Sisters in Army Green

by Ann Douglas

Copyright© 2003 by Ann Douglas. All rights reserved.

Fan Fiction Sex Story: After too many months in-country dealing with the daily grind of life at the the EVAC Hospital, Lieutenant Colleen McMurphy needed a little R&R and a chance to unwind. She never imagined that she'd meet someone who more than understood her needs, having once lived a life not unlike her own.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Fan Fiction   Oral Sex   .

Lieutenant Colleen McMurphy sat at the rearmost table in the hotel bar, listening to Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Poneys on the jukebox and enjoying her second scotch of the evening. Both simple pleasures made her think of home, a place she hadn’t seen in well over a year. For most of that time, she had been stationed at the 510th Evac Hospital at China Beach in the Republic of South Vietnam. A place she definitely needed some time away from.

It had come as quite a surprise to the short haired brunette when the commander of the 510th, Major Lila Garreau, appeared at her door two days ago and asked if she would be interested in going to the medical conference at Tokyo General scheduled for the long weekend. It seemed that Dr. Richard, who had planned to deliver a paper on advances in combat surgical procedures had hurt his leg and would be unable to make the trip. Since she couldn’t run two surgeons short, Garreau asked the nurse if she wanted to go in his place.

Four days in Tokyo might not be a trip home, but it was a chance to relax and unwind for a while. Colleen didn’t hesitate a minute before jumping at the opportunity.

The paper had been delivered at this afternoon’s session, leaving the Lieutenant with another day and a half before she had to catch the transport back to DaNang. The only thing she had to decide on now was how she wanted to spend that free time.

Looking out across the bar of the American-run hotel, Colleen decided that if she wanted, it wouldn’t be very hard to find someone to spend that time with. The room was filled with good-looking men of various ages, some in uniform and even more in civilian dress. Several had their eyes on her since she’d come in a half hour before.

Despite her strong Irish Catholic background and the small town she had grown up it, Colleen hadn’t been a virgin when she’d first arrived in Vietnam. Few girls her age were in 1968. And in the interim since, she had hardly been living a life of celibacy. The question at the moment, however, was if she actually wanted company or not.

“Mind if I sit down, Lieutenant?” a female voice asked as a blond haired woman suddenly appeared next to the booth.

Colleen looked up in surprise, especially since the woman had addressed her by her rank. After the presentation, she had made it a point to change out of her uniform and into the non-descript blue dress she had on. Dressed in a pair of cream slacks, a black short-sleeved blouse and a light colored sweater that barely contained an ample bust, the woman, who appeared to be in her late forties or possibly even her early fifties, was unfamiliar. Curious as to what the woman wanted, especially since she’d had to cross the entire bar to reach where she’d been sitting, Colleen motioned to the empty space on the other side of the table.

As the older woman thanked Colleen and took the seat, one of the waiters appeared at the table to take her order.

“I’ll have whatever the Lieutenant is having, and bring her another while you’re at it,” the new arrival said.

From the inflection in her voice, Colleen got the impression that this woman was used to giving orders and more importantly, having them obeyed without question.

“I hope I’m not disturbing you,” the woman said as the waiter quickly returned with the drink order. “I saw you sitting here when I came in and I just wanted to come over and tell you how impressed I was with your presentation this afternoon.”

“You were there at the conference?” Colleen asked, then realized that obviously she had been since she knew her rank and that she had delivered a report.

The curly-haired blonde answered with a nod as she took a sip of her drink. The expression on her face indicated that while she was willing to drink it, it was hardly the best she’d ever had.

“Are you in the army?” Colleen asked, remembering having seen a few other women in uniform at the conference.

“Once upon a time,” came the reply, framed in a faraway smile, “I retired a bird colonel a few years back.”

Colleen was impressed, even her own CO was only a major and that was a rarity for a woman.

“What brought you to the conference?”

“I was visiting some old associates here at the hospital in Tokyo, and I saw the conference on the schedule. I haven’t totally retired from nursing so I decided to stop by and take a look.” she explained. “It’s a sad fact, but war does seem to bring on major medical advances and I like to keep up if I can.”

“Well it was actually Doctor Richard’s report,” the younger woman said with humility, “I was just standing in for him.”

“Nonsense, doctors get way too much of the attention,” she cut in with a wave of her glass, “People don’t credit nurses enough for the success rate in the operating room.”

“Is that what you were, a surgical nurse?” asked Colleen.

“More than that,” the woman said with a noticeable pride in her voice, “I was head nurse at a MASH unit in Korea during the war, the 4077th.”

