Hanna's Bra Fitting

by alan14

Copyright© 2018 by alan14

Romantic Sex Story: Andrew was working his way through high school with a part time job at in the lingerie department of a store, everyone, including his mum, thought he was gay. One girl though thought otherwise and his life changed for the better when Hanna, a beautiful redhead girl 3 years below him at school, asked him for a bra fitting and swept him off his feet...

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Heterosexual   Fiction   School   Light Bond   Anal Sex   First   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   .

It was almost break time when a girl approached me.

“Hi, you’re Andrew, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am, can I help you?”

“You’re in my sister’s year at school, Georgia, do you know her?”

“Yeah, although I don’t share any classes with her, I don’t think I ever have actually.”

“That’s probably a good thing to be honest. Anyway, I’m not here to talk about my sister, I need your help. I’ve never had a bra that fits properly, and these things are becoming a distraction for the rest of the class, especially Mr Kershaw in Computing.”

“Ok, let me get one of the female staff...”

“No, that’s OK, I want you to measure me up for a proper bra.”

OK, let’s stop right there while I introduce myself, I’m Andrew, and as you may have guessed I work in the lingerie department of a store in town. I got the job because my mum was the department manager, although she’s now moved to a different branch I stayed here working weekends while I’m doing my A-levels.

I’m not your traditional lad, I’m 5’9”and not well built, I’m also not majorly self-confident, so I’ve never had a girlfriend because I’ve never, ever plucked up the courage to ask one out. For these reasons, everyone, including my mum, assumes I’m gay, hence why I make a living selling bras at the weekend.

Which brings us back to Hanna...

“Ok, if you just step into the fitting room I’ll grab a tape measure and join you.”

Whilst I’ve had full training in bra-fitting, it’s not really my job, I ring up the sales, unpack deliveries and fill up the displays, for fairly obvious reasons most women prefer to be measured up for their underwear by a person of their own gender. Even though they assume I’m gay, I still don’t normally get asked to do a fitting.

I was only about 30 seconds behind Hanna, but by the time I entered the fitting room and turned to lock the door she’d already removed her hoodie and was unhooking her bra. She had her back to me as I entered, she turned around as she heard me lock the door...

Another pause, I’ve seen plenty of boobs in my time, yes I’m still a virgin, yes everyone thinks I’m gay, so when my mum held lingerie parties at home I kept the wine glasses topped up while my mum’s friends and neighbours tried on the sexy undies on offer.

This means my cock is well trained at keeping itself under control, or it normally is, but just in case, I always wear loose fitting trousers and tight jockey shorts.

Hanna is in Year 9, I’m in Year 12, she’s 3 years younger than me.

Damn though, she was a sight to behold, I’m a professional, or so I keep telling myself, even though, I stumbled a bit as her bra fell to the floor, and my mouth went dry...

“Are you OK Andrew?”

“Yes, fine, it’s just we normally measure over your undergarments.”

“How can you tell what size I really am if these things are cooped up in a bra that’s obviously the wrong size?”

“That’s a fair point...”

“I’ve had a growth spurt, and I’ve had this bra for months now. I bulge all over the place and my blouses are too tight, so all the boys and teachers keep leering at me, I’m sure I saw Mr Kershaw rubbing himself under the desk yesterday.”

“Mmmm well that’s not good. We could sort you out with a minimiser bra, they, well, minimise your breasts by a cup size, they’re not the most comfortable bras apparently, but will keep your boobs under control, so to speak.”

“That sounds like a plan.”

I took out my tape measure and set to work, realising that there were some very good aspects to my job.

“Oh, your hands are cold.”

“Sorry,” I rubbed my hands together to warm them up then started again...

Time for another pause...

Hanna is tall for her age, probably the same height as me, but then again I’m a little shorter than average.

She’s a redhead, and has the pearly white skin of a redhead, she really was beautiful with quite remarkable boobs...

“That’s better, nice and warm now.”

“My pleasure,” and it was.

I finished measuring, a 32D, or possibly a DD.

“OK, let me find you some samples your size.”

I quickly found Hanna a couple of minimiser bras, and some t-shirt bras which are seam free with semi-rigid cups and only very lightly padded, so would help Hanna feel a bit less self-conscious when out of school as well.

