Daughter's Amnesia

by StarryHorizon

Copyright© 2018 by StarryHorizon

Incest Sex Story: Daughter becomes the replacement wife for her father.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Reluctant   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   Cream Pie   Pregnancy   Safe Sex   Small Breasts   .

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. It involves elements of incest, memory loss, and questionable consent. All characters are at the legal age of 18 or older.

“What do you mean you are doubling my rent?” Sophia couldn’t believe her ears. “I’ve had problems with the heater for two months already and now you are throwing that in my face?” She quickly went to fetch a few papers. Her finger pointed at various paragraphs that highlighted other issues with her apartment. She wasn’t an idiot and wouldn’t be fooled so easily. The rent was outrageous already, but doubling it was nothing short of highway robbery.

Her landlord shrugged in response while he stroked his scruffy beard.

“Take it or leave it.” He stood there with a smug posture. It was clear that he would come out on top regardless of what her choice would be. Either he would get rid of a bratty tenant, or he would collect enough money to tolerate her a little longer.

“Ohh you can bet your ass I’m leaving!” The furious teenager slammed the door shut and sank to the ground. She hung her head low in defeat. The scarlet locks of her hair draped down in front of her face and cast a shadow that concealed her displeased expression.

This wasn’t how she imagined her first few months in college to be like. Stress, responsibilities, and unexpected bumps in the road. She reluctantly dragged herself to her phone to make some important calls. There was no other way.

She would need a place to stay at until she found a new apartment. Surely it wouldn’t be difficult to stay at a friend’s place for a while.

Unfortunately, her streak of bad luck hadn’t ended.

None of her friends were up to the task, most of them were sharing a small dorm room with another student. Others still lived at home and didn’t have to pay a single cent of rent.

If that were at all an option for Sophia, she would’ve jumped on that chance immediately. But their situation was probably much simpler. It’s true, the only number she hadn’t called yet was her father’s. She hadn’t had much contact with him ever since her parents’ very ugly divorce.

If at all possible, she really would’ve preferred to wait until that dust settled. Maybe even until they got back together. Every child wishes for nothing but to have their parents living together until the end of all days ... just like in those romantic fantasy novels. It’s a shame that reality often wasn’t as neat and perfect.

Still, she was low on money and didn’t have much of a choice. It was time to get back in touch with him.

A week passed before she could make the trip to the distant place she grew up at. An Uber drove her all the way out of the city, and into an idyllic little patch of wilderness near the mountains. It was a sight to behold! Nature as far as the eye could see. Which may be awesome as a little kid, but not so much if you’re trying to get a proper education and need access to a university. Sophia knew she wouldn’t be able to stay for long, it was just too cut off from the rest of the world.

Another hour passed before they arrived, way out there.

The log cabin had been built to last. It had also been built to be remote. It was miles away from the nearest village, and sat in wide-open meadowland near the foot of a mountain.

The setting and the view were dream-like; it was the perfect spot for a getaway vacation. For a small girl just growing up, though, the isolation wasn’t very conducive to forming friendships or developing social skills.

Even the dreamlike setting seemed frayed to her now.

The garden just outside the building looked neglected. The flowers were wilted and the bushes were overgrown. There was just too much upkeep involved for a single person to take on.

Sophia sighed. She had repeatedly advised her father to get an apartment in the city, but her old man was just as stubborn as she tended to be.

Sophia gave herself a mental shake. Regardless of what had been advised, and how things had worked out, she was here now. She was visiting her recluse of a father because she had no other real options.

She took her suitcase and rolled it up to the front door before ringing the doorbell. Things were quiet for a moment, until her father opened the door and she finally got to see him again for the first time in months. He looked remarkably happy to see her! Although it did take her aback for a moment to see someone wearing little more than a shirt and underwear, but it was a hot summer day. These old cabins weren’t built with a modern AC to keep the temperatures down.