Colleen was now very glad she had asked the woman to sit down.

“I’m Colleen McMurphy.”

“I know. I’m Margaret Houlihan,” the older woman said, realizing she hadn’t yet introduced herself.

A few more rounds of scotch and an hour and a half later, Colleen and Margaret felt like they’d known each other the longest time. Despite the age difference and the times in which they’d served, it was amazing how much they had in common.

“Two biggest mistakes in my life,” Margaret was saying in response to a comment Colleen had made about men, sex and military life, “were Frank Burns and Donald Penobscott - losers both. The first was a married man I was playing around with and the second was a Lieutenant Colonel I married and then divorced.”

“If they were such losers, what attracted you to them in the first place?” Colleen asked out of curiosity.

“Well, that’s a little hard to explain,” Margaret said, “let’s just say it had to do with the times.”

“Fair enough,” Colleen said, now feeling the effects of the last few drinks.

“What about you, anyone special?” Margaret asked.

“Not really,” Colleen asked, thinking of the men she’d let herself become involved with back at the base and how bad the relationships had turned out.”

“Well I hope at least the sex was good,” Margaret laughed, feeling no pain as well. She had started two drinks behind her younger counterpart but had quickly caught up. “There’s something about getting shot at occasionally that really makes you horny.”

“Yeah, I’ve found that out,” Colleen replied, her thoughts drifting back to two instances in particular where that had proved true. In a way she never would have imagined before.

Those memories brought an even more interesting thought to mind as Colleen drained the last of her glass. There was something in the way the former MASH nurse was looking at her. At first, she thought it was her imagination, but she wasn’t so sure. It was a look that the younger woman had seen before. It also occurred to her that Margaret had the most beautiful green eyes she had ever seen.

A few months ago, during a Viet Cong attack on China Beach, Colleen had been trapped along with K.C. Koloski in the small apartment K.C. kept near the base. A self-made businesswoman who wasn’t above getting what she needed on her back, she had nevertheless become a friend of sorts.

For a while, with the guerrillas near and help nowhere in sight, things looked pretty bad. To Colleen’s astonishment, they wound up turning to each other for comfort in a way that she had only previously imagined with a man.

It took Colleen some time to come to grips with what had happened, or the fact that she had really enjoyed it. In the end, she decided that it was an isolated event, brought on by the near death experience, and one that wouldn’t ever be repeated.

That was until the day when she met Wayloo Marie Holmes. A curvaceous blonde reporter who caused reactions in Colleen that she hadn’t felt since her teen years. Feelings she had confessed late one night after they’d had a few together and to her surprise, ones that had been reciprocated.

After that night, Colleen had to admit to herself that it wasn’t something she could think of as an aberration any more. And if the opportunity ever presented itself, she would undoubtedly take advantage of it.

“Can I get you ladies anything else, ladies,” the waiter said as he reappeared at their side. The look in his eyes said a lot as to what he’d really like to give either one of them.

“Maybe we should call it a night,” Colleen said in recognition that her thoughts were becoming a little too scandalous.

“Tired of my company already?” Margaret asked.

“Not at all,” Colleen quickly replied, “I can honestly say I can’t remember the last time I’ve enjoyed anyone else’s company as much.”

“Then why don’t we continue our discussion up in my room,” the older woman suggested. “The bar never closes and I have some scotch that makes what they serve here taste like soda pop.”

Without thinking about it, Colleen agreed. Dropping a few dollars on the table to cover their bill, she followed Margaret back across the barroom floor, much to the disappointment of some of the male observers around them.

“Oh that is really good,” Colleen said as she downed half of the glass of twenty-year old scotch that Margaret had poured for her. “Where ever did you get anything this good?”

“It was sent to me as a birthday gift by a doctor I used to know back at the 4077th, Hawkeye Pierce,” Margaret said as she worked on her own glass. “We’ve kept in touch over the years.”

“Hawkeye, that’s a strange name,” Colleen mused.

“Well actually, his real name is Benjamin Franklin Pierce, if you can believe that, but his father gave him the nickname when he was a kid and it just stuck,” the older woman said as she refilled both glasses. “Not the most military of surgeons, but definitely the man I’d want working on me if I was hurt.”

“Did he ever,” the brunette asked out of curiosity, “work on you?”

“I’m assuming you don’t mean surgery,” Margaret grinned, knowing exactly what her guest meant. “We had a few brushes but nothing really serious. However, it was the opinion of quite a few of my nurses that he was quite skilled out of the operating room as well. If that was what you were looking for.”