Hanna tried on one of the minimisers, I helped her adjust the straps properly, maybe I lingered a little bit too long as I checked the support the bra offered, but Hanna didn’t make any comment.

She asked me if she could try on a size 10 blouse to see how she would look in school. I fetched her one from the school uniform department and she was very happy, no bulging, no straining buttons.

“The bra is a little tight, but I’ll get used to it, and I’ll enjoy not being the centre of attention.”

“Can I ask you something Hanna?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Georgia, she looks nothing like you. She’s petite, blonde and flat-chested, and you’re...”

“Not blonde and flat-chested? And I’m also not trashy like she is. She’s my step-sister, my step-dad’s from his first marriage to a hoe...”

“Ahh that explains it.”

Hanna bought two white minimisers and two t-shirt bras, a white one and a cream (or nude as they call it) one, she paid for her shopping with gift vouchers.

“It was my birthday last week, I asked everyone for vouchers, so I could treat myself.”

With that Hanna left the store with a spring in her step.

That night I’m ashamed to say I masturbated more than once to the to the images of Hanna locked in my mind.

The next day another young girl approached me.

“Are you Andrew?”

“Yes, I am, can I help you?”

“Hanna sent me, she said you helped her yesterday.”

“Did she, that’s nice. Are you sure you want my help, we have plenty of female staff who can measure you up.”

“No, no, Hanna said to ask for you, she said you were very professional and fixed her up with the perfect bra.”

“Ok, step into the fitting room over there, I’ll be with you in a minute.”

Madeline, the weekend department manager, cornered me while I was digging through the drawer for a tape measure, “You seem popular with the teenagers this weekend.”

“It seems so.”

“They are aware you’re gay aren’t they.”

“I would imagine so, otherwise why ask for me?”

“Well don’t tease them.”

“I think it’s the other way around to be honest.”

As I opened the door Hanna’s friend was standing topless in the middle of the fitting room.

“I suppose Hanna told you what to do, well just so you know, it’s usual for the customer to leave her bra on for a measuring.”

“Hanna told me you’d say that.”

“OK, just so long as you know.”

“As you can see, my problem is pretty much the opposite to Hanna’s.”

And indeed, she was quite different to Hanna, whereas Hanna was full figured, this girl was tall, slim and maybe a B-cup.

“I didn’t catch your name.”

“Sorry, Trudy, my name is Trudy.”

“Ok Trudy, relax now and we’ll get you measured up.”

Learning my lesson from yesterday I quickly rubbed my hands together to warm them up before we started, and I soon had her measured up, as I suspected, a 30B.

“So, what are you looking for Trudy, something to enhance your assets?”

“Oh yes please, but I don’t have much money, it’s not my birthday for a couple of months, but I’m definitely asking for gift vouchers, it’s like being a princess having you serve me like this.”

“Well Princess Trudy, let’s not worry about the prices right now, I’ll find something to flatter you first.”

Instead of looking on the salesfloor I decided it was best to look through last season’s stock in the back room, I bet I could find Trudy something special for 50% discount, and I did, a couple of quite fancy padded push-up bras that had been pushed off the salesfloor by something a very slightly different shade.

“Here you go Trudy, now I’m assuming these bras aren’t for school, as you’ll just inherit Hanna’s problems if you do.”

“Oh no Andrew, these are for special.”

As I thought, Trudy loved them both, and they really did the trick, making her look a couple of cup sizes bigger. Even at half price though, the pair of them were beyond Trudy’s budget, but I couldn’t stand to see her disappointed, so I used Madeline’s till code to override the price and extend the offer to buy one, buy one half price. Another satisfied customer.

And that night I’m afraid I masturbated to a mixture of Hanna and Trudy.

For the next few weeks the same thing happened, one or two girls a day would come in for a fitting and go home with something that flattered them, be it a push-up bra, something a little risqué for their boyfriend, or just something to boost their self-esteem, and to cap it all, at the end of the month I’d accumulated enough commission to almost double my wage. It got to the point that we had so many girls coming in for measurements that I had to train staff in bra fitting, not just to get the right fit, but the right style to boost the girls’ self-esteem either by enhancing, shaping or reducing their assets.

