Mrs Lavender's Affair

by Leslie Lavender

Copyright© 2018 by Leslie Lavender

Romantic Story: A young housewife has her first fling but its rather an offbeat affair? She even offers her hubby an inducement to turn a blind eye - but can she actually deliver on the deal? Part 2 follows.

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Slow   .

Chapter 1

The doorbell took me by surprise as it broke the quietness of morning.

I wondered who could be calling this early on Saturday morning and thought of ignoring it, but then responded to a repeated ring by putting my coffee mug down on the kitchen counter.

“It’s okay lazybones; I’ll go.” I said to my slumbering husband Robert, as I grabbed my robe from the end of the bed and pulled it on. I closed the bedroom door so he could slumber on.

I checked the front-door peep-hole and saw a fair haired youth? Opening the door, I smiled at him, “Good morning?”

The lad who stood shorter than myself, simply stared at me!

Perhaps I wasn’t the person he was expecting to see? Then I realised it was my bedroom appearance distracting him.

“Yes? what is it?” I asked now, trying to jostle his mind along.

His voice had a girlish tone;”Oh good morning! Do you have any milk?”

“Well - Yes.” I replied, the slight surprise showing in the sound of my voice.

The boy was confused; as if he also had no idea where this conversation was going; yet his presence charmed me.

“May I borrow some for my mother please?” His embarrassment increased.

“Oh! right, Okay. Just give me a moment.” I smiled into his dishy eyes.

I closed the door; and then I realised my robe had fallen open! ‘So that’s what had thrown that lad! He’d got an unexpected peep-show of my jugs!’ Milk? Jugs? Surly not? I grinned at the thought as I re-tied my robe into place.

In the kitchen I found a half-full milk-carton and took it to the waiting lad; but before opening the door I paused; with a sly grin I loosely undid my robe again; allowing enough on view to interest the youth. I opened the door; my pulse beating a bit faster.

Giving him a pleasant smile I asked, “Are you with the folk who moved in across the hall recently?”

His pretty face flushed, “Yes Ma’am; we’ve been getting ourselves sorted out; Mother an me, that is.”

Lucky Mother I thought, “Okay ... that’s good; well there you go young fella!” I said, handing over the carton of milk.

He glanced at the carton, offering me a smile. “Thanks Ma’am. I’ll return a fresh carton to you later.”

I smiled and waved a dismissive hand, “That’s okay ... no need.”

There was a brief glimpse of disappointment on his face, then a smile and another nod. “Thank you.” As he turned and walked down the hallway I found myself ogling his neat waist and sexy butt before I closed the door.

Back in the kitchen I got the coffee and returned to the bedroom.

My husband sat up lazily in bed, the effort seemingly almost too much for him to bare. “Who was at the door?”

I shrugged as I handed over the mug. “The new lad from across the hall apparently.”

“Oh. What did he want?”

“Just some milk for his Mom; but I think ogling me came as an extra benefit.”

Rob laughed, “Slut!”

I smirked, “Yea; Anyway, I’m taking a shower, okay?”

I stood semi-naked in front of the bathroom mirror; intrigued that the young guy had obviously found me attractive; wondering what sort of age growing boys began taking an interest in sex. More to the point though, how old did they need to be to satisfy a woman such as me?

It made her realise that she had little experience with kids of any age.

In their honeymoon days they had mused over their first child; Robert fathering a son; she of mothering a daughter to dress in pretty clothes.

But she and Rob had become accustomed to being a childless couple over the years; each having held the other’s likely infertility responsible for a pregnancy never occurring.

Occasionally when friends enthused over their kids, Robert would get a bit sentimental but Leslie noticed it soon passed. She had been content though; having her figure unspoilt by childbirth; her tummy still flat, her hips long and slender.

She’d seen what motherhood had done to her friends; altering them from self assured females into housewives without allure.

Yet she’d always been able to turn their husbands heads, when she had a mind too ... and now she’d even pulled a pretty boy!

My grocery trip was uneventful but I was tired from a day of work as I pulled into park at our apartments.

I grabbed up two bags of frozen items from the back seat and reached to lock the door.

“Hi! need some help lady?” the youth had called.

Surprised, I turned to see my caller from Saturday morning. Once again I found his boyishness quite appealing.

“Oh, Hello! Yes! Could you grab some bags from the back seat for me?”

He gathered-up the remaining bags and as he stood back up he beamed at me and the attractive guy he would develop into shone through.

I followed him into the lobby of the apartment building, wondering how he would size-up to me in an embrace; then he held the door for me and pressed the elevator button, despite his hands being full. This boy was out to impress me!

“So what are you doing home today?” I asked as we waited, trying to make benign small talk. “No studies or stuff?”

He shrugged, “Not really; but I start at the high school here next week.”

“What age are you now then?” I queried.

“I’m fifteen ma’am.”

I was surprised but any further reply from him was cut off by the ding of the arriving elevator and the whoosh of the opening doors. He put a foot into the open door, making sure the doors wouldn’t close; obviously wanting me to enter first.