Despite her earlier confidence, guilt invaded her precious mind once more as she remembered the details surrounding the divorce. Her father’s wife – her mother, had cheated on him with another guy – and while Sophia hadn’t even known of her mother’s infidelity until after the house had been turned upside down, she was still her mother’s child as much as she was her father’s. That’s the thought she couldn’t shake off. Half of her was undeniable bad – at least as far as he was concerned. Maybe she shouldn’t put this kind of pressure on him, she thought. Surely, she would be able to find another place to stay at, at least temporarily.

“This is ... it was a bad idea, sorry. I’m just gonna-”she felt herself interrupted mid-sentence as his hand quickly reached for her shoulder.

“Don’t be like that.” He pulled her in for a warm embrace and held her for the longest time, to cherish her warmth. “You will always be my princess, and you will always be welcome. It’s your home too, right? Come on in, I really don’t mind. It would benefit both of us anyway. Lord knows I hadn’t had company in a while.” When their emotional moment came to an end, she rolled her suitcase inside and had a look around. He had taken care of the interior well enough, no visible dust or dirt. It certainly looked better than the apartments of her previous boyfriends – guys tend to get sloppy when they live alone. But this was a pleasant surprise.

“It looks nice in here,” she smiled warmly. “I see you have been keeping yourself busy!” Her curious gaze kept wandering about.

“Yeah.” He lifted her luggage and began to carry it upstairs while she continued investigating the state of the house. It was an upsetting discovery when she opened the fridge and found nothing more than beer and plenty of frozen meals. Her mother used to cook proper meals each and every day. It was always fresh. This certainly wasn’t.

It also reminded her of her father’s past – he used to be an alcoholic. At least according to her mother’s stories, those habits died as soon as mom had taken charge.

But old habits die hard, apparently. On the other hand, it’s not like she hadn’t seen other guys with nothing but beer in the fridge. Her father lived like a bachelor, that’s ... acceptable right? It certainly could be a lot worse.

“Help yourself to one if you’re thirsty,” he pointed out as he returned.

As she took a closer look at him she easily noticed the signs of his lifestyle. A beer belly. He was certainly a lot chubbier and out of shape than he used to be. Which was a shame – he could easily find himself a new wife if he were to put a bit of effort into himself. As it appeared, he had given up on finding any other woman ... for the time being anyway. People deal with grief in different ways, can’t blame him for leaving the dating pool after the woman he loved had jumped in bed with someone else.

“I uh ... I’m fine,” she refused his offer. The idea of drinking booze so early in the day was too weird. In addition, she had no intention of supporting her dad’s new drinking habits.

In order to find another topic to talk about, she took a quick glance around the room only to realize something was amiss. In particular, a large family portrait that used to decorate the walls was no longer present.

As her suspicions rose, she peeked into the hallway again and noticed the pattern – all of her mother’s pictures had been removed. “Where did they go?” She returned to the kitchen and gave her dad a quizzical stare. “What did you do with mom’s pictures? I can’t see any of them, anywhere?”

Her father approached and gave her a reassuring – and slightly condescending – pat on the shoulder. “You’re asking where your mother’s things are?” He pointed at the trash can in the corner of the kitchen. “That’s where they went. I’m sorry princess, but your mother messed up real bad. The last thing I want to deal with is to see her picture on every wall. The family is fine like this, just you and me. We don’t need your mother, now do we? We don’t.”

“Dad!” She rushed to the trash can and opened it, but of course there was nothing but a few empty bottles of beer. He must have discarded the pictures a long time ago. “I ... don’t think you had to go that far.”

“It’s a bit late for regret.”

A long silence followed.

She could scold him, but was it her place to do so? He was a grown man, she was just a child in comparison. There’s no denying that he was bad at dealing with loss, though. The booze and the frozen meals were plenty of evidence. If only he would find a new girlfriend, someone experienced enough to help him get better ... things would be perfect in no time.