One day a couple of months later I was in McDonalds getting some breakfast before work when I felt a tap on my shoulder as I was prodding my order into the self-service machine.

“Oh hey Hanna, how are you doing?”

“I’m fine thanks, can you get me a porridge and a Tropicana please, thanks I’ll pay you later.”

“Oh no worries about that, thanks to you I’m earning a fortune in commission.”

I collected our food as Hanna found us a booth upstairs.

“So you’ve been busy then.”

“Yeah, I reckon half the girls from years 9 to 11 have been in over the past couple of months. No sixth form that I’ve noticed, maybe they’re steering clear because they recognise me, it’ll be a little awkward I suppose.”

“Well word has got around that you can find us the perfect underwear. You know it’s a nightmare getting something that fits just right. Most shops just sell stuff that’s really cheaply made, it’s either baggy or uncomfortable, and with some brands even two bras of the same size won’t actually be the same size, and if you want something that’s flattering it’s expensive and there’s still no guarantee it’ll fit properly.” She took a sip of her orange juice, “you’ve got yourself an in-demand talent Andrew,”

“Nobody has been talking at school though, or not that I’ve heard anyway.”

“You won’t hear anything because you don’t hang around with us girls, you keep to yourself in the sixth form centre, but word has definitely got around.”

“It really has, and I’m sure the whole store appreciates it, I’ve had to train the rest of the staff, although what I do is mostly instinctive, I had a real struggle putting a training course together.”

“Anyway, I think I’ve grown some more, I need another fitting.”

“Right, well come in any time for another fitting, you don’t need to make an appointment, although it can get a bit busy these days and we only have two fitting rooms.”

“Errr, no, I’d like a private fitting, at home, if that’s possible.”

“Ahh, I’ve never been asked to do a home visit, what will your parents think?”

“That’s why I ‘bumped’ into you this morning – did you think I always come into town before 8am on a Saturday? Anyway, my parents are away this weekend, and Georgia will be out, so it’s just me, on my own. If you’re not doing anything tonight come down, we could watch some Netflix and order pizza. Here’s my address, see you at 7:30 OK.”

And with that she was gone, didn’t give me any chance to refuse, which was a good thing, because given time I’d have surely have come up with a reason to stay home and do nothing, yet again, and damn, she was a fine-looking girl, and she had Netflix.”

Saturday passed in a haze, we were busy all day, word of our service had spread far and wide and we were getting girls in from other schools, about 10 came in today for fittings and I didn’t even get chance for a lunch break. I finally left work at 6pm so had to run home, grab a quick shower and then beg my mum to lend me her car, she was out with her boyfriend tonight so wouldn’t need it anyway, but she was still reluctant to let me have it, I’d only passed my test a few weeks ago,

I still wasn’t sure what to think about tonight, was this just as described, a fitting followed by some TV and pizza, or did Hanna want something else? Did I want this ‘something else’? She’s 14 for Christ’s sake and I’m nearly 18. But damn, she looks good and I really like her attitude. I think it’s the fact she doesn’t want to show off her assets, playing them down, that attracts me. She’s a very special girl.

The sat nav showed Hanna’s house to be quite a way out of town. She must have got a taxi into town this morning, I don’t think buses come out this way so early on a Saturday. It was just before 7:30 when I found the house, it was back off the road with a high wall and a sturdy looking gate across the driveway. I rolled down the window and buzzed the intercom and waited, it was a couple of minutes before there was a crackle followed by...

“Hello”, this wasn’t Hanna, it was a young child.

“err, hello, I’m here to see Hanna”

“OK, she’s in the shower, I’ll open the gate.”

There was a buzz and the gate slowly rolled back, I wound up the window and drove up to the house, it was certainly an impressive house, double fronted with circular steps up to a double front door, around the side I could see a large outbuilding, probably a garage. As I pulled to a stop in front of the doors they swung open and a young boy ran out wearing Spiderman pyjamas.

“Are you Hanna’s boyfriend?”

“I don’t think so, I’m Andrew.”

“I’m Ethan, Hanna’s my sister.”

“I’m very pleased to meet you Ethan.”