The slight slur brought on by the amount of alcohol she’d consumed in a short time seemed to suddenly disappear from Margaret’s voice with that last statement. Her eyes seemed to focus directly on Colleen, with an equally sobering effect as she put the rest of her drink down on the table.

“Colleen, can I ask you a question?” the blonde asked. “It’s sort of personal, but I’ve always believed that sometimes it’s better to be direct.”

“Okay,” she replied, a touch of nervousness in her tone.

“I got the impression, down in the bar, that wasn’t the kind of company that you where looking for,” the older blonde said as she moved closer on the couch they had been sharing. “Forgive me if I was wrong but...”

“You weren’t wrong,” Colleen quickly answered, thinking that if she even waited for Margaret to finish what she was saying that she might not have the nerve to say the truth.

“I’m glad,” Margaret smiled, placing her hand over Colleen’s and squeezing it gently.

“Can I ask you a question?” the younger woman asked in turn as she returned the squeeze.

“Of course.”

“How did you know that? This is all pretty new to me, I have no idea how one woman knows that another is interested or...”

“That’s a really hard question to answer,” Margaret said after a few moments contemplation. “Sometimes, you get a feeling about it, and I have to admit that I’ve been wrong more than I’ve been right about it over the years. And while you wear that uniform, that can be a pretty dangerous thing to be wrong about.”

“How did you deal with it then?” Colleen asked, trying to picture what it must’ve been like for the older woman when she had been her age.

“Mostly by being the opposite of what I really was,” Margaret answered, this time without any hesitation. “Remember those two men that I mentioned earlier, well they were hardly the only two that I was involved with in my career, especially when I was young. For a while, I even had somewhat of a reputation as a slut in certain circles, but that didn’t affect my career anywhere as negatively as it would have if I had been known as a dyke instead. In fact, it that had ever come out, I wouldn’t have had any military career to worry about at all.”

Colleen nodded her head in understanding. In almost twenty years, that much hadn’t changed in the Army and she doubted that in twenty more years it would be any different.

“There were times,” Margaret went on as she recalled a particular memory, “when I really had to ask myself if it was worth it. Especially on late nights when I would walk past one of my nurses’ tents and overhear two of them sharing a little intimacy. Since I was their commanding officer, getting involved with them wasn’t an option. Thankfully, there were other career officers that shared my interest and when possible, we managed to get together once in a while.”

“And now you’re a civilian,” Colleen observed, “and no one can tell you who you can be involved with.”

“True, but you’re still in uniform, with all the risks that entails,” came Margaret’s answer, a word of caution in her tone.

“Well, I guess we’ll just have to make sure that no one asks, and no one tells,” Colleen grinned as she leaned closer and kissed Margaret softly on her lips.

Margaret was quick to respond, returning the passion she felt in Colleen’s lips even as she pressed her tongue deep into her mouth. As their tongues lovingly collided, her left hand came to rest on the younger woman’s breast. A gentle squeeze caused the Lieutenant to let out a sigh, as the memory of how nice it was to be with another woman reasserted itself.

They kissed a second time, wrapping their arms around each other, their hands exploring each other’s body more fully now. Colleen undid the buttons of Margaret’s sweater, dropping it back onto the couch. Glancing down at the blonde’s ample bust, she considered that it was almost as large as Wayloo’s. She also wondered if it would taste as sweet.

The brunette could feel her nipples growing hard as Margaret’s fingers played with them through the material of her dress. Prompting her to bring her own hands to cradle the other woman’s mounds, the weight and firmness of which surprised her.

“Would you like to get more comfortable?” Margaret asked as she kissed the woman in her arms one more time.

“Oh yes,” Colleen responded as she felt a warm rush between her legs.

Margaret undid the top buttons of her blouse, just enough to give Colleen a more intimate look at the rounded globes beneath the dark material. Before she could reach the third button, Colleen replaced Margaret’s fingers with her own and completed the task. As the folds of the dark blouse fell away, they revealed an equally black bra that looked far too flimsy to contain the lavish orbs that strained against it.

Hesitantly, Colleen eased off Margaret’s blouse and dropped it next to the sweater. The dark circles and pointed nipples that capped the retired officer’s breasts were clearly visible through the scanty material, providing a breath-stealing image. Reaching out with two fingers of each hand, Colleen gently pressed against both tips.

“That’s nice,” Margaret moaned softly. Her nipples had always been highly sensitive.

