Freda's Fallow Furrow

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Older wife seeks what she thinks she missed.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Cuckold   Sharing   Slut Wife   Anal Sex   Water Sports   .

Dear Freda, my best friend’s wife, was in my living room near tears. I wasn’t surprised that she came to see me. Jim had called and let me know what was going on with them.

“Freda,” I said after giving her a tissue and a glass of the wine she preferred, “What can I do for you?”

Sniffling a bit, “I’m sure Jim has already called you. I want you to hear my side of it directly. Can you listen for a while?” I nodded.

Taking regular sips of her wine, she looked directly at me and continued, “Jim and I were raised in a very conservative religion and even met at church. We were virgins on our wedding night and have remained monogamous these thirty plus years. Sex produced two babies but was never a big deal until recently. Intercourse hasn’t happened very often for the last ten years.

“Now that the kids are gone and I’m only working part-time, I’ve done a lot of reading besides the Bible. The Internet has been an eye-opener too. I’m not too religious anymore either, at least not the fundamentalist flavor.

“I’ve discovered that there is a lot more to sex than I ever imagined. My hormones have changed since menopause and I’m feeling desires I never had before. I tried to talk to Jim but he couldn’t really ‘hear’ me. So I decided to ask for a separation so I can explore what is forbidden in our marriage.

“I’m here because I want you to be my mentor. I talked with Lucy, your dear wife, before she passed, and I know that the two of you were a lot more open-minded than I have been. I couldn’t really understand it at the time but I am getting the idea now, I think.”

OK, I thought, maybe I know where this is going. Lucy passed away two years ago at age fifty-three. I’m sixty now and Freda has just turned fifty. Anyway, when Lucy hit the half-century mark she had a similar revelation. We were not so repressively raised as Freda so we cooperatively explored sex a bit, even to the point of limited non-monogamy. It had been good for us and we learned a lot. Maybe it was time to pass on that wisdom.

I said gently, “So what can I do to mentor you?”

Freda stood up, teetering a little from the wine, “I want you to be honest with me. Do you think I am attractive? As a woman I mean. Have you ever had lustful thoughts about me?”

Well, I could be honest at least. She had just a few extra pounds but that only made her sexier to me. Short red hair with a few hints of grey. A pretty face with sparkling blue eyes. Her figure had always been hidden under loose fitting clothing so let’s start there.

“I’ve always thought you were pretty as well as nice to be with, but your body is always camouflaged. If you want me to evaluate it then I have to see more.”

She blushed, “Jim and my doctor are the only men who have seen me without clothes, if that’s what you want.”

I smiled, “Sex is much better without anything in the way, in my experience. Doesn’t seem to me that you have anything to be ashamed of. I’d like to see what you’ve been hiding all these years if you are ready.”

Freda turned around and took off her sweatshirt and dropped her jeans, revealing plain cotton panties and bra. I walked around her and said, “Looks real nice so far. How brave can you get?”

After a pause, Freda reached behind her and took off her bra. A couple of full, round, and still firm breasts were revealed. I raised my wine glass and toasted her beauty, stating that they were nicer than Lucy’s had been. She blushed and reached for her glass again.

A thought struck her, “I’d like to see your body too!” So I stripped to my underpants which barely covered the erection within. Pointing to my crotch, Freda laughed, “I guess that means you like what you see!”

I shot back, “If you want to see it then it’s your turn to take off some clothing.”

She only had panties left and she reached down to let them drop to the floor, revealing a small patch of fine red hair hiding her pussy. I followed suit and my erection pointed straight at her. Her eyes were glued to it as it bobbed.

There we were, naked in front of each other. I toasted, “To getting better acquainted!” Freda gave a tipsy laugh. I suggested we sit down and I sat right beside her, our naked hips touching.

I could tell she wanted to reach over and grab my dick but I wanted to slow things down a bit so she wouldn’t regret anything that happened. “So where are you living now? Jim said you weren’t there.”

“I took a room in an extended stay place near work. It’s downtown so I can walk to restaurants and such. What I will do longer term is a decision for the future.”

I put my arm around her shoulder and gave a gentle hug. Her full breast rubbed against my chest and her head was on my shoulder briefly. I said softly, “Maybe we’d better get dressed now. I’ll take you to dinner if you’d like.” She smiled and nodded.

We drove separately and she left for her place after our repast, giving me a rather solid kiss, but not with tongue, as we parted.

About midnight my doorbell rang. Looking out the peephole I saw Freda so I opened the door. “What’s wrong?” I cried out.

Throwing her arms around me she said, “Nothing serious. I just want to be naked with you again, and this time in your bed with you close to me.” She undid her coat and was already undressed underneath!

I only had a bathrobe on so she pulled it open and hugged me flesh to flesh. My cock had time to respond and rose between her legs. She stepped them apart and it bumped up against a hot set of pussy lips. Reason vanished and I led her to my bed.

Pulling me tight against her, she kissed me with all the energy she could muster. Her tits were firm and hard nipples pressed into my chest. In a husky voice she ordered, “I want you to ... fuck me!”

I’m not sure I ever heard her use the F word before. No matter, this wasn’t a case of love anyway. Lust was running rampant and she was going to see it through. Her crotch was smelling of arousal and my fingers found it soaking wet. No need for foreplay in this copulation. I poised myself between her bent legs and she guided me to the entrance of her furrow. My cockhead was thrilled with the heat and wetness as she rubbed it up and down from her clit to her perineum. Finally positioning it between her inner labia she said softly, “Push!”

Mmmm, she felt good. I hadn’t been in a pussy for way too long. This one was tight enough that I had to take about four increasingly deeper strokes to get our pubic hair together.

She got vocal, “OH ... mmmm ... oh ... mmmm ... oh ... I feel so wicked ... it’s SOOO good though!