“Anyway, if you don’t drink beer, how about some water instead?” His hand reached for one of the clean glasses from the sink, which he placed under the tap. Unfortunately, the old pipes didn’t do their job and not a single drop of water came splashing out.

Sophia looked at him, then back at the tap. “Problems with the pipes?”

“No, it just takes a while sometimes. So uh ... how are your studies going?” he inquired to try and distract her from the poor state the house was in.

Her response was a shrug. “Good enough. It’s a lot harder than high school, that’s for sure.” The tap finally spat out some semblance of water but without any real pressure behind it.

It was visibly frustrating to him. “I don’t know what’s up with the pipes recently, but the maintenance company is contacted anyway. It’s just temporary. They’ll take care of it. Come on, let me give you a cold one instead.”


Maybe things weren’t as well as they initially appeared. The façade was slowly crumbling.

Despite the small issues, the two family members continued chatting for a while longer. It was a good opportunity to catch up. While Sophia spent most of the time talking about her experiences regarding school and work, her father mostly talked about how tough it was to live in the middle of nowhere on his own, and that it can get pretty lonely.

Since she didn’t want to be a bad guest, she also begun drinking the beer he had offered. Just one at first. Then two, and then some more. She also changed into a more comfortable outfit. Considering her dad only wore a shirt and underwear, she decided to do the same. The temperature up in the mountains was warmer than in the city, and it’s not like she had to be afraid of any surprise visitors catching her in her undies.

Before long, they found themselves in the living room in front of the TV. The selection of entertainment was pretty limited. They received only a dozen or so channels because the cabin was located in the midst of an area with very limited reception. It also didn’t help that the connection kept getting interrupted, which made for a poor experience. There were other things she would rather do.

“You know what,” she began. “I think I’ll just go upstairs for a bit and study. I can’t attend any classes while I’m here ... until the apartment situation is sorted out. So I really can’t afford falling behind with the material.” Upon trying to stand up on wobbly feet, she noticed just how much the cheap booze had impacted her. Even her words came out more slurred than she was aware of.

“Wh-whoa...” she stuttered as she sat back down on the couch. A brief glance at the beer bottle’s backside confirmed her suspicions, the stuff was twice as strong as the stuff sold in the city! It packed a serious punch. If she wasn’t more careful, she would be in for a rough hangover in the morning.

“Nonsense, come on. You just arrived! Here, hold up. I got an idea,” he responded before he got off the couch and visited the kitchen. He returned with another six pack of beer and put it down nearby before crouching down by the TV and inserting a tape into the connected player. Seconds later, the screen flickered and changed to an old and faded recording.

It was of their family’s summer vacation, many years ago.

“I had no idea you saved those tapes!” Sophia’s eyes widened. There she was, her mother, lying on the beach in a beautiful bikini underneath a large umbrella. Especially the umbrella brought back some very awkward memories...

Mother and daughter shared the same weakness for sunshine. Neither of the two women had been good at getting a tan, her mom would usually just get sunburns, and Sophia had plenty of freckles as proof for her own attempts at getting a tan.

Summer always meant they had to hide in the shade. It was the biggest downside of being a redhead.

There had been plenty of times she wished to have inherited some of her father’s traits instead, but she grew up to look almost identical to her mom. Which made her wonder plenty of times just which parts of her father she inherited.

“I had no idea you saved those tapes! Why them and not the rest? I thought you tossed her stuff away?” Maybe he had an emotional side, she began to ponder.

“You kiddin’ me?” he chuckled. “Thought that’d be obvious,” he continued while reaching for two of the beer bottles and cracking them open.

He redirected her attention to the screen. “Sure, she couldn’t keep her legs shut, but just look at that body! The one thing I want to keep is that view. Her body has always been so incredibly hot.” His gaze was fixated on the screen, lusting for the woman he made love to so many times in the past. Cute tits that were barely concealed by a bit of fabric and bikini panties that were so tiny that they lovingly hugged the woman’s cameltoe, it made for a sexily attractive package.

