Jennifer: Inner Circle

by EazinAlong

Copyright© 2018 by EazinAlong

Incest Sex Story: The Samuels' family is coping with an unimaginable proposal -- advancing Kevin's career into the corporate stratosphere at Mansker Enterprises in return for joining a company sex club that includes teenage offspring. They decide to proceed, but the initiation is far beyond their expectations as their 16-year-old daughter, Emily, is corrupted in ways they didn't anticipate. Jennifer, the sex governess of the host Mansker family, helps along the way, but Emily occupies center stage.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Teenagers   Coercion   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   Incest   Mother   Father   Daughter   DomSub   MaleDom   Humiliation   Orgy   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Small Breasts   .

This is a sequel to “Jennifer: Sex Governess,” which I recommend you read first. Once you’ve read that delightful and erotic nine-chapter story, the sequels aren't in any particular order. Enjoy?

Kevin Samuels rode pensively in the limousine his boss, Christopher Mansker, had sent for Kevin, his wife and his 16-year-old daughter.

His wife, Megan, sat beside him, also quiet and anxious about what the afternoon would hold.

The 39-year-old father tried not to look at his 16-year-old daughter, Emily, who was sitting directly across from him in the limo. He knew that her 32A breasts were unencumbered by a bra and that she was pantiless beneath her short skirt.

He knew also that she was about to be defiled for the sake of his career; he couldn’t look her in the eyes and didn’t want to glimpse something illicit elsewhere. So he focused his gaze out the window and tried to come to grips with the situation.

Kevin had worked for Mansker Enterprises Inc. since college, rising from an entry-level position to junior management with excellent prospects for going higher. It had been about two weeks since he’d been summoned to Christopher Mansker’s executive suite for a private meeting that left Kevin shocked.

The CEO had quietly explained to Kevin that to reach the inner circle of senior management, Mansker Enterprises had special expectations for top employees and their families.

In short, all of the families in the inner circle were sexually active with each other. If Kevin wanted his career to advance, he would need to show that he was qualified for the inner circle. In addition to the sexual liberties with other families, inner circle members enjoyed higher salary and benefits, including free use of the company jet and luxury facilities such as a Manhattan hotel suite and a Bermuda resort.

After a few seconds to contemplate what his boss was saying, Kevin asked -- and Christopher answered -- a lot of questions. The most important, though, was “what about my daughter?”

Christopher firmly explained that submitting his daughter was a key and non-negotiable requirement. And when his 12-old-son Josh was 14, Josh would be in play, too.

Once all of Kevin’s questions were answered, Christopher encouraged Kevin to leave the office early so that he could think about the situation and prepare to talk to his wife. With his mind swimming, Kevin accepted the offer and left at mid-afternoon.

Near home, he stopped at a park for a walk through the woods, one of his favorite ways of analyzing a difficult subject. The walk refreshed him and helped to clear his head; he drove the final few minutes home.

The rest of the family was there, and the evening proceeded as usual. He tried to seem engaged and not betray his raging thoughts through homework assistance, cocktails and dinner. But when he heard Emily taking a shower, he couldn’t help imagining her nubile young body and what might happen to it.

With the kids in their rooms for the night, Kevin and Megan retired to their bedroom. Kevin gestured for his wife to sit beside him on a love seat, and he divulged the huge secret he was bearing. She listened with disbelief as he described his conversation with Mansker.

“Oh, my,” was her first response.

They engaged in a soul-searching conversation about their options and what they should do. They discussed pros and cons. Eventually, she ended the conversation with “let me think about it,” and rose to take a shower and prepare for bed.

Kevin thought about it, too, while Megan showered and as he showered after her. He enjoyed seeing his wife’s hot body as he was going to the shower and she was drying. Her firm 36B tits and tight bottom still turned him on.

He slipped into bed beside her after his shower. They each read a bit and turned out the lights.

As soon as the room was dark, Kevin felt Megan’s hand on his groin. His cock was half hard from thinking about the question at hand. She slowly massaged him to full erection. She smeared a drop of pre-cum over the tip and played with it. She withdrew his prick through the fly of his boxer shorts and played with it some more.

Without a word, Megan rose and straddled Kevin. She hadn’t worn panties to bed so she could slide down onto his erect 7 inches without impediment.

As the 37-year-old mother began riding her husband, she whispered in his ear. “The idea of letting your boss use Emily turns me on,” she said. “Do you want to share me and your little girl with these other families so that we can be in the inner circle?”

