Let's Take This Outside

by Imperator Mentus

Copyright© 2018 by Imperator Mentus

Mind Control Story: A school bully picks on the wrong transfer student.

Caution: This Mind Control Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Teenagers   Magic   Mind Control   Heterosexual   TransGender   Fiction   School   Oral Sex   Transformation   .

Author’s note: This story is heavily focused on transformation, both physical and mental. In particular gender transformation, reality manipulation, and “identity death”. The story should be read with those themes in mind, and those who prefer avoiding them might be better served reading something else.

The final bell rang away another boring, useless day of school. I pushed my way out into the hall, along with everyone else in a hurry to get the hell out of here. Everything was jam-fucking packed as people crowded together gossiping about whatever stupid bullshit. It was hard to get anywhere without running into a packed crowd. A lot of people bitched about it, but only because they were a bunch of wimps. I loved it. There’s nothing like a crowded hall when it comes to throwing your weight around.

School had been boring as shit today, and football practice wouldn’t start for another twenty minutes. I needed to hit something, damn it! The least I could do was blow off steam by pushing aside these losers.

So there I was, barreling through the crowd without a care in the world, when I see some loser goth kid I didn’t recognize. Didn’t think much of it at first. Of course he’d get out of my way, right? I mean, it’s me. Who wouldn’t take one look and move the hell over?

This asshole, apparently. Guess that dumb little shit was distracted or something, because he kept walking until he practically ran into me.

Who did he think he was? I didn’t give a shit if he was new and didn’t know any better, no way was I was going to let some little shrimp walk all over me. I don’t care how things worked in his old school, that skinny dweeb needed to realize who was in charge.

As soon as he was in front of me, I reached out and shoved him aside. He went flying into the locker with a satisfying thud, dropping that ugly phone of his.

“Watch where you’re walking,” I told him, smiling as someone’s foot connected with the phone. It went clattering down the hall. With luck, someone would step on the damned thing. That’d teach him to mess with me.

“What the hell, man,” he said, starting towards me. Within seconds he was up in my face, angrily talking back to me. I had to give him credit for balls, but did that little punk really think he stood a chance?

“That’s what happens when you get in my way,” I said, “Got a problem with it?”

“What if I do?”

Oooo, little man had some fight in him? Big mistake, but I was going to enjoy it. It had been nearly two weeks since I kicked somebody’s ass. If he wanted to go, I was more than happy to oblige.

“Why don’t we take this outside then?” I said.

He’d back down, of course. Small twerp like him had to know he didn’t stand a chance. But everyone was watching now, and they’d see all his pansy ass excuses. I’d still have to jump his ass later, of course, or everyone would think I was going soft, but that could wait.

“Sure, why not?”

There he goes, backing down like a - wait, did he actually say yes? The fuck?

Stupid shithead actually smiled as he said it, as if he had a chance in hell. For a second I was tempted to lay him out right here in the hallway, but I couldn’t afford another suspension. Coach said that if I missed a game I’d be off the team for good. Not that he’d follow through with it. They needed me too much, but I wasn’t going give those second and third string losers any ideas. There was a nice, quiet spot just outside where none of the teachers would ever see me kick the shit out of him. He’d learn his lesson, I’d get a good fight in, and then I’d be off to practice.

We both headed back down the hallway, eager to get this thing started. It was a bit of a pain trying to squeeze through the packed crowd still milling around their lockers, but it would be worth it to see the look of surprise on that dork’s face as I kicked his ass. He didn’t stand a chance. Just because we were the same size didn’t mean we were equals. I was a three sport athlete. I’d been boxing since middle school. I could take him all day any day, and he was about to learn that firsthand.

About fifteen yards down the hall, he spotted his phone and reached down to pick it up. I was glad nothing had happened to it. I mean, yeah I had shoved him a little, but that didn’t mean I wanted anything bad to happen. Not really. As he bent over, I got a good long look at his ass. Damn, that shit was toned.

We were almost outside now. Just had to cross the lunch room, and then I’d show him what was up. I reached up and bushed a lock of hair out of my face. Oh shoot, that was going to get in the way, wasn’t it?

Fortunately, I still had a hairband in my pocket. Might as well put it up into a ponytail or something. I fished into my pockets, digging around for it. Even with my small hands, it was tough. That was what I got for wearing girls’ jeans. Yeah, they fit nice and looked amazing, but the pockets on those things sucked.

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