Just then Hanna appeared at the door.

“Ethan, you’re supposed to be in bed!”

“I was in bed, but the gate buzzed and you were in the shower, so I answered it.”

“Sorry Andrew, I’ve had a nightmare day, mum & Dave, that’s my step-dad, were supposed to take Ethan with them, but he flat out refused to go, he wanted to stay home. Here, take this remote, drive round to the garages and press button 3, that garage should be empty.”

I reversed the car back 20 feet and swung round to the garages behind the house. Naturally I pressed all three buttons at once to see what the other two garages held, the first had a forest green Overfinch Range Rover Sport that probably cost more than our house, the middle garage had a blue Mini Countryman, the third garage was, as expected, empty, I backed mum’s 10-year-old Ford Fiesta into the space left by its regular occupant, it looked a bit lost in the big garage. Before I locked up I looked around for clues as to what usually graced the very clean cobbled floor, there were several Jaguar books on a shelf along the back wall, and some tin-plate Jaguar advertising signs on the wall, it didn’t take Sherlock Holmes to work out that maybe a Jaguar normally lived here.

Hanna stepped out of some patio doors at the back of the house as I clicked the garages shut, I had a quick look around the grounds as she strolled over towards me, a good couple of acres of grass punctuated by a large glass structure that may well be a swimming pool, and a couple of small wooden buildings, at the far end of the garden I could see a bricked area with a wooden gazebo, barbecue patio?

“This is a very impressive house Hanna.”

“Oh yeah, it’s Dave’s, he’s loaded. We had a tiny flat over the shops in town when mum met him.”

“What does your dad do to afford something like this?”

“Fuck knows, he’s not here much, and when he is he’s locked away in his office. I assume he runs a business somewhere.”

“Right, so, what’s the plan for tonight?”

“Well, first I get Ethan back in bed, then we order pizza, or Chinese, or anything really, we have an extensive selection of takeaway menus.”

“Pizza would be great.”

“Ok, so eat, then you get to look at my boobs while you measure them.”

As it happened Ethan was already in bed, Hanna introduced me properly and glossed over questions about me being her boyfriend.

Back downstairs she opened a drawer that seemed to be crammed full of menus.

“Look at this amazing kitchen, I don’t think anything’s ever been cooked here. OK, I like this place, pick whatever you like, it’s all on account.”

We ordered a couple of pizzas, ice cream and a bottle of Diet Coke.

“I didn’t know you had a brother.”

“Oh yeah, he’s 4, off to primary school in September, the 3rd part of a proper mixed up family.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, Georgia is Dave’s and his hoe, I’m my mum’s and her bastard of a husband, I never met him, he was in jail when I was born and, well, we’ve no fucking idea where he is, mum divorced him after he’d been missing a year, it wasn’t contested. Ethan is my mum & Dave’s. We’re all family but all different.”

“He does look different to you & Georgia. I guess your hair is from your dad then.”

“You mean because I’m the only redhead? No, that’s not my dad either, it’s my gran on my mum’s side, I take after her in all ways. Oh that’s the gate, the food’s here, I’ll get some plates and glasses, you open the gate, the button is by the front door.”

The scooter pulled up at the bottom of the steps, I walked down to collect the food, the delivery rider lifted his visor to talk.

“Hey man, I didn’t know you lived here, what an amazing house.”

“Oh, hey Callum, no, no I don’t live here, I’m just visiting err, a friend...” I grabbed the food and dashed back into the house.

“Damn that was a close one, the delivery guy is in my Business Studies class.”

“Oh shit, might have been awkward if he saw us together, I think the pastoral team frown on 6th formers dating year 9 girls.”

Err, dating, did she just say that...

The pizza was great, we split both pizzas and shared them out, Hanna saved a piece of each for Ethan. She spooned the ice cream into 3 bowls.

“Here, make yourself a friend for life, take this pizza and ice cream up to Ethan, I’m sure he’s still awake.”

After the food and plates were cleared away Hanna put the TV on.

“Anything you’ve been watching?”

“I don’t have Netflix, watch whatever you like and just bring me up to speed.”

“I know, I’ll start Jessica Jones again, it’s awesome. Do you want a beer or anything?”