“Yes,” he gasped.

“Do you want to make us sluts for your career?”


“And when Josh turns 14, will you share him, too?”

“Yes,” Kevin said with resignation.

“I’m in,” Megan gasped and shuddered in orgasm.

Her unexpected reaction sent Kevin over the top, and he shot sperm into the pussy he’d been fucking for 19 years while imagining his 16-year-old daughter spread beneath Christopher Mansker and impaled on his cock.

A few nights later, Megan knocked on Emily’s bedroom. The girl was absorbed by her phone but put it away as she said, “come in.”

“Emily, I have something important to talk about.”

Megan sat on the side of her daughter’s bed and quickly reassured Emily that she wasn’t in trouble. The mother began to edge toward the topic at hand, finally asking a difficult question. “It’s OK if you’re not, but are you a virgin?”

Megan suspected that Emily and her boyfriend were fooling around, but she didn’t know how far they’d gone. She’d put her daughter on birth control at 14 to provide for any possibility.

Emily hugged her knees and stared at the bedspread. She blushed. “No,” she said softly.

“Darling, it’s really OK. It makes it a little easier to share what I have to tell you.”

Megan put her hand on Emily’s knee and began to describe the proposition that the family faced. They talked for a long time, and Emily asked for time to think about it. The next night, she told her mother she’d have sex with Christopher Mansker to help her family into the inner circle.

Kevin Samuels called his boss on Monday morning to accept the invitation to become part of the inner circle and pledge his family sexual favors for everyone’s enjoyment.

“That’s wonderful, Kevin,” boomed Christopher. “I’m so glad to hear it. My assistant will get in touch with your wife about details.”

And thus it was that Kevin, Megan and Emily Samuels were riding to the Manskers’ in a limousine one Sunday afternoon. The day looked deceptively sunny because it was chilly with a slight breeze.

Young Emily was dressed the way the assistant instructed ... a white blouse and short black skirt with no undergarments and a pair of modest heels. Kevin knew his 16-year-old’s little breasts were jiggling beneath the blouse and her pussy was bare between her legs because his wife had told him. He hoped they were making the right decision and that it would be as easy as possible for everyone.

He imagined that at a certain point in the afternoon, Christopher would take Emily elsewhere to molest her privately. He hoped his boss would be gentle and it wouldn’t be too traumatic for his little girl.

The other guests would understand because each of them had been in Kevin’s and Megan’s shoes previously when they’d provided their children for Christopher’s entertainment. Kevin figured it would be subtle and that everyone would politely pretend not to notice when Christopher and Emily slipped away for a while.

Megan was aroused by imagining her daughter open and spread. She knew her daughter’s boyfriend and didn’t imagine someone with such a slight build would have a large penis. She wondered how Emily would react if Christopher Mansker was overly endowed, and she shivered at the thought. She hoped he’d be a gentleman and arouse Emily adequately before taking her.

Emily was quivering at the thought of being naked and having sex with a strange man. In her mind, the lights would be off, and he would be quick about it. She hoped she’d be able to go straight to the limousine when it was over so that she didn’t have to face anyone. It would be bad enough riding home with her parents, but she was committed to her family’s mission.

The Manskers’ gate opened automatically, and the limo glided up the driveway to the front door of the mansion. Robert, the house manager, waited under the portico and opened the door for them. Emily struggled to hide her charms as she exited, but Robert got a glimpse of her furry nest.

Despite the sun, a cool breeze cut across the front steps. Megan’s big nipples rose beneath her knit dress, and Emily realized that her mother wasn’t wearing a bra.

Robert escorted them to the front door. Just inside, Christopher and Amy Mansker greeted their guests warmly. Kevin felt the tension begin to melt with a firm handshake and warm smile from his boss and a full-body hug from Amy.

By design, the Samuels’ were the last to arrive. The other guests were already down the hall chatting, drinking and smoking excellent Colorado herb. The maid, Sarah, took drink orders. Emily asked for a soft drink, but Sarah would serve her the first of several wine coolers to help the 16-year-old relax before she was violated.

The Manskers led their guests to the living room. The odor of burning pot hung heavily in the room. Amy pointed out marijuana edibles on plates around the room and offered one to Emily, who ate it quickly. “Here, have another,” Amy said, and Emily obliged while her parents each took a toke from a pipe that was circulating.

The party conversation was interrupted by a scream from the adjacent room. “Jennifer must be having another orgasm. Let’s go watch,” Amy said.

