Long Time Married With Great Sex Life

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: Mature woman shares her secrets for enduring wedded passion

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   Sharing   Slut Wife   Group Sex   .

Hi, I’m Gwen. I guess the title of my tale got your attention. I’ll try to keep it.

My 47th birthday was recently but things really got interesting a couple of years ago on my 45th one. My dear husband of about 25 years asked me how I wanted to celebrate it. I asked him, half in jest, “How about a couple of young studs to screw me silly!”

My husband, Morty, looked surprised and retorted, “Would you do it if I got them?”

Taking up the challenge, I came back with, “Why not? The baby factory is closed and the recreation area is hardly ever visited. It would feel really good!”

Well, I didn’t get that, but it opened a long overdue dialogue about our dormant sex life, besides getting me laid that night and again on my birthday with champagne and a hot tub. We drank a lot of champagne which opened up some buried feelings.

I’d had some time to revisit old memories from before being married. Morty was my first lover at our senior prom “after-party”. We’d double-dated with my best girlfriend and shared a hotel room with them. We were high on alcohol and lust so after we all gave up our cherries in adjoining beds, we gals switched beds back and forth through the night.

Morty and I never did that again as a couple but we didn’t date exclusively even though we bedded each other quite often through the next two years at community college. Sex with others was never specifically discussed although we both knew it was happening.

When my girlfriend broke up with the guy from the prom she told me Morty wanted to take her out. I said, “Go ahead, your old boyfriend is hitting on me. Rather have him doing someone I know than not.”

When we graduated, we got engaged and married and had the requisite two kids. I was a pretty faithful wife with a few “slips”. After our first child I was going through that big adjustment and unsure of my female attractiveness. When Mark, the guy from the prom, asked for a piece, I said Yes and spent an afternoon naked with him in a hotel room. Sordid and sexy, it made me feel good but was never repeated.

The other time was at a professional conference when I had turned forty. A younger guy knew how to push all my buttons, which I guess were ready to be pushed. I got laid like a honeymoon for three days and nights. My pussy was sore and I had to put my husband off for a bit when I got home, pleading travel fatigue.

Back to my birthday question. I put a crucial question to my husband, “So if I did it with another guy, would you want to watch? Would it turn you on?”

He looked very serious as he opened up his inner feelings, “I’m sure it would. While we were dating and I thought you were on a date with another guy, I used to lie in bed and jack off thinking about what you could be doing. And when we got naked together sometimes I’d think about another guy seeing you that way and doing what I was doing.”

I reached for his cock in the hot tub and it was as big as it ever got. I kissed him and said, “I didn’t screw every guy I went out with but there were a few.” I omitted the word “quite” after “were”. ‘Don’t tell more than you need to’ is a good rule.

Rubbing him slowly I continued, “So that makes you think I am sexy apparently. They were fun but never as good as you. Do you want to hear more?” He nodded and reached for my twat.

“You and I made love. The other guys just wanted some pussy. I was a wet hole for them to stick their dick in and shoot their stuff.”

My husband interrupted, “But they put sperm in you, or did they wear condoms?”

I smiled, “I never liked condoms. Sure there were sperm but I wasn’t making any eggs so it didn’t matter. It was even enough for me to pull down my panties and get on hands and knees and let them go at it for a few minutes. Didn’t do much for me so sometimes I would call you up to see if you were available. Do you remember me doing that?” He nodded. “I needed a real screw and you didn’t seem to mind that I was extra wet.”

He had that “dawning awareness” look on his face. Almost whispering, “I never knew why you were so wet and eager sometimes. Damn!”

I laughed, “I was sure you figured it out after your experience with just-fucked pussies on prom night.”

Then I decided to change who was doing the questioning. “Say, speaking of pussies, I know you had some. My girlfriend told me every time she fucked you. Were there any other notable ones?”

He related a few stories and I kept my grip om his rigid rod. Finally, I said, “That’s enough for now. Let’s fuck!”

We started in the hot tub and quickly adjourned to the bed. It was more inspired than in a long time. After we both came I kept my legs around him and talked sexy. “I want more of your well-fucked cock in my well-fucked pussy. I’d like to imagine that you are the next guy who wants to ram it into me, just like prom night. I just loved the way you guys stayed hard and kept on fucking me. I’d love to do that again.”

My husband did his best but I wore him out. Women do have that advantage. He finally admitted defeat and suggested getting another guy helper to give me what I wanted. I was waiting for that and said, “Mark still lives in town. He’s married but I’d bet he’d play. How about it?”

He muttered, “OK! I need some help,” just before he fell asleep.

A week later we were having dinner with Mark. He was intrigued, and had told me the last time we were together that he’d always be at my beck and call. Years ago the men had both fucked me but in separate beds. This would be new for all of us.

Since we knew him we invited him to our house. Both kids were on their own so we could play there. The plan was to use the guest bedroom, not the marital bed, for fun and games. After another round of drinks, I stood up, looking for an ice breaker.

Aha! I started some appropriate music, dimmed the lights, and began what I hope was an erotic strip tease. I had their attention, that’s for sure. When I was down to the red thong and was swaying my breasts from side to side, I asked, “Anybody going to join me?”

Mark hopped up and almost made me laugh with his clumsiness. He mostly just wiggled as he stripped. I egged my husband to follow suit and he wasn’t much better.

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