Michelle's Prom

by Red Czar

Copyright© 2018 by Red Czar

True Sex Story: Michelle needed a date for prom, but didn't want to go with any of the guys from her own school. So, she talked to her friend Julie, who suggested, neighbor boy. When Michelle called, how could I refuse?

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Michelle’s prom

I – Julie

Sophomore year had started. Classes were fine. Sports were going fine. Dating was better than ever, I was actually seeing three or four different girls at the moment. Not all at the same time of course but one this week, a different one next week, a party here or there, whoever had a particular event at the time. I was pretty carefree at that point. If I didn’t actually have to attend classes, school would have been great.

So one morning, I’m walking down the school halls and up ahead I see my neighbor Julie coming toward me. As soon as she saw me she got all excited, screeched out my name and started skipping down the hall towards me. She greeted me with a huge hug and started twirling me around in the hallway. This was a bit of overkill, even for Julie. She’s always happy to see me but not like this.

She started talking at me a hundred miles a minute, “Zaaaane Zane Zane Zane Zane ... I have such a big surprise for you!”

Okay. So I asked. “Are you gonna tell me what it is?”

She said “I gave someone your phone number” and then gave me the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on her. She was clearly very excited.

Well, this was different. Julie has never tried to fix me up with anyone before and I had no idea why she would start now. She usually preferred to keep me to herself if anything. She did seem overly excited though, and we’d been best friends since grade school so, I trusted her.

Naturally, I asked. “Who?”

She said “It’s a surprise. (big smile) but when she calls, you will say YES to whatever she asks DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

“and if I don’t?” I asked.

She just hit me and said “You won’t trust me. You’ll say yes to anything” Again, the big smile.

II – Michelle

I was left wondering for a few days. Every time my phone rang I was expecting this to be the one. Finally, I pick up the phone and it was a number I didn’t know. Usually, I wouldn’t even answer but since I was expecting a mystery call, I picked up. On the other end was Michelle. A pleasant surprise indeed!

I had actually known Michelle for a few months at this point. We had met at Julie’s party during the summer. It was supposed to be just Julie and her cheerleader friends but when she found me home alone next door she made me come over and join them.

That turned out to be a very wild night. Julie’s parents weren’t home for the night and the girls were drinking like crazy. It ended up with lots more drinking, skinny dipping, and yes, sex. I didn’t have sex with Michelle that night but right now I was clearly picturing her topless in the pool. A very inviting image.

Michelle stammered and made small talk for a little bit, told me that Julie had given her my number. I already knew that. She clearly had a point but was having a hard time getting to it. After a working around it a little, Michelle explained to me that her Junior Prom was coming up, and would I be interested in being her date for the night?

Prom? With Michelle? Again, picturing her half naked in the pool and thinking Prom? And AFTER Prom? Yes, you all know what I was thinking at this point. Hello! Yes! Of course, I’ll be your date!

This of course was very unorthodox because 1 – Michelle was a junior and I was only a sophomore. 2 – Michelle went to a different school. She lived across the state line. She went on to explain that she wasn’t dating anyone at the time, and yes, plenty of guys from her own school had been asking her to prom but she didn’t want to go with any of them, mostly because they were all pigs and she knew what they would all be expecting. (The same thing I was expecting). She also didn’t want to have to let them down after prom when she didn’t want to continue going out with them. She really didn’t want to go to at all, but all her friends were going and they all expected her to be there, so she was hoping she could find someone to go with as “just friends”. That’s when Julie suggested “Neighbor Boy”

Now it all made more sense. “Neighbor Boy” is the new nickname I had picked up among Julie and her friends from that party. That is what they called me all night and have all called me ever since then. I’m surprised Michelle didn’t call me that when I answered the phone. I had hung out with Michelle and the other girls since that party, usually with Julie of course, but Michelle had never shown any interest in me other than as Julie’s neighbor. She did always pay close attention when we would end up skinny dipping in the pool, but then I paid more attention to her when we were naked too. So instead of all those things you immediately think of when you think of Prom, this was to be just a friendly evening of dancing and partying. Just friends, no benefits. I was still fine with that, Michelle was a beautiful girl and a lot of fun, I’d be more than happy to be just friends for the night.

III – Prom

Over the next couple of weeks, we prepared for Prom. Julie and Michelle took me shopping and took care of everything. Rent this tux. Get these flowers. Wear these shoes. Wear this cologne. I mean everything. I took Julie’s original advice, whatever she asked, I just said YES. (I have to admit, I was still thinking of Michelle naked in the pool)

Then the big night came. We didn’t splurge on the limo with everyone else since this was supposed to be just a friendly date, instead, we had Julie and her boyfriend who acted as our own personal limo drivers for the night. Julie went to the same school I did and so had nothing to do with this particular Prom other than finding dates for her friends. So Julie and I piled into her boyfriend’s SUV and we went to pick up Michelle.