It was something he kept thinking of. He had fucked his wife so many times that her pussy probably still remembered the taste of his semen. After she had left, jerking off just didn’t compare to the thrill of pumping her, or any woman for that matter, full of cum. He missed it, as raw and primal as the thought may have been.

It was incredibly awkward to notice her father’s urges. She had been with enough men in college to pick up on the signs when a guy began to get aroused, even if she chose to ignore them. This time, though, it seemed impossible for her to ignore the way he was staring at the screen and observing every feature his wife’s body had to offer.

It’s absolutely great when a guy she’s attracted to begins to get horny, of course, but not her own father. This was just weird to observe, thought Sophia. For just a second, she was glad she was a little buzzed. The alcohol didn’t help much, but at least for now it was dulling the discomfort she was feeling. Even then, that feeling didn’t go away entirely, but she was able to put it aside and stay as her dad continued watching her mom, his ex-wife.

Every once in a while, the camera moved away from her mother and instead took a few close-ups of Sophia instead. She had been wearing a rather plain one-piece swimsuit at the time. But Sophia was surprised to realize it was just as easy to tell that the thin fabric of that long-disappeared swimsuit was barely concealing a blossoming teenage pussy. Her father must have noticed that mother and daughter looked eerily similar long before Sophia realized it herself.

Her dad’s touch tore her mind back to reality.

His hand steadily crept onto her thighs and gently squeezed her warm skin. His fingers were thick and seemed brutish to look at, when compared to her own fragile and much younger frame. Both of them were adults, of course, but compared to him she still felt like she was merely a tiny girl. He was so much older that she couldn’t see him as anything but her dad, a father-figure. It only made her feel even more awkward.

“Dad! Your hand...” She took another sip of the beer to distract herself. It had a sour and bitter taste, but it was still cold enough to easily slide down her throat without much discomfort. She had a history of being a bit of a party girl, but with the intense beer she was drinking now, she was already past the point where she had a bit too much.

Her body felt all warm and tingly and her muscles were completely at ease. Despite the hand on her thigh, she couldn’t work up the energy to throw a fit. And being groped definitely was very high up on the list of things that she usually wouldn’t tolerate.

Or maybe she simply didn’t want to make a fuss. Maybe she wanted to tolerate it.

Every girl has a crush on her dad at some point in her life, and Sophia wasn’t any different. There had been a few situations when he acted as her knight in shining armor.

One time, for example, when she was still a little girl. She had been chased by a deer that had come upon her while she wandered in a forest glade. Her father arrived just in time to scare the deer away.

Another time she had the flu, and her father nursed her back to health and even slept in her room until she was healthy again. He was a great guy, really. Surely this was just a misunderstanding. She fully believed he was a good person.

“It’s all right,” he reassured her.

Her dad still had a hard time believing his eyes. Ever since she had arrived, he’d been taken by the fact that she looked almost like an exact copy of his wife.

He couldn’t help comparing her to his memories of her as a child. She had grown up so incredibly much. Sophia now had delightful feminine curves, her tits were a nice handful, and even her scent was so much more mature. To inhale the air near her now seemed to him as if he was inhaling a faint, sweet perfume. The scent of her teased the senses.

It was too much for him now.

“Just once. I’ll be quick,” he whispered huskily.

At first Sophia was confused by his words. She’d started hoping that maybe some light groping would already satisfy his urges. But then he slid his hand up to her waist and grasped the soft fabric of her cotton panties. It dawned on her what he meant by quick when he simply tugged her underwear down to her knees and then peeled them off before she even had the presence of mind to even think of trying to stop him. It had come out of nowhere.

Despite her tipsy state, she still had the awareness to look down and fully realize that he had just revealed her naked little cunt with that unexpected action. This was escalating way too fast for her.

