Daddy's Choice

by James_Steele

Copyright© 2018 by James_Steele

Incest Sex Story: When Tom takes his 14 year old daughter out for a special dinner to announce that he's thinking of asking his girlfriend, Stacy, to get married, Larissa's reaction isn't at all what he expects. But the real surprise comes when he tries to soothe his baby girl's wounded feelings.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   Analingus   First   Oral Sex   .

Larissa could hardly breathe. Her face went burning hot in an instant, and her eyes filled up with moisture as she sat across the table watching the smile quickly fade from her father’s handsome face. His announcement that he was planning to ask Stacy to marry him was meant to be happy news, but it wasn’t. For her, it was the worst possible thing he could have said. Not that his news surprised her very much, but it was the last thing she wanted to hear.

The fourteen-year-old brunette could barely move. She just stared at him wondering how he could be so clueless. Obviously, this dinner at a much fancier than usual restaurant was not the special occasion she’d been hoping for. It was supposed to be their time. One of the sweet dinner dates her father took her out on every few weeks ever since her mother had left them five years ago.

This was their first father/daughter date night since school ended last month, and Larissa had imagined a much different kind of celebration now that she was free for the summer. She’d even put on a special dress just for him, with a daringly short, ruffled hemline. She knew her father loved looking at her legs even if he never said so. He loved looking at her boobs, too, even if they weren’t as big as Stacy’s.

Whenever she caught her father looking at her in that certain way he always pretended not to, it made her young skin feel warm to the touch and her heart always raced a little. It made her feel beautiful and important. He didn’t even know how much she went out of her way to encourage him to look, always wearing outfits at home that showed off the girl’s finest assets.

Then Stacy had to come along. Larissa hated that the blonde was so pretty, too. The young brunette knew she was pretty enough, but she felt like her glasses made her look like a nerd. Still, there was something in her father’s eyes for her that he never had for Stacy. So, when he asked her out to dinner the day before, Larissa was hoping it was because her father knew it was time to take their relationship to a new level. She’d gotten so excited thinking about it that she disappeared into her room and spent the longest time rubbing her pussy while imagining herself and her dad finally becoming the lovers they were always meant to be.

Now he was saying he was going to marry that air-head. She’d be Larissa’s stepmother and she was barely even ten years older.

After taking care of her father day in and day out for the last five years – cooking meals for him, cleaning the house, waiting on him when he was sick – he was just going to give himself to that slut he’d barely known for six months. The girl had kept quiet about her father’s girlfriends for his sake. Her mother had broken his heart and she knew it made him feel good to go out with good looking younger women. But eventually Larissa came to the conclusion that she didn’t trust any other girl to love her father the way he deserved. If even her mother could leave him, what would some other woman do? Even Stacy.

But now Larissa felt like everyone in the restaurant was staring at her. She couldn’t form words and the room felt like it was closing in on her. Suddenly she started crying and shot up from her seat to run out of the restaurant without a word.

Tom sat at the table in shock as he watched Larissa run up the sidewalk past the restaurant windows. He couldn’t comprehend his daughter’s reaction to his announcement. Why wasn’t she excited for him? Didn’t she want him to be happy? What if she decided go away to college? He couldn’t imagine she wanted him to be alone.

The man was crestfallen. He only wanted to make his beautiful daughter happy, too. He didn’t want her worrying about him when the time came for her to leave the nest and make a life of her own. Maybe it was because of the way her mother had walked out years before, but there was never a more loving or devoted daughter than Larissa. How could he not want the best for her?

It seemed natural for a girl to feel some jealousy over a situation like theirs, but Larissa’s reaction was totally unexpected.

Tom hurriedly fished a wad of cash out of his wallet and threw it on the table as he rushed out of the restaurant after his distraught daughter. He had to know what was wrong. It killed him to think of hurting his sweet, precious girl in any way, and he knew he had to do whatever it took to see that sweet, loving smile on her face once again.

He rushed up the sidewalk in the same direction Larissa had gone, but she wasn’t anywhere in sight. He walked all the way around the mall the restaurant they’d been in was part of, but she was nowhere to be found.

Tom went into the mall, but it was crowded with people so he pulled his phone out of his suitcoat pocket and started calling his daughter’s number. As he wandered through the mall, he hit the girl’s number at least five times, but she wouldn’t answer. He sent her texts asking where she was and what was wrong, but she didn’t answer these, either.

