Fucked at Sydney Airport

by Aussie Speedo Guy

Copyright© 2018 by Aussie Speedo Guy

True Sex Story: I couldn't believe the guy I had been checking out all week followed me into the bathroom.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Reluctant   Gay   Rough   White Male   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   Spitting   Public Sex   .

After leaving the check-in counter I went straight to the flight gate. In the next row across from my seat I saw one of the guys from the hostel I’d been staying at in Bondi. He and his group has been on the beach all week chatting up every group of girl in sight. One of the guys had caught my eye with his sculptured build, shaved head, and perfect smile, of course it was him that I noticed in the airport.

Let me describe this hunk for you; around twenty-two years old, he had an eyebrow piercing and tattoo on his neck. Looking at him from behind my Raybans, his white Quiksilver boardies were riding really low showing off his speedos. They were a typical pair of black endurance speedos with the SPEEDO logo printed in bright red. I’m sure we was unaware that each time he bent over he was teasing me with a view of his speedos.

Sitting with earphones on and my legs crossed, my Aussiebum classic reds were showing under my white nylon gym shorts. When his mates weren’t looking, I caught him taking a perve at me. Not only had I fantasized about this guy, but all week I felt like I caught him checking me out on more than one occasion.

It was now or never ... I took off my sunnies, gave him a wink and stood up. I walked right past him and his mates and sensed he was keen. I felt a stirring in my Aussiebums.

The airport was pretty quiet and I walked to the end of a terminal that was really quiet. There was a bathroom towards the end and really not many people about at all. Just imagine if he was following me...

As I entered the bathrooms I looked back and there he was! Holy shit, he was following me.

In the bathroom there were a row of urinals and unoccupied toilets on the right, a random guy was washing up and leaving the room. There was nobody else in there.

I went to the last cubicle, without closing the door I stripped off my shorts and t-shirt in half a second. A half second after that the guy walked into the tiny space of the cubical. Without a word, he dropped to his knees and started licking the front of my red Aussiebums. With arms up I held the stall divide with my hands. Ass clenched, he was working my cock through the nylon of the speedos. Finally he pulled my cock out the leg of my speedos and engulfed my cock in his warm, wet mouth. I was stunned at the speed and enthusiasm he demonstrated while he worked on my cock. His mouth all warm and wet as he rotated his tongue. He’d done this before for sure and showed no holding back.

He suddenly moved up off his knees and slung his singlet back over his tattooed neck showing off his ripped abs. I went straight for his throbbing hard on, pulling at his untied boardie which slid down to his ankles. He casually kicked them to the side. I moved forward to grab at his cock which was straining through the front of his speedos. He wasn’t looking to fuck my mouth though, he turned me around so forcefully that even if I had resisted I’m not sure I could have.

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