thomas and gave him an appreciative squeeze nearly causing a cumming accident.

One good thing about that incident was the fact it took my mind off my challenges at work.

✧ ✧ ✧

We were so far behind at work! The crews were now working ten hour days, seven days a week. Needless to say there was no time for sunblock applications. But I did fall asleep many times reliving the events of that day. I only caught a few glimpse at the two girls, usually at the pool.

One evening, when returning from work, Paige was leaving the house.

“Hey, Ron what have you been doing? Mom and I haven’t seen you for a while.”

“Work, work and more work; but, we are catching up. I should have this weekend off.”

“We missed your magic fingers with the sunblock.”

Paige had a wicked grin on her face.

“I need another application from my belly button down. You do it so well.”

Then Paige started to laugh, jumped on her bike and disappeared down the street, leaving me and John Thomas frustrated.

✧ ✧ ✧

I was still mystified with that lift gate. I saw it every morning on my way to the work site. During lunch break, I asked my co-workers if they could give me some insight about the owner of the trail, the cottage and of course that extensive, expensive gate. One of the drillers was a fountain of information. According to him, the cottage was originally built in the last century as a trapper/hunt camp; it had been remodelled numerous of times. The current owner was an ex-marine Special Forces, who worked somewhere in Abbotsville. There were all kinds of rumors about him: he was a hermit, a hunter, a recluse etc. Nobody in the group actually knew him or anything that could be confirmed about him. But all three men did agree he drove a Suburban.

All that mixed up information did, was whet my curiosity.

✧ ✧ ✧

Eureka, the work site did close down for the weekend. The majority of the men were totally exhausted. My plan was to collapse for two days. Saturday morning, I woke at eleven. The coffee tasted excellent, especially as I realized I didn’t have to race to work.

Deep in thought, I heard a door close in the Rex’s backyard. It was Kianna, heading for the pool. I watched her carefully enter the water, took a few strokes, and then climbed out of the pool. Her bikini was molded to her body. I loved Kianna’s camel toe, it actually seemed to be a lot larger with an addition that had to be her enlarged clitoris. There was now a very distinctive deep V, with large puffy lips on both sides. John Thomas had his usual reaction. Now my dilemma was: do I want to go and tease myself looking at a close-up of Kianna’s camel toe, or should I just vegetate? John Thomas had the deciding vote. Gathering my beach towel and a new tube of sunblock, I headed to the pool.

✧ ✧ ✧

She looked up, alerted to my presence when the gate lock engaged. Kianna’s body was changing as she advanced in her pregnancy. Her camel toe seemed much larger and so distinct and now even her clitoris was very obvious, sticking out like a small thumb. Her nipples were swollen and were very obvious in her bikini top.

“Good morning, Kianna! It looks like it will be a perfect day. I’ve missed the pool.”

“Glad to have you back, Ron. Many times I could have used your help applying my sunblock. You did such a good job. Even Paige mentioned that she enjoyed your soft hands.”

“Is Paige with you?”

“No, she and my parents are gone for the day. I stayed. In this state, I seem to get tired walking even short distances. So, no shopping for me.”

✧ ✧ ✧

I wasn’t sure if she meant it about my hands or was pulling my leg. I pulled a lounge chair close to her. I loved looking at her body. Hell, I wanted her body. Kianna’s hair was in a ponytail that swayed each time she moved her head. Her baby bump was calling me. I could feel my body heating up as a result of the glaring sun. I needed to apply the sunblock, now!

I did three laps of the pool, then got out and let my body drip dry for a few minutes before towelling down. I noticed Kianna gazing at John Thomas who had made his physical presents known. Could it be that she might be interested in more than a sunblock applier?

I made a production out of drying myself, standing to give Kianna a side view of my bulging John Thomas. Hell, it was too late to attempt to camouflage my hardon. I picked up my tube of sunblock and applied it to my body, making sure I run my fingers under my leg band and waist band. I was just about to sit when...

“Ron, would you mind doing me? I can do parts but it’s so awkward to do all of me. Besides, you do a great job.”

Ron to the rescue!

“Certainly, I am always willing to help a beautiful woman in distress.”

“I’m nothing to look at, with this.”

Her hands were rubbing her baby bump, up and down, over her very protruding bellybutton.

“That’s where you are wrong. You look like a beauty queen, your essence flows from your body.”

Kianna blushed but obviously enjoyed the compliment.

“You’re just saying that.”

“Scout’s honor, your pregnancy just magnifies it. You’re gorgeous.”

Looking at Kianna, I was sure her nipples moved as they hardened. She looked fantastic. Today her bikini bottoms were held up two ties at her sides, done in little bows. Waving my tube of sunblock, I moved to her lounge.

“Repeat of last time, please lay on your side.”

I loved the view! Her bikini bottom was pulled deep into her butt crack, giving me a display of her beautiful anal pucker. I took my time admiring Kianna’s attributes. I wanted to coat her pucker but thought again that might be pushing it. Once both sides and her back were completed, I had Kianna lie on her back. Her camel toe was very pronounced, very large with an obvious V shape. At the top of the V was her beautiful clitoris. This time I started at her neck, just below her ears, her upper chest, to her bikini top.

“Want under the band as well?”

“Please, Ron. The last thing I need is sunburnt breasts.”

