Bette's Bar Bet

by mtnrebel

Copyright© 2018 by mtnrebel

True Sex Story: Losing a bar bet to a friend that really loves her pets turns out to be a good thing.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   True Story   Bestiality   Public Sex   .

First off I live way out in the country. The closest neighbor is almost a half mile away across a creek and behind a hill. I walk around the house and yard naked whenever possible. It make going out and doing things like feeding the horse and dogs or doing something that required me to bend over or be on my hands and knees interesting sometimes. We have six outside dogs, all male, and there were times that one or more of them tried to mount me. My friend Bette kept telling me I should let them. Bette lives about two miles down the road and has her own dogs and horses. The difference was she has been banging her critter since she was a kid. She had been trying to get me to try it for years. I had seen her with her pets many times and it was interesting but I never was quite ready to take the plunge.

I was out with Bette on dark and slightly rainy night at a local bar across the river. The bar was an old friend of ours and he was also in the same hunting club as Bette’s husband. Well Bette bet me something, I forget what, probably on a basketball game and I lost. The debt to be paid was to be determined later. We do this all the time. I lost and Bette got up and talked to the bar owner who laughed and then started announcing that the bar would be closing early. He escorted most of the customers out except for a little over a dozen regulars who sat at the bar with big grins on their faces. They were all men. He then locked the front door and walked out the back door with two of the men. Bette told me I’d better get my clothes off and get ready. I figured I had a gangbang coming up.

My mouth dropped open when the owner walked back in leading a big, long legged rangy coon dog. Hunting club remember? I looked at Bette and said you’re wanting me to fuck the dog? She laughed and said I was close. She pointed at the back door where the other two guys were walking in. Each of them were leading two more of those big ass dogs. I was going to get gang fucked all right just not the way I expected. I was pretty much stuck. I lost the bet now it was time to pay up.

The bar owner threw an open sleeping bag on the floor and told me to hop on. I got down on the floor and the dogs were immediately all around me. I found out later that Bette had fucked all these dogs several times in the past so they knew what was going on. All the men at the bar were gathered around pretty close now too. Those that didn’t already have their cocks in the hands were rapidly working on it. Bette told me to get on all fours and to just keep my head down some and my legs spread.

The dogs had been licking and pawing me all over this whole time and when I did squirm around enough to get on all fours it didn’t take that first dog long to hop up and start humping some. After a minute he found the right spot, got his cock in me and really started going to town! He slammed me for a couple of minutes and then I felt a hot watery liquid flowing in my pussy as he unloaded in me. Just as soon as he fell off me there was another dog going for his turn. Great. I’m gonna have a K9 train run on me.

The guys standing around watching were hooting and hollering and yanking on their cranks. I had a feeling it wasn’t going to take long before they would be unloading all over me while the doge came in me. Bette was laughing, clapping and yelling encouragement to me. She was having a ball.

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