Her hairless pubic mound was on full display. The full lips of her labia, and the subtle cleft that highlighted the entrance into her body, were fully revealed to both of them. She had been nude in his presence in the past, but that was when she was younger, when it was innocent.

This felt completely different, he was looking at her with a different purpose in mind. Memories trickled into her thoughts - of listening to her dad and mother having intercourse every single night for as long as she could remember. In particular her teenage years had been awkward because of that ... he clearly had a high sex drive. But no, this was still just too weird. It was obscene to play with the thought that he wasn’t thinking about the outside of her vagina, but that he was thinking about how the inside of her might feel.

The sight of her naked slit was enough to harden his erection even more.

“D-dad! I’m flattered ... really ... but I think maybe we should first think about if this is a goohhh-” she was interrupted by being pushed backwards, his broad hands applied pressure on her shoulders and forced her to lie down flat across the couch. The back of her head bumped against the armrest as she watched her dad climb on top of her.

He reached down to fumble around with his underwear for a moment before pulling it down just a few inches, just enough to allow his semi-erect appendage to flop into view.

It wasn’t the longest dick she had ever seen, but certainly the thickest! Even without being fully hard, it appeared to have the same thickness as her wrist. The base of his erection was covered in a bush of wiry untamed pubic hair, the length of his cock was covered in fat veins, and the crown was a purple, smooth cockhead. Bloated like a mushroom and even more thick than his shaft. It was monstrous. As if nature hadn’t created that slab of meat to make love with, but purely to thoroughly fuck whatever vag ended up on the receiving end of that monster. A nervous tremble filled her.

Sophia’s heartbeat quickened and her cheeks felt flushed hot. She kept her legs tightly together, to guard her womanhood as much as possible given this delicate situation. This was not the position she expected to find herself in. She had feared that it might be a depressing vacation if she came to visit, she sincerely didn’t expect someone may try to take advantage of her! Not like this, not her own father! She kept her legs shut.

The reality of it all hadn’t even crossed her mind – she was the first female visitor he has had in months, she should’ve known that he must have been sexually frustrated like never before. Her clumsy hands reached for the sides of the couch to try and steady herself, as well as to pull herself away from underneath him. Even if she had a crush on him in the past, this progressed too quickly. They were both drunk and clearly not thinking straight.

This would usually be the point when her lover would kiss her, caress her and comfort her. Just enough foreplay to get her juicy and ready to be impaled. Her father however didn’t seem to care much for such inconveniences. He opened his hand, spat into his palm, and slathered his saliva all across the surface of his erection until it was glistening and wet.

Sophia quickly understood that he was entirely focused on his own needs, his own pleasure. It was a weird feeling to suddenly realize that her own father cared for nothing but that tight opening between her legs. It was insulting. And it didn’t change the fact that it would be incest – she wouldn’t be able to look at herself in the mirror ever again. She might not even be able to look at him ever again. His intoxicated state was absolutely no excuse for what he intended to do.

“Dad ... dad, hey,” she attempted to reclaim his attention. “You shouldn’t ... we shouldn’t do this,” she stuttered, her voice weak and frail. Her entire body felt like it was heating up. Each time she tried to think, her head simply felt mushy and empty. She regretted those beers, so much.

But then he leaned in closer to her, and both of his arms slid around her frame to embrace her closely. He held her tight. It felt comforting and reassuring – as if he heard her pleas, and agreed with her sentiments.

At least until she grew vaguely aware of the way he begun to move his hips, inching them forward, and she could feel something blunt pushing against her pubic mound. With every second that passed, her drunken mind had more time to comprehend the situation. This wasn’t a dream or some sexy fantasy, it was her reality. She was about to get mounted by her own father. It would be something she wouldn’t be able to undo and it would permanently alter their relationship.

Had he completely lost it? Did he drink too much? Rather than finding any answers, she felt the virile cockhead sliding downwards along the cleft of her cunny. Her struggling renewed as she tried to wiggle left and right, anywhere else, but he held her in a tight bear hug. The way she kept her legs close together was likely the only reason why he struggled to sheathe his manhood inside her.