My fingers slipped under her bra cup, Kianna felt so soft, I was thinking should I dare? Pushing my fingers deeper and deeper into her bra cups, I watched for a negative reaction, nothing. My fingers were now rolling her left nipple. All I received from Kianna was a moan. I did a repeat on her right nipple, same reaction. Proceeding downward, I slipped my finger under her bra bottom and coated her skin. I did a very thorough job of her baby bump, up and down to her bikini bottom band. Now at her ankles, I worked upwards. John Thomas was screaming at me to do something. The only area left was her bikini band. Her pheromone scent was overwhelming. It went right down to John Thomas.

“Do you want everything done?”

I took a moment for her to reply, she opened her eyes, smiled at me.

“Do what you think is needed, Ron.”

She closed her eyes, but she was still smiling. Was that an invitation? We were about to find out. I was breathing deeply taking her pheromones deep into my lungs. I reached for both bows holding her bikini bottoms in place and pulled. The small patch of clothe covering her mons slipped down. Her large swollen clitoris stood like a beacon. First I kissed it, just a moan from Kianna, and then I was sucking. Lubrication will never be a problem for Kianna. It just flowed. I was now licking and sucking. Kianna tensed up grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face deep into her moist pussy. I could feel the strength of her climax, as she lifted her hips to get even more contact. I felt the pulse of her organism as her elixir increased in volume, coating my chin. Her beautiful pucker was now exposed, a panorama of varying shades of pink and brown accented by a dark brown rim, highlighted by a number of sizable skin wrinkles that stood up on the thick rim. The size alone showed all kinds of promise. Kianna’s body relaxed.

“Ron, I can’t believe how strong my climax was. Paige told me you made her cum with your fingers, but I didn’t know if she was telling the truth. Now I know. My husband would never touch me when I was pregnant with Paige.”

That I found shocking, even pregnant, Kianna was beautiful, and so sexually appealing. Her elixir continued to flow, I continued to ingest. My tongue touched her clitoris, Kianna attempted to close her legs.

“No more, Ron. It’s too sensitive.”

Respecting her request, I continued enjoying her flow and investigated her pucker up close and personal. It easily spread, revealing a very soft moist pink interior. John Thomas suggested he probe it for any faults.

“Ron, I need to cuddle.”

Our options certainly didn’t include the lounge. There was barely enough room for Kianna. John Thomas had a number of suggestions. Still at her pussy, I enjoyed the scent of her sexual arousal, Kianna pheromones were very addictive.

“What are you suggesting?”

“Would you take me to see your apartment? I don’t want Paige to see us together, just yet.”

✧ ✧ ✧

John Thomas reacted, if Kianna could have heard his response, a resounding yes! I assisted her with her bikini bottoms. I hated covering up her luscious pussy.

Kianna’s problem was balance, going up the steps to my apartment. I guided her to the kitchen.

“Would you like a coffee, Kianna?”

“Later. Now I would love to lie down.”

I walked her to my bedroom and watched as she flicked the two ribbon ties holding her bikini bottoms. It floated to the floor. Kianna crawled on the bed, centering her body. She brought up her knees and spread her legs. I was again faced with her beautiful beckoning pussy. It was calling me. Maybe I could continue her pucker examination.

“Ron, I like you looking at me. As I said my husband didn’t come near me during my pregnancy with Paige. And he never licked me like you did.”

“Kianna, I love what I have seen so far. I did enjoy eating you.”

“My husband wasn’t crazy about doing anything like that, and he certainly never touched me when I was pregnant.”

✧ ✧ ✧

Now between her legs, staring at her beautiful blossom, I licked her surplus elixir. I heard her sigh. I very delicately sucked her clitoris bring her to another climax. Kianna was murmuring.

“Oh, Ron! Oh, Ron.”

Her anal pucker was calling me. I spread her cheeks, and inspected her anal rim. Her skin tuffs were a rosy red, her raised rim sort of a brownish color, all was surrounded by deep red shadow and five hairs. I gave it a kiss.

“Ron, what are you doing?”

I gave it a lick.

“Ron, nobody has ever touched me there.”

A virgin pucker on such a beauty, how did it escape penetration in her teenage years? I continued my assault on it, tickling it with my tongue. She tried to move it out of my grasp but she wasn’t very nimble. I continued. She fought as best she could, but the new feelings were getting to her. I heard a moan, using that as an invitation, I spread her cheeks opening her pucker. Her interior was beautiful rose red, so smooth. Kianna’s body tensed, then she gave a large discharge of air.

“Ron, I just had a climax, a climax because you are licking my asshole. I didn’t think that could be possible.”

“I am surprised that no one has enjoyed your pucker. As you now know it is very sensitive and can provide you sexual pleasure. You have never had anal sex?”

She looked at me with disgust.

“No, of course not, it isn’t right.”

“You’re missing something you would likely enjoy.”

“My husband would never touch me like you just did.”

“That doesn’t mean it is wrong. I would love to do it with you.”

She looked at me. I could see Kianna was mulling it over in her mind. Her hubby didn’t like eating her, she loved to be eaten. She didn’t think her pucker had a sexual side to it, but she’d just experienced an anal climax.

“Can it be done when I’m this shape?”

“Of course, you realize you can have sex even when you are far into your pregnancy. And you anal pucker is always available.”

Again her mind was mulling the possibility. She looked at me.

“Could you try now before I lose my nerve?”

Now, John Thomas was shouting ‘let me loose!’

“It would be easier if you were on your knees, do you need some help?”

“I think I can manage.”

Kianna struggled to get into position. Her baby bump was hanging down, her pussy and anal pucker are beautiful. She was in position.

“Is this okay?”

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