“I really shouldn’t if I’m driving.”

“Ahhh you’ll be fine, stay here for a few hours and it’ll be out of your system.”

“OK then, just one.”

“There’s a fridge in that cupboard, glasses are in the next one, grab me a Diet Coke please.”

There was a good selection of beers in the fridge, so it took me a minute or two to choose one then pour the beer and Diet Coke. When I turned around Hanna was in the middle of the floor in just her panties.

“Don’t drop those drinks Andrew, mum will be furious, this is a new carpet.”

On unsteady legs I carried the drinks round and placed them carefully onto coasters on the coffee table.

I’ve seen hundreds of boobs now, why did this girl just manage to stop me in my tracks for the second time?

“Make sure you warm those hands up, they’ll be cold after carrying those glasses.”

I was still stunned, I took a long pull of my drink to bring myself round.

“Sorry, you surprised me, wasn’t expecting you to undress right there and then.”

“That’s me, always with the surprises. Anyway, isn’t this what you’re here for?”

To be honest, I still wasn’t sure why I was here, if all she wanted was her measurements she could come into work tomorrow.

I warmed my hands up, dug my tape measure out of my coat pocket and soon had Hanna all measured up.

“Well it seems you have grown a bit over a cup size, you were 32D almost 32DD before, now you are 32E. You’re in luck, a couple of our better brands have expanded their ranges to E and F cups, so there are plenty of very pretty bras to choose from.”

“Will I keep growing Andrew?”

“I really don’t know, what’s your mum like?”

“Nowhere like me, her boobs are quite small. I said before I got my hair from my gran, I think I got my figure from her too. Here, let me get my iPad and I’ll show you.”

Hanna put her t-shirt back on and quietly went upstairs to fetch her iPad, she came back down with Ethan’s plate and ice cream bowl.

“He’s fast asleep, he’s usually a good sleeper and shouldn’t wake until morning.”

Hanna scrolled through her albums until she found some photos of her gran when she was younger, and she was a stunner, long red hair, fantastic figure, amazing.

“Well, this is just an educated guess, I’ve done fittings for mums and daughters a few times, I’d say you probably won’t grow much more, maybe a bit across your back, up to a 34, but not much more on you bust. If I had to make a bet, keep yourself fit, eat well and you will stop at 34DD.”

“I’m not too big?”

“Oh gosh no.”

“What about the other girls in school, are any nicer than me?”

“Nicer? I wouldn’t say so, most are a lot smaller, but that’s just natural, girls all develop breasts at different ages, I’ve had girls in who suddenly grew breasts at 16 and others who start before they’re out of primary school. There’s one girl has very big boobs, but they’re not shapely like yours, they’ll start to droop soon. I had to order some bras in special for her. But yours, for me they, along with everything about you, your red hair, your green eyes, your naturally red lips, everything is just about perfect for me.”

“Oh, thank you Andrew, you really are the nicest person I’ve ever met.”

And with that she surprised me again, she kissed me, not a friendly peck on the cheek, but a very enthusiastic kiss on my lips. I returned the kiss, well tried to, but I’m really not experienced in this area, so I did what I could.

We separated eventually, mostly so we could breathe.

“Phew, that was pretty wild,” Hanna panted.

I could only nod in agreement.

“Oh, whilst I’ve got the iPad out I want to show you something.”

She reached over for the iPad and opening an app she flicked through a couple of screens.

“You know how I called Georgia’s mother a hoe? Well here’s why...”

She handed me the iPad and there was a woman who looked a lot like Georgia being buggered rather roughly by a well-built guy whilst orally pleasuring another guy. I’m no expert on porn, or indeed film making in general, but I’m guessing from the décor, the volume of Georgia’s mum’s hair and visible clothing this was made in the late 80’s.

All I could think to say was, “her boobs are much bigger than Georgia’s”

“Falsies mate, I’ve seen photographs and other videos, it’s obvious in those.”

“So how did you find this video?”

“It was mum, she was in one of her moods with Dave about something, so decided to show me what his first wife was like. I think he met her in a strip club or something.”

There really wasn’t anything I could think of to say at that point, so I just took another swallow of beer.

“So, shall we get back to the kissing?”

