Joe's Humiliation

by KinkyDaddy

Copyright© 2018 by KinkyDaddy

Fantasy Sex Story: Joe comes home from a business trip only to find his good friend fucking his wife, Toni. Making matters worst, his friend not only humiliates Joe. He takes Joe's wife and takes over Joe's home.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   BiSexual   Cuckold   Wimp Husband   Humiliation   Black Male   Black Couple   Anal Sex   .

When I opened the front door I knew something was different, I could sense it in the air. I shut the door and dropped my cases in the hall, glimpsed my black hair passing the hall mirror and headed straight for the lounge. There was nobody there, but there had been and recently by the look of the two wine glasses and discarded bottles that littered the coffee table carelessly. A low constant thudding noise registered in my hearing from above and I hurried to the staircase afraid of what I would discover upstairs and, I guess, on some level knowing.

I stalled in the entrance to the master bedroom and was at once appalled and unable to look away from the sight that greeted me. My wife lay on her back across the width of the bed, naked and her long brown legs spread as wide as you can imagine. Her hair laid out on the white bedclothes behind her, her pert tits rippling with the force she was being fucked with. There between her legs was Steve Arlen. a very close friend of ours, more like my Eddie Haskell. His well-shaped, muscular hairy frame shown in shadow and light as Steve thrust into my wife to match her moans of undoubted pleasure.

I stood there dumbfounded for what seemed like an eternity watching him satisfy my wife. Watching Steve’s slick, black erect cock slide backwards and forwards into my wife’s wet, hairy pussy as they rutted oblivious to my presence. Not for long oblivious though as Steve looked up and met my gaze, holding it as he continued to fuck Toni. I was frozen under his stare and could only drop my gaze submissively as he looked contemptuously at me. He stopped fucking Toni and she turned to see what had halted his barrage but she barely registered my presence, just a smile that I couldn’t quite make out. She lay there, her legs still akimbo as Steve spoke to me.

His greeting was humiliating to me in the extreme “Well look at this! If it isn’t my little bitch, back from work.”

I started to stammer a reply of sorts but he cut me off.

“Shut up Bitch. I want you to get undressed and get over there (pointing to a spot on the far side of the bed so I would be just yard from Toni’s head). I’ll allow you the luxury of masturbating while I drill your wife’s sexy fat ass.”

I should have resisted, I should have shouted at him or even physically tackled him and thrown him out. But I didn’t, all I did in defiance of his command was to stand still and hesitate. Not a very strong reaction, I know. He seized on that hesitation and began to menacingly threaten me as I cowered in the doorway and my wife lay obviously satisfied on the bed.

“Listen Joey, you stupid little Bitch. You don’t seem to have grasped the situation so let me spell it out for you. Either you do as I say and strip off and get your black ass down on your knees over there with your pathetic little cock in your hand or believe me I’ll finish your career and your marriage in the next 24 hours. Besides you want to please your Master and your wife don’t you?”

The two of them watched me curiously as I stripped naked before them. Embarrassingly I was hard, I didn’t know whether it had been watching them or being spoken to like that which had turned me on so much, but there was little doubt the two of them noticed how my body had reacted to finding them and being made to obey Steve. God, I even got to my knees of my own accord and crawled over to where he had bidden me, when I reached it I looked up and found Toni rolling over to her front and staring straight at me. I couldn’t hold her gaze. I was confused how had this all happened? What did it mean? I had little time to contemplate as Steve had obviously slid his cock into her asshole (I had never had anal sex with her!) and slowly began to jog her back and forwards, her face contorting in a pleasure/pain grimace. Unthinkingly, I reached down with my right hand and gripped my hard cock and began to run my hand over it. With Toni on all 4’s, with every thrust of Steve’s black cock, up my wife’s ass, her tits would jiggle and flop, causing her to appear slutty. She looked me dead in the eye and said, “Oh fuck Joe, your friend Steve has his entire thick cock deep in my virgin asshole, I never let you fuck me there. Something always told me I was saving my asshole for a real man, I guess that man wasn’t you, huh dear?”

I couldn’t tell you how long we were like that, me masturbating furiously while my wife was sodomized in front of me by my Master. Time seemed to have no meaning and it was only as I felt my hot seed spill into my hand that I came somewhat to my senses. I knelt there, no doubt a pathetic image, cum dripping through my fingers as Steve and Toni’s lovemaking became more noisy and erratic in movement as he vocally told her (and me) that he was cuming. He didn’t withdraw and obviously shot his sperm inside my wife’s sphincter. Her sweaty face fell into the sheets and he flopped atop her and the scene was silent for a moment, both drenched in sweat, his cock growing soft still in my wife’s ass.

Steve looked up grinning wildly at me. I imagine that he derived as much pleasure from what he had just ordered me to watch, as when I had sucked his cock, licked his ass and allowed him to fuck me previously. He spoke in his controlled work voice.

“Joe, I want you to crawl your punk ass over here and suck and lick my cock clean, then you can lick my cum from wife’s asshole.”

Obscene, repellent and to the point. Nevertheless, I was immediately crawling around the bed towards him intent on clening his masterful cock. I was his and all three of us knew it. What I didn’t know yet was where Toni stood (or lay currently) in this. She was however, making no objections so far.

I gobbled greedily on his softening member, taking it fully into my mouth and working my tongue over it as I had done previously. I could tell he was pleased that I was doing as he ordered and from the corner of my eye I could see a self-satisfied smile forming on my wife’s face as she looked over her shoulder. This cock had been buried deep in my wife’s asshole seconds before and bore the evidence of that but yet I still licked at it reverentially.

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