“Thank you.” I smiled as I stepped in. He pressed the 4th floor button.

“So did you have enough milk?” I asked, absently trying to make small talk from the few shared experiences we had had.

“Oh, yeah. Thanks. It was plenty.”

I nodded with a smile. I’d never had to cope with a flirtation from a youth before. I was feeling my way in the dark; as I new he was.

“What’s your name?” I asked him.

“Andrew.” He replied brightly; “Andrew Baker.”

“I’m Mrs Lavender and thanks for your help Andrew.”

He glowed with a blushing pride.

“So, your new to the building.” I stated.

“Yea - We moved in recently - Mother and I.”

“So; your man of the house, huh?” I asked while wondering how big a fifteen year-old boy’s cock might be?

“I guess so.” He said following me as I lead the way down the hall to my door.

I put the bags down and got my door-key out. “Can I offer you a drink Andrew?”

“Sure.” He replied with a smile.

“Okay – come on in – you can put the bags in the kitchen Andrew!”

I slipped my suit jacket off and hung it on the coat hook in the hall. I decided that to give him a little show and unbuttoned the top two buttons of my blouse, and then the third one; before dabbing-on my perfume.

I filled the glass from the water jug and went into our small living room to find him sat on the couch; his eyes glancing around the room, taking it all in.

“You married?” He asked, his eyes fixed on a wedding picture.

“Sure I am Andrew ... but you can be my friend if you want?”

“Oh – yes ... of course.” He tried to hide his embarrassment.

“How about you?” I asked, smiling and trying to relax him. “Girlfriends? A guy like you must have them lining up.”

My compliment caused his frown alter into an embarrassed smile with a blush. “Err ... No ... not yet Mrs Lavender.”

“Well, at college you’ll have lots girls around.” I smiled, then glanced at the glass in my hand. “Oh, here’s your water.”

I moved directly in front of him; so I had his attention and as I leaned over and put the glass down I saw his eyes dart down my blouse; which hung loosely enough for him to see my breasts.

“Let me get you a coaster.” I jiggled to the side; reaching for a coaster from the holder on the table. I placed it under his drink, giving him just a moment of extra peeping. I stood up again, pretending not to notice where his eyes had been; and also hiding how excited my actions had made me.

His embarrassment was obvious, his eyes shifting about, trying not to look at me. His cheeks glowing with a slight blush. His hand reached out for the glass, almost dropping it before taking a big gulp.

“I have to get started on dinner soon.” I said with a smile. “Rob will be home in a bit and tonight’s my turn to cook.”

He blinked for a second and then nodded, “Oh, okay Mrs Lavender.”

“You’re welcome to stay if you’d like to watch TV with me?”

I turned away and bent over to turn on the television; my skirt pulled tight across my rump and had lifted enough to give him a view of my thighs.

“I should go.” he said in his girlish tone, “Mom will probably be cooking soon too.”

I stood up and glanced back at him. He had stood up to depart and I could clearly see he had a hard on for me; causing my snatch to juice-up.

“Okay Andrew; well, do come by another time!” I said opening the front door for him to leave.

“Well; thanks for the drink Mrs Lavender.”

Chapter 2

Friday afternoon is when I sometime take a half day’s leave from the office; as I had on this occasion.

I pulled into the parking lot of the apartment and was easily able to get one of the prized spots in front of the building. Even the elevator was waiting for me on the ground floor and I let myself into my apartment with that sense of liberation a week-end can bring.

After a quick shower, I’d just pulled on a loose shirt over my boobs when a knock on the door! It took me by surprise so I pulled on a pair of tights before going to see.

Peeking through the spy hole, I could see Andrew waiting nervously in the hallway. My heart began beating quicker as I opened the door.

“Hi Mrs Lavender.” He announced nervously. “I saw your car in the parking lot. Well ... your normally still at work so; I wondered if you were okay?”

“I smiled back at him, “I’m fine Andrew! - just decided to finish early; that’s all - want to come in?”

“Sure thing Mrs Lavender.” His nervousness seemed to fade only slightly and that excited me.

There’s was only a few hours before Rob would get home and I wanted to make the most of them so I took a gamble.

“Want to play a game for a bit of fun Andrew?” My offer surprised him.

“What sort of game?” He asked, his face showing interest in the idea.

“It’s called Truth and Dare.” I said with my pulse beating.

His nervousness seemed to peak for a moment, but then he nodded. “Okay.”

“First of all,” I said, patting a spot on the couch, “Come here and sit down. You don’t need to stay over there.”

He took the seat I’d offered and I moved a bit more away from him now, leaning against the armrest at the far end of the couch, trying to make him feel more at ease.

“Okay.” I chuckled at his reply. “Let me see. I’ll start with something easy.”

“Have you ever dressed up like a girl; for fun?”

An embarrassed look appeared on his face and he shook his head slightly, “No. I’ve never have. But I’m not gay or anything.” He assured me earnestly.

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