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Romantic Sex Story: A new year and a new story! A voyeuristic tale of a night of intimate love between two sisters.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Sister   Light Bond   Masturbation   Sex Toys   .

Newly twenty year old Daphne staggered from the doorway of the club, leaning heavily upon her older by a few days sister, laughing almost hysterically.

‘They were all in the palm of your hand!’

‘They wished they were in the palm of my hand, or a certain other place.’ The two sisters burst out laughing again.

‘Alain wasn’t so bad. I would have slept with him.’

‘Eurgh! You’ve no taste! I mean, for the love of God, he probably still lives with his mother!’

‘And? If he wasn’t up to scratch, then at least his mother would be there to finish the job!’

‘What! That’s, that’s ... kinky... ‘ The two girls burst into laughter again.

Chandrya slipped an arm around her sister’s waist, kissing the pale skin of her neck tenderly. Daphne leant into the embrace.

‘Mmmm, that’s nice; I can’t wait till we get home.’

Moving her lips to pull on the lobe of Daphne’s ear, Chandrya whispered suggestively in her soft voice. ‘Why wait?’ Spotting the entrance to a dark alleyway close by, Chandrya steered her sister into it. Threading their way through the discarded junk and rubbish, Chandrya stopped as soon as they were out of sight of the street. Pushing her sister up against the alleyway wall, their lips clashing as they panted in mutual arousal, Chandrya boldly slipped her hands up her sister’s legs and under her dress to push hard against her sex.

Daphne moved her feet further apart, allowing her sister more access. ‘Somebody might see us Chand!’

‘I know, exciting isn’t it!’

Looking back to the entranceway, Daphne watched the occasional taxi and late night reveller walk past, unaware of the two girls in the alley. ‘What if we are caught!?’

Chandrya was unperturbed. ‘What if we aren’t?’ She slipped a hand under Daphne’s pants, cupping the smooth shaved flesh of Daphne’s sex. ‘What would you do Daph, if someone was to enter the alleyway, to see that I had my tongue in your mouth, my hands up your skirt, inside your knickers, inside you?’ To emphasise her point, Chandrya slipped two slim and delicate fingers inside, her thumb circling the hard nub of Daphne’s clit.

Daphne felt her knees weaken and was forced to rest more of her weight on Chandrya or collapse onto the dirty ground.

‘Picture in your mind Daph, those sad boys watching. Watching as I do to you, what they so desperately wanted to do to you inside the club. What they would have given their right hands to do.’ Chandrya let her breath trail over her sisters flushed face. Enjoying her sister’s seductive and deft touch, Daphne welcomed the tendrils of pleasure as they wormed their away through her body as she welcomed the fingers that entered between her legs. She welcomed the intrusion without remorse or shame, her pleasure suddenly increasing tenfold.

‘You’re teasing me.’ There was no recrimination in Daphne’s voice, only the acknowledgement that she knew that Chandrya was using her well-honed talents to manipulate her pleasure zones. ‘Tease harder.’


‘God damn it Chand!’

Chandrya pushed deeper into her sister’s body, probing at the pleasure centres that were as familiar to her as her own. Chandrya was brazen in her touch, she knew the longer they stayed there, increased the risk of discovery. Daphne knew this as well, but still urged her sister on.

Daphne held nothing back from her sister. Quivering under the double assault of finger and mental tease, Daphne increased her grip on Chandrya, kissing her in fervent passion as their breasts were squashed pleasantly between them.

Noise from the alleyways’ entrance broke their loving kiss as they both turned towards the disturbance. A drunken male reveller staggered in off the street, singing a song so badly that it was impossible to discern the original tune.

Daphne gasped, her fear of discovery realised. Chandrya kept her sister pushed up against the wall, her fingers continuing to deftly manipulate Daphne’s flesh as she readied herself to take action against the newcomer, if needed.

Completely oblivious to the two girls further inside the alleyway, the drunk fished around at the front of his trousers. The sound of a zip descending was just audible to the two girls, followed by the sound of falling urine as the drunk sprayed both himself and the wall.

Swaying, the drunk staggered on his feet, completely unaware that most of his urine flow was pouring onto his trouser leg and into his shoe.

Chandrya prepared to leave, but the drunk never noticed them stood thirteen foot away, watching him.

