Choices Are Not Always Easy

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Young brown-skinned woman uses what she has to make her life better. It worked in ways she did not plan and she couldn't be happier.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Reluctant   Romantic   Sharing   Gang Bang   Oriental Female   Pregnancy   Prostitution   .

He watched her slim brown body walk towards the door after she gently cleaned him. Soon he heard noises from the next room whose occupant was enjoying the lubrication he had just put in her in the same way that he had enjoyed that brought to him from the room across the hall. He had rarely felt the silky slipperiness of another man when he was sliding inside a woman and it was erotic. He slept, satiated.

The next morning as she was bent over pouring his coffee, nude like the night before, her hanging breast was so close to his hand that he was tempted to touch it like the previous night. Would it be appropriate in this situation? As if reading his mind, she rubbed her nipple along his forearm and smiled at him.

Later, the meeting leader announced that any that wished the hostess’ attentions during breaks or lunch needed to set a time with her before they entered the meetings. He quickly reserved one of the brief times during the afternoon break. These services were an unexpected benefit of the conference held in the small Asian country.

Although it was brief, the coupling was enjoyable and before she moved on he asked her if he might be the last one on her rounds that night. She smiled and nodded. Such a pleasant young woman!

She was, as usual, quite slick for his entry, and his endurance, because of the afternoon exercise, was better. That had not happened during his previous encounters with her. It was late because two more arrivals had brought the number of attendees at this meeting to a half-dozen. Being more relaxed and without time pressure, he became more familiar with her young body, exploring places he had ignored before and appreciating the sensuousness of her pussy as long as he had hard flesh. Even had the luxury of thinking about her earlier vaginal visitors that day and all the sperm that he was slipping and sliding so deliciously in. The other maleness had certainly not diminished the quality of the coupling he was having with her. To his delight, she achieved an orgasm.

When he finished, he asked if she needed to leave immediately. Her answer pleased him, “I will only go back to my little room until the morning so if you’d like me to stay that is fine.” He was so curious about why she was here in this role.

She was very pretty with her light brown skin, a fairly short and trim figure as already mentioned, and an ample bosom for her size. Her black hair reached down to her ass and was usually hanging free. She also had short, black, straight hair in the other place women are hirsute.

He put his arm around her as she spoke. She was not accustomed to having someone listen. Usually she was just told what to do like a robot. She did seem to relax a bit as she told him she was barely sixteen from a very poor family but knew that she needed an education to get ahead in the world. For people of her social class, there was no public school. She had looked and looked for a job that would pay enough to even allow one year of schooling. This one had the potential and, while not thrilled about the scope of duties that were revealed to her, she swallowed her pride and accepted.

He asked how long she had been doing this. She said this was her second meeting to be a hostess and she had already been given a raise because she achieved such excellent comments from those first attendees.

Now a more intimate question, “You seem to be very skilled in bed. How long have you been doing such things?”

Now she seemed a bit embarrassed, “I was a virgin when I applied for the job. When I discovered what would be expected of me, my longtime boyfriend taught me what he knew. I also went to a clinic and got birth control because I did not want that to interfere with my education either. And yes, between my work at these meetings, I still have my boyfriend and he accepts me into his bed although we do not talk about my activities here.”

He had to ask, “How do you feel about having so much sex?”

She smiled, “It is interesting and there is some pleasure. I never suspected there could be so many differences among men’s parts. I do get tired and a bit sore down there.”

She fell asleep beside him but was gone when he awoke, having to prepare breakfast and other things for the meetings.

He had time with her again at the lunch break and she was slippery with accumulated semen just as expected. He asked her simply, “How many?” She replied, “Three including you.” He had also found out that the meeting presenter and organizer also took their turns with her body, usually first thing in the morning when she was fresher.

Again that night he asked her to be the last on her rounds. She was clearly tired so he just held her and they talked. He was impressed with how determined she was to break her cycle of poverty and make something of herself. It wasn’t just selfish because her goal was to have the resources to pull her family out of the pit and into a better life. They slept and in the early morning, before she arose to begin her daily duties, she made tender love to him. It was not fucking; there was real affection behind it.

Thoughts about her kept interrupting his concentration all that day during the meetings and at lunch he went for a walk to try to clear his head. He had written his name in for the afternoon break and when she came to my room, he told her she didn’t need to get undressed, that he had something important to talk over with her.

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