All three of the Samuels were shocked. The adults were eager to see, but Emily was speechless and immobile. Christopher put his hand on the teenager’s bottom and pushed her forward.

The sight that greeted Emily caused her knees to buckle slightly, but she recovered and stood staring at Jennifer, the 22-year-old sex governess, suspended in a sex swing with her intimate regions completely exposed.

An Hitachi wand mounted on a pole was positioned within reach of Jennifer’s pussy. If she rolled her hips just right, she could press her vulva against it for stimulation. If she tried too hard, though, the swing would move and she’d lose contact. She had to hold just the right position to feel the vibrations.

When Emily arrived, Jen was recovering from the orgasm that interrupted the calm of the party. She was breathing heavily and looked glassy-eyed.

Guests were taking liberty with the governess’ 34B tits, fondling them and pinching her nipples while she recovered and prepared to try to cum again. Around the room, guests fondled each other without regard for marital commitments.

Revived, Jen again gently pressed her clit to the vibrating wand and began working on another cum. Emily and some of her friends had experimented during sleep overs, but she’d never been exposed to another girl’s raw sexuality like this.

The 16-year-old’s pussy was oozing beneath her short skirt as she stared at Jen. Emily wanted to touch Jen and to play with her sex. She was turned on by the sight of the 22-year-old debasing herself for sexual satisfaction from a machine while everyone watched.

Jen’s efforts were successful. Within minutes, she was obviously climbing the slope to another climax, her third of the evening. She carefully held her genitals against the vibrator to maintain the strongest possible pressure without nudging the swing away. The liberties being taken with her tits excited her further.

Jen’s eyes closed, and her face tightened as it became apparent to all what was about to happen. She held her breath, and it hit her with the force of a tornado. Her hips bucked, and she screamed as another orgasm slammed through her body. She pumped her hips to beg for a cock to impale her, but none was there. It was as if she was fucking a ghost.

Emily, far more innocent, was unsteady on her feet as she witnessed Jen’s orgasm. She took a big sip of her second wine cooler.

She felt a supportive hand at her elbow and looked up into Christopher’s eyes. He smiled reassuringly, but he also reminded the 16-year-old of her purpose in being here. Maybe he was about to take her some place private to take advantage of her. She was steeled for the inevitable.

Instead, Christopher gently escorted her to a sturdy padded table near the center of the room. He turned her so that she was facing him with her back to the table and encouraged her to finish her wine cooler with a big gulp.

Her parents and the other guests circled and grew silent. She felt like she was in a spotlight, which was somewhat true. Lights from the ceiling illuminated her. She didn’t know it, but a camera overhead would record every detail of her abuse.

Christopher grasped her rib cage and confidently lifted her to sit on the table. Kevin cringed inside because he had hoped Emily would be taken some place private for Christopher to have his way with her.

“My, my, Miss Emily, you’re certainly a beautiful thing,” Christopher said.

“Thank you,” she replied shyly.

“Your father says you’re willing to join our little sex club to help him get a big promotion. Is that true?”

“Yes,” she whispered with her eyes downcast.

“Have you ever had sex before?” Christopher asked while he unbuttoned her blouse.

Emily cringed. Couldn’t they go somewhere private before he began discussing her sex life? She kept that thought to herself.

“Yes,” she quietly admitted.

“How many different boys?”

“Two,” she said, surprising her parents, who’d not suspected anyone except her current boyfriend, Andy.

“How old were you the first time?”


“How old was the boy?”

“I’m not sure. 17 or 18. It was at a party. I never saw him again.”

Kevin and Megan were stunned to learn their daughter had become sexually active so young and in a one-night stand with a stranger.

“And who was the second boy?” Christopher, pulling Emily’s blouse apart and exposing her A-cup titties to the everyone.

“My boyfriend.”

“How old is he?”


“How long have you two lovebirds been fornicating?”

“What?” Emily asked, unsure what fornicating meant.

“How long have you been fucking your boyfriend?”

“For about a year,” she replied as Christopher fondled her little bare boobies.

“Is he good?”

“I dunno. I guess.” She was cringing at the personal questions, but it was arousing her, too.

“Do you have orgasms with him?”

“Yes,” she admitted bashfully.

“As many as you want?”


“Does he lick your pussy for you?”

Emily couldn’t believe the questions she was being asked. This was highly personal. She sat in silence as she tried to think how she could stop this inquisition about the most intimate details of her life.