‘That was close!’ Panted Daphne, as she kissed her sister on the cheek as they watched the drunk stagger away.

Chandrya rubbed her nose against the side of Daphne’s. ‘That’s not the only thing that is close, is it?’

Daphne felt the familiar beginning to the onrushing waves of pleasure. ‘No’

During the drunk’s interruption, Chandrya had deliberately kept up her caresses on and in Daphne, allowing the fear of discovery to heighten her sister’s feelings.

Daphne whimpered again.

Kissing the soft skin of her sister’s neck, Chandrya moved her silky soft lips to Daphne’s ear. ‘I love it when you whimper’. Chandrya slid another finger into Daphne and another groan escaped Daphne’s lips.

Tight moist walls clamped around Chandrya’s fingers as she kissed her sister deeply, smothering the loud groans of pleasure and desire that tore from Daphne’s throat. Muscles played along her two delving fingers as her thumb rubbed furiously against Daphne’s’ clit. A backlash of shared pleasure lanced into Chandrya and she gently eased off her manipulation of her sister’s body, ever since they were little, she had got a deep sense of satisfaction from making her sister cum.

Slowly, Chandrya eased her sister down from her orgasmic high, her fingers slowing then slipping from deep within Daphne. For a moment, they just held each other close, saying nothing as no words were needed.

Slowly regaining her breath, Daphne looked up and tenderly kissed Chandrya. ‘I love you sis.’

Still loitering in her own arousal, Chandrya knew the endearment to be true and replied with an acknowledging kiss of gratitude, painted lips to painted lips, her mind surfing on her sister’s emotional waves of post orgasmic contentment.


Chandrya looked into her sister’s eyes, ‘What my love?’

‘I want to go home.’

Chandrya kissed her again. ‘What the birthday girl wants, the birthday girl gets.’

The normal tough exterior that was so familiar to all who knew Daphne was not in place. In its stead was one of a coy, shy, almost fragile girl that only one other person knew existed. That person slid underwear back into place and straightened Daphne’s dress, before leading her gently back to the main road. ‘Come on. Let’s get you home.’ A twinkle sparkled in Chandrya’s eye, ‘Besides, you still have one present left to unwrap.’

Daphne looked at her sister, picturing her hands slowly undressing her and felt a resurgence of desire. ‘Yay!’ She said simply.

Back out onto the street, Chandrya flagged down a taxi, giving the male driver their address, not caring about his lecherous gaze. On the way home, the driver spent as much time looking in his rear mirror as he did the road in front, making no effort do disguise his movement to re-align it to better see his passengers. Daphne didn’t notice, Chandrya didn’t care, playing up all the more because she knew he was watching, gently stroking her sister’s inner thigh under her dress, as she gently kissed her neck.

As the taxi pulled up outside their flat, Chandrya slipped a hand from her sister’s panties, and fished out her bank card from her handbag. She tapped it against the card reader as they departed, giggling and holding each other tight. The driver turned off his engine, but Chandrya forestalled him with a pointed look “Goodnight.” Hard and gutted, the driver turned his engine back on, only pulling away when the two girls had shut their door firmly behind them.

Inside, the snib locked securely, they embraced in a passionate hungry kiss, dropping their handbags and sliding the coats off each other, to land abandoned in the hallway floor.



“I want the 3B.”

“Are you sure Daph?”


Chandrya broke the kiss and led her sister by the hand to her room. There were two bedrooms in the flat, though they mostly shared the bed in Daphne’s’ room. If friends or family came round, they always made out that they slept in their own rooms. Sometimes, Chandrya would pick up a girl she liked when they went out, sometimes, she would go out on her own to pick up a girl, and would bring her back to her room. Daphne would listen to them make love all night, and when the girl left in the morning, Chandrya would come into Daphne’s room and release the lust that had built up within Daphne all night.

Whilst Chandrya had many lovers, most one nighters, an exceptional few managing a week or two at most, Daphne had never felt a need for someone other than her sister. For her part, Chandrya never stayed overnight at a new lovers abode, or at any lovers abode for that matter, always bringing them home, knowing full well that Daphne would hear their lovemaking, knowing that it would torture her all night with lust. They had lost their virginity to each other when they were kids, their mother’s hairbrush taking the male role. Chandrya still had the brush, a memento of the occasion, their mother having long since forgotten about its vanishing.

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