The zipper of Colleen’s blue dress came down even easier as Margaret reached around and took hold of the metal clasp. Feeling the outfit grow loose around her shoulders, Colleen stood up and let Margaret lower it down the length of her body, until she was able to step out of it and leave it on the carpeted floor.

“You are so very pretty,” Margaret said as she ran her fingers up along the outsides of the younger woman’s legs, moving up across her waist and then against the sides of her breasts.

Colleen wished she had been wearing something more presentable that the army issue undergarments that she’d bought at the base exchange, but looking into Margaret’s eyes she saw that her lover of the evening didn’t seem to mind. Besides, she was sure she wouldn’t be wearing them that much longer anyway.

Margaret ran one hand back down across Colleen’s stomach and placed it flat between her legs. Even through the plain white material of the generic panties, she could feel how wet the brown-haired mound had become beneath them. Pressing against the small protrusion with her thumb, the nearly topless woman quickly located the most sensitive spot.

“Oooooo,” Colleen moaned as she felt the warmth of a lover’s hand against her mound.

Margaret took encouragement from the sound and pulled down the sides of the panties, revealing the tightly trimmed prize beneath it. It was a sharp contrast to her own, which she had let grow wild since she’d put aside her army greens.

Colleen watched with anticipation as Margaret ran her index finger up and down the length of her brown haired sex, sending small ripples radiating outward. Her finger pressed deeper, sliding inside Colleen and caressing the wet walls within. An touch that caused the Lieutenant’s moans to grow louder and more frequent.

A second finger, then a third joined the first and Margaret thrust them deep into the wetness. Colleen’s moans now came from deep within as she felt her sex pressing around the probing digits, which were now moving in and out of her with increasing speed. It didn’t take long for the touch of experience to bring on the onset of a small, but highly pleasurable orgasm.

“Mother of God,” Colleen gasped as she felt the strength fade from her legs, calling on an invocation that she was certain the Sisters in her parish school would’ve considered blasphemous.

Then again, she’d always had a few doubts of her own about the Sisters and their constant entreaties against the sins of self-abuse. Especially after the teenage girl had sampled them for herself and couldn’t understand how any woman, and they were simply women beneath their habits, could not enjoy what was certainly a gift from God.

“Feeling more relaxed now?” Margaret asked as she withdrew her now saturated fingers, taking a moment to bring them to her mouth and greedily lick them clean.

“More than relaxed,” Colleen answered as she took a deep breath and regained her equilibrium. The brief climax had done more to loosen her up than all of the alcohol she’d consumed over the last few hours.

“Good. I was afraid that you might be a little nervous,” Margaret said as she rose to her feet as well. “Now we can take our time and have some real fun.”

Despite her desire to again sample the wonders of being with a woman, Colleen had also felt a certain degree of anxiousness about it as well. She hadn’t realized that it had been apparent enough for Margaret to pick up on it. Still, she could hardly find complaint with the older woman’s method of dealing with her hesitancy.

Margaret stepped back from Colleen and pulled off her slacks, leaving her in just bra and panties. She moved back into Colleen’s arms and invited her to explore her body at her leisure.

Colleen took her up on the invitation and placed her palms on the bare parts of Margaret’s breasts, caressing the warm skin with her outstretched fingers. They slid inside the hemispheres of her black bra and pressed the hard flesh of her areola. Margaret responded to the more intimate touch with soft moans of her own.

Moans that grew louder as the blonde placed her own hands on top of Colleen’s and pressed them even harder against her mounds. She did this a second time, until the younger woman began to do it on her own. Her hands now free, Margaret reached behind her back and undid the clasp of her bra, giving Colleen full access to her endowments.

Access she was quick to take advantage of as the brunette tilted her head downward and kissed Margaret’s breast, running her tongue across the dark pink disks. Margaret purred in response to the trail of wetness on her skin. Not wanting to rush, Colleen darted her tongue to and fro, tracing concentric circles around the rigid nipples. She tickled it with the tip of her tongue one last time, then glided it between her lips.

Margaret held Colleen’s head in place, running her fingers through her short regulation style hair. She felt an excitement that only a woman suckling at her breast could produce. One surpassed by only one other activity, which she was sure she would also be enjoying before the night was over.

“Am I doing this okay?” Colleen asked as she lifted her mouth from Margaret’s bounty and moved to sample its twin.

“Colleen love, you’re doing it fabulously,” Margaret complimented her as she felt the pleasing wetness of her mouth engulf her other mound.

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