“Answer him, Emily.” It was her mother’s voice.

“Yes,” she gasped as she imagined Andy’s face and tongue between her legs and felt Christopher continue to squeeze her titties. She squirmed on the table because she was so excited.

“When and where do you and your boyfriend usually fuck?”

“My house after school.”

“Does he wear a condom when he fucks you?”

“No, I’m on birth control.”

“What’s your favorite position?”

“On my back.”

“And so then you get dressed before your parents get home and pretend like nothing happened?”

“Yes,” she admitted.

“And you hang out with your family in the evening like nothing’s special even though you have a pussy full of your boyfriend’s semen?”

“When was your last fuck?”

Emily wondered whether it would ever stop.


“Did you suck his cock?”

Dead silence. Emily was about to collapse emotionally. Why was he humiliating her so badly?


“And then he mounted you?”

Emily couldn’t believe the man was asking such obscene questions, but she continued to answer because she didn’t think she had a choice.

“Yes,” she gasped as he squeezed her boobies especially hard.

Christopher touched her shoulders and pushed her gently. “Lie back.”

She obeyed. Her little boobies nearly flattened against her chest, but her pea-size nipples were hard as diamonds. Sarah slid a small pillow behind her head.

Christopher lifted Emily’s miniskirt and exposed her 16-year-old pussy to the room. She started to resist, but she heard her father say, “stop.”

Emily let her hands fall back to the table, and Christopher pushed her knees slightly apart. He could see that her pussy lips were swollen and wet.

“How old were you when you began masturbating?”

Oh, no, Emily thought. Please don’t go there. That’s alone time. She always imagined that no one outside her closest friends knew she played with herself, but Christopher didn’t give her a chance to deny it. He just presumed that she did.

“How old were you?”


“How did you discover it?”

“At a sleepover.”

She stared at Christopher’s face as he gazed at the treasure between her legs. All of the other eyes at the party were on her.

“Did you and the girls at the sleepover practice kissing?”

“Yes.” Emily felt a frisson of pleasure with the memory.

“Did you touch each other’s pussies?”

Emily recalled the delicious feeling of being fingered and the excitement of touching other girls’ private places. “Yes.”

“Did you kiss each other between the legs.”

She’d never told anyone, but it was as if he knew her secrets. “Yes,” she answered shamefully.

“Did the other girls show you how they played with their pussies?”


“And all of you masturbated together?”

“Yes,” she choked.

“Did you have an orgasm?”

Emily relived her embarrassment from that first time as she flushed and answered the question. “Yes.”

“That was your first?”


“And when was your most recent masturbation?”

Emily desperately wanted him to stop. “This morning.”

“Did you use a sex toy or your fingers?”

“I don’t have any sex toys. I humped my pillow,” she confessed.

“Mom, this girl needs a vibrator at the earliest opportunity,” Christopher announced. “You can pay for it out of your husband’s big pay raise.”

The room chuckled, and Emily cringed with embarrassment. For each of the guests, it had once been their child on the table exposed physically and sexually for the inner circle. Tonight they were enjoying Emily’s discomfort and exhibition.

For families with girls, the initiation had been much as Emily was experiencing. Boys were also laid back on the table, and Amy Mansker pegged them with her strapon while the boys jerked off. For either gender, it was a wanton, embarrassing display of their adolescent sexuality in front of a bunch of perverted adults.

Christopher touched Emily’s knees and pushed them apart and then up. Her aroused 16-year-old pussy was completely exposed as everyone stared. He grasped her hips and pulled her bottom to the edge of the table.

Thoroughly embarrassed, Emily waited for the next question. Instead it was an instruction.

“Reach down and play with yourself.”

She died a hundred deaths inside. This can’t be happening, she thought. She didn’t sign up for this. She imagined it would be perfunctory intercourse in a dark bedroom. She didn’t imagine it would be the most humiliating, yet exhilarating, experience of her young life.

Her arms were rigid and wouldn’t move, even as she tried to will them to. She couldn’t imagine touching her pussy and pleasuring herself with people watching, especially her parents. They couldn’t watch her masturbate. No way.

“Come on, Emily,” Christopher coaxed. “It’s already slippery. You know you want to touch it. It will feel good.”

Obediently, hesitantly and slowly, she overcame her reluctance and complied. She was powerfully aroused and wanted to cum. It was a matter of convincing herself to do it while they watched.

Her fingers combed her little patch of pubic hair and down the slippery slit. On the upstroke, she went deeper and caught her clit with the pad of her middle finger. Sexual electricity shot through her body.