Finally, he remembered that he had Larissa’s number included on his phone location app. The little blip on his phone screen was moving slowly down a street a couple of blocks away from the mall. It looked like she was headed in the direction of where he’d parked the car.

He sighed with relief and headed out of the mall, working his way through the streets toward the car. His relief was quick to fade, though, as he followed the route of the little, bleeping dot on his phone. It would be easier to find her now, but he was still full of angst over her reaction to his announcement. The time it took to catch up with her gave him time to think of how he could make things right again, but by the time he found his baby girl leaning against the back of the car he hadn’t come up with a single good idea.

Tom spotted his daughter before she spotted him. The street lights were just beginning to come on, and the girl was leaning against the car with her head down. Her skirt was bunched behind her, and she probably had no idea how it was pulling her ruffled hem even shorter than it was meant to look. Tom paused where he stood for a moment and took a long look at his daughter. He’d always known she had pretty legs, but the way they looked in the shortest skirt he’d ever seen her in was amazing.

He supposed just about every father would think his daughter was beautiful, but how many had to fight against the heat of the most unmentionable kind of desire? His love and need for her was powerful and confusing. He’d thought for sure that a girl like Stacy would help him forget those feelings and urges, but that was an obvious failure.

Tom never imagined his daughter might feel the same kinds of things, but there didn’t seem to be a better explanation for the way she ran out of the restaurant. He started walking again, drawing closer to her. When she noticed him coming and looked up, he realized she was crying. She looked like a beautiful girl who’d just gotten jilted by her lover.

The man’s heart sank as he slowly covered the last few paces toward his daughter. He didn’t know when he’d ever felt this low, having hurt the one person he loved more than anything or anyone. It was a massive crash compared to the mood he was in just before telling the girl about his intentions toward Stacy.

“Baby, I’m so sorry,” he said, putting his arms around her and pulling her close.

She folded her arms up and let him cuddle her into a cocoon with his much larger body. He ran his fingers over her soft hair, kissing the top of her head while she snuffled against his chest. Her bare legs were rubbing up against his through his pants. It made him wish he could feel her sweet skin on his own, but despite everything there were some lines they could never cross. He could never let her suspect how he’d silently observed her transformation into a ripe young woman with a very unfatherly amazement. Sometimes he was afraid the depth of his love and admiration for her was plain as a bolt of lightning.

But only one thing seemed important now, and that was to soothe the girl’s terrible upset.

He leaned back far enough to take her glasses off. Then he kissed the tear streaks running down her face and wiped off her glasses with his tie. She was looking straight into his eyes when he placed her glasses back on her head.

“I didn’t mean to upset you, sweetie,” he said. “I was hoping the news would make you happy.”

“Oh, Dad, you must think I’m terrible.” She started sobbing again and buried her face against her father’s shirt.

“Shhhh, sweetheart, don’t ever say that,” he told her in the most soothing tone he could. He stroked her soft hair, still smelling of shampoo, and pulled her into a tighter hug. “You’re my one and only angel. Nothing could ever change that. You’re the love of my life. Didn’t you know that?”

She looked up at his face and started to get teary again. This time he wiped them away with his thumbs.

“Then how could you marry Stacy?” she asked.

Tom sighed and hugged the girl tighter. He became even more aware of her bare legs rubbing up against his, and he was beginning to fear his tingling cock was going to start getting hard against her body. There would be no way his daughter wouldn’t feel his arousal considering the way they were holding onto each other, yet neither one of them was in any hurry to let go.

“Well I can’t exactly marry you, can I?” he replied, wishing exactly the opposite.

“Yeah,” Larissa replied. “Stupid, right? Except we kind of already are, if you think about it. Haven’t I been good to you since Mom’s been gone? I’ve tried so hard to be.”

“Oh baby, no one could ever be better than you. Your mother was never even close. I’ve been so much happier since it was just you and me than I ever was with her. Or even Stacy.”

“Maybe I haven’t been good enough,” she said. It was almost a whine.

“Listen carefully, baby girl. Your mother and Stacy combined couldn’t be half of what you are to me.”

“Then how come you don’t love me as much as them?”