He kept missing his mark, jabbing against her tender bits and repeatedly thrusting against her sensitive clitoris. She was barely even aroused, so it felt mostly overwhelming and unpleasant to have something rubbing that tender spot. Every other thrust pushed his cockhead against her spongy labia, which felt just as weird and unstimulating, but at least they weren’t having sex.

That fat, purple crown dropped another inch before getting stuck just between Sophia’s pussy lips.

She could feel it there, the heat of his erection, and even the pulsing of his heartbeat. His dick was pulsing with an eager need.

Again she pondered the situation, and her position within it ... he was probably lonely and unhappy because of what her mother did. Anything that would cheer him up, might be enough to push him back on the right path. He would find a new wife and take control of his life again.

She didn’t have to do much to make him happy again.

All she had to do was to open her legs, just a tad bit. To allow him inside and treat him to the warm embrace of her pussy. Things might just improve if he’s given one chance to enjoy himself. She repeatedly told herself it would be just one time. One time and then she would pack her things in the morning and stay in touch with him until everything went back to normal.

She was in no state to make important decisions.

She opened her legs just enough for her father to claim his space between them. His hands moved down to grope her ass, lifting her buttocks off the couch and spreading the cheeks apart. It lured a startled gasp out of her that he suddenly advanced so aggressively. With her thighs parted and her crotch hoisted off the couch, he instantly took advantage of this perfect angle and access, and thrust forward.

Sophia groaned.

One moment she was still struggling to get into the mood, the next she was suddenly feeling the monstrous girth of her father’s manhood pushing its way into her loins. “Fu—fuck,” she cursed bitterly. For a second she had been so focused on caring for her dad that she forgot the heat he was packing. Her toes curled inwards and her body tensed up while she wheezed for air.

Her cunt rapidly clenched down on his shaft in a futile attempt to expel the invader, the incestuous rod of meat that swiftly pushed aside the walls of her cunny and carved a straight path inwards. Another instinctive flinch shocked her when that erection bottomed out inside her and his crotch smacked against the chubby lips of her pussy.

Almost as if in the midst of a panic attack, her anxious breathing was quick and uncontrolled. She had to mentally reassure herself that she didn’t just break in two! The intense sensation of being stretched wide open filled her entire pussy, every inch of space within her. His cock was completely and utterly dominating her little cunt. It was almost as if nature itself had designed her vagina precisely to be just a tad too small to properly accommodate him.

When the initial pain subsided and she actually reclaimed proper sensations, she also felt ... just how weirdly warm his erection was. But that wasn’t all she could feel. Every vein and outline, she could feel it. But that would mean...

“Oh... ! Oh no, dad, no,” she stuttered helplessly as she suddenly realized the reason sex felt different compared to when she did it in the past. He was obviously not wearing a condom -- every guy she met in college to hook up, all of them used a condom. It hadn’t even crossed her mind that some people still had sex without protection.

She had plenty of friends with benefits, but they were young guys who were terrified of the idea of getting a girl pregnant, so she never even had to suggest using rubbers. It simply happened. The idea of getting knocked up had always been one of her greatest fears. So in addition to using condoms, she also used the Nuva ring – it was a tiny plastic ring that remains inside the pussy and distributes the same hormones as the birth control pill, with the added benefit of not having to swallow pills every day.

But even that doesn’t completely remove the danger, it just minimizes the risk. Even a tiny chance of carrying her father’s child was too significant to dare. She hated the idea of getting pregnant. The thought made her nauseous.

She was just about to speak up again, when he leaned in to plant a demanding kiss on her pouty lips. More than that, he pushed his tongue into her mouth and sought out her own. It was a game she had no time for! She pushed her hands up against his hairy chest to try and push him off but to no avail.