I couldn’t argue with that.

So we did.

And I think we may be getting the hang of it.

Hanna pulled away suddenly.

“I think at this point it’s your turn.”

“My turn?” I asked.

“To be measured. I need to see if Kelly was right.”

“Kelly?” I was genuinely puzzled.

“You remember Kelly, Year 11, blonde, very pretty, quite vacant, lots of make-up.”

“Oh yeah, B-cup, wanted a push-up bra, I think she got sent home for wearing it to school. It was red and showed right through her blouse, what did she expect? So what did she say?”

Hanna reached for my belt and unfastened it, then she undid my buttons on my jeans. I lifted off the sofa without thinking, Hanna pulled my jeans off, I was in auto-pilot, my brain shut down as soon as Hanna touched my belt.

She reached inside my shorts and pulled out my rapidly stiffening cock.

“Kelly felt your cock pressing against her bum when you were adjusting her straps, she reckoned you were quite big, and it was a shame you were only into boys. Now I’m no expert, only seeing these things on the internet where they have girls with really small hands to make the men look bigger, but I’m saying this looks like a fairly big cock.”

And again with the surprises, she took me in her mouth and started to gently play her tongue across my head.

“Oh shit, watch out I’m going to cum, like right now.”

Too late, I came in her mouth, come on, I’m a virgin, teenager and a beautiful young girl just took me in her mouth, how long was I supposed to last?

“Oh shit, it’s all over your face, and your t-shirt.”

“Fucking hell Andrew, that was a hell of a load.”

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t expect to shoot so quickly.”

“Do you always shoot so much?”

“No, I’ve worked late the last couple of days, and there’s homework and stuff, so I’ve not had a wank for days.”

“Never mind, really, it’s not a problem, I’ll just clean myself up and we’ll have another go.”

Next time Hanna managed to get me fully hard with her mouth without me shooting off all over her face, she picked up the tape and laid it across the top, the end against my belly.

“Mmm, 20 centimetres, and oh, a little over 15cm round. I’d say she was right, this is a properly big cock. Now to try a little experiment I read about online.”

Hanna took me back in her mouth, working my cock with her lips and tongue, she was really blowing my mind. Then there was room for one more surprise, I felt some pressure against my bum hole, then something warm and wet wormed its way inside, I jerked and my cock swelled a bit more as I felt what could only be Hanna’s finger press against the base of my shaft, I was in heaven, a strange and quite surprising heaven admittedly, but heaven all the same.

Then Hanna stopped and reached for the tape.

“I thought so, look, 21.5cm and round you’ve grown to nearly 17cm, I was hoping that would work and I didn’t just get my finger dirty for nothing. Let’s get you finished off so I can wash my hands.”

A little later we were actually watching Jessica Jones, and it was really great.

“So now you know what it’ll feel like if you do decide to become gay.”

“I don’t think I’ll become gay, I really don’t fancy guys, it felt nice though, thank you.”

“Maybe you can do the same to me sometime.”

“Ok, now’s as good a time as any.”

“Really, you’ll go down on me? Boys say girls are really stinky down there.”

“Well, I’ve not heard that, but there’s really only one way to find out.”

Hanna removed her pants and lay down on the rug, I knelt between her thighs and tried to remember what I’d seen online. I looked at the sight before me, a beautiful girl, pearly white skin, a narrow waist that swelled to her hips and chest, oh that chest, full and firm with wonderful pink nipples. I couldn’t help myself, I just had to kiss those nipples, so I did. As I played them with my tongue the became erect, standing out like cherries atop her breasts. Hanna let out a long, deep sigh of satisfaction.

I moved down to her pussy, there was a neat little triangle of red hair, below the pubes her lips were slightly engorged and damp, I could smell her musk, it wasn’t at all unpleasant. I went down and ran my tongue from top to bottom, another long sign from Hanna, I must be doing OK, I flicked my tongue against a little nub I saw at the top of her pussy lips, I was hoping it was her clitoris.

“Oh my fucking god, whatever you’re doing, don’t stop.”

She gripped my head and pushed hard into her groin, I kept doing what I was doing.

“Oh my god, that’s amazing, I’m cumming, oh shit, oh shit.”