Michelle looked incredible. Let me describe. Michelle was five foot two, dirty blonde hair, and very slim. She might have weighed a hundred pounds but not much more. She is very slim, athletic, toned muscles on every inch of her. Tonight she was wearing a sparkling, deep blue gown, full length, that also seemed to make her eyes just shimmer. The back was almost not even there, cut down all the way to that tight little ass, with a criss-cross pattern of straps up her naked back all the way up over her shoulders. That gown hugged every curve of her body like a second skin. I could only hope to get as close to her as that dress. Her hair was perfect, someone obviously spent hours on it and wow was it worth it. She was simply stunning.

After a few pictures at Michelle’s house, we made our way to yet another friend’s house for more pictures with all of the other friends. We finished all the pictures and then it was off to Prom. The evening was amazing. We danced, we partied, we took the pictures, we made fun of everyone else, and well into the evening, she kissed me. I was surprised by that.

We danced a number of very slow dances and held each other very close. I slid my hand down over that sweet ass and surprisingly Michelle didn’t object or make me move my hand until some chaperon got too close. As I said, that dress was extremely tight, and from what I was feeling she couldn’t possibly be wearing anything under it. I was getting hard as a rock, and dancing that close, I know she could feel that too. There were a couple of times that I’m sure she did. She just looked at me and smiled, pulled me even closer, and then kissed me again. Just friends huh?

I did start to press my luck a few times. I would run my hands all over that sweet body while we were dancing and just tell her how incredible she looked. Surprisingly, she reached her hand down over my ass a couple times herself. While we waiting to have pictures taken I was standing behind her admiring her ass, and looking at that beautiful gown. I couldn’t figure it out. While we stood there practicing the “prom pose” for the pics and I had to ask,

“So tell me, how do I get this thing off of you?”

She smiled, pulled my hands tighter around her waist and whispered back to me “Wouldn’t you like to know”

Oh yes. I SO would like to know.

IV - After Prom

When the main event was over Julie picked us up and Michelle and I climbed into the back seat. Michelle was naturally telling Julie all about the whole evening while cuddling up to me and laying the occasional kisses on me every time she told Julie how wonderful I had been. Michelle had really not even wanted to go at all but we ended up having such a good time she was very happy.

We made our way to the after-party. This was at yet another friend’s house, a huge place with lots of rooms and hidden corners. We hung out and danced and partied and gossiped about what happened at prom. We watched as various couples just disappeared.

There was also lots of booze. I never actually saw Michelle drinking more than a single glass of wine, trying to look all classy in her fancy ball gown, and she really did, but I think she had a lot more wine than I thought. I had a couple beers myself and was feeling the effects. We were both getting a little tipsy. The end result was that Michelle’s soft and sweet little kisses started turning into full-on tongue kissing and my hands all over that tight sexy body. I could feel her nipples getting hard under that gown. She would shudder every time my hand went over them.

At that point, Julie started acting like somebody’s mom and told us we should all get in the car and go over to her house. Such a bummer, but she was our ride so...

As it turns out, Michelle and I got in the back of the SUV and pretty much ignored Julie and her boy. Again my hands were all over her, and again I could feel her react when I touched certain spots. She would take in a breath when I touched her breasts. She would giggle when I ran my hand down over that ass. She would gasp and smile when her hand found its way over my crotch. I would smile and grab her hand to make sure it stayed there. We couldn’t get to Julie’s house fast enough, and when we did, we were ready to just stay in the car and continue what we were doing.

It was now almost three AM and no one was awake at Julie’s house. We parked and then the four of us quietly went out back on the patio. We talked for a very short time, but Michelle and I were really more interested in each other than listening to Julie. That is until she suggested that I should hop over to my house and change out of the tux. That’s when the light bulb went off in my head. Great idea!

I turned to Michelle and said, “She’s right, I should change out of this before I stain it or something.”

Then I grinned at her and said “You wanna help?” with an added wink.

Michelle just smiled.

I stood up and reached out my hand to her. Michelle took my hand, I helped her up, gave Julie a little wink, and we started to head for the gate.

Julie then spoke up and said, “Maybe you should take this, just in case Michelle wants to change too.”

She handed me Michelle’s bag which had a change of clothes for her as well. Good old Julie, always so well prepared.

V - My house

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