Lucas New Slave Family

by Pallidan

Copyright© 2006 by Pallidan

BDSM Sex Story: Lucas already dominated his white wife and her sister. Why not their mother too.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   NonConsensual   Slavery   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Interracial   Black Male   Black Female   White Female   .

Linda was extremely disturbed when she learned her youngest daughter had married a black man of 21. She disapproved of mixed marriages and was very vocal about it.

As a businesswoman of 40, she was financially secured supporting her two daughters and was doing extremely well till June married Lucas. She tried to avoid going over whenever she could.

Later she found out her older daughter, Kathy was also going there on a regular basis and after she had a yelling contest with her found out that neither of her daughters would visit her anymore.

Finally, she called up June to make amends only to find out that June and Kathy were now regular sexual slaves to Lucas and his mother Diane. She was furious and hung up immediately but after a week found she was extremely lonely for her daughters and called June back up to try to plea with her.

June told her Lucas said she could only talk to them in the future if she agreed to be a slave like was to him and his mom. He was also thinking of having their pictures posted on several websites for others to see.

Having the choice of losing her daughters or being a slave was very disturbing to Linda; however, she had been unmarried for over 5 years now and had sex only 3 times.

Also, her business career could be damaged if those pictures were exposed. She tried to plea with June again with failure and called again to try to set some kind of limits on what she would have to do as a slave. Again, after June hung up, she called back and agreed. She was told to buy a sexy see through nightie and await Lucas arrival that night for her lesson.

When Lucas arrived that night, Linda was dress only in a see-through nightie that displayed her huge tits and fairly large ass. He immediately sat down on the kitchen chair and told her if she disobeyed him at any time, he would punish her daughters severely and display them naked in town for everyone to see.

She was aghast and angry but agreed to do anything he requested. At first, he made her come to him as he fingered her pussy and ass. Even though she despised the thought, she found herself getting excited some his fingering and started moving her pussy and ass to allow him more access to her private areas.

She could see the large budge in his pants and knew he must have a large cock and she could feel herself in need of one at the present even though he was married to her daughter. Just as she was fantasying about his cock, he stopped playing with her and told her to get over his lap for her spanking.

Linda was embarrassed at the thought of a grown woman getting spanked over a 19-year-old lap but slowly got down over Lucas lap as he adjusted her position so that her big ass was directly over his knees. She gasped as he pulled her nightie up to her shoulder and slowly lowered her panties. As he rubbed her big butt, she found herself wiggling to allow him access to it.

Her pussy was wet, and she was moaning some the rubs when he stopped and brought his hand down hard on both cheeks at the same time. She jumped from the pain, It was her first in over 10 years and it hurt like hell.

He continued his spanks of her ass while she pleaded to be a good slave and serve him. She called him master as requested and started to beg to please him. Her ass was raw, and she was sobbing as a kid when he finally quit.

She was told to get on the floor with head down and ass high. Crying she complied as he removed all his clothing and displayed his huge cock in front of her. She begged to suck it, but he said only after she earned the right. He walked in back and started rubbing her pussy with it as she moved her ass trying to get it inside her pussy.

She was in need and barely noticed that it had moved to her asshole. Before she could stop it, he had 2 inches in her ass and she was gasping for air. She pleaded for him to fuck her pussy or face but he just laughed and shoved another 4 inches in and told her it was time for her to learn who was master in this house.

Besides both of her daughters could take it on a regular basis so she better learn to also. At first the pain was horrible, but slowly she found herself getting excited again and soon Lucas was pumping in and out of her asshole while she was begging for him to continue. She was upset when he pulled out before she could have her orgasm and walked in front of her and told her to suck his cock clean.

Linda opened her mouth and swallowed his huge cock in one gulp. She started rocking her face up and down on it, cleaning her butt smell and hoping to get it hard again to go in her pussy. Lucas however, had other ideas and came in her mouth much to her displeasure.

She was told to take a quick bath and report back to him. When she got back, he tied a big ribbon on her waist with a bow in back. Picking up a dog lease, he attached it to her neck after tying her hands in back and led her to his car.

“Time to meet mom and your slut daughters,” he laughed and started down the road with Linda sitting there totally nude with a lease around her neck and a bow around her waist. Several passers-by’s stared at her but she avoided eye contact hoping they would get there soon.

When they finally arrived, Lucas got out and grabbed her lease leading her into the house. The sight inside was even more disturbing than her own embarrassment. Both of her daughters were on their knees in front of Lucas big mother. June was licking her pussy while Kathy was sucking on her huge tits.

“Our new toy has finally arrived;” said Diane guiding the girls’ heads to the parts she wanted serving. “And a nice little ribbon, What a nice present.”

Linda was led to the centre of the room in front of the scene before her. “Yeah and I gave her a good ass beating and fuck first. She’s a hot one. Almost came in her ass she was rocking so hard on it.” He said.

Lucas sat down and snapped his fingers as Kathy shuffled over and got on her knees and took his cock in her mouth.

Diane smiled at Linda and demanded that she push her tits up and out and twist the nipples. She said she wanted to look at the slut goods first. Linda slowly held her huge tits up and twisted the nipples. She was commanded to continue till Diane was satisfied they were red enough and then demanded she spread her pussy. When they were spread to her satisfaction, she told her to work one finger and then two up it till they were going in without any resistance.

Linda soaking wet from the earlier events had no trouble accomplishing getting up to three fingers in her swat before she was told to stop and turn around. She was then instructed to put one leg on the coffee table and spread her big behind wide for inspection. Several times Diane had to scold her before it was wide enough and then demanded that she put a finger in it and started fucking herself.

The finger was not enough after Linda earlier fuck and was going in to easy so Diane told her to stop and putting both feet on the floor bend over. Kathy was told to go in front and grab her mother hair and pull her head down to her ankles and hold it there. June was told to go behind her mother with a paddle Diane provided and told to spank her ass 30 times.

Diane was smiling in enjoyment watching Linda face and ass at the same time as June started really laying the paddle on her wide ass. Linda could see her smiling and started begging for mercy as she tired to move her ass sideways to avoid the next hit. When the paddling finally ceased the girls was told to go back and service Lucas while her mother was told to get on her knees in front of Diane who was fondling her large breasts.

Diane smiled at the mother’s pain as she gripped both tits in her hands and squeezed hard. When she got the begging she wanted she released them and gripping her by the head shoved her face in her cunt. “Better lick good slut or I’ll paddle your ass next and it will be much harder.” She warned her.

Lucas meanwhile had gotten the paddle from June and told her to bend over for her paddling. Kathy was told to lick his ass if she didn’t want the same. June assumed the same position as her mother and counted the hits as they came. She begged her husband to fuck her in her pussy and ass.

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