“Dnnnhh!” She moaned into his mouth, her words were mostly silenced. His tongue brushed against hers, and he took it as cue to begin moving in and out of her at a rhythmical pace. Their dance begun.

The velvety soft lips of her cunt were clinging snugly to his shaft each time he pulled back, creating a perfectly airtight seal. Her young pussy was in pristine shape. She rarely masturbated with toys, none of her previous lovers were well-endowed, and she had always used proper protection.

Until her own dad broke that freshness seal and gave her pussy a first taste of real sex. Bareback and as natural as it can be. For a moment it felt like an out of body experience. It was the same erection that had been inside her mother countless times. The same dick that had given life to her. It was surreal. He just kept pushing into her twat over and over, with each shove helping to lure a moist squelch out of her defeated pussy.

And yet, she caught herself noticing the faint scent of her teenage cunt. If at all possible, her freckled cheek turned another shade of red. She was being fucked by her own dad, on the same couch she spent her childhood on, and a part of her enjoyed it?

Her last resistance gradually broke down and she gave up her futile attempts to fight back. There was no point anyway since he was clearly overpowering her. She would definitely take an emergency contraceptive upon arriving back home, she thought to herself, there’s no doubt he already spilled some pre-cum inside her...

There was nothing left for her to try, except to attempt to enjoy herself at least a little bit. She could easily blame the alcohol anyway.

She kissed him back, greeting his tongue and showing her affection. It was a sloppy kiss but no less passionate. It was difficult to get into the mood, though. Her thoughts kept on jumping back to the bitter reality – she was taking his naked erection inside her. Father and daughter. She would absolutely have to keep this secret forever. It would be one night of perversion, and then never again...

At the same time, the pounding she received was quickening as well. Every other stroke lured an excited squish out of her pussy. She was dripping a wild mixture of his pre-cum, remnants of his saliva and some of her own juices.

Unprotected sex felt so much more intimate and real.

She was precisely aware of the exact shape and size of his manhood, of his warmth, everything. They were connected. It drove her teenage hormones crazy, and in her drunken state it was easy to forget the possible consequences of having sex as nature intended. He kept fucking into her at an overly eager pace until he simply groaned into her mouth and pushed all the way into her.

His daughter cried out upon feeling the entire appendage back inside her, the cursed thing felt like it was still growing. The bloated tip was just barely grazing her tender cervix, smooching against the smooth surface.

While he continued holding still, Sophia was breathing heavily. Her entire body was ready for more. Her senses felt heightened and the presence of his dick inside her felt so good and stimulating in all the right ways! Yeah it began feeling nice.

Sweat was making her shirt cling to her skin while her thighs felt sticky and slick. Most of her attention was still focused on her crotch, the entirety of her vagina felt swollen and sore. Her father had stopped moving, only his eager tongue was still toying with her own.

Her anticipation was still growing rapidly – why wasn’t he moving, why wasn’t he fucking her anymore? It was difficult enough to maintain her excitement, and this distraction was making it so much worse.

A long moment passed like that, with his limp body on top of her own and her legs spread wide open. Her vagina was safely accommodating his ... softening member?

The realization quickly dawned on her – he had ejaculated. He hadn’t cared to ask for permission nor to give her a little warning in advance. He had done it. He came inside her. She was carrying her own father’s incestuous seed inside her loins. As a bit more time passed, she could feel the awkward heat of his sperm swimming inside her. It was a gross, slimy sensation in the deepest parts of her cunt.

Her own dad was responsible for granting her what she dreaded most – her very first creampie experience. For the first time in her life, a man had gotten to spill his seed within her womanhood. She would’ve never expected her own daddy to be the first one to ejaculate inside her. All of a sudden, everything inside her felt dirty and used.

When he broke the kiss, she half-expected him to apologize and beg for forgiveness. Instead, he reached for one of the pillows to rest his head next to her own. Eyes closed, breathing slowly. His weight had also shifted a little more to the side instead of resting entirely on her.