Tom looked into the girl’s eyes with a stab of pain wracking his heart. “How could you even think that, angel?”

“Cuz you never wanted me like them.”

She slipped her leg in between his, slowly running her bare thigh up between her father’s. The girl couldn’t have made the point more obvious, and the rush of heat Tom had been mentally staving off came rushing straight to his tingling cock. These indecent feelings for his young daughter had been nagging him for so long now, and they had only been getting worse. He should have just suppressed them when they first started, but he never thought it could get this bad.

“Jesus,” Tom groaned with a deep sigh as he felt his hands slide down behind his daughter to feel her warm skin just under the short hem of her skirt. He instantly discovered she was wearing a thong under her skirt as his palms came into contact with the smooth, round cheeks of her ass. “You know that’s not possible, baby.”

“Yeah. Right.”

She pushed her thigh all the way up to her father’s crotch, the top of her leg tentatively rubbing against the bulge under his pants. At the same time, Tom couldn’t stop feeling the silky warmth of his daughter’s ass and hips, so much of her warm flesh left open to his touch by the skimpy cut of her panties. Her skin was too perfect to ever let go of. His cock was quickly swelling to its full size and she was urging him harder and harder with her leg.

“Baby,” he groaned, “this is what I’ve always wanted ... but we can’t. We just can’t. I know you understand how wrong it is.”

Yet his hands seemed to be ignoring his words as he squeezed and kneaded his daughter’s ripe, round ass with a firm grip.

“Yeah,” she replied, “but what if I just don’t care?”

Tom hesitated. “That would be bad, sweetheart. Really, really bad,” he finally protested without any heart behind it.

“I could be good enough if you let me, Daddy. Better than Mom or Stacy. Just let me, Daddy, please. Let me show you.”

“That’s impossible, baby, you know that,” he told her as he slipped his fingers under her thong and dipped them into the cleft between her cheeks.

“Aren’t I good enough, Daddy?” she mewled as she dropped her leg from between his and placed her hand over the bulge in his pants.

“Oh fuck, sweetie, of course you are. But ... but...”

“Oh my god, Daddy, your cock feels even better than I thought it would.”

“Fuck,” Tom growled. He was completely powerless to push his daughter’s hand away from his throbbing cock. At the same time, his fingers were working their way lower between the girl’s ass cheeks, searching for that sweet slit hidden down between her thighs.

Then Tom spotted a group of people coming down the sidewalk in their direction. He was relieved and frustrated at the same time. He let go of Larissa and backed away from her as much as he didn’t want to, yet knowing it was the sensible thing to do. The idea of being seen groping his own fourteen-year-old daughter in public was more than he could deal with, despite the fact that it made his cock pulse even harder.

To make matters worse, there was a look of disappointment on Larissa’s face. Tom pulled his jacket closed in an attempt to hide the prominent bulge in his pants while he unlocked the car and opened the passenger door for her. Larissa had spotted the people coming down the sidewalk and giggled softly.

“Fraidy cat,” she teased as she slipped past her father to get into the car, she let her hand brush over the hard on under his pants and made a show of lifting her beautiful legs and flashing her tiny panties as she got into her seat.

Tom gnashed his teeth and closed the door, going around the car to get in on the driver’s side. He took a sigh of relief, but his daughter’s hand was back on his cock bulge before he finished exhaling. She sat with her legs splayed open as far as she could get them in the car, but with her skirt being as short as it was it was enough to reveal the gusset of her panties and the smear of wetness soaking into them.

“We can’t be doing this, sweetheart,” he told her without making a move to remove the girl’s hand from his cock.

“I know,” she replied, her gaze trained on the large bulge in his pants where her fingertips were tracing back and forth over the shape of his hardness. “But I don’t care.”

Tom groaned softly and put his hand on the girl’s bare thigh. Her skin was perfectly soft under his fingers as they dug gently into her warm flesh.

“You shouldn’t say things like that, baby,” he told her. “This is hard enough as it is.”

Larissa snickered briefly. “Yes, it is, Daddy. And it’s getting even harder.”

Tom couldn’t help chuckling a little, but the feeling of his sweet daughter’s hand rubbing over his rigid cock was consuming all of his capacity for rational thought. He moved his hand higher along her thigh. As long as they’d gone this far, it didn’t seem that much worse to just slip his hand far enough to touch the gusset of her panties. It would only be for a few seconds, yet he’d remember the moment for the rest of his life.