Crimson with embarrassment, she began to stroke the little bump at the top of her fresh pink slit with her thighs spread for everyone to see.

Splayed on the table, her legs wide open and her knees up, her fingers delved into her magic dell and played with her clit. Her blouse was wide open, her little tits exposed. They could see everything.

Her self-stimulation was working. She became more aroused and began to pump her hips as if meeting an invisible lover.

Christopher slowly unzipped his pants and withdrew his turgid 8-inch, circumcised cock. Everyone except Emily could see his twitching, dripping manhood. She stared at the ceiling while pleasuring herself for everyone’s entertainment.

Her father, Kevin, felt himself shrink emotionally as he watched his daughter’s humiliation. She was sacrificing her body and her dignity for his family’s advancement. He was ashamed, proud and aroused at the same time.

Thirty-nine-year-old Christopher Mansker stepped forward and aimed his turgid cock at the innocent teen pussy of his underling’s daughter. “Keep stroking yourself, Emily. I want you to make yourself cum,” he said.

Her arousal continued to climb. She scrunched her eyes closed and pumped her hips while continuing to rub her special button with her fingers.

He nestled the tip against her opening. Firmly and steadily, Christopher pushed his big shaft into the masturbating girl’s pussy while her parents and colleagues watched. Two-thirds of the way in, orgasm overtook the 16-year-old. She shuddered and moaned as her pussy clasped the probing cock, which was larger than any she’d ever experienced.

Christopher thrust fully within and held himself while Emily spasmed on the invader. As her orgasm subsided, he withdrew and pushed back in. By the third thrust, she was cumming again. He pushed powerfully against the little girl to imbed his cock was deeply as he could on each thrust, withdrew until he was barely in contact and shoved in again.

She was keening in rapture as spasms wracked her brain and her body. The 16-year-old was convulsing on the 8-inch adult cock, which was exploring every nook and cranny of her cunt. Christopher’s assault was relentless -- withdrawing and plowing back in with a steady rhythm.

For Emily, it was the largest cock she’d ever experienced ... much bigger than the 6-incher that took her virginity at 14 or her boyfriend’s 5 inches that didn’t fulfill her.

This was a big, manly cock, and it was plumbing her depths like nothing she’d experienced in her young life. She had an entire new appreciation for her pussy and its capabilities. She wanted a cock like this again.

Christopher pushed her thighs, opening her further to his mindless assault. His eyes were closed, and he was imagining Emily in more compromising situations in the future. Neither she nor her family were ready for the plans he was making. This girl would be completely compromised by the time he was finished.

“Do you like to be fucked? Do you like the feeling of a cock in your pussy?”

“Yes,” she moaned, and another orgasm overtook her. She shuddered and wailed as the pummeling continued without pause.

Christopher held his cocktail in one hand and reached down with the other to tweak Emily’s little nipples. She twitched in reaction as the cock continued to slide in and out of her tight little sheath.

Christopher looked down to watch the 16-year-old cunt grasp his big prick. The lips were spread obscenely as she took the cock. He knew she’d take a lot more once she was in the inner circle.

He felt his balls begin to tighten, and his thrusting became more urgent.

“One more question, Emily. And I want you to tell the absolute truth. Do you understand?”


“Have you ever fantasized about your daddy fucking you?”

Kevin Samuels gasped at the question and stood stunned as Emily moaned “yes.”

Christopher lunged into the little girl and began spewing his seed into her 16-year-old sheath. Guests standing behind him could see his balls twitch and pulse as he pumped semen into the teenager.

He groaned loudly as he emptied his balls into the innocent girl’s sex vessel. He pulled back once and slammed in again before standing still to complete his business in her cunt, expelling copious quantities of seed without impediment.

The patriarch loved compromising children in front of their parents, whether it was a girl on his cock or a boy on Amy’s strapon. In either scenario, the adolescents were required to masturbate while they were being molested. Their shame was exquisite to Christopher Mansker.

He opened his eyes and looked down at his conquest, splayed wantonly on the padded table.

“Hear, hear” erupted from the audience and was echoed by male and female voices.

“Good job, Emily,” several said.

“I’m proud of you, honey,” said the girl’s mother.

Emily basked in the afterglow of powerful sex with multiple orgasms. In the end, she’d let her inhibitions go and simply ridden the orgasmic waves while Christopher had used her pussy. She didn’t regret it.

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