Just like that, he had fallen asleep. The booze and the excitement must have been too much for him to handle.

Simultaneously, Sophia was treated to the warm after-sex smell of sperm mixing with the aroma of her teenage cunt. If any more proof had been needed that he hadn’t used a condom, this was it.

She defiantly squeezed out of his embrace and felt his member plopping out of her abused pussy. She gasped as she suddenly felt the emptiness inside her, as well as the unpleasant wetness he left behind. Her cunt was completely saturated in his spunk. Glancing down, she could see her womanhood gaping and drooling a string of cloudy fluids onto the couch. The scent of unprotected intercourse grew stronger still.

A sigh of frustration left her. There was no time for regrets, she had to douche and wash all that cum out of her tender lady bits. Even if she committed one mistake, there was absolutely no way she would dare to risk a pregnancy. Certainly not one born of incest. An image crossed her mind of a million angry little sperms swarming her cervix with the singular goal of knocking her up.

A cold shiver ran down her spine.

This was exactly the kind of reason for why she always insisted on using multiple birth control methods ... she could only hope that the stupid ring inside her pussy was supplying her with all the hormones needed to prevent a pregnancy...

Multiple empty beer bottles were littering the table by her side, a painful reminder that it was her own fault for getting drunk. She slid off the couch and attempted to stand up on shaky and unsteady feet.

However after she took her first proper fuck and while still being so incredibly drunk ... she wasn’t ready to feel her legs giving in like a pair of broken twigs.

It was an incredible mistake and would cost her dearly.

Her knees gave in, she stumbled, fell forward and her clumsiness was followed by a dull thud as she hit her head on the table’s edge and passed out right then and there. From one instant to another, everything went pitch black for the poor girl.

She had no idea how long she had been asleep, but by the time she woke up, she felt the warm cushy embrace of fresh blankets. A quick look around confirmed that she was in the master bedroom, but how did she get there?

“Ahnn!” She cried out as she felt the bump on her head throbbing and pulsing. Something had happened, she could remember that much ... but the details were fuzzy ... what had happened?

“Are you all right? You hit your head pretty hard,” came a caring sweet voice from the side, and she looked over to see ... someone familiar. She couldn’t really tell. But his face looked very familiar – as it should considering it was her own father.

“Princess? How are you doing?” His voice sounded slightly more agitated, but the more she tried to think, the more did her head ache like hell. Why couldn’t she remember him?

She simply couldn’t make sense of any of it.

“Who ... what? ... god my head hurts so badly.” Everything about the situation felt confusing. “Princess? ... that’s not my name ... what’s my name? Oh god! Please no ... I – I can’t remember?”

She panicked and raised a hand up to rub the bulge on her head. “What happened? This can’t be happening! I don’t remember!” Why was she there, what was she doing there, who was she? She couldn’t remember her own name anymore, but she knew enough to realize that it’s very bad to forget one’s own name. This wasn’t right...

“Shh, it’s all right,” her father comforted her, after which he joined her side and pulled her in for a tight hug. “Everything will be all right.” He had woken up in the early morning and nearly had a heart attack when he saw her passed out on the carpet with a bruise on her head. He awoke to the guilt of having sex with his own daughter, the memories haunted him as soon as he had opened his eyes.

But seeing the teenager on the ground like that urged him on to take care of her first and foremost. There had been no time to sulk or contemplate what happened. He carried her to the master bedroom and applied a wet, cold washcloth to her forehead. It was the best he could do, he wasn’t a doctor and sure as heck didn’t know what else to do.

Before he had the time to call an ambulance, she already began to stir. Following that, he watched her waking up soon after. It seemed too good to be true, she seemed perfectly fine at first. But he hadn’t expected this outcome.

Memory loss? While keeping his arms around her, he tried his best to reassure her. “Don’t worry about it, you only had a little accident.” It was true, there were no significant physical injuries. Maybe she was simply ... confused. Maybe her memories would come right back.

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