There was a knock at the door.

Oh shit.

“Hello Hanna, are you OK? I heard you crying, are you hurt?”

“Go back to bed Ethan, I just dropped something on my foot.”

“I want a drink of water.”

“Alright, go up to bed and Andrew will bring you a glass in a minute. He’s just kissing my sore bits better.”

I had to giggle at that.

We heard Ethan climb the stairs.

“You’ve got less clothes to put back on to make you decent, there should be a glass on the drainer, there’s a jug of cold water in the fridge.”

After I got back downstairs Hanna had her t-shirt and pants back on.

“I’m really sorry about this, I’ve kind of lost the mood just now, do you mind if we just watch some more TV.”

“Well that’s kind of why I came over in the first place after all.”

“Haha, true.”

“Besides, I’ve absolutely had the best time.”

So Hanna put the telly back on and we cuddled together and watched a couple more episodes of Jessica Jones.

Too soon it was time to go home.

“What time are you working tomorrow?”

“I’m in 10 until 2pm.”

“Oh great, I can come into town just before you finish, buy some more bras, then we can come back here and finish what we started, Ethan will be with his aunty tomorrow.”

“That’s a rock solid plan.”

We kissed for the longest time then Hanna opened the garage and I drove mum’s car out, I buzzed the window down, Hanna leaned in and kissed me again.

“The gate will open as you approach, drive safe lover, see you tomorrow.”

I drove home, the happiest I’d been in a long time, I’ve got a girlfriend at last.

Sunday dragged, we were busy but fully staffed, so I was just filling up displays, I was watching the clock drag itself round to 2pm, but it seemed to be taking forever.

Finally the Town Hall clock chimed twice, but Hanna wasn’t here, was last night a dream, or was she just playing me, or was she running across the shop floor...

“Hey, Andrew, I made it, I was waiting for Aunty Jane to come round for Ethan and she was so late, then the taxi let me down, so I’ve just ridden my bike for the first time in ages, and, well, I’m so glad to see you.”

“And so am I.”

“I really need a cold drink.”

“And I’m starving, let’s go to the coffee shop upstairs, then you can go shopping.”

Hanna had her mum’s store card this time, and we took advantage, I had quite a large lunch and Hanna had two cakes.

“Hey, didn’t I say last night you won’t grow much bigger if you eat healthy?”

“You did, but I like cake, and this afternoon we start our new fitness regime.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well firstly, I fully intend to have spectacular sex with you later, but also, people think you’re gay because you’re puny, so from today my boy, we’re joining the gym at the bottom of the garden, this will get you fit and give you a valid excuse to come round to my house.”

“And watch Netflix.”

“Netflix and chill...”

Hanna’s mum’s store card was also used to purchase 4 bras, some panties, some nightwear, a dress, a couple of jumpers and some gym clothes for me, because I’ve never been through the doors of a gym in my life before.

After the shopping I carried Hanna’s bags back to my house, Hanna riding her bike alongside, I then persuaded mum to lend me her car again, loaded Hanna’s bike and shopping and set off back to her’s.

As we rounded the bend before Hanna’s house she took her keyring out and clicked a keyfob and the gate slid open as we approached.

“50 metre range, it’s very impressive, I can’t use it in the house because the drive is longer than that. I’ve stolen Dave’s spare, I’ll let you have it later so you don’t have to keep buzzing the intercom.”

I drove straight round the back of the house and Hanna buzzed the third garage open, I swung round and reversed in.

“So, I think we unpack the shopping, then I reckon a quick warm up in the gym, because if we do the other thing first we might not want to bother with the gym.”

“Won’t we be disturbed.”

“Oh I doubt it, Ethan is with Aunty Jane until Wednesday, Mum & Dave are coming back tomorrow, and Georgia is never back until really late on a Sunday.”

So, we unpacked the shopping, Hanna’s bedroom was huge, her wardrobe was bigger than my whole bedroom. I would be tempted to mutter about how the other half lived, but it’s not Hanna’s fault her step-dad is loaded.

Hanna had bought me a sports bag along with the shorts, t-shirts, trainers, swimming trunks, towel and water bottle, I had the full kit. We put on our gym gear, I was careful not to watch Hanna, I wanted to stay in control, and we walked across the garden to the gym.