He was looking at her silken thigh as his hand slid to her panties, his fingers pressing against the yielding puff of her soft mound. The fabric was damp with her juices. She uttered of soft gasp when he touched her, her own hand tightening into a snug grip on his hard cock through his pants.

Tom realized he’d just crossed a line he couldn’t uncross, but the fact that they were still only touching each other through their clothes seemed to give him a false sense of not having gone too far. Even though they had. They really, really had.

But all he could do was press and rub against his cooing daughter’s pussy mound a little harder.

“See, Daddy?” she purred. “I can be good enough, can’t I? Even if you’re marrying Stacy I still want you. I don’t care. I’ll be better to you than her.”

“Baby, all I said was that I was thinking about asking her. I haven’t actually asked her yet.”

Tom almost regretted admitting that much, but when he saw the look of happy excitement light up his pretty daughter’s face he quit caring about anything else. As he began rubbing small circles over her panty-covered mound, a steady leakage of girl honey started to saturate the thin fabric.

“Please promise you won’t do it, Daddy. Don’t even ask her and she’ll never know the difference. She could end up leaving just like Mom did, but I never would.”

Her hand moved more and more eagerly over Tom’s hard bulge as she spoke, stroking him until precum was oozing into his briefs.

“Baby, what about college?” he asked.

But his mind wasn’t really on his words. He was staring at the puffy V between her sweet, bare thighs while his fingers slowly hooked around the crotch of her thong and pulled it aside to expose her slit. Before he even had a chance to touch his daughter’s delicate petals, Larissa rocked her hips with a loud sigh, urging her father to rub that wet, naked pussy.

“I don’t have to go away just for that,” she said.

Tom was barely aware of what they were saying. He was staring spellbound at his daughter’s pussy, unable to resist sliding his fingertips over her damp lips. The long, deep sigh she uttered when he touched her slit went straight to his core and made his heart beat faster. He could never admit how many times he’d dreamt of feeling his pretty baby’s pussy, but she probably already had a very good idea. When he thought of the number of times she’d flashed her slit at home he knew they all couldn’t have been accidents. But now, seeing how easily she responded to his fingers was beyond anything he could have predicted.

“Oh god, Daddy, yes, touch it deeper,” she cooed. “It’s yours, Daddy. All yours.”

“You shouldn’t say that, baby,” Tom protested weakly. But as he smeared her juices over her slippery sexlips, he couldn’t resist pushing his middle finger in between them and delving in the syrupy warmth of her tight hole.

“Yessssss,” the girl moaned, shoving her hips forward. “But it’s true, Dad. It’s all yours. Always.”

Tom began stroking his finger in and out of her slick hole, curling up on the instrokes to swipe at her g spot. Every time he touched it she pulled in a deep sigh and moaned, rocking her hips to encourage him. He was barely aware that she was losing control of her hand on his cock, even though she was still trying to rub his aching bulge.

He slipped a second finger into her pussy along with the first, and her moans became deeper and raspier. The intense look of love and lust on her face began to change something inside him. Tom began to feel like he deserved that look, as if he’d earned it over the years of loving and protecting her like no one else in his life. At the same time, he realized how much he always loved the way she took care of him more like a wife than a daughter. He probably shouldn’t have let her treat him that way for so long, but she made him happy the way no one in life ever had.

Now he had the pad of his thumb grinding over her pebble-hard clit while he sawed his fingers in and out of her sodden pussy.

The sweet, shapely mounds under her blouse heaved up at the buttons every time she breathed in deeply. He’d only ever seen them in a bra. It wasn’t as if Larissa had incredibly big boobs, but they were full and had a shapely bounce that made them seem bigger than they actually were.

She barely seemed in control of her own body now while Tom massaged the sweet spot inside her. She writhed and twisted this way and that, her eyes going wide open.

“Oh, Daddy, I love that! I love you!” she mewled.

“No one ever touched you like this, did they, sweetie?” he asked as she watched her ride the waves of pleasure rushing through her.

Her face scrunched up into a grimace of pleasure as she bit her bottom lip and shook her head.