As I started slowly stroking she wrapped her legs around me and said sternly, “FUCK ME HARD. DO ME LIKE THE SLUT I WANT TO BE!”

I slammed into her hard and fast and her noises kept increasing until she wailed, shuddered, and squeezed me tightly as she got off big time. She lay below me panting until weakly she said, “I’ve never had it like that! It was like I’ve read about. How did you make it happen?”

I was still moving in and out slowly, savoring the sensations on my hard rod. “It wasn’t me, my dear. It was you letting go. Now enjoy as I get off too.” I speeded up and she was intently observing until I tensed up as I spurted my semen inside her. She squeaked a bit as the first blast of hot liquid hit her insides.

She kissed me and hugged and a soft voice said, “I feel slutty now. My married pussy has sperms that aren’t my husband’s. There’s no going back is there?” I kissed her right back and kept moving. I still had enough firmness to stay inside.

“Oh my! You’re not done?” I gave a firmer thrust as an answer.

After our second round I needed a rest. Freda was all curious about the new experience, “I’ve never had two in a row like that. I didn’t even know I could climax more than once a day.”

I grinned, “Lucy could have a lot when there was another guy to help me. We have to recover more than you women do.”

Freda’s eyes went wide, “You let her fuck another guy and you were right there?”

“Of course! It was fun to watch her get so much pleasure and it got me ready again faster. She loved it.”

“Oh my. I’ll have to think about that. I don’t think Jim would ever do it. I don’t know how to tell him what we have done.”

I smiled, “You don’t know until you ask, and he probably wouldn’t know until there was an opportunity, just like me. I will deal with him man-to-man.”

“Can we do it again?”

“I need some rest right now. Let’s sleep a bit and I’m sure we will wake up for some fun.”

Sometime later I awoke feeling a mouth on my pecker. I played possum even though my cock woke up. She wasn’t very skilled but I would NEVER complain. Finally, I “woke up”, put her on her back and surprised her by starting at her tits with my hands and mouth and heading south. I don’t think Jim ever ate her pussy from the words and sounds I heard. She got a big one before I slid into her fur framed furrow once again.

We went out for breakfast and I suggested she go see Jim. I reminded her that he was probably hurting from feeling rejected. She asked if she should make love with him if the opportunity came up.

“Why not? You love each other and being with me last night really didn’t change that. You need to stay connected with him during all this to reassure both of you. It is a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ situation right now.”

“When can I see you again?” Freda asked.

“I’ve got a dinner engagement tomorrow night but we could get together the next.”

“Oh. Are you sure?”

I looked her in the eye, “Listen, we are good friends and have no major commitments to each other. We both have our lives to live and we’ll share our time and bodies when we can. Keep things in perspective and you will do much better.” She nodded and kissed me goodbye.

Two nights later we’d enjoyed dinner and were back at my place enjoying a nightcap still clothed. I wanted to keep conversation flowing so Freda could learn to verbalize her feelings better. I could tell she was itching to get naked and enjoy more of her newfound “sport”.

At the restaurant we had talked about non-intimate subjects. Now, in a private setting, I waited to see what she would bring up. It wasn’t long before she asked, “Did you have sex last night?”

I hadn’t because my dinner was with a longtime guy friend, so I answered disingenuously, “I told you that I don’t fuck and tell.”

Freda looked disappointed but then spouted, “Well I did. I’m telling you because you are my mentor.”

I thought it was more because she was proud of herself and also wanted approval for her actions. “So what do you want to tell me about it?”

She smiled shyly and said, “I’d rather tell you about it when we were naked.”

“Let’s talk about it now. I’ll be happy to feel your body later.”

I’d counselled Jim to avoid talking to Freda about her activities when she wasn’t with him and just show her that he loved and accepted her in any way that they both wanted. He and I would work through his feelings too as things went along. He trusted me to look out for his wife’s welfare. He did not know we’d been intimate but I would tell him eventually.

She told me that they had a cordial dinner and she asked to go back to their house. After two more glasses of wine her inhibitions got a lot lower, as I well knew. She got a bit aggressive with Jim and he responded nicely to this rather different behavior from her. They had the first sex in months and she even insisted he remain with her and do it again, a first in their history. She did not stay the night but pleasured herself in her own bed as she thought about what she had done and what I might be doing.

I had some probing questions for her, “What were you feeling and thinking when you and Jim were screwing?”

“I noticed the differences between you and him. Your cocks have different shapes and you each do different things. I was feeling real wicked since we had just fucked that morning and here I was doing it with another man that night. Plus the second man was my husband and your sperm was still inside me. I was thinking about your cock when he was pushing his into me.”

I took her hands and looked at her, “Those feelings are a lot like Lucy’s were. One thing that we will work on is your ability to just focus on the man you are with right then. That will make you a better lover for them and give you more satisfaction too. Having all those other thoughts and feelings when you are by yourself is great and helpful too. Let’s get naked and just enjoy each other.”

I did comment, as I filled her vagina with my erection, that she felt no different than last time even though there had been another “visitor”. She smiled happily.

We were now screwing several times a week and Freda set up a regular date with Jim too. Her skills in bed were steadily improving, which I’m sure Jim noticed although he didn’t mention it to me. Her confidence and self-image were also getting much better so it was time for the next step.

We’d just finished a good copulation when I asked her, “You seem to be pretty comfortable with your two lovers. I’d like you to try someone new.”

She looked at me curiously, “Who do you have in mind?”

I noticed that she did not reject the idea immediately. “It is a friend of mine who lost his wife to cancer like I did. He is lonely and horny but doesn’t want to do regular dating yet. It would really help him I think.”

Freda looked thoughtful for a moment, then replied, “I’d like to get to know him first.”

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