We entered through the pool house, it was about 10 metres, I’d not been swimming in years, but I think I’ll have a go later. There were four doors from the pool house, two on the left, one to a sauna, and one to a room that just held a massage table. Along the end wall was a door to a changing room and behind the final door was a gym. It was a decent sized room with some dumbells, some weight training machines, a couple of exercise bikes, a treadmill, something with handles and peddles that Hanna called a cross trainer, one wall was floor to ceiling mirrors and the other three walls held huge TV screens which fed into a nightclub sized speaker system.

“There’s a touchscreen panel over there with Spotify on, load up whatever you like, whilst I’m no fan of pop music, I do like to play it while I work out, maybe something like Girls Aloud or Little Mix.”

“Girls Aloud are OK, I’ll load up some of their stuff.”

We spent about 90 minutes in the gym, Hanna showed me how to use the equipment, the speed and tension settings, how to warm up, cool down, the resistance equipment and the dumb bells. I’d probably pay £30 a month to use a gym this well-equipped, and I’d almost certainly get thrown out for kissing my personal trainer.

“Dave had this built for mum, I heard it cost him close to £500k, and the pool alone costs about £10k a year in heating and maintenance, but she hardly ever uses it. She uses the gym in town, I suspect she’s having an affair with her personal trainer Janeane.”

“Your mum is gay?”

“I think so, I’ve seen her with Janeane round town, holding hands.”

“Does your dad know about this?”

“Dave, I’ve no idea, but he’s hardly ever here, and what’s a woman to do without someone to hold her every now and again?”

“And you’re not bothered that she’s got a girlfriend?”

“Why should I be, you love who you love. I happen to love this guy in sixth form, my mum loves her personal trainer, who do you love Andrew?”

“Well I quite like this Year 9 girl.”

“That’s nice, I hope she likes you back.”

“Oh I think she does, just like that sixth former loves you back.”

After the gym we went swimming, then spent about 20 minutes in the sauna, followed by more swimming and a shower.

We held hands on the way back to the house, stopping every few steps to kiss, my god I loved this girl.

“Oh, I’ve bought some actual food, well ordered it from the supermarket and had it delivered, so I’m going to cook us a meal, perhaps the first meal cooked here.”

“Great, I can help, I cook a lot at home.”

“No need, I want to do this myself, grab a beer and sit back and watch me work. I will use the limited skills I’ve learnt in Food Tech, hopefully I won’t burn the house down.”

So I grabbed a beer from the fridge and watched Hanna at work, and she didn’t burn the house down, she didn’t burn anything, everything cooked fresh, chips from real potatoes, peeled and thickly cut, wagyu fillet steak, sweetcorn, onion rings. Served with a glass of full bodied primitivo for me, and Diet Coke of Hanna.

“Oh my god, that was amazing, the steak was so tender, I can’t believe you don’t cook more often.”

“I will if you promise to come around regularly.”

“You have given me no reasons to want to stay away so far.”

I insisted on washing up, or at least cleaning off enough of the gunk until we could trust the dishwasher to do the rest, then we settled in front of the TV for a while until the food worked its way down.

“Oh, I found some more films of Georgia’s mum this morning, here let me queue one up and send it to the TV, I’ve not dared watch any porn on this TV before.”

The TV was something special, it must have been about 8 foot across, the colours so vivid, it looked amazing with 4k Netflix playing on it, but 1980’s vintage porn ported from VHS via an iPad, not really the best footage to show off your top spec TV. Also, seeing a man’s huge cock spreading someone’s arse cheeks on a TV that covered the whole wall, terrifying...

But it certainly got us in the mood.

“So where did we get to yesterday?”

“I think you were on the floor there, I was between your legs and was just getting started on eating your pussy.”

“You know, I think you’re right.”

So we disrobed and resumed our positions, as I knelt on the rug I again marvelled at this beautiful creature before me, and again I couldn’t help myself, I just had to kiss this girl’s breasts, I spent a couple of minutes on each, I caressed each breast, I kissed each nipple, I nibbled and massaged it with my lips and tongue, I worshipped them.

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