“Good,” he said. He knew his daughter had done some experimenting with a couple of her girlfriends when they stayed overnight at their house. He’d paused and listened at her bedroom door to more than he ever should have, but he couldn’t help it. His were probably the biggest fingers the girl had ever had inside her creamy little hole, and he was spellbound watching her moan and squirm. He rubbed harder and faster at her g spot, and suddenly she was pushing back against her door with all her might, her body tautly flexed as an orgasm rippled through her. Tom nearly came in his pants when he saw the spray come squirting from his daughter’s delectable young pussy.

“Oh my god,” Larissa sighed after the intense wave had passed.

Tom pulled his fingers out of her and sucked her sweet juices off them. His cock was throbbing wildly in his pants, but he knew he had a responsibility to put a stop to this insane behavior. While Larissa was still dazed, he started the car and headed for home.

When they got home, they decided to order pizza and watch a couple of movies on the couch since dinner had been such a bust. They hadn’t said anything about what happened in the car, but Tom could tell his quiet daughter was thinking about it just as much as he was.

She went upstairs and took a shower while he followed her up and quickly changed into a pair of sweatpants and a T shirt. Then he went back down and waited for the pizza delivery. It was good to have a little time to let things cool off before anything more serious happened. Tom knew it was common enough for fathers and daughters to harbor intense feelings for each other, but acting on them was another story. What had happened between them in the car could only be the result of the girl’s reaction.

Larissa came back down in an oversized T shirt that left her smooth, pretty legs mostly bare, with her pert tit buds proudly lifting the fabric in front. It was easily apparent she was braless, and Tom could barely keep his eyes off the perky nipple dents in her shirt.

After the pizza arrived they started a movie and ate from the coffee table as they sat close together on the couch. They were soon cuddled together, with Tom’s arm around his daughter while her bare legs angled against the side of his leg. Larissa eventually pulled the blanket draped over the back of the couch over the two of them, and they snuggled into an even tighter cocoon.

Tom started to wonder if Larissa was paying any attention to the movie. He was barely following it at all as his mind kept going over everything that happened before they came home. He also realized how much he liked the way things felt right then and there, with his pretty girl tucked up against him as close as she could get. It just felt so sweet and natural, and he’d never gotten that same feeling with Stacy or Larissa’s mother.

Nor had he ever felt such a sweetly delicate pussy. She was so tender and smooth as silk. And with the movie running, his mind was on how wet she’d gotten and the way she’d squirted when he fingered her sweet spot. He remembered how her skin felt so smooth he wondered if she’d purposely shaved especially for their daddy/daughter date night.

With a sigh, Tom’s hand drifted under the blanket Larissa had pulled over them, sliding off her shoulder and down to her bare hip where her skin was exposed below the bunched-up hem of her T shirt. She had her feet up on the edge of the couch, raising her knees toward her face and pulling the blanket up like a tent. Her skin felt so soft and warm he couldn’t resist letting his fingertips graze lightly.

Larissa made a soft coo of approval as she snugged up even tighter against her father’s much larger body. Her hand was soon on top of his thigh and dropping over the inside of his leg. While he was rubbing the outside of her leg, her hand was much quicker to drop onto his crotch and begin rubbing at the rapidly growing bulge of his cock.

The girl’s exploring touch felt too good to make her stop, even through his sweatpants. It felt so good that all of his rational misgivings started to melt away. They were in the cozy privacy of their own home now, and it felt like the most natural thing in the world for the father and daughter couple to share such loving intimacy. It had never felt so sensual or peaceful with the girl’s mother, and as much as Tom liked Stacy, he knew she would never make him feel the same way, either.

Before he knew it, the first movie ended and Tom got the second one started. His cock was completely hard by now and his sweet, young daughter kept rubbing and stroking his shaft through his sweats. Before long, she used her free hand to push his down between her thighs and onto her bare pussy.

“Please, Daddy. Touch me back,” she whispered.

“This is really bad, sweetheart,” Tom whispered back with a smile.

“No, it’s not,” she cooed softly.

Her mound felt so warm and perfectly smooth, and she was already as wet as she had been in the car. She whimpered and moaned softly while his fingers began to stroke and spread the slick petals of her pussy. Her clit was swollen and his finger traced circles over it while her moans grew deeper.

“Make me cum again, Daddy,” she cooed. “And this time let me make